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  1. She awakes! Catwoman is back! I’ll miss Momma-Cat, but it’s surpringly refreshing to have a character actually realize something’s radically “wrong” with the world 🤰 Remember Back to the Future Part 2 when Marty starts wandering around LA and everything is dystopian because the timeline got messed up? That’s probably what Selina’s about to do. Oh! Maybe she and Cassandra will team up to find out what’s causing everything... for different motives? Been awhile since I was able to read stuff. Been practicing card-counting and bulking for a bodybuilding competition. But I’ll always make time for DC Chubs 🥰
  2. Elyna has gotten so huge that I’m now just curious how big she’ll get, what she’ll look like, what she’ll do, and if she’ll be immobile. This story is beginning to have an oldskool monster movie vibe to it
  3. Who reads stories? I write a lot of those 🤔

    Not all of them involve weight gain or BBW's 👀 There was one I wrote years ago in college that involved a mixture of M2F, philosophy, and action/violence. If you know what M2F is, you might wanna give it a look. I put the first chapter on The Changing Mirror website for now just to see who was interested in it. Same name there as on here. Should be approved by a moderator soon...

  4. Okay, so the Kuwait job is postponed until the next wave of 'Rona Virus is done 😑, but I'm doing good! Been plenty distracted by @Batman76's RP game recently, but it's been awhile since he gave me a prompt for my thread, so here's a hasty update on this story. I'll post the last part in the store section later... It looked bigger. It felt bigger. Oh god, what was this? My trousers were snug tight on the rounded orbs that were supposed to be my petite glutes. Fuck, the rear pocket buttons were straining, it was so tight! What the hell just happened? Okay… I took a deep breath and held the desk with shaking hands. Focus Suzanne. Stay calm… there’s no way that your butt just gained a few pounds. It was only one candy! Just one! People don’t just get fatter all of a sudden… “Hey, baby got back.” I started at the sound of someone ambushing me from behind when I was most vulnerable, twisting my butt awkwardly to find Bry leaning into my cubicle with a faint smile on her face. My stomach rumbled again, in unison with the damn water cooler. “Hey,” she said again, softly this time. “I know we were gonna run after work, but… I just got swamped. Can we postpone till tomorrow?” “Oh,” I fidgeted awkwardly against the tightness of my trousers. “Sure? I guess that’s alright.” “Thanks,” Bry smiled again. “But we can’t be skipping too much on our runs. I mean, look at me…” Eyes widening with horror, I watched as Bry stood next to me and casually ran her hands over the loose fabric of her blouse. Between her fingers, the outline of her belly came into view. Like a deep puff of breath, it rounded out, and instead of retreating, it grew even rounder! “I’m totally getting fat!” Bry slid her hands to her hips and turned to the side to show me how her new gut was hanging an inch over her belt. “Well, at least you got good genes and all your junk is in the trunk.” I was about to reply when my own stomach started gurgling and shaking. “Well, I’ve got to send some emails,” Bry turned to leave, lovehandles hanging off her sides. “I’ll see you again at lunch!” Lunch? Lunch? She’s talking about lunch with her gut bulging and my ass getting fat --? I regretted the stray thought instantly, cause I started to feel the skin of my butt start to move. My panties were already wedged uncomfortably underneath my trousers, but now they were starting to dig into me. It was as if my butt was trying to break free! “No!” I slapped my cheeks with both hands. “Stop it! Snap out of it!” They stopped moving. Nothing was happening. It was the perfect time to focus, to regain my sense of calm. “Okay…” I blew a breath out of my mouth and sniffed another one in. “In and out… in and out… think positive, Suzy…” It had to be a dream, right? A lucid dream – the kind where you could control what happened. Yes! That was it! That was what caused… okay, don’t think any stray thoughts, Suzanne! You’re just having a nightmare about your fear of weight gain… but it doesn’t have to be a nightmare. Just focus on positivity until you wake up, and this will all be over. With that attitude, I scooted my fat butt closer to the desk and unlocked my computer screen. Strange… for a dream, this one felt very real. Then again, that’s what all dreams feel like when you’re in them. I could see all the icons on my desktop. When I clicked on the internet search engine, I could see the default page and its every detail – including the news feed. But who cared how frighteningly real everything was? I just needed something good to focus on. “Joanne!” I glanced to my right, where a group of coworkers were gathering happily around the infamous office mom as she stood casually by her cubicle. “Congratulations!” one of them patted her shoulder. “Another bun in the oven? So soon?” “Yes,” Joanne smiled as she cradled her stomach – which immediately began to soften and bulge. “And I barely shed the baby fat from last time.” “Joanne, you’re glowing. So soon and you’re already starting to show!” “Oh, well,” Joanne patted her belly, making it jiggle. “That’s not the baby yet; I’m just eating for two.” “I’m not complaining!” one of the coworkers laughed. “Maybe you can eat all my snacks before I get to them,” she patted her own suddenly-rounding belly. “I think the donuts are starting to catch-up!” They all laughed, but I turned away in a cold sweat. What was wrong with them? Was everyone getting fat in this office? I did my best to ignore the sound of my coworkers fawning over Joanne’s rapidly-growing pregnancy belly and turned my attention to the newsfeed on my screen. Bing was a brilliant search engine, giving me so many options for articles to read. Any article would do at this point; I just needed a distraction from all the negativity around me! What was this? Top Ten Restaurants in DC? Food was the last thing I needed to be looking at right now, but it was too late: I’d already clicked it. Oh, just great! The title image was a steaming bowl of pasta? My stomach churned with hunger as I hastily scrolled away from the image. But no matter how far down I scrolled, the side ads wouldn’t budge: laced brassieres and panties, sports bras and yoga pants, all of them plus-sized. Fuck that! Maybe I could watch the TV instead. It was situated on the far wall from me (which made my cubicle the best – got to count my blessings here). The news channel was running its morning stories, as usual. It was comforting to see the anchorwomen chatting away with each other, casually covering small bits of news over cups of coffee. It was the perfect morning ritual to hear them cover story after story in much the same way each time: some casual banter, a few chuckles, and then a deep breath from the lead woman as she read the teleprompter to discuss the next item. “Thank you, Breanna,” the lead chuckled with her perfect nails spread over the tabletop. “You’re welcome, Mandy,” the other woman said before cutting away to leave the whole screen to Mandy. Mandy glanced down at the table for a brief moment before staring straight into the camera with her perfect makeup cradled in a bob of perfectly-groomed blond locks. “It is nine-thirty; starting off the bottom of the hour with a new study from John Hopkins University tracking the impact of the national lockdown on American womens’ waistlines shows some concerning trends indicating what we’ve all been dreading in the lead-up to the holiday season, being that the average woman in America is gaining as much as two pounds per week as they’re stuck indoors. We cut to reporter Rebecca Storme on-site of the campus grounds for some feedback on the implications of this study…” The screen cut to a reporter braving the brisk outdoor air by the front steps of what was apparently the university in question. Like the lead, Breanna, Rebecca had bobbed her hair, except she was brunette instead of blonde. There was a slight pause as she awaited the signal that she was live before speaking into the microphone already raised to her face. “Thank you, Mandy,” she beamed with a wide grin. “I just spoke with the manager of the study here at John Hopkins University, and…” Whatever she was saying faded into my subconscious, for as she spoke, I noticed with mounting dread that her dimples were growing more pronounced and her cheeks were puffing slightly. She was fattening-up on the air! “Rebecca,” Mandy replied quickly with the lackluster one-liner, as was custom. “I don’t know about you, but I’ve been feeling a few winter pounds myself.” Rebecca laughed, a double-chin suddenly in plain sight. “Yeah, tell me about it!” “And it’s not even winter yet!” Mandy added. They both laughed at their lame joke, but I tore my eyes from the TV screen and pounded my fists against my desk. To hell with all this! Why was everything and everyone around me getting fat? Was eating a candy all it took to trigger me? Just one? How was I supposed to get my ass back in shape when – “Oh no,” I panted with a loud whisper. “Oh, please no, not again!” Pressure was building in my chest, as if I were experiencing a panic attack, but with each breath, the pressure focused itself into a smaller and smaller space, building as if it were air in a squeezed balloon. The gurgling in my stomach deepened. I was hyperventilating now. The pressure was in two points now, shrinking around the unseen circles of my areolas… Ping. I gasped at the popping sensation of my left nipple jutting forwards to three times its size. “Oh god,” I held the arms of my chair for dear life. “Oh…” Ping. And then the other one. The pressure was gone, but it was building again. A pop-up ad appeared on my computer screen: 42EE Bra cups, 50% off. “Oh no, not that!” I stared down my neckline towards my non-existent cleavage. “Anything but that! I don’t want huge boobs! I don’t, I don’t… I’m a competitive runner…” But my breasts paid no heed to me. They peeked-out from either side of my neckline, slowly at first, then swelling faster as they rapidly filled the space I used for breathing room. The little mole on my right breast trailed inwards towards the new line of cleavage, then upwards as the two globes of fat got trapped by my bra and blouse. “No!” I fumbled my fingers over the undone buttons of my blouse, thumbing them into place one by one to conceal the wobbling mess of titty flesh. “Happy thoughts… it’s just a dream. I just need to wait until it’s over…” Across from me, Mandy was typing away in her cubicle, standing straight and proper in her professional red dress. She brushed a stray strand of hair from her face, tucking it behind her ear before stretching her arms overhead and arching her back. The button holding her boobs in creaked ominously, and the fabric around her chest strained, until – “Oof!” she stopped stretching when the button finally gave way, revealing a pair of swollen knockers oozing out of an overgrown tan-coloured bra. “Oh! Not again…” I quickly turned away, but when I looked down, the stray button was between my legs. Before I could look anywhere else, my fat ass started twitching again. “Ngh…” I gripped the arms of my chair as my lower half flexed and convulsed as if it were being yanked. “What – unf – now?” My thighs… my perfectly thin runner’s thighs were expanding! First inwards, then outwards, and finally upwards as every crease and wrinkle in my trousers smoothened out. With each jerk of my legs, an other inch was added. It was as if popcorn was popping in my legs! And hips! My hips were widening! I could feel myself covering more and more of my office seat! This had to stop! This all had to stop! I held my head with mounting panic as I realized what I had to do: the office was full of bad influences. I had to go home early, or I’d be fat as a hippo by lunchtime.
  5. Kipteitei is absolutely brilliant at the way she draws stuffed bellies
  6. You guys really need to listen to her lyrics fr 🔥 "Bounce that ass like Tiger, Put that ass on a rich *****, hey, Make him hit it hard, ayy, And make that booty bigger." -- Shake That (Album: Fever) "If I catch you lookin' at my belly, Ima laugh, If you keep it real, I don' worry 'bout that." -- The Best You Ever Had (same album) If I was dumb, I'd be thinking she was signalling us haha
  7. >_< 0_0

    Lele Pons

    Belly ☺️ Come out belly, don’t b shyyy 🥰 we missed u (sorta cringe, but we were all thinking it)
  8. So, like, we should all kno about the Apples and the Pears... but have u ever heard of my favorite fruit? Yams. Yammmmmssssss 🍠 😋 😝🥰

  9. @IonMaidens you’re a gold mine of plot development. It’s rare to balance kinky fan-service with story structure, but the last few posts you put down tease my imagination two-fold: what exactly are the ramifications of Theona’s ascendancy, and will the elf-nun resist the temptations of her Red Empire? We skinny elves need to work together.
  10. Before I forget, I wanna point-out how similar to my laptop Empress Theona is. She downloads a hearty meal and has to restart to apply updates — and it takes forever for everything to turn on. “Where’s my redhead background? And my boob app? They’re supposed to — oh ho! There they are! Stupid lag...”
  11. (last weekend was lit; I discovered I'm good at gambling ♦️♠️ anyway, I got another chapter! Also, some theme songs for the Sea Devils: -Culla: Sorcery - Red Sonja -Abarra: Varnas Death - Red Sonja -Balla: Captain Hook - Megan Thee Stallion) "What?" Kayla felt her skin bristle as her heart began to pound. "What?" Balla snapped back. "Who did you think I was gonna pick? Abarra? You're it, boot -- fucking one and done bullshit. Girl, you were chosen from birth for this. Get your lightweight ass to the table." Kayla didn't challenge her captain's candid description of her, accurate as it was, but she could not shake the sense of impending dread that she was about to lose the drinking match and lose a fortune to the local gang. Worse, she didn't want to drink the enchanted mead -- she couldn't put her finger on it, but there was something sinister about the sweet mixture, something that was beyond a mere buzz. She could feel herself in an altered state of consciousness every time she drank it, and she could see that it affected the patrons the same way -- how they ordered mug after mug as they ate the ship's food-stores empty every night. It was as if they could never feel full, and it frightened her how much it reminded her of the cursed sacrificial table of the dancing nymphs. And now -- even now, as she slid across the bench and scooted her little body closer to the polished mahogany table -- she was about to drink as much of that bittersweet drink as she could. If she didn't, her entire hard-earned fortune -- everything she'd worked so hard to build-up -- would be taken away. If fate existed, it had ensnared her into an impossible situation with no way out. The gangster giantess leaned close, head towering over Kayla as she rubbed her chin thoughtfully. "This little elf? Hmm... I sense magica coursing through her veins... but no spells. Let it be so." "You can sense magica?" Balla asked. "Oh yes. Spells, enchantments, cantrips -- I can even see the one stuffed in your bosom." "So?" Balla huffed. "What kind of bitch complains about nice tits?" The Blue Beauties started, flexing their fingers on their sheathed weapons, a sliver of steel shining for a moment. Tringa held her mighty hand up. "S'all good, girls. We're vibing... let's discuss which one of you can't drink." "Is that fair, though?" Kayla asked. "What do you mean, little elf?" (Rolled Charisma: 7, PASS) "I'm Kayla, by the way... I'm just saying, we don't really know who's the worst drinker, so maybe you let me choose who I drink against instead?" "And have you offered the same choice to me? I think not." "Actually, yes!" Kayla said eagerly. "You can choose whoever you want -- you don't have to choose me if you don't --" "Very well! I accept your proposal -- but I'm choosing you dark elf. Half-demons can drink like fish." "Oh..." "Make your choice, then. Go ahead." Kayla scanned the ship for Blue Beauties, thrumming her fingers nervously as masked thieves and hired-muscle stared back at her. There were six lackeys huddled around Tringa's massive legs, two on each side and another two standing in front of the giantess's exposed crotch, all women. Two of them were clearly foreign barbarians, dressed in minimalistic pelts and leather for maximum movement and minimum sweat on their gleaming skin. Both were far too tall to have low tolerance for drink. The rest were thieves, sporting a mixture of loose wrappings and leather ideal for hiding the tools of their trade. Each was small and thin, ideal for squeezing through tight crowds and tighter spaces -- and one was as small and petit as Kayla. "You," Kayla pointed. "What's your name?" The thief's eyes widened and she pulled her mask down. "I'm Jaybird." "Jaybird?" Kayla's eyes widened when the thief's pointy ears flicked into view. "You're an elf too?" "Yes... um, it's a stage name." "A stage name?" "Yeah, I'm a part-time hustler." "What's--" "Kayla!" Balla slapped her shoulder and made her yelp. "Stop flirting and get ready! We got mugs coming... Culla! Unload right here!" "Coming!" Culla rushed out the door, two mugs in each hand. Kayla's illusion spell was holding on the chubby demoness, who looked far slimmer than normal as she sauntered her way to the table. Thunder thighs, rounded belly, and melon breasts had been reduced to half their size, projecting the illusion of a curvy bar wench who enjoyed a couple drinks on the job (as opposed to constant sipping). "Impressive," Tringa smiled. "Let me know who does your cosmetics; he's very talented." (Rolled Charisma: 39, PASS) Kayla shrugged. "I'll let you know who she is later if you want." Culla was notably miffed by how easily her illusion spell had been discerned, but opted not to challenge the notion. Instead, she carefully placed the four mugs of frothing mead upon the polished mahogany wood, leaning forward as she did so to reveal a plunging neckline that would have revealed her sternum had it not been buried beneath an inch of softness and wedged beneath her breasts. Kayla anxiously stared at the drinks, shifting her butt on the seat as she tucked her kilt under her cheeks. Her challenger faced her meekly, equally small, and resting her forearms on the table as a crowd gathered around them. "An elven drinking contest," a barbarian henchwoman mused. "This won't take long." "At least no one will suspect foul play," her partner replied smartly. "There's no way either of them can last through a gallon." "For sure," Tringa folded her fingers confidently, thrusting a leg out and letting her quad relax. "And with my keen sense for magical trickery, so much the better." "Thanks?" Balla folded her arms and cradled her massive bust. "Before we start, lemme talk to my girl here... Kayla. Listen..." Kayla flinched as she felt Balla's breast press and bulge over her shoulder. "Why me?" "I'm not gonna waste time cheerleading you," Balla's clawed fingers wrapped around Kayla's opposite shoulder. "I remember what happened when we first met -- one drink and you passed-out inside Culla's cleavage." "Yeah... I remember that..." "Really? So you didn't actually black out? There's hope for you yet. But listen --" Balla lowered her voice to a hiss. "We got us a fucking fortune back there. I swear to Bracchus above, if you screw this up, you're my bitch till the next full moon. I'm just keeping it real, you understand?" Kayla nodded. "So stand the fuck by!" Balla slapped her back vigorously. "You're a bar wench, 'ho! A drinking Sea Devil! This is a warm-up for you!" Tringa cleared her throat, and it sounded like water cascading from a cliff. "Someone! Start the contest." Culla glanced left and right. "Oh... um..." she held her hand aloft. "You two... start drinking," and she dropped her arm down lazily. "What in tarnation was that?" Tringa shook her head. "Did you really think that sheep's bleat could pass for... never mind. They're already drinking." They had indeed begun in earnest, each grabbing a mug and tilting mouthfuls of mead into their waiting lips. Kayla eyed her opponent warily; the "hustler" in front of her was a dainty thing that carefully held her mug with two hands, staring intensely back with golden eyes. As they sank deeper into their draughts, the crowd leaned closer. All around them, a mixture of spoiled merchant's daughters dressed in embroidered cloth, roughnecked street urchins, and a few Sea Devils and Blue Beauties watched quietly. Emotional tension hung in the air, as they collectively decided what to feel about the spectacle before them. It didn't take long before the tension broke into mirth. "She's sputtered already," one urchin smiled. "She's never chugged before." "Chug, damnit!" Balla shook her fists. "She's gaining on you, boot! She's gaining!" "Oh my gawd," a girl in a skimpy dress pointed and laughed. "She's swooning already!" Kayla was indeed beginning to feel a buzz. Elves had never been known for holding their alcohol, and even as she finished the last half of her mug, she could feel her eyes losing focus. She glanced at Jaybird as best she could, noting with some sense of comfort that her opponent was struggling at least as much. Her view was slowly eclipsed by the mug's dark rim... (Kayla has gained 1 pound. She now weighs 117 pounds -- 5 more till next Fat Point) "Ugh!" Kayla slammed the mug clumsily against the table. To her surprise, it rolled away from her grasp. Her head wanted to roll sideways too... "Don't you dare!" Balla's voice called to her. "Don't you fucking dare fall over! That was one mead! One! Look, Jay-fairy is already grabbing another!" Jaybird was, indeed lurching across the table for her second mug, but she was clearly just as ** as the dark elf was. The Elvish curse of near-instant intoxication was revealing itself plainly for all lesser mortals to see and mock. Still, Kayla could barely stifle a belch as she adjusted her seat over her kilt. Her tight outfit had always bothered her; Balla had insisted on revealing as much cleavage and midriff as possible, but the dark elf had always been small enough to tug her shirt down over her waist -- so long as she didn't twist and turn too much... "Drink, damnit!" Balla screamed in her ear. "Nobody cares, Kay-bar! Nobody cares!" Slowly, Kayla turned her gaze to the left, where Culla was dropping more mugs of mead. Abarra's rough hand slid into her field of vision, sliding a second mug against Kayla's knuckles. She felt the calloused skin of the barbarian demoness's hand over her own, sliding in between her fingers and guiding them around the mug's perspiring handle. "Drink, dark elf," Abarra's voice was firm and comforting. "You've almost won." And then Kayla felt her throat thirst once more. Such was the effect of the Horn's Infinite Mead, just as soon as the first mug's worth had settled in her belly, her appetite was stimulated beyond what she was used to. It was why she avoided drinking it, though she was never certain if it was truly a side effect of the alcohol and not a trick of her mind. All she could think of was the dancing nymphs, offering treats as her companions swelled before her eyes. She'd promised time and again that she would not suffer the same fate. And yet... (Kayla has gained 1 pound. She now weighs 118 pounds -- 4 more till next Fat Point) She could barely think, much less move. The world swam before her, the crowd a seething mix of hands and bodies like the crashing surf of the ocean. Jaybird leered downwards as she swayed back and forth. Kayla belched again, resisting the urge to lean forward and take a nap. Abarra's hand slid another two mugs in front of her -- no! It was just one mug; she was seeing double. "That's it, boot!" Balla slapped her on the back, making her belch loudly. "One more! Just one more before you pass out you stupid 'ho!" Beyond words, Kayla gripped the mug with both hands and raised it to her lips. The mead sloshed into her nose, spilled over her chin, and splashed against her shirt, but she didn't drop it. Some far corner of her stomach still yearned to be filled, and she would fill it twice-over to fulfill her ambition -- for ** as she was, she knew from the core of her being that her fortune must be protected, and her reputation earned! Soon, all this mockery would turn to worship! She would make it so! (Kayla has gained 1 pound. She now weighs 119 pounds -- 3 more till next Fat Point) When she dropped the mug with a sudden, deep belch, Jaybird was sliding off the table. A round of cheer mixed with laughter roared through the crowd as the spectacle concluded. The match was done. Kayla had won. She pulled breath into her bosom, straightening in her seat with mounting exhilaration. She'd won. Kayla, a dark elf, had won a round of drinking of all things! Her worst sport! To think that even her worst skills had brought her victory! It was divine favor! Favor of the gods! Surely she had a heavenly patron smiling down upon her! In fact, perhaps it was the overwhelming sense of drunkenness still mounting within her, but it felt distinctly different from the last time she'd drank her fill. Yes, it was a sense of invulnerability, warmth and comfort, a tingling sensation in her loins spreading through the breadth of her haunches that made her squirm happily. Uncomfortably full she might be, and her stomach might be so distended that her skirt could not hide the bulge, but she felt as if she could easily drink another, or maybe three -- no, five. Five meads! And didn't champions run victory laps? (Rolled for Willpower: 66, PASS) But through the drunken haze, her keen, prude mind surfaced like a woman drowning in mead. The memory of her companions gorging at the nymph's table was etched into her consciousness. It was terrifying to think that beings could tempt strong-willed women such as the Sea Devils into fattening themselves mindlessly, and wasn't the mead enchanted by them? She remembered the voice of the full-blooded demoness who'd placed the Horn into her arms from behind. The world is ready, she'd whispered into her ear. But ready for what? All around her, everywhere she looked, the crowd had seated themselves at the tables, feasting on sumptuous fruits and meats as the mead flowed freely. No mention was made of the old dispute, all were devoted to feasting. It made Kayla's skin crawl. (Rolled for Charisma with disadvantage: 88, FAIL) "Don't... don't eat those!" she slurred helplessly. "They're not for eating! Stop..." Two arms wrapped around her middle and squeezed her against a body with enormous tits. "I got her," said Balla's voice. "We'll be in the cabin!" "The nymphs!" Kayla moaned as she was hoisted onto Balla's back. "The -- urp -- nymphs..."
  12. When Theona eats healthy once: Is Red Port in the Empire? I think Kayla might have to roll for willpower with disadvantage in the next episode.
  13. How do u pronounce “>_< 0_0” ?

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