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  1. Nice idea! This could go in several different directions. I wonder what lies in store for this tribe if they migrate south 🤔
  2. You draw the line eventually. Some girls yo-yo with their weight, which I happen to be a fan of. It keeps you on your toes
  3. What a classy woman — except what is this here? What is she talking about?
  4. I wonder is she’d be up for belly dancing? That’s not weird, is it?
  5. >_< 0_0

    Magic Milk

    Welol, have I got good news for you! You’re WAY off the mark — what I have in mind is much more epic! The bad news is... I keep missing my one-chapter-a-day objective. I’ve been volunteering with some election campaigns until I go to China. Also, the DNC debate in Cegas was fire 🔥
  6. Gabbard’s an awesome person. Too bad her polls are trailing, else we’d see more of her
  7. She’s a huge “what-if.” I’m thinking that her metabolism will slow down any day now, but she might just be naturally thin. She works hard, so that’s made her lose weight before
  8. >_< 0_0

    Magic Milk

    I try. Hopefully I don’t overdo it and write a soap opera
  9. >_< 0_0

    Yasmine Bleeth

    If Curvage taught me anything, it’s that your size doesn’t factor into sexiness as much as people think, it’s your own confidence, happiness, the way you carry yourself, and the courage to wear sexy clothes at any size. Deep down, she’s still got it; she just doesn’t know. Wish I could tell her...
  10. >_< 0_0

    Magic Milk

    So who's a fan of cheesecake? Chapter Five I was able to leave work two hours early, Amber having vanished after her lunch break. This gave me plenty of time to drive back home, change out of my stupid work-friendly polo shirt and slip into something a little more… exciting. Not too exciting, just a red and black plaid blouse matched with my favourite designer jeans, a fashionable belt, and my best pair of brown boots. I also switched my bra out for a sports bra – the bra cups just weren’t comfortable anymore. The sports bra, however, was a godsend for my tits. Even though they hugged my tits close to my chest, the fabric was elastic, and very soft. At last, I could breathe freely without being painfully aware of my own nipples. All in all, I was hot and ready for this business interview, and I couldn’t help but grin as I parked my car into the Applebee’s parking lot. My phone had vibrated against my ass, like, three times while I was driving, so I pulled it out and gave it a look. Five past five pm. Shit! I was probably late! Whoever was trying to contact me, they better not have anything urgent for me. I needed this time. Ben had texted me. Where r u? He’d written, followed by two phone calls and one voice message. I rolled my eyes, but smiled all the same. Ben probably wanted me to get another six-pack of Budweiser at the grocery store; he was so predictable. I’d make a point of stopping by the grocery store later. In the meantime, I began to text Jerry. “Hi, welcome to Applebees!” A young, teenage boy approached me as I reached the lobby. “How many seats do you need?” “I’m fine, thanks,” I gave him a passing glance, trying to ignore the mole on his neck. “My date’s already here.” “Oh, lucky!” “And by date, I mean… um, do you know where Jerry’s sitting?” “Well… I don’t know anyone named Jerry that’s here…” “Nevermind,” I glanced at my phone. “He just texted me. Thanks anyway.” I’m to your left. Sure enough, I saw him waving at me from a small table in the hallway built for two. The grin stretched across his face was so goofy, not at all similar to the big, strong husband waiting for me at home, but then again, it was a good thing that he was in a good mood, so I grinned back. “Hey Mel!” he smiled broadly as I walked closer. “Hello Jerry,” I raised an eyebrow. “Wait. Are you quoting Newman? From Seinfeld?” I wasn’t, but I’d roll with it. “How did you know?” “Just the way you said it, with the steady, low voice…” “Low voice?” “Well, not exactly, but… go ahead and sit down! I got an appetizer while you were gone. I wasn’t sure how long we’d have to wait for the food.” Out of nowhere, my stomach grumbled. It probably wasn’t loud enough for anyone else to hear, but I could feel my insides bubbling. “Appetizer? That’s great!” I beamed as I slid myself into the seat opposite my future co-worker. “I didn’t realize it until now, but I’m starving. What did you get?” “Well, by appetizer, I meant dessert. Cheesecake in particular.” As my stomach continued to churn, I felt my heartbeat begin to throb. “Cheesecake?” I took a deep breath in an attempt to slow my poor heart. “Food tastes better when you’re hungry,” Jerry shrugged. “That’s why I think it pays to eat the best-tasting stuff first instead of last.” “Huh… interesting outlook,” I replied carefully, spreading my fingers out across the table. What was my heart doing? For God’s sake, I was sitting, so there was no reason for any of this to be happening to me. “Aren’t you afraid of getting full before eating the… healthy food?” “Nah,” he grinned again as he shook his head. “I work out, so I have this huge appetite now… you can let me eat anything you don’t have room for, by the way.” “No,” I said quickly. “It’s fine… I work out too…” “Nice.” As I watched him lean casually to the side of the table, the throbbing from my heart steadied itself into a subtle, soft rhythm, which was a relief. However, as the throbbing in my chest faded, I felt another bout of throbbing in my ass.
  11. If you have a mishap, let us know so we can make you feel better!
  12. >_< 0_0

    Magic Milk

    This is one of the most difficult things I’ve tried to write: describe weight gain in detail from a first-person POV all while the protagonist doesn’t notice it. They’re polar opposites! There’s so much detail I wanna describe, but I can’t spell it out because Melanie doesn’t know yet. I’ve always been super curious about what a woman gaining weight would feel like and what she would think 🤔 I haven’t found many stories that dwell on that mental aspect of it, but they’re all gems. @swahilimonkfish is particularly good at it — albeit they’re all lesbian characters. I’m guessing his inspiration is very specific 😆
  13. Oh... this is what mumps does? Ooh...
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