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  1. Shar is on vacation. She stops at 3 restaurants for ice-cream, kebabs and more ice-cream. Cramming food into her mouth.. Shar starts to moan about her denim shorts becoming too tight and unbuttons them in public. One week later.. Shar returns home. She shows you how big and hanging her belly has gotten. Shar begins stuffing a large pizza.. she talks to you about how much of a fat greedy pig she has turned into whilst constantly cramming more food into her mouth. GS X x


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    2. Tankazoid
    3. Emmaaa


      Love to stand behind u and grab your soft lower belly 🧁💜

    4. chri50m2



  3. Shar is a big fat tanned pig. Her belly has grown enormous. Shar stuffs cake and more cake. She shows you just how much her belly can grow in one sitting. GS


  4. So I had an embarrassing moment whilst on vacation.. I split my dress.. in public🙈🙄



















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    2. Nixs555


      I like your dress, you have in my opinion a very good taste as far as fashion is concerned😉!

      And I also think you have a good taste when it comes to eating😜😋

    3. Antpant


      Omg your getting big now your looking so amazing!! 😍

    4. Residentsteven


      I have a feeling that niro639 and nixs555 really like your dress shar 😂.

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    2. chubbygirl99


      I don’t think anyone has given me so much inspiration to gain as this beautiful girl has. Following your footsteps to be big and beautiful :) #muchlove 

    3. Goddess shar
    4. BiancaBlonde


      Yassss girl, work it 💗💗

  6. Version 1.0.0

    Shar loves cream! She starts by oiling up her body.. she squirts cream into her mouth and all over her fattening desserts and scoffs them like the real fatty she’s now become. From all different positions, Shar jiggles and wobbles her fatness for you. She wants to show you just how fat you’ve really got her. GS


  7. Version 1.0.0

    23months ago, Shar wore a silver bodysuit and a matching hair scrunchie as she ate ice cream and showed off her growing petite body. Today Shar puts the exact bodysuit back on and shows you how it looks on her now. Shar eats cream cakes and further talks to you about how much she’s grown since then. GS X x Filmed in portrait.


  8. Version 1.0.0

    Shar has just been told she’s got the job. She’s over the moon! But little does Shar know that there is somebody else in her apartment wanting to celebrate with her.. Shar is tied and forcefed. She’s forced to stuff pasta, pizza and tiramisu... just when she thinks it’s all over.. she’s forced to chug heavy cream.. followed by milkshake and fanta. Shar begins to moan in pain. GS X x


  9. Version 1.0.0

    Shar is already fat n stuffed.. but she’s about to see how big and swollen she can really go! Shar chugs coke and mentos.. she moans about her already stuffed belly, but she keeps going TIL she’s about to burst. GS X x


  10. Version 1.0.0

    Shar chugs beer. She burps and talks to you about her weight gain..she shows you her fat growing belly from all different angles. Shar talks about where she would like to gain more weight on her body and shows you how her belly hangs. Shar makes up a gaining shake.. she chugs, rubs and plays with her belly. Shar wants more! She scoffs ice cream and shows off more of her big fat bloated belly! Finally, Shar steps on the scales. GS X x


  11. Version 1.0.0

    I show you how big, fat and bloated my belly is whilst taking a shower. GS X x


  12. Version 1

    MASSIVE STUFFING! 34MINUTES RUNNING TIME! Shar returns home from her date. She FaceTimes her friend and tells her all about how her date went. Shar starts to worry she’s becoming too fat to date now and takes a good look at her growing gut in the mirror. Breathing in, she tells herself she’s not even that fat and makes her way into the kitchen. Shar notices a note left by one of flat mates telling her she needs to clean out the fridge ASAP as it’s broke.. Shar is unsure what to do so she starts to empty the whole contents of the fridge out.. she gets out of breathe and begins to start eating and picking at bits of the food. Shar starts to eat the pepperonis, the potatoe salad, the left over sausage and cheese rolls, both yogurts.. she even opens the beers and starts to chug them!! Determined to clean her friends fridge totally out, Shar starts to eat more food! She ravages through the chocolate rolls, cheesy pasta, bits of quiche chugging it all down with beer and pop! An hour passes by and Shar has changed into something more comfy.. she starts to eat the pizza.. she continuously dips pizza slices into hummus and washes it down with more beer! Shar’s clothes start to become extremely tight and she now has to unbutton her jeans.. shoving ice cream into her gob, her friend calls to ask if she cleaned out the fridge..Shar tells her yeah!!!! And that she’s eaten it all!!!! WHAT?!!!! YOUV’E EATEN EVERYTHING OUT THE FRIDGE???? OHHH NOOO!!!!! 🤦‍♀️ her friend says!!!! GS X x NOTE- ALL reviewers on this particular clip are gonna be able to watch my next weigh-in for free.


  13. Version 1

    I show off my fatness and how my belly now hangs when dancing and applying fake tan.. I chug pop and let out some deep burps.. I jiggle n play with my belly n belly button


  14. Version 1.0.0

    Shar is eating pasta. She tells you she has to eat as much pasta as she can so she can keep growing the way she is. She starts to eat at a quicker pace than usual.. she scoffs large mouthfuls down.. her belly starts to fill up quick.. but she keeps scoffing and scoffing.. Shar’s belly starts to grow.. her dungarees start to become extremely tight.. she takes another mouthful.. suddenly her button POPS and her dungarees fly open. Letting her big belly out, Shar continues to stuff more pasta.. she leans back and props her fat overweight body up onto a cushion. GS X x


  15. Version 1.0.0

    Sugar daddy blackmails me. He says as long as I keep eating n getting fatter n wider..I can have ANYTHING I want in the whole wide world 🌍 He buys me expensive gifts and feeds me up on donuts and all sorts of sugary fattening foods. He’s turned me into the biggest spoilt fat brattttt everrrr When I don’t get my own way..I throw tantrums. Sometimes he rewards me with smaller portions of food just to watch me tantrum and have me asking for MORE. GS X x


  16. Version 1.0.0

    You can’t stand that Becky. Ever since your girlfriend has been hanging out with her she’s suddenly decided she wants to go on a diet and lose some weight. You couldn’t believe what you was hearing when she dropped it to you! All that fucking hard work you put into getting your gf to gain weight in the first place has finally gone to pot! your gf gets ready to go out ..twirling in her tight dress, she asks you ‘how do I look?’ She asks you ‘do I look as though I’ve lost some weight?’ You can see she hasn’t lost a single lb.. but you tell her she has just to make her feel better! On the table, she notices 12 hotdogs you cooked up for her.. you’ve covered them in ketchup and mustard just how she likes it!.. she tells you ‘NO FUCKING WAY! I’m supose to be on a diet, I refuse to go out with the girls on big fat bloated belly!!!’ Your gf agrees to one hotdog..she loves it so much that she can’t help but go in for another..and another.. and another.. and another..and another.. Her belly starts to grow bigger than you have ever seen it grow before! she moans to you and you can hear her belly crying out in pain.. you’ve never seen her stuff so many hotdogs in one sitting!!! ‘I’m gonna pop, I’m gonna pop’ she tells you. GS X x


  17. Version 1.0.0

    Shar wants to get huge. Chugging her shake topped with spray cream, she begs for you to make her fatter. GS X x


  18. Version 1.0.0

    I chug milkshake and show you what I look like in my pink tight dress stood up from all angles. I talk about my weight gain, I show you some stretch marks, I notice newer ones appearing and start to apply cream. I talk a lil about my arms becoming so out of shape and show you how they ain’t toned like they use to be. I talk and show you how heavy my belly is recently becoming. GS X x


  19. Version 1

    I first dated her back in high school. She was perfect. Back then I was young and silly and I stupidly hooked up with one of her mates.. she pretty much never spoke to me again after that. Years later, I noticed she started taking the same route home as me..only i live a lil further than she does..all recent pictures I’ve managed to get of her always appeared a lil blurry or half cut, but for the first time in forever she’s just a few feet away from me.. I start to film.. I watch her eat..I watch her take her clothes off ..I watch her rub cream into her belly..


  20. Version 1.0.0

    Shar is flirting with you. She tells you that this is what she looks like now and that she looks nothing like her old photographs you have been looking at on her WhatsApp. Shar starts to sexy stuff herself.. she shakes her ass and dances whilst cramming food into her face. Shar chugs cream and lets it drip down her mouth.. Shar starts to moan real loud.. she pulls her fishnets down and bounces her belly up and down. GS X x


  21. Version 1

    Shar is getting ready for the restaurant.. she has spent most of the day stuffing herself with pasta, bread, ice cream and endless snacks.. her belly has already grown out of control! Wearing a too tight bikini, Shar walks round her apartment.. she tells you how stuffed she already is before getting ready to go out and eat again! Shar attempts to put a pair of jeans on... she tries her hardest to fasten the jeans around her big belly but they just won’t fit!! Shar starts to chug wine.. she burps and moans about how fat she really is getting! GS X x


  22. Version 1.0.0

    Shar orders room service.. she pours mayo and ketchup all over meal before tucking in.. Shar starts to talk about how much food she keeps eating and how much weight she has actually put on whilst on vacation! Shar’s belly starts to grow like a balloon.. Shar takes a rest on the bed..she rubs her fat ballooning belly and tells you how stuffed she is! GS X x


  23. Version 1.0.0

    Shar has been stuffing so many carbs on vacation, her belly is starting to bloat like crazy!! Shar has lunch. She drops her fat belly onto the kitchen worktop.. she flops, wobbles and shows you just how fat her belly is becoming from constantly stuffing herself. GS X x


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