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  1. “But I ordered this last Friday! It *has* to fit” 😤
  2. When quarantine makes you lose weight 🤦‍♂️ 

    Also, what year is it!?


    1. Jiggly_Bum


      Is that a Twin Peaks reference, because if so 😍

    2. goodgirlgrow
    3. >_< 0_0

      >_< 0_0

      What is Twin Peaks? Tell me!

      ... she called me cute? 😦😖😌

  3. *script pauses* “Now I know what you’re thinking. Why isn’t this clown narrating her own story? Isn’t she the star? I mean, come on! Well, it all started one night, long ago, with some crazy pills, a crazy Red, and this crazy-long funnel-tube I found in the garage...”
  4. The narrator can’t draw? 🤔 I can 😏 So many iconic scenes tempt me to draw them. All I need is an internet connection that doesn’t reset every time I put the phone between me and the window 😡 (I’ve proven this scientifically) Being stuck in the mountains is not all it’s cracked up to be 😬 Maybe Wednesday, when I change the location of my hideout
  5. When you’re down with the thiccness 


  6. Just you wait. Once I get out of this isolated, sparsely-populated West Virginia backwoods, I will have good internet and give you alllllll the writing and drawing I’ve done

  7. Soooooo many great gains going on, I can barely even begin to pick which one I want to see more! This just keeps getting better! Your wrists! You need to ice them and make ready another! I’ll do whatever you want! I’ll gift you a sacrifice! Goddess of Beer and Bounty, I offer for my first prayer of three, A fattened doe, a feast for thee, May wrists be healed and fingers flick, We wish for gainz, don’t make us sick 😷
  8. So she has a thing for man-bimbos 🤔
  9. I am in a predicament. WiFi is slow here. It might be awhile before I can post this drawing I got 

  10. Sweet, matronly, motherly Catwoman was something I ever knew I needed 🥰 and apparently Cassandra thinks the same way — she was no match for the power of cuddles! And that epic foreshadowing at the end! I thought this story would grow at a geometric rate... but my gut tells me it’s going to be exponential 😱
  11. One or two extra pounds. Not bad! Beggars can’t be choosers, and there’s always hope
  12. I still think your theme song is “Extra Thick” by Auralnauts @John Smith.
  13. >_< 0_0

    Magic Milk

    Waxing and waning with the seasons, whenever she develops a yearning for more quick cash — and perhaps something else 🐄
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