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  1. What an unexpected joy and pleasure to see you again Ni Ki and glad you are well. Still my favourite πŸ₯°
    Great to see you back Tay and looking awesome as ever! 😍
  2. Man, Lucy's tummy is luvvvvverly 😍
  3. Fantastic to you see again lovely Ni Ki, my all-time favourite lady on Curvage!! 😍
  4. I kept thinking I remembered Amanda's face from way back. Then it twigged - she was in the final season of Buffy. Only in one episode I think, but she certainly made an impression.
  5. My goodness Lucy's tummy in this shot! Heaven 😍😍😍
  6. She's not getting any less gorgeous... 😍
  7. I don't care what she weighs or how tall she is. I just think she's bloomin' beautiful 😍
  8. Your belly looks more yummy and alluring than ever, Candi! 😍
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