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  1. >_< 0_0


    Whoa whoa context! We need context for this!!
  2. Still... writing... 😖


  3. Horror stories in particular are especially captivating. I’ve collected quite a few of them, including some classics by Robert E Howard and especially the mangas of Junji Ito. The Ito collection is almost complete. Someone quote me to remind me to show pics of my books tomorrow 👀
  4. Been reading on DA for a while. Halfway done... it’s absolutely brilliant. I look up to both of you for writing and drawing inspiration. @Batman76 describes people so well and manages to be so witty I’ve almost woken my roommate in the next room at night reading. @SilverPathfinder draws in color! I don’t have tools for that! Plus, she doesn’t have awkward phone shadows over her work like I do. I love it all. This is what I’ve discovered so far (spoiler):
  5. >_< 0_0


    She somehow looks chubbier standing up than sitting down!?
  6. Another thought I just had: you know how when you order a burger from Red Robin that’s so huge that the middle barely fits in the buns and you can’t fit the whole thing into your mouth without squeezing with both hands while tilting your head? That’s how you know it’s gonna be a damn good borger. I think of girls like that, except their skins spills a bit over their clothes instead of beef over the buns.
  7. It’s not the clothes that are sexy per se, but the process of outgrowing them
  8. I understood the parts with pictures... anything important in the words?
  9. I made a comic about Supergirl and Powergirl 😈 I’m hoping the plot inspires someone to write or draw something 👀
  10. >_< 0_0


    Yooo! Two trays of food in one stream? That’s a lot of food! It looks really good too.
  11. This story 😖 this story I’m writing is pretty long. Extra thicc. Hope I finish in a couple days.

    1. Madilyn


      What's it about?

    2. >_< 0_0

      >_< 0_0

      It’s the fat matrix story! There’s a teaser in the stories section 

  12. Nah, I’m not spoiling anything by saying she isn’t. Emily isn’t an angry person. Since it’s not that important to the plot, I’ll break it down: she was watching over a ** friend at a party who had too much to drink, so she helped her home while managing to peel the bottle from her hands. She held onto it for days, unsure how to get rid of it without getting in trouble, so she opted to sip it slowly. The taste was strong but interesting, so she wouldn’t mind drinking for it’s own sake.
  13. With all seriousness, VR is getting really impressive. I’ve already seen some impressive stuff done in VR Chat, so it’s only a matter of a year or two before we initiate the VR Curvage Chat Room 👀
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