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  1. You met her back in Blue Bar several years ago right in the heart of town. She was of a slim build, with dark brown hair and bright blue eyes. You asked her about her favourite kinda food.. she told you ‘Italian’ you thought you was never to see her again after that..but you was wrong! A dozen holidays, a house, two kids, and one marriage later you were delighted to finally call her yours! Your wife begins looking through old photos of herself back when she younger, skinnier and so much better looking.. she’s shocked at just how much weight she’s piled on over the last few years... Saturday 21st September. You arrive home early from work to find your fat wife stuffing herself with so much food.. she’s embarrassed you’ve caught her! She immediately starts to hide the cookies and tries to explain to you why there is so much food around! But you like it! You like it when she stuffs herself like that! So she continues to eat like a pig right in front of your eyes! Your wife begins teasing you as she scoffs her way through subway and Burger King! Her belly starts to grow rounder and her clothes start to become extremely tight..she removes her skirt.. jiggling her fat belly in front of your eyes, she asks for you to come closer..She wants for you to see how fat you’ve really made her! GS X x


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      jim beg

      What a view 😍

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      Sexiest most beautiful woman alive!

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      I have never seen you look so stuffed before …. you must have really been working hard to get that bloated and swollen. It is very hot!

  3. I chug my midnight Gaining Shake.. my belly starts to bloat..I rub n play with my bloated belly.. I talk about my gain and show you some ass n thighs GS X x


  4. I stuff myself with pasta and pureee grated cheese.. i read out my last measurements whilst munching through a box of cakes.. I chug milk and finally take some new measurements for you! GS X x


  5. Ken has left Barbie!! And yes, I am just as shocked as you are right now! Believe me! Barbie is nothing without Ken! You and I both know this! For Barbie to ever win Ken back she knows she must make some big changes!! After having her first ever boob job she attempts to workout.. munching on KFC..she really struggles through her busty workout! GS X x


  6. I was once so tiny that particular shops wouldn’t always stock clothes for my tiny waist. At my very skinniest, I weighed 8.7 stone. I would skip certain meals and work out on a regular basis. Times have changed! I try on a pair of my UK size 6 jeans. I pull and stretch them as much as I can. I’m determined to make them fit one last time! GS X x


  7. I stuff as many hotdogs and burgers as I possibly can. My belly becomes big and bloated. I drink pop, moan and burp. GS X x


  8. Her fattening lifestyle, cocky ways and bitchy attitude have really started to piss a few people off recently. But Shar isn’t going to change for anyone. Not even for the take away delivery drivers that are made to deliver food to her 6th floor apartment in the heart of town, with nowhere to park, on a daily fucking basis. It’s just a normal day and Shar orders food from her favourite take out.. the delivery woman is seen on cctv making her way up to Shar’s apartment with her food. She knocks on the door.. but Shar tells her one minute whilst she goes to get her purse from the living area.. leaving her door half open.. the delivery woman then makes her way through Shar’s apartment.. Shar is tied up and forced to eat tons of food. Shar falls asleep and finds herself cuffed to the door where she’s forced to stuff more food.. cream, cakes, pate, pop.. u name it! 45 minutes pass and Shar’s head is then forced into her take away pizza.. GS X x


  9. I talk about some embarrassing moments I’ve had over last weeks/ months. I talk about my gain and my next goals.


  10. Can I have my donuts now?..NO! Not until you finish your dance routine! Shar doesn’t wanna be dressed like this. She doesn’t like when all her fat is on show because all her family and friends laugh and make fun of her, she gets so embarrassed by it. But you’ve promised her donuts after she completes a horrific dance routine you’ve made her do on camera for everyone to see. Shar tries her hardest to not look fat and stupid, she wants for you to stop watching her.. she just wants her donuts you promised her! Shar thinks it’s all over.. but it’s not.. you play another song and she’s made to dance more! By this time, Shar has had enough! She starts to scream and tantrum for her donuts.. she throws her entire body on the floor, begging and chanting for her donuts you promised her. Shar finally gets her way and is rewarded with donuts AND cream! Seeee i knew you would give in to me GS X x


  11. Destined for great things, Shar is determined to discover a weight gain formula that works almost instantly in front of the naked eye! Now all Shar needs to do is find it and prove it! Firstly, Shar must educate herself on food and on how the body works! Shar starts to experiment with 3 types of extreme powerful weight gain formulas all containing thousands upon thousands of calories. Just several minutes in and Shar’s petite looking breasts have already started to fill out all that extra space in her padded bra. BINGO! Shar’s figured that she’s already half way there!! Chugging and experimenting with so many calories ..Shar starts to become a lil hot and flustered with her gut starting to visibly swell and becoming extremely hard and round looking. Finally, Shar stands to show off the end results! I can’t believe it! Her gaining experiment has infact worked! GS X x


  12. Shar and her best friend are messaging one another.. they are gossiping about their other friends and talking about what they are gonna wear for an evening out.. Shar wants her best friends approval.. so she sends her photos of herself wearing an orange dress and asks for her opinion.. Shar is shocked that her best friend tells her the absolute truth and that she’s wayyy too fat to wear something like that! Shar becomes upset and starts to hug and chug her shake.. Shar’s best friend starts to msg more.. telling Shar that she can no longer hang out with the girls because of her weight! she even tells her that boys won’t look at them again if Shar is with them.. Shar starts to cry and chug more shake.. GS X x


  13. It’s true! Barbie really did get fat! She got so bored without Ken always around and ate her way to obesity! Barbie tells you how much she loves to eat as she tucks into two whole baguettes at once. Barbie then shows you her pretty petite wardrobe, full of tiny clothes that no longer fit her humongous tanned body! Barbie burps alot and tries to push and squeeze her fatness back into her tiny hot pants. GS X x


  14. Shar has stuffed so much food at the beach hut. Her shorts suddenly become too tight for her fat growing body. Shar later removes her shorts and lets her big swollen belly out while lay on the bed moaning to you. Shar rubs cream into her big swollen belly and tells you how fat, heavy and tired she has become. GS X x


  15. I show you some of my very first curvage footage. I’m in total shock at how skinny I really was! I scoff a burger and show you my huge thighs closer up than ever before! I talk about my weight gain and try on the very same outfit I wore back when I first started gaining!! GS X x


  16. Shar wants to be a popstar. Singing through her hair curling wand she starts to practice dance moves in front of you. Shar begins to get tired and out of breathe.. Changing her outfit..Shar gives up quickly for food.. she begins to scoff cake and drink pop. Shar talks about how she’s become too fat to dance. GS X x


  17. Shar is sat in front of you, eating KFC. She wants so much attention from you but your mind seems to wander elsewhere.. as she tucks into her chicken, you can’t help but picture her lay on her back dressed as pig eating cake, moaning to you..telling you how much fatter she wants to get.. Shar tucks into more KFC.. this time you start to imagine her without her clothes on..dressed as a pig bent over the bed telling you she wants to be 300lbs..But.. before you know it.. She’s just sat eating KFC again. Shar slurps and burps.. she tucks into more MORE KFC.. this time you start to imagine her taking on Kyra’s 3 layer cake challenge again, she’s so much fatter..you start to picture her in your mind competitively eating to get fatter and fatter.. GS X x


  18. She’s bragging about her big lips and fatter tits..she gets a sudden cravin for chocolate..she’s late on her period..something just isn’t adding up! She starts to feel twinges in her belly..something starts to move inside her..she doesn’t know what the fuck is going on!! Time starts to pass..her belly becomes hard and rounder..she begins to spend most of her days chillin on the sofa watching chick flicks and listening to jazz FM as she eats her way through boxes of cakes.


  19. This clip is very much like my Chubby Talk & Gaining Shake only this time I’m 100lbs fatter. Wearing the exact same outfit, I make up a gaining shake and drink from the exact same pink cup. I go into detail about my weight gain. I talk about my friends and family and the reactions/comments I’ve had over the past few months. I talk and show off my new stretch marks.. I talk more about my growing belly and the struggles of it stopping me from doing certain things. I move around and sit in some of same positions I did in my very first Chubby Talk & Gaining Shake.


  20. Shar tells you her family have told her she must start to workout again! Shar attempts the treadmill.. her belly has become so fat n heavy that she instantly struggles to run. Shar starts to moan she’s hungry.. she scoffs burger after burger and begs for her drink of Fanta while continuing run on the treadmill. Shar becomes exhausted and tells you all about her struggles of having a big heavy belly that gets in the way of everything. GS X x


  21. Shar is on vacation. She stops at 3 restaurants for ice-cream, kebabs and more ice-cream. Cramming food into her mouth.. Shar starts to moan about her denim shorts becoming too tight and unbuttons them in public. One week later.. Shar returns home. She shows you how big and hanging her belly has gotten. Shar begins stuffing a large pizza.. she talks to you about how much of a fat greedy pig she has turned into whilst constantly cramming more food into her mouth. GS X x


  22. Shar is a big fat tanned pig. Her belly has grown enormous. Shar stuffs cake and more cake. She shows you just how much her belly can grow in one sitting. GS


  23. Version 1.0.0

    Shar loves cream! She starts by oiling up her body.. she squirts cream into her mouth and all over her fattening desserts and scoffs them like the real fatty she’s now become. From all different positions, Shar jiggles and wobbles her fatness for you. She wants to show you just how fat you’ve really got her. GS


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