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  2. Chapter Twenty For a moment, I was speechless. Jessicuh stared back at me, cradling the large ** of growth potion like a pet cat, thrumming her fingers impatiently. But I snapped out of it with a light chuckle and shake of my head. “You can’t be serious,” I said. “First we’re fighting and now you want to share growth potion? It doesn’t add-up. You’re trying to trick me.” “You callin’ me a liar?” Jessicuh pulled the stopper from the **. “Aint gonna lie, I’s fixin’ to grow fat an’ happy, an’ this be how I’m gonna do it. No one will notice if we skim a lil off the top…” “If they do,” I smirked. “I could just tell them what you did.” “That’s where yer mistaken,” she smirked back. “Cause if they notice anything,’ I’ll tell them you took it. Who’s e’ryone gonna believe? A war vet? Or your purple ass?” “So you’re not trying to frame me,” I muttered. “You’re blackmailing me.” “Are you in or out already?” With time running-out and the missing orc overdue to return, I discreetly nodded my head in approval. Jessicuh didn’t hesitate, lifting the heavy ** to her lips with both arms. She drank greedily, and the contents splashed and dribbled down her chin. All the while, she was looking at me, staring defiantly as she gulped and guzzled. Only when I was beginning to fear she was drinking too much for me to pilfer some did she stop. I reached for the growth potion… and she smiled knowingly as she stoppered the ** and set it aside the others. Damn Jessicuh! She wanted me to beg, that dotard countryside hick! Well, I wouldn’t give-in. I could pick the potion up and drink it all on my own – No. I nearly fell for the ruse, but Jessicuh’s rush to act busy tipped me off: the orc was back. She’d emerged from some bush, adjusting her belt after what I could only assume was a gratuitously-long piss break. With such eyes on me, I had no choice but to stoop low to the soil and resume seeding, empty-handed and empty-bellied. I was hungrier than ever, and my stomach growled and churned. Just across from me, Jessicuh’s own stomach began doing the same. I didn’t have a chance to talk to Aniya until we were back in the Pen. Night had fallen, but there was no storm this time; only a cool mountain breeze that whistled softly against the hole in the ceiling and made the fire glow and crackle. It almost felt normal again in the Pen, save for one detail: that sleepless, stormy night when some of us shared our bodies for warmth had irrevocably changed some of us. That intimacy had broken barriers between us that could not easily be discarded, and now – as we settled-in for the night – some of us settled into each other. It happened without question. Seerah and Gnobbo crawled into Cinder’s mighty, open arms and buried themselves into her bosom. They weren’t alone in their search for intimate comfort either. Off in the corner, I spotted Pixie and “Stupid One” hugging each other, and in yet another corner, two elven girls were holding hands. Aniya and I would soon be joining them, but first came a bit of business disguised as pleasure. As the steady hum of gossip became a steady drone of snores, I took my secret agent/lover to the wall, picked her up, and pinned her there for a very personal discussion. “So how do you feel?” I asked to ease the tension between us. “Ehh…” she cocked her head. “Sleepy.” “Then let’s make this quick,” I reached for my collar and gave it a tug to reveal the little yellow flower pressed against my neck. “I got you a present…” To my surprise, Aniya slapped my hand off my collar. “Ouch,” I struggled to keep my bearing. “You’re feisty today.” “Don’t touch it,” she warned me with a finger to my lips. “If the juices on our fingertips come together, we could be starstruck lovers before we know it.” “… so that’s what ‘starstruck’ means,” I stared at my still-stinging hand and wiped it on my pigskin as a precaution. “Hey, it might not happen, but it never hurts to be too careful.” “Regardless, we got flowers. Now what?” As I spoke, some girl walked past us, fetching a log to begin her firewatch shift. Aniya eyed her casually yet warily before gently gripping either side of my head and whispering into my face. “Now we keep them. Keep my flower close to you, always, and think of me when you remember it’s pressed to your neck,” she kissed me, but glanced sideways to make sure the potential eavesdropper was moving away. “When the time comes, we’ll grind them into powder and keep it in vials for when the time is right.” “Quite a long-term plan,” I replied with a snatch between her legs to keep dominance in the conversation. “It will take forever to reach the Sultan, and that’s assuming we both graduate.” “Don’t worry about graduating,” she stroked my (still growling) belly. “I believe in you.” “How about a plan B?” I pressed into her, trapping her hand between our slight bulges. “Like what?” “You already know. Breaking out of here and finding a shortcut to our target. I don’t know about you, but I’m not getting fat if I can help it.” “I mean…” Aniya shrugged and thoughtfully fondled my middle. “… how do we get out? The door’s locked from outside, which means the only way out is the hole in the ceiling. How do you plan on getting out that way? Stacking logs” “No,” I lied. “That would be foolish. I’ve got a better idea. Been thinking about it for days.” “What?” “You see…” I hoisted her higher against the wall, putting her chest in my face and letting her see over my head. “… we’re too short to reach the ceiling and too weak to throw each other up there – but there might be someone who is and can.” With my chin perched on her sternum, I watched as she turned her head and eyed the corner where Cinder the Half-Giantess was slumbering.
  3. And she has to grow faster and not skip meals
  4. Chapter Nineteen I needed sleep. I yearned for sleep… but how could I over such a ruckus? The sword-sworn orcs were chasing the starters round the firepit. Round and round they went, sometimes clockwise, sometimes counterclockwise, and sometimes back and forth. At least they couldn’t find me hidden in Cinder’s lap with Aniya on top of me… but it was getting real hard hiding my stuffed gut from them. If I could just keep sucking-in, no one would know… no one would ever know… The door burst open and my eyes opened with a flash. I felt Aniya and Cinder stir and flex against my body as I held my head. So it seemed I’d been dreaming of trying to fall asleep – the worst form of nightmare. “Up!” orcs screamed and scuffed their boots against the soggy ash. “Get up!” “Get in line!” the kilted-orc strode into our midst. “You’re getting weighed!” Day three of my tormented stay in the Starter Resort began with a terrible surprise: in just a day, I’d gained another pound for a total of three. Worse… I was hungry. It wasn’t bad enough that I was rapidly gaining weight; what’s worse was I wasn’t gaining fast enough. Other starters had put on more this weigh-in than they had in the last, no doubt doubling-down on food with the threat of expulsion over their heads. Our time in the Starter Resort had suddenly become a race – and I was losing. The mood at breakfast was different than before. The girls around me seemed hungrier, more ravenous. They tore through their food like wolves, gorging themselves as quick as they could. I should’ve known they would delve to such beastly, gluttonous urges – and I definitely should’ve expected what they’d do if they finished their plates before me. “Hey!” I slapped at a hand that filched a sausage from my plate. Too late. The thief shoved my sausage into her mouth – and she was none other than the girl I’d stolen a sausage from last breakfast! “Sorry Purp,” she muffled between bites. “You owe me one…” Perhaps I’d let that slide, but as I turned back to my plate, I found two more thieves filching my food! “Bitch,” I stabbed my fork at one of the hands and missed. “Eat faster, Deep Purp,” the girl replied. “Yeah, try to keep up,” said the second. This was it: my breaking point. Hands shaking, blood boiling, I pounced upon the nearest thief. “By the gods, I will eat your ass for that!” I cried. “Stop!” I froze, hand over a woman’s mouth and squeezing her cheeks. I felt her swallow my precious food as she slowly raised her eyes toward the orc looming somewhere behind my back. “So you’re an ass eater, huh?” I heard the orc ask just behind my ear. Was that what I said? I felt my face betray me by blushing-hot. “No, ma’am!” I yelled. “Oh, so you lied, then? So fuck me, right?” An idea struck me: if I could get in trouble on purpose, then… yes! It just might work! “Yes ma’am!” I shouted as defiantly as possible. Someone at the table dropped her fork. Another choked and pounded her chest. “Holy shit,” someone else muttered. Meanwhile, I was calm again. All was according to my whims again. “All of you off the bench right now – all four of you!” the orc yelled. “Everyone next to the ass licker gets some! That’s right! You’re going to the Trough!” I could barely restrain myself from grinning with joy as we hustled our way to our “punishment.” Now, I would eat my fill and then some. If I made a habit of this, I’d be ripping free of my pigskin in no time. There’d be no chance of me dropping out! The Trough was empty. I stared at the dirty, half-greased walls that should have been full to the brim with slop and couldn’t believe my eyes. What was I looking at? A wad of rags splashing wetly in the Trough snapped me out of my funk. I looked-up to find the starters staring at the orc. She had that ominously evil smile that hinted at our impending fates. “I thought we’d be eating,” I said. “Oh, you thought!” the orc snapped. “Like you disgusting starters didn’t eat every scrap of left-overs! Well, you gonna learn today! Pick up a rag and start wiping! That’s right; you’re cleaning your mess till I get tired.” Dejected, I plucked a rag, got on my knees, and began scrubbing with only four bitter girls for company. My belly was already growling with hunger. By the time we were back at the Farm, I was on my knees once again. This time we were replanting the fields we’d harvested for growth potion ingredients. It was gruelling, backbreaking work since we weren’t given shovels, which is precisely why I was moving as slowly as possible. I was in the brownshade patch on my hands and knees. Last night’s rain was still fresh on the ground, and the stripped soil had turned to filthy mud that squelched with every slightest move. Hands filled with unplanted seeds, my long ears twitched as they located the heavy, booted footsteps of the only orc watching the field: just behind me, moving clockwise around the mud rather than through it. Good. That meant I could hold still and take a breather so long as I pointed myself away from the patch’s centre with my back to everyone. “Deep Purple…” Of course, there were always snitches. “I’s talkin’ to you, booty-licker. Hey. Hey. Deep Purple...” I finally answered. “Quiet, Jess – else you get us in trouble.” “Tha’s what youse doin’ with all that procrastination an’ loiterin,’” she hissed as quietly and passionately as possible. “Plant. Yer. Seeds.” “Or what?” “I’ll plant this here fist up yer…” her voice faded as the orc began circling past. Only now did I begin planting again. Sweet, blissful silence – if only for a time. It would give me time to plan my next move… which would be what, exactly? Escape? That was the ultimate plan, but I couldn’t just run, no matter how tempting it was. Even if I did escape the Harem Resort now, there was only one road down the mountains and it would be trivial for them to catch me again. No… plans for escaping would have to wait, which meant I might as well pick some flowers for Aniya. I shifted myself slightly and slowed my seeding speed so I could look around myself. Farmer’s Mane… yellow flower… grows in clumps… damn it, I was an assassin, not a gardener! It’s not like there were many weeds left after three days of working in the Farm… Yet as I was giving-up my search, I spotted a tuft of dirty yellow swinging in the breeze – there, between the waterwheel and the grinder, a single solitary flower grew from a heavily-abused tuft of grass. No doubt it had survived weeding by being away from prying eyes, albeit barely. Now then… how was I to get over there and not get caught? It’s not like I could just get up and walk… “Hey you,” Jess was apparently crawling closer. “Hurry up. You’re in the way now.” Suddenly, I knew just what to do. Jessicuh was just behind me now, planting seeds between my ankles. I sprang the first step of my plan into action – I leaned back and hit Jess in the face with my ass. “What you doing back there?” I smirked and gave my ass a little wiggle against her face. Jessicuh screamed – that is, she tried to, but all that came out was muffled words. Not satisfied, I leaned further back, pressing deeper into her stupid face and began sitting down. “My ‘doo!” she gasped desperately for air. “You messin’ with my hair! Why you –” She slapped my ass with a smack so powerful, it echoed through the mountains. I saw everyone stop and stare at us, and then I felt Jessicuh’s hands wrap around my waist. She was going to attempt to throw me – how cute. Now, it was time for stage two of my plan. “Oh no! My seeds!” I yelled with just a hint of sarcasm as I tossed the seeds towards the flower I desired. “Help! She’s trying to eat my ass!” “Stop!” the orc was upon us. “Get off her face right now! No, get off her – get off fuck-damnit!” It was impressive that this wrathful orc could inspire so much fear without even laying a finger on us. Even my heart was pounding as the two of us scrambled to our feet. I noted that the rest of the starters were now busy at work, to avoid being involved as much as possible – fewer witnesses to my impending crime. “Did I say look at me?” the orc yelled. “Look away from me right now.” “She jumped me!” Jessicuh pointed at me. “Did I fucking ask? Nobody cares! Eyeballs! Look at me – look at me! You two are picking every last seed off that dirt – and then you’ll be planting alone! That’s right! You’re skipping lunch. Gonna learn today.” Heads hanging, Jessicuh and I made our way to my spilled seeds, got on our hands and knees, and began painstakingly plucking them one at a time – and the moment I was sure no one was looking, the single, half-stomped Farmer’s Mane was plucked and tucked into my collar. Jessicuh was furious. Absolutely livid. So much so that as the two of us planted the brownshade seeds, she was still ranting at me. “I swear by all the gods an’ goddesses, if I flunk this here Harem Resort, I’m takin’ you with me,” she stabbed the soil with a single fingertip and dropped yet another seed before shoving the dirt closed again. “You know…” I said thoughtfully. “I’d be more frightened of you, but it’s hard to take you seriously with your hair all flat like that.” It was true and Jessicuh knew it. She glowered at me as she leaned over her work; the plume of her blonde hair that had once been so straight and proud was now crooked ludicrously sideways. I stared back at her, matching her simmering rage with bemusement. I noticed, then, that the single, solitary orc tasked with watching us had stepped away out of sight. “She’s gone,” I said softly. “Say what now?” Jessicuh blinked. “We’re alone,” I slowly broke a wide, evil smile. “That means we can finish what we started. So, what’s that you said about dropping-out?” “Aint no chance,” she straightened-up to her feet and flicked her hands free of mud. “you think too small, Deep Purple – you gotta think big to get big is what I’m talkin’ about.” “Thinking about what, now?” I asked as she walked off the brownshade patch. “I don’t follow you.” “I’m talkin’ ‘bout getting’ big,” Jessicuh replied. As I watched with growing horror and curiosity, Jessicuh approached the rows of pots holding growth potion, hoisted one to her chest, and stared defiantly back at me. “What you say? How’s about a lil’ pick-me-up? That orc’s comin’ ‘round any moment now. Better think fast, Purp. You in… or out?”
  5. My name on here is based on the two faces I was making at every forum on here when I discovered Curvage.
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  7. She’s fun to write about cause she gets tons of character development
  8. No, it’s p0t 😑 this happens time to time
  9. Chapter Eighteen Tragedy struck us that afternoon as we made the finishing touches on the growth potion, and it struck with a flash of white. I looked up from the wooden tray we were stirring the ingredients in and eyed the cragged peaks of the horizon. A mighty cloud loomed impossibly high, its underbelly black and misty as it swallowed one mountain after another in fog. A dull, droning roar of thunder rolled through the heavens like a chariot wheel – a thunderstorm. Judging from the cool, damp breeze in my face, it was fast approaching. We were now racing to finish before the storm hit us. The ground ingredients had been poured into a vast wooden tray filled knee-deep with water. Starters ringed the tray with short sticks, churning the leafy residue as shorter starters like Gnobbo stomped through the thick of it. The only ones who seemed unbothered were the sword-sworn orcs, who looked over our work with all the patience of vultures. Even when the call was finally made to stop churning, there was still work to be done. Now we were given clay pots and made to scoop the tray dry. By the time we’d got to fixing stoppers into the pots, rain was beginning to wet the dirt and the smell of damp soil came wafting-in. a grey sheet of heavy rain was halfway across the valley to us. “Get online with a **; do it now: move!” the kilted-orc ordered. We scrambled into a line facing her, the oncoming storm behind us blowing at our backs. My ** was heavy in my hands and the size of a goose. From my limited experience with potions, I knew this was a crude excuse for one. A skilled alchemist could concentrate all this into a vial no bigger than a finger. This stuff was so diluted, the grounds were still visibly swirling within. Still, I sniffed with satisfaction and disguised it with a grunt and readjustment of my grip. Not bad for my first attempt at the craft… “Sound off!” the kilted-orc knife-handed at the left of the line. “Just like we practiced – go!” “One, ma’am!” said the first girl as she raised her **. “Two, ma’am!” said the second girl, doing likewise. “Three, ma’am!” “Four, ma’am!” “Five, ma’am!” “Six, ma’am!” A sudden pause. I and everyone else turned to find who’d halted the count. Oh, gods above and below – it was Gnobbo. “Scream it!” the kilted-orc looked ready to punt the mutt off the mountain. Gnobbo grunted to raise her **. “Uhnf… seven, ma’am!” The count continued. In the end, there were fifty pots – and several more yet to be counted. “Put the pots in the corner and grab more; do it now: move!” A sigh of relief as everyone let their arms down and set the weighty pots into a nook by the grinder. The rest of the pots were grabbed by two thirds of us, leaving the last third empty-handed. “Stand in that corner right now!” the kilted-orc halted the empty-handed ones with a raised hand. “The rest of you sound off!” By now, the wall of rain was upon us and it was a torrent. Lightning spidered across the mountain above us and the thunder nearly forced a recount. At last, the final ** was raised and counted. “Good evening ma’am!” the last girl had to scream over the sound of torrenting rain. “These starters report eighty-six pots of growth potion properly secured and accounted for!” “Get those pots in the corner! You’re going to the Pen!” The orcs didn’t even bother to try lighting the firepit when we were locked away in the Pen for the night. The thunderstorm may have been brief, but drizzle was still shimmering through the hole in the ceiling – down upon a charred, moistened husk of a log buried in muddy ash. “Welp,” Jessicuh thoughtfully rolled her tongue over her lower row of teeth. “so much fer firewatch.” “Now what?” Victoria plopped before the barren firepit. “I’m all soaked to my bones!” “Seems to me they be testin’ our patience – tryin’ to see if’n some of us throw in the towel, so to speak,” Victoria mulled. “A towel would be real nice,” I grumbled. “So that’s it?” Victoria moaned. “We’re just supposed to lie in this mud and… what, ‘tough it out?’” “Eyup,” Jessicuh said somberly. “’If it aint rainin’ we aint trainin’ – as you say.” “I don’t need training,” Victoria whined. “I need a fire. I need warm clothes and a bed. Look at this! This whole floor is just mud! It’s inhumane! I can’t sleep like this – no one can!” A collective silence feel upon us as we stared at the wet firepit like it were a deceased friend. For once, no one had a solution. Even Jessicuh seemed crestfallen. The drizzle kept falling into the Pen, shimmering in moonlight through a hole in the clouds. Slowly, one by one, we lay on the floor, suffering silently, shivering, and wishing for sleep to overcome us. The wind was howling. It had been howling for ages, eons, countless precious moments meant for sleep, and yet sleep never came to me. I stirred restlessly on the floor, away from a puddle under my left thigh I could no longer ignore. Just in front of me was the curve of another girl’s hip, and as I settled into my new position, the hip lifted and flexed restlessly – that girl couldn’t sleep either. Somewhere from the other side of the Pen, someone sniffled. “So is everyone else awake, or just me?” Pixie’s voice cut through the silence like a knife. A collective groan echoed against the wall, mixed with one or two hollow chuckles. “Please, let me sleep…” Victoria moaned with her mouth against the floor. “There’s no use tryin’ in this wind,” Jessicuh sighed. “Aint no way how.” “It’s cowld…” Cinder whispered. “I’m cowld…” All bantering ceased as Cinder sniffed and whimpered to herself. I turned to get a better look. There she was against the wall, legs tucked close with her arms folded around them. Such a pathetic, pitiful sight, but what could be done? I was cold too. We were all too cold to sleep. Such thoughts were on my mind when I saw someone get up and tip-toe her way over the other girls to reach the timid fire giantess. It was difficult to see her face in the moonlight, but I recognized her voice in a heartbeat: it was Seerah. “Shh…” she reached for the half-giantess’s great calf and touched it gently. “Let me…” Whatever else she whispered was lost in the wind, but as I watched, Cinder uncrossed her arms and parted her legs ever so slightly – just enough for Seerah to slip between them for a moment, she vanished from sight, swallowed between the mighty tree-like legs of the half-giantess, but as I watched, she emerged again, climbing onto Cinder’s torso and wrapping her arms across it in a wide hug. Cinder did likewise, curling herself around the high elf like she were a stuffed bear. For a moment, nothing happened. I could sense the unease in the room – that hesitant uncertainty of dull-witted common folk when confronted with something new. I half-expected someone to say something. “Let us sleep,” “you’re too loud,” or any other excuse to bring their world back to normal. Instead, everyone watched the shivering pair in tormented silence. Then there was a sudden scurrying across the floor. Someone grunted when hit by the cat-size creature as it rushed as fast as two tiny legs could carry it towards the two embracing sleepers. It was Gnobbo – of course it was her. No doubt she was jealous of the attention Cinder was getting. I suddenly realized they’d always been close together, that gnome-goblin and half-giantess. Was it true friendship or was Gnobbo merely keeping close to someone useful to her? In any case, she leapt upon the two girls, climbed to Cinder’s crossed-arms, and pounded on them till Cinder opened them for her. The tiny gnome-goblin burrowed deep into the half-giantess’s cleavage, balled herself as small as she could, and closed her eyes. As I watched the developing situation, the girl behind me eased herself to her feet and lay her hand over my arm. “Come, Zaiv,” she traced her hand down my arm to my hand and gave it a squeeze. “Come…” It was Aniya. Of course! I’d forgotten she was sleeping next to me as she had the night before. She was tugging me to my feet now, her teeth glowing faintly as she smiled in the moonlight. I hesitated at first. Did she really mean to do what I suspected? But I relented and let her raise me to my feet. The wind was howling and the floor was damp. This was the smart thing to do. Aniya guided me by the hand like a peasant-woman to a riverbank for a picnic – but this was no picnic. We were in front of Cinder’s legs now. I could see Seera looking at us from between them. Before I could make my own move, Aniya stroked Cinder’s leg and gave it a squeeze. The legs opened… and together, Aniya and I wedged ourselves in. I found myself leaning back against Cinder’s thigh. Aniya was across from me doing likewise staring deep into my eyes. Her pupils were barely visible, reduced to a pair of twinkling lights, and her dark skin’s outline shone silver like the slimmest crescent of the Moon. I stared into her black outline, as if I were searching it for answers. “Ease back,” Aniya whispered so softly, I wasn’t sure she said it aloud. All I knew for certain was I could feel her hand splayed against my breasts, nudging me softly back – back into the nook of skin where Cinder’s thigh met her hip – the softest corner. When I finally settled into my new, cushioned spot, Aniya pulled away. I was confused… until I felt her between my legs. One hand gripped my left thigh, followed by the other hand on my right. They squeezed, testing their grip before rubbing their way to my waist, my belly my breasts… she was climbing me. Aniya pulled herself upwards, her body slithering its way over my body. When my chin felt her curled hair, she sighed and shook her head softly to bury it as deep into my chest as it could. “You kept me warm,” her hands found the subtle swell of my belly and dug their way around it to bury themselves between the small of my back and Cinder’s thigh. “Now I’ll keep you warm…” Odd. I was no stranger to intimate touch, having spent years honing my skills at wrestling, but there was something about the way Aniya was holding me that made me suspect she had feelings for me. Romantic feelings? Erotic, even? Ah, certainly not! It was all an elaborate ruse to disguise our true, professional relationship with an intimate one. Clever girl. She nearly fooled me as well. It seemed this agent truly did “have her ways” as she put it. So I lay there, wedged firmly between a soft and a softer place, and let the rise and fall of Aniya’s chest lull me to sleep.
  10. Chapter Seventeen The sun dawned over the mountains and we were awoken for our second full day as starters. Once again, the orcs stormed our pen, once again we were herded our way to the weighing room, and once again, my stomach was strangely empty. Where had it all gone? Perhaps it wouldn’t be long before I found out. We were being weighed now, one after the other. Dread simmered into my conscious thoughts as I watched progressively taller and heavier starters ease themselves onto the scale. Like a judge passing her sentence, the kilted-orc yelled everyone’s added weight to be written by a scribe. “Gnobbo: no gain!” “Aniya: one pound!” “Seerah: one pound!” Now that simmering dread boiled within me and I felt my head grow light and dizzy. I didn’t want to know how much I’d gained – I didn’t want to gain at all – yet there were fewer and fewer girls ahead of me in line. The kilted-orc was staring at me like a wolf stalking a juicy, stray sheep. “Say it, Deep Purple,” her eyes were alight with malice and anticipation. “Starter Deep Purple is ready to be measured!” “Get on!” I sat myself on the swing, feeling the scale creak towards balance. Cinder began loading coloured marbles into the other end one by one, until – Click. “Deep Purple: two pounds!” Blood drained from my face as I got to my feet again. Two pounds… two pounds. All within a day and night cycle! How was this even possible? I was suddenly self-conscious of my body, wondering where the two extra pounds were hiding on my body. Did my pigskin feel tighter anywhere? I found myself sucking-in my stomach. In any case, none of that mattered. Breakfast followed soon-after, and the thrice-daily ritual of stuffing ourselves with as much food as possible began in earnest. Sweet, sumptuous food… There were new delicacies to try this time, though it seemed I was the only one eager to taste them. Pork sausages, sirloin steak, and eggs graced my plate, and before I was done being served, gravy, mashed potatoes, and corn buried them all in a steaming pile of alluring aromas. I noted that my plate was more heavily-loaded than the others around me – no doubt because I was taller than them. If I could keep myself from being sent to the trough again, I’d be able to… savour my breakfast, for once. Bite by bite, I dug my way towards the bottom of my plate, hardly daring to look anywhere but down. What few glimpses I did see were that of a madhouse. It wasn’t enough that we were eating; the sword-sworn orcs were everywhere, storming down the aisles below us, yelling at starters through the glass tables and benches, and chasing girls out of the chow hall to the trough. Their victims were picked from their seats left and right, and each suffered a different accusation: talking, looking-around, not eating fast enough… it only inspired me to eat faster… until my plate was clean. I stared at my plate, dumbfounded. Somehow, I’d pushed myself so hard, I’d finished before anyone else at my table. How? I wasn’t even that hungry before! I towered with my fork, scooping air from the plate again and again. What now? Suddenly, a passing orc was glaring at me through the glass table. “you better start eating!” she pointed at me with all fingers straightened into a blade. I dared not hold still any longer! I looked about the room, desperate to find someone – anyone – who needed help with their food. But how was I supposed to ask them if we weren’t allowed to speak? There was no time to lose! I spotted the most loaded plate within arm’s reach, stabbed a sausage off it, and shoved it in my mouth. “Hey!” its owner protested. “You… you little…” Chewing furiously, I shot her a warning look with a finger to my mashing lips. She faltered immediately. But the time I returned my attention to my plate, the orc had moved on. Crisis averted. After we dropped-off our empty plates for washing, we lined-up and readied ourselves to be taken to the Farm, and all the while, I was fondling my belly. Once again, I was stuffed to the very brim, and without a doubt more than ever. Was it my imagination or was my breathing stiff and faltering? My belly was a subtle dome of food between my hands, rounded in all directions, but bulging especially from the top… A small pair of brown hands snaked their way around my waist and cupped my own. I flinched, only to bite my tongue and stiffen as I realized it could only be one person. “Hey,” Aniya’s breasts pressed under my shoulder blades and her stuffed belly fit itself into the small of my back. “We still on for what we talked about?” “Get off,” I slapped her hands away. “They’ll see you.” “Little yellow flowers,” she whispered as quietly as she could. “Long as fingers. Grow in clumps. Those are the ones I love.” Frustrated, I bumped her away from me with my ass just hard enough so we wouldn’t cause a scene and get in trouble. “Eyeballs.” Gods damn it; we were in trouble anyway! An orc-woman was breathing down my neck, eyes kindled with malice. “You must think this is a game, right? Good! Get out of the line right now –” “Stop.” All froze as the kilted-orc stared down at us from the front of the line. “Everyone back in my line right now!” she ordered. Aniya and I raced for the safety of the herd, but even then, the orc was looming close behind. I could feel her breath in my ear as I stared stolidly ahead. “You owe me, Deep Purple,” she said into my ear. “And you, too, dark one. I’ll get mine.” With her threat lingering in my mind, the line began to walk, and I followed it blindly, burying my gaze into the back of the woman’s head directly in front of me. There was something different this time. We’d reached the Farm, yet we were still fixed in line. We stood there, shifting our feet for what felt like an age. I couldn’t see any orcs in my peripheral vision, which ironically gave me an idea of what they were up to: somewhere out of sight they were talking with each other, plotting some new torment for us. And then, the kilted-orc’s voice from my right side: “School-circle on me!” The line broke instantly and silently. A tense uncertainty hung in the air, with none daring to disturb the tranquil calm we’d been blessed with. The kilted-orc was in front of the waterwheel with a pile of empty sacks at her feet. For the first time, she was sitting-down, throned on a broad stump. “Cross-legs on the dirt; do it now: move,” her voice was firm but not yelling. It was almost surreal how calm it was. “Stay in the back, giant one,” she shot Cinder a look. “Yes, ma’am,” Cinder mumbled as she awkwardly wedged herself into the back row. As she settled-in, Gnobbo sprang from the crowd and pounded her tiny fists against Cinder’s front until the half-giantess scooped her up and perched the little mutt onto her shoulder. “Aight, eyeballs,” the kilted-orc crossed her arms. “We’ve done enough gardening, you understand? Now we get you started on some alchemy, so standby for some knowledge – do you understand?” “Yes,” the half-circle of starters responded. “Tight… eyeballs: look at these sacks right now,” she kicked one just hard enough to spill some green leaves that made my eyes water. “This farm is growing too slow,” the kilted-orc said as she grabbed a handful of leaves as roughly as possible. “So! Today we’re picking mint, then some mustard seed and brownshade, and then we’re gonna make some growth potion for the rest of the farm, you understand? Now eyeballs: you’re picking these plants clean. Don’t worry; you’ll be seeding the fields again later. You’ll put the plants in these sacks – one sack for every team of four – and you’ll take them to this waterwheel. Now ears – do not drop any mint outside the mint patch. Or do. You’ll be picking them fuckers out the ground for weeks if you do… what? Fucking spit it out Pixie! All heads turned to Pixie, who stood awkwardly in our midst. “S-starter Pixie requests permission to ask a question!” she flexed her fingers at her sides nervously ash she waited, only proceeding when the kilted-orc gestured in her direction. “Uh… so if we can make a growth potion, I was wondering whey we don’t take it ourselves instead of… instead of farming with it…” “Ears,” the kilted-orc was sneering now. “None of you gets a drop of growth potion, you understand? Each of you skinny hogs is eating damn near four pounds a day – that’s two hundred pounds of food all day every day. If we feed you growth potion, it won’t do shit unless we feed you more than that, and feed’s fucking expensive, you understand? You might have noticed there’s a famine this year. Some of you are here because there was nothing to eat out there – that’s right. We know who you are. “So ears: what’s gonna happen is some of you won’t make it. To get out of here, you need to outgrow your pigskins. The last five who haven’t ripped free of them don’t get to graduate the starter resort. You’re gonna earn that growth potion by proving you can eat.” A nervous rustling stirred through the crowd, and the kilted-orc smiled wickedly with her one-tusked mouth. “I suggest you start stuffing your faces if you didn’t gain nothing.” Gnobbo stifled a yelp. Meanwhile, the half-giantess she was perched upon raised a hand in question. “Uh… Cinder – Stawtur Cinder wequests permission to ask a qwestion…” “What?” “Wewl, the suits are rawthur stwetchy, and I was wondering how much we’d have to gain? And awlso we’re different shapes and sizes…” “Ears: the pigskins are enchanted, you understand? No one knows how much you need to gain, but when you do, your pigskins will burst – so eat up. Stuff your faces. Now, are there more questions, or do we wanna push?” “Push!” Jessicuh said loudly. “Tight. Eyeballs: once you have the sacks ready, you feed the leaves into the waterwheel’s grinder here…” The harvest of mint, mustard, and brownshade carried-on through the morning. Mint was a surprising challenge, for as I picked it with my team, my eyes watered immediately. Worse, I was with Victoria again. The only saving grace was we finished our mint harvest early and got tasked to grinding leaves at the waterwheel, which meant less bending-over and walking. Unfortunately, this meant more time for gossip. “I think I’m getting fat,” Victoria probed her full stomach with her index finger. “Am I getting fat? What do you think, Zaiva? Zaiva? Am I getting fat?” “Usually, I’d just ignore you, but since this is the first time you’ve used my name, I’ll tell you… no.” “I feel huge, though,” she adjusted herself on the stump we were sitting-on and leaned-back. “So round and – oof.” A third girl – a human blonde who’d apparently been nicknamed “Stupid One” had poked Victoria hard enough to make her suck-in. “That’s just breakfast,” she teased. “Well, I hope I’m fattening-up,” Victoria pouted. “I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I can’t wait to get fat and burst out of this outfit.” “And I can’t believe you haven’t quit yet,” I smirked. “But seriously, can you help with the grinding?” “Uh? Manners, beggar! I almost considered you half decent just now… in any case, I’ll be sure to burst before you do – if you do, that is.” I was tempted to argue, but held my tongue. Purposely gaining weight was still not something I was comfortable with, though it seemed ever more likely. Those two spare pounds of fat were somewhere inside me, hidden yet growing… “So how many pounds have you gained, Zaiva?” Victoria prodded, sensing weakness. “Two, was it? I gained two as well, except I’m much smaller than you – that’s how I know you don’t have what it takes.” “Just keep grinding, will you?” I snapped. The task continued, with our team grinding away at the other teams hauling mustard and brownshade one sack at a time. I almost regretted shutting Victoria up, for I now had to wade through my thoughts and doubts in silence undistracted. Was I doomed to feed and gorge myself till I was literally bursting at the seams? I still meant to escape, but the more passionate I was to do so, the more impossible it seemed. Such thoughts were spinning uselessly in my head when Aniya came by helping her team haul a loaded sack of mustard seed. For a moment – as she bent down to drop the sack at my feet – our eyes met, and she gave me a faint yet warm smile, shaking her head. No words were spoken, but I knew the meaning: no chance for plucking Farmer’s Mane today. Better luck tomorrow.
  11. Chapter Sixteen For once, I followed another starter’s lead an let Aniya walk ahead of me. I was speechless. Aniya! That stunted, unassuming dark elf had been an agent of the Scorpion Order all along! A multitude of questions spun through my head, stirred by curiosity and paranoia. Why were two of us sent on this mission? Did the Director doubt my skills? Ded he… distrust me? It was not uncommon for government officials to be shadowed by novice Scorpion agents to ensure loyalty, so it wasn’t far-fetched for me to suffer the same scrutiny – but if that were the case, why was she confronting me here? We were approaching the door’s corner now; hopefully I’d have answers soon. “Lean against the wall,” Aniya whispered as she gently took hold of my wrists. “Whisper sweet nothings sin my ear. If anyone’s listening, we’re just making out…” I was too shocked to resist. This skinny little girl was nudging my back into the wall! I could feel her breasts pressing just below mine and her leg cock seductively between my thighs. Yet I could do nothing to stop her! I needed answers, and I had to admit her ply was clever. Still, it was I who spoke first. “What are you doing?” Then, rephrasing myself: “What are you doing here?” “Sorry ‘bout not telling you sooner,” she whispered as her hands drifted to my waist. “I was gonna tell you last night, but… I sorta got carriage sickness. That’s my bad.” She squeezed my sides and I gasped, nearly slapping her away. “Shh…” her fingers spidered their way to my blated belly and stroked it. “What? You never suspected a thing? Wasn’t it a little weird that the carriage you hitched a ride with was coming from the direction of our fortress headquarters?” “Wait,” I grabbed one of her hands before it could tease my breast. “Does that mean Seerah is also one of us?” “Naw, I just hitched a ride with the first carriage I saw, same as you. Our elf friend loves to talk, so it was real easy listening to her life’s story and just playing along. By the time you came, I was just another elf-girl from The Rez.” With one question answered, I felt my confidence rising again, and I expressed it in the only way could: I groped the upstart’s bony ass and gave it a squeeze so hard I lifted her face towards mine. “And how exactly did you know who I was?” I squeezed her ass again to make her open her mouth in shock. “What blew my cover?” She seized back control of the conversation by gripping my head and swallowing my mouth with a passionate kiss. I shuddered and flinched at the feel of her tongue reaching for mine, and when I pulled away, I found her looking deep into my eyes. “You’re kidding, right?” she stroked her thumb against my cheek “You’re Zaiva – the most legendary assassin ever. I’m a huge fan, by the way. When I found out we’d be working together, I could barely sleep I was so excited.” “About that,” I tapped her chest thoughtfully, right where her cleavage would be if she were properly-fed. “When you say ‘work together,’ what exactly do you mean by that? You’re clearly not an assassin.” “Yeah, I’m a little small for an assassin,” Aniya suddenly wrapped one leg around my waist followed by the other. Now she was closer than ever, eyes level with mine. “But I have my ways. Oh, before I forget, what’s your plan?” “Breaking out of here and finding the Sultan. What else?” “Uh, the Sultan’s not here? This is just a starter resort – one of several, apparently.” “I know that,” I blushed as I felt her thighs squeeze me. “But we won’t be Starters forever. There’s got to be some sort of way to find what the next location is – a map, a letter…” Aniya silenced me with another long kiss. “Wanna hear my Plan B?” I snaked my arms beneath her hips and cradled her with my fingers gripping her inner thighs. “Not really.” “Well, we’re kinda stuck in this Pen till morning, so we might as well.” “Sure,” I sighed long and deep, feeling her slight weight leaning against me. She smiled as she reached for her collar and withdrew yet another half-crushed mushroom. “Recognize this?” “That snack you plucked from the rice paddy? What about it?” “Well,” she beamed. “This is White Flattop.” “Tasty treat,” I sniffed. “What of it?” “Wait, you eat these? Uh, well… more importantly, if this gets mixed with a certain flower, it becomes a deadly poison.” “Really?” I cocked an eyebrow – only to be interrupted by another kiss. “That flower is called Farmer’s Mane – a yellow flower ‘bout as big as a long finger. Grows in clumps all over. Very common. All we need to do is find some and hide it in your collar for later.” “My collar?” I groped Aniya’s breast with one hand and let my other grip her thigh. “Yeah, I can’t hide both together. Just letting the two touch is enough to stop your heart in moments. So! Recap: you get Farmer’s Mane, I get White Flattop, we keep them handy until we meet the Sultan, and then we touch him in the same spot and bam. No blood, no mess, no evidence – and no one will ever even know. Perfect plan.” “Not quite,” I prodded Aniya’s distended gut. “We’d get fat waiting for a chance to see him.” Aniya chuckled. “Yea, we’re gonna get fat.” “Doesn’t that bother you?” She tilted her head thoughtfully. “Sorta? But being expected to eat instead of running around working all day is kinda fun. Like, you feel that?” she took hold of my hand and guided it to her rump. “Feel that bone? I’m wondering what it would feel like with some meat – mmph!” Hand clasped to her mouth, I squeezed her rump as hard as I could and leaned close: “If we didn’t need to stay quiet, I’d spank your ass for making me go through this charade. In spite of herself, Aniya grinned under my palm. She was still smiling as she peeled it away. “So what do you think? Maybe you find a way out of this pen for a bit of sneaking, but in the meantime… wanna pick some flowers with me tomorrow?” I thoughtfully caressed the bone in her cheek before making my reply: “It’s a date.” “Aight,” she smiled and untangled herself from my body. “I’m gonna get some beauty sleep. Good luck with firewatch – keep my warm.” Aniya lay herself by the dwindling fire and fell asleep within moments. It was then that I realized she was next in line for firewatch – and that she’d inadvertently placed herself too close to the firepit for me to even think of stacking logs to the hole in the ceiling. By the time I woke her again, I’d wasted another night. Worse, I was severely fatigued. I drifted asleep with Aniya crouched before the fire, staring at her ass. Her bony, stupid ass… Ass…
  12. Chapter Fifteen Lunch was much the same, though there was more types of food to… not enjoy – there was too much of it to enjoy – but perhaps “savour” was a better description. There was beef, pork, chicken, and fish to choose from, beans mashed potatoes, yams, and a great multitude of food I barely recognized. Did it matter what it was called? I was eating it all before I could learn what it was, and the worst part of it was I didn’t need anyone to tell me to. This starter resort had forced me to discover another side of myself that I wasn’t sure I liked: I loved food – no, I craved it. I loved spices and peppers, I loved cheeses, sausages, all the vegetables and fruits. Foods made famous by orcs, from humans, halflings, high and dark elves, I loved every morsel I could fit into my mouth! That was a problem. I loved food too much. I thought I’d never have room for lunch after my stuffing punishment, and yet it seemed working in the rice paddy gave me quite an appetite. I caught myself daydreaming of lunch, imagining what new wondrous tastes would grace my palate. By the time lunch finally graced my lips, I was hungry enough to clean my plate to the last crumb. So it was that I finished my lunch early. Others were struggling, not savouring the taste of their meals as I did. Dare I help them? No… I shouldn’t. I’d come here to assassinate the sultan, not gorge myself like a cow. If I wasn’t careful, I’d begin softening- before I even spotted my target. My pigskin was already tight around the middle from eating so much all day. I needed to escape this place, not embrace it! Still… while I was trapped here amidst such bountiful feasts, I might as well savour every bite. Nothing else in this place was enjoyable – no, savoured. I wasn’t enjoying it… Work on the “farm” continued immediately after lunch, and I was not lucky enough to be tasked to the rice paddy again. Instead, I was deemed tall enough to be assigned to care for a massive avocado tree. None of its fruits were close to ripe, and all the weeds had been plucked in the morning, so we resorted to gruelling busywork on its irrigation ditches. There were multiple wooden slabs that could slide into the ditches to control the waterflow, and the grooves they fit into were constantly filling with mud, sand, and pebbles. It was up to us to find and clean these out, and I devoted myself to the task – else I be asked with pruning the tree, which would mean Cinder would be holding me by the waist and raising me into the highest branches – as if I would let anyone carry me! Dinner provided yet more wonders to us, and not a moment too soon! Even before the sun began to set behind the mountains, my stomach was betraying me with pangs of hunger. It was as if it were empty again, but I knew better. I’d never eaten so much in my life, and there was so much food still sitting in my stomach, it was making my pigskin tight in the back. Adding dinner to the mix was only making it tighter. By the time I’d cleaned my plate, I felt like a stuffed boar – the red apple I ate last only reinforced the image. As I followed the group back to the Pen, I couldn’t help but arch my back and hold my stomach in a desperate attempt to make room. This couldn’t continue! It had barely been a fully day and I was already walking like a woman in her second term! At this rate, I’d be… no. Never! Tonight I would make my move. Tonight I would escape the Pen and find the sultan. The moment the orcs sparked the firepit and locked us in, a collective moan carried through the Pen like a herd of cows in a barn. “I can’t put up with this much longer,” Pixie leaned against the wall beside a mosaic of flowing honey and rubbed her full belly. “How are we supposed to keep going like this? I feel like a -- urp – like a horse.” “Don’t say that,” Seerah came to her side and gave her a hug. “We get free food, a free room, and get to live on a beautiful mountaintop – and that’s not so bad, is it?” “Well, that’s mighty kind words,” Jessicuh interrupted. “But we’ve an important matter to discuss – that be firewatch not watching the damn fire.” “You and your damn firewatch,” I grumbled as loudly as possible. Jessicuh slowly turned her head to face me, practically bursting with hate – exactly as I’d intended. “Now see here,” she jabbed her finger into my chest (to no effect). “I started things right with last night’s firewatch. Fire was sizzlin,’ wood was cracklin,’ and everyone’s toes were toasty, but I caint help but notice we was cold as fuck by the time we woke – so who was it? Which one of y’all let the fire out? Nobody? Looks like all fingers point back to you, Deep Purple. That means another round of firewatch for you – and if the fire’s dead come mornin,’ we’ll know it was you.” Exactly as planned! I’d just secured a free wake-up call I could use to break my way out of the Pen alone and unbothered! All I had to do now was pretend I didn’t want it. “Please, Jess, is this really necessary?” I lay it on thick. “I swear it wasn’t my fault…” “That’s Staff Sergeant Jessicuh to you!” she jabbed me again. “Say ‘yes, Staff Sergeant Jessicuh.’” I drew the line there; no need to grovel. “First of all, you’re not a staff sergeant anymore Jess. Secon, you’re not a sword-sworn, so stop acting like one.” “Oh, you done-goofed now. Jus’ fer that, you get double shift tonight.” “Whatever,” I sighed (with satisfaction, not exhaustion as others would assume). “So, what… you want me to wake the same person as before? We’ll all just do double-shifts?” “Oh, don’t you worry ‘bout that. You’ll be sleeping over yonder with the other two elves.” “You mean Seerah and Aniya?” “Jus’ take a seat between ‘em and stand the fuck by. I’ll fix you yet.” I stared down at her, blood boiling in my veins in spite of myself. Jessicuh’s behaviour was typical of non-commissioned officers I’d met, but unlike before, I had no reputation to flex on her. She didn’t know I was a deadly assassin of the Scorpion Order. To her, I was a drow drifter – penniless, undisciplined, and a pushover. I could give her a tast of my true power… it would be all to easy to grab hold of her arm as she jabbed her finger into me, put her in an armlock and humiliate her in front of everyone, but… not today. “I said sit next to your elf friends! Git!” she barked impatiently. “It’s alright, Zaiva,” Seerah coaxed me with open arms. “come sleep next to us.” With that, I looked down and away from Jessicuh’s eyes and made my way to Seerah’s open arms. “Wake up, sleepyhead.” My eyes opened to find Serah looking down at me, smiling. “Please don’t call me that,” I grumbled. “I’m sorry, Zaiva. I just miss you. It’s only been a day, but it feels like ages since we talked.” “Now is not the time,” I winced as I lifted myself to a sitting position. “All this lack of sleep is catching-up to me.” Seerah’s eyes drifted downwards before meeting mine again. “I could do another round of firewatch if you want…” “That’s alright. I actually like firewatch. Gives me time to myself.” “Um… would you like some company?” I nearly showed my irritation with a frown, but stopped myself. I needed to make sure no one witnessed my escape attempt, not to mention I found Seerah’s optimism strangely annoying. I’d need to try a more clever way to lull her to sleep. And so, with a heavy sigh, I lay my hand on her shoulder and let half my mouth stretch back in a ghost of a smile. “Now, now, we can’t be having that,” I told her softly. “I need you to be ready for tomorrow, so lay back and close your eyes while I tend the fire. Alright?” “Yes,” Seerah breathed deeply and stared into my eyes without blinking. “I’ll do my best – but Zaiva?” “What?” I asked. Seerah hugged me tight – so tight I felt her chest heave with a sigh. “Promise me you’ll join the harem with us. Promise me you’ll stay.” My eyes were soulless, sleep-deprived husks as I stared down at her head buried in my chest. I wrapped a single arm around her. “I promise. Now promise me you’ll sleep now.” “I promise,” she squeezed me one last time and lay against the floor. Alone at last, I sighed and fetched new wood from the wall for the fire, noting absent-mindedly that a third of the woodpile seemed to have been burned already. Could I use the wood to escape the hole in the roof? Perhaps if I stacked them vertically like a long pyramid… in any case, I’d have to try tonight before the wood was gone. Gently, I lay the log in my arms atop the firepit and watched sparks float toward the stars. Damn that high elf! I’d have to be sure she was fast asleep before proceeding. I looked about the room, looking for a space to pile the logs and only finding a tangle of sleeping bodies – no, hold on… one of the girls was awake! Vul take her, who was this? As I watched the unwelcome distraction to my plans rise, the glow of the firelight caught her face in flickering orange: Aniya. I cursed to myself. My conversation with her friend had probably woken her early. “Go to bed,” I whispered. “It’s not your turn yet.” “Hey,” she whispered back. To my mounting annoyance, she rose to her feet and began stepping over bodies to reach me. “No, seriously,” I frowned. “You should sl –” She held a finger to her lips. “Let’s step into that corner by the door. We need to talk.” I froze in shock. A small tattoo was imprinted on the side of her finger. I could only see the side of it, but I didn’t need to see the rest to recognize the symbol: a red star in a white shield with a scorpion’s tail crowning the top. Aniya was an agent of the Scorpion Order.
  13. Chapter Fourteen “Hello,” Cinder muttered down at me as I slipped back into line. I stared back at her, which meant I had to crane my neck upwards and look behind myself. “My name is Zaiva,” I told her bitterly, only because she was the only one who would listen. “Zaiva,” she mulled the sound of the word as she spoke. “I had to eat youwr food. Ahm sowry.” “Don’t,” I replied, more in warning not to draw orcish attention than to be friendly. “Whut was it like in thewre? Did you have a chance to eat sum bweakfast?” Instead of replying, I pointed at my full belly with my still-greasy fingers. “Oh…” was all she said. “Out the doors; do it now: move!” the kilted-orc called from somewhere ahead in line. The chow hall doors opened and we began walking our way outside. I couldn’t help but notice the taut roundness of the other starters’ bellies, and more than one of them was groaning. I, myself, was so stuffed, my only desire was to lay down and sleep. A sense of dread suddenly threatened to overcome me. I’d just eaten enough food for a whole day – no, two days – and it had only been one meal. There were two more meals for the day! How was I expected to eat more? And where exactly were we going? Another chow hall? If I had to eat one more bit, I’d burst. We were passing the buildings one after the other, tracing the starter resort’s walled perimeter following another cliffside dirt path. The valley beyond yawned wide, the river below trailing away between the mountains out of sight. I found myself staring at the sight, overtaken by its beauty – and implications. This was the first time I’d seen the valley in daylight, and I could see now that not only were we high in the secluded mountains, but we were also hemmed-in on all sides. Escaping the resort – if that’s what it came to – would be no easy task. The mountain loomed high overhead – so close, parts of the resort were beneath its craggy overhangs, and the other side was a straight drop. It seemed there was only one way in and out: the winding road snaking its way up the mountain range. I’d have to inspect that road later, but for now, there were more pressing matters – particularly around my midsection… Yet another corner was turned and the dirt path opened into a wide, terraced outcropping of farms and orchards. Multiple waterfalls poured from overhead like that sweet-smelling liquid over those unleavened cakes I never had a chance to eat this morning. The water pooled at the summit of the terraces, where it nourished what I could only assume was rice. From there, it spread through an intricate web of irrigation channels, trickling over one terrace after another. The water fed rows of multiple crops, several berry bushes, and even a few fruiting trees before pooling again at the bottom and filtering through a waterwheel and pouring over the cliff’s edge again. “It’s so beauwtifuwl…” Cinder said breathlessly. “Could this be the harem?” I heard someone whisper. “No, it can’t be…” “The misty aiwr feewls nice on my skin,” Cinder cupped her face with both hands for emphasis. With the group buzzing with wonder and anticipation, the kilted-orc mounted the highest terrace and glared down at us. “Eyeballs!” she yelled. All whispers died-down to silence. Only the roar of falling water interrupted her. “This is my far, you understand?” she twisted her boot against a stray nettle growing on the dirt wall ringing the rice paddy behind her. “We’d have you stuffing your faces day and night if we could, but since you’re all some weak pea-stomached little starters, we’ll have to get creative to keep you useful, you understand? Say ‘yes’ right now.” “Yes!” came the reply. “Now your’e going to be split into working parties, you understand? Each one of you handles a different art of the farm – and you better not stop working till lunch. You don’t want to be going back into the chow hall without a big appetite. Now get in line and standby for your tasks; do it now: move!” I struggled to contain my joy when I was tasked with the rice paddies. Finally! A chance to wash the grime off my face and hands! Even better, the rice paddies were on the top terrace directly-fed by the waterfalls, which meant not only did the orcs not want to wade-in after us, they also couldn’t hear us talking. Unfortunately, that last part was the less enjoyable part of the rice paddy task: the other girls were annoying and wouldn’t stop complaining. Worse, they were people I wasn’t fond of: Aniya and Victoria. “What even is the point of all this?” Victoria hunched low with her hands in the water, searching for weeds. “How are we expected to gain weight while toiling away in the muck?” “Tell me about it,” replied Aniya. “And how exactly is this supposed to help us be worthy harem girls?” Victoria waded irritably through the reeds of rice, making waves that hindered my view of the bottom and violated my personal space. “This is peasant labour! Wholly undignified!” “I dunno,” Aniya leaned-back to pop her spine and glanced thoughtfully upwards. “Maybe this crop is what we’ll be eating later?” “Impossible,” Victoria tossed a wet 🌿 to the dirt barrier. “Look around a little – carefully, so the orcs don’t see you: these plants have nothing to do with what we’ve been eating – and besides, most of it isn’t even food! I don’t even recognize half of it. It’s complete and utter madness!” “So quit,” I replied. “Victoria gasped. “Excuse you? Me? Quit?” “What? You tried already.” “Nah, you don’t have to quit,” Aniya said. “At least stick around a few days to see what happens. Besides, last night when we were punished because you tried to quit and ate grits was brutal. I probably gained, like, half a pound that night,” she patted her stuffed gut for emphasis. “Well, don’t you worry about that,” Victoria sniffed. “I won’t quit no matter what happens. I am royalty, you know.” “You’re looking a little thin for royalty,” I smirked. “Haha, good one,” Aniya giggled. Victoria puffed indignantly, ready to blow hot air and tell me off, but before she could so much as open her mouth, she was interrupted by a muddy splash. “Oh, hey Gnobbo,” Aniya glanced behind herself to make eye contact with the intruder. “Ugh, what is she doing here?” Victoria wiped a piece of mud off her left breast. “Go away, you wretched thing – shoo!” Gnobbo stared at us from the dirt barrier, her whole lower half caked in mud. “Hate!” he pointed at Victoria with a quivering finger. “Don’t you point at me,” Victoria splashed water into the gnome-goblin’s face. “Shoo!” To my surprise, Gnobbo stood her ground, though she squirmed at the touch of water and made a face. “No wet!” she shook her little fist. “Gnobbo hate! Hate!” Suddenly, an orc-woman was upon her. “Shut your disgusting mouth! Shut it!” “Waugh!” Gnobbo clapped her hands over her mouth. “You’re a dirt-stomper! That’s all you’re good for if you keep pretending you’re stupid. Any day now, Gnobbo! Pitter-pat, motherfucker! Pitter-pat!” With that, Gnobbo stomped her way down the dirt barrier with the orc hounding just behind. Meanwhile, I and the others feigned working till we were sure they were gone. “Dirt-stomper?” Aniya asked with bemusement. “What’s that job even for?” “It’s for nothing – that’s what it’s for,” Victoria huffed. “It’s a stupid, useless job meant to grind us down and make us feel worthless – that’s what all this work is really for.” “I’m sure there’s a reason for it,” Aniya replied. “How ‘bout you, Zaiva? What do you think the dirt-stomping’s good for?” I leaned-back to crack my spine and allowed myself a smirk. “Discipline.” Victoria was not impressed by my answer. “Tch! What would a beggar know about discipline?” “I mean, she does have a point,” Aniya said thoughtfully. “That goes for you as well!” Victoria snapped. “You’re one to talk after what you did.” “Uh, I dunno what you’re talking about…” “I just saw you steal something and slip it down your collar!” “Huh? Naw, girl, you’re seeing things.” “Show me, then! Come here and let me take a peek…” “Whoa, hey, wait! Hold up! You’re crazy! Zaiva! Help me out here and tell her she’s crazy. She’s gonna… she’s touching me!” “You two better shut it before we get in trouble,” I warned with a low hiss. But Victoria paid no heed to my words. She was upon the diminutive dark elf now, her arms wrapped about her shoulders like two pythons as she fished around her collar with two fingers. “Quit it!” Aniya yelled. “A moment…” Victoria squeezed harder, frowning and fully-focused on her task. “Ah! Here it is! It’s a… huh…” The three of us stared at the object she held between her thumb and forefinger: a tiny, half-crushed mushroom. “Mushroom?” Victoria sneered. “Mushroom?” “Looks like dark elves and drow enjoy the same snacks,” I rolled my eyes. “Well? Is our princess’s curiosity satisfied?” Victoria was not satisfied. “All this nonsense for one measly mushroom?” she tossed it over her shoulder. “How atrocious!” The mushroom fell away beyond the rice paddy – and landed at an orc-woman’s feet who hadn’t been there three heartbeats ago. “Eyeballs, you!” the orc stormed into the water after Victoria and Aniya (who were now hugging each other in fright)). “So I see you wanna play games, right?” “No, it’s not like that!” Victoria pleaded. “We were only –” “Did I ask!? Get our of the water right now! That’s right. You’re with me now… you’re gonna stuff your faces till I feel full…” Victoria moaned, Aniya slipped and fell in the mud, but as for me? I didn’t care, for while the two of them had struggled, I’d casually positioned myself behind a small waterfall. By the time I’d spotted the orc-woman approaching, I was working safely out of sight. Fools! Did they think I’d involve myself in their horseplay? I was an assassin of the Order of the Scorpion! If anyone knew how to blend and vanish into the shadows, it was me. Loud, clumsy morons! They deserved to be punished! For once, victory was mine. Smiling, I stooped lower and dipped my hands into the frothing water beside the waterfall, enjoying the feel of churning pebbles against my fingertips. Now I could tend the rice paddy in peace – at least, until lunch.
  14. Curvage is a lot bigger than it was five years ago. It's a good thing, but it also means the front page isn't what it used to be. It used to be useful for finding hot threads and scrolling for interesting status posts. With so many posts, it is now literally scrolling faster than you can read it (refresh the front page and you will see). This means you have to actively search for what you want instead of finding it there. If there were some way to change the front page to make it suggest content like YouTube, it would fix almost everything (well... the way YouTube used to work is what i mean... that site's disfunctional at this point)
  15. Chapter Thirteen We were taken to a different room once again – a large hall with plaster walls, wooden beams, and a terracotta roof. It was a simple setup, with four rows of tables flanked on one side with a fifth, save for some few, significant details: the tables and benches were placed on raised platforms, and they were made entirely of glass. I could hardly believe my eyes. Glass? They expected us to eat on glass? But my heart knew why even before my head did: the orcs would be watching us from the aisles below. Not one spilled morsel would go unnoticed – not even a crumb. There would be no chance of discarding food even if I needed to. “Get your chow; do it now: move!” the kilted-orc herded us in. “You will clean-off your plates.” I found myself following the other girls in a line past that perpendicular table. Orcs were waiting there with loaded pots and trays of food. My stomach churned. I was hungry, but I longed for the cave diet I’d eaten my whole life. Well, as long as it was grits again, I’d be able to wolf it down… Alas, no. Distinctly-human food was being dumped on my plate one entrée at a time. I recognized some of it from my time living on the surface: strips of bacon, sausage patty, a biscuit dipped in disgusting-looking gravy, boiled eggs, and unleavened cakes covered with some thick, brown liquid I’d never seen. I wrinkled my nose. They were serving us abominations to eat. I’d not dared touch a single one of these items in my life, much less consume them. “Sit down and eat!” a passing orc yelled into my ear. “You’re done with pleases and thank-you’s.” I sat on a glass bench and felt my leather pigskin rub against it as I scooted in place. Cinder followed closely-behind, along with some tall elves. I mentally rejoiced at the sight of them – what luck! I was eating with girls who could finish their plates! No more refusing extra servings from little gnome-goblins. I could eat my single plate of food in peace. Through the glass table, an orc was staring-up at me from the aisle below and between the legs of some dark elf. “If you don’t start stuffing your face right now…” she shook her finger at me through the glass. I needed no further encouragement. It was time to try human food. Might as well try what looked like the easiest to scarf-down. I chose a strip of bacon… I nearly gasped and felt my breath stiffen. My whole body was rigid as I clenched and released my hands again and again. It was delicious – the best food I had ever tasted! How could I have no inkling of this heavenly delicacy for so long? Curse my weak drow nose for failing to pick up the scent! One by one, the crispy bacon crunched its way past my maw. I actually had to pace myself – it was absolutely divine! If only there were more… but the sausage patty would have to do. It was cut rom the same animal, wasn’t it? Another explosion of flavour and texture hit my tongue! How was it even possible to experience so much joy from something so simple? “Ugh…” the dark elf across from me groaned. “I can’t believe how bad they botched this bacon.” “It’s rawthur wrubbery,” Cinder said thoughtfully between bites. “Right?” the dark elf shook her head. “Who taught these orcs how to cook?” Blasphemy! Utmost slander! How could they utter such lies? This was by far the greatest meal I’d ever had in my life! Not even the graduation ceremony’s feast at my old training academy compared to this. It was good that I only had one plate, else I grow fat – well… grow faster… “What level of hell were these eggs boiled?” asked the spoiled dark elf. She looked expectantly at Cinder, expecting confirmation, but when only with silence, she spoke again. “I don’t think they’re even chicken eggs. Little, brown devil eggs…” “Eyeballs.” The dark elves’s glutes rubbed loudly against the glass bench as an orc shook her finger at her from behind. “No, I said ‘eyeballs,’” she repeated. “That means look at me when I’m talking to you! Get off your ass and bring your fork – yeah, that’s right. You’re coming with me.” The look on that dumb dark elf’s face was priceless. I couldn’t help but snicker as she stared at me with horror, as if she expected me to save her – ha! As if I’d lift a finger for her. It made me chuckle seeing her hurrying down the aisle with an orc on her tail. Now I could eat my breakfast in peace… “… what’s so funny?” an ominously husky voice whispered in my ear. “I said what’s so funny? You staring at that dark elf means you miss her, right?” Gods and goddesses above and below! Some orc-woman was hounding me, wasn’t she? What did she want? “Answer the question, Deep Purple!” her scream was so loud, I caught the whole tables’ attention. “What’s so funny? You think this is a game?” Fuck. “No,” I said. “Scream it!” Vul take her. “No!” “Good. Get off your ass and follow your friend. You’re getting seconds.” Seconds? What sort of mad game was this? I got to my feet and followed after the dark elf. I spotted Victoria staring at me from the next table, smirking before returning her attention to her plate. If only she were the one caught and not me. I was taken to a smaller room. There were no glass tables or benches here, just a trough filled with something vaguely edible. The dark elf was already next to it, cornered by the orc. “So you like eggs, is that right?” the dark elf’s orc asked. “No…” she moaned. “Good. On your knees! You can eat hog-feed till you change your mind.” I felt a kick against my shin – I had my own orc to worry about. “On your knees, you,” she said. “Get next to your dark elf friend. Let’s see how funny you think this is.” “Eat!” said the other orc. “Don’t stop! Eat!” Curse my luck. The dark elf had brought a fork, but not me. I had no choice but to put my hands into the “hog-fee” and eat it by the handful. And what was this hog-fee? I stared at the chopped bits in my palm and recognized potato and carrot slices. What meat did I see floating in there? It didn’t matter. I took a bite… for once, not delicious. Flavourful and filling, yes, but not much more. The chunks were hot on my tongue and the broth was thick, yet it was bearable. If only flavour was all I had to worry about… “I’ve changed my mind!” cried the dark elf. “I like eggs! I want to eat eggs!” “The only thing I should be hearing is chewing and **!” the orc replied. So it went. On and on we chewed our way through the indignity. For the first time since I’d nearly drowned assassinating a siren, I let myself go internal – turning my attention away from the mad world and into the safe, secluded space that was my mind. The sound of the orcs faded into background noise like mating calls in the desert night or birds in the mountains – barely perceptible; hardly worth noting. Even the mess my hands had become was trivial. All that mattered scooping, feeding, and staring down into the trough. It felt like ages since I’d begun eating. The only measure of time was the arrival of more victims. I dared not look at them, but they flanked either side of me, some eating with utensils, others by hand, and still others with their mouths like animals. I couldn’t think about it… I refused to dwell upon the details… but reality found a way of creeping back in… My belly. It was beginning to press against my pigskin. I could feel it filling-up, my midsection growing tight against the leathers. I was nearing fullness now, and when that happened, that then? Were we expected to empty this trough? No! I couldn’t think about it! I had to stay internal… The dark elf, however, did not go internal. That damned dark elf was practically whimpering as she experienced every detail with vivid, traumatic clarity, and the sound of her voice was pulling me out of my vibe. “Please…” she begged. “What? What did you say?” the orc standing behind her was livid. “Pl –” “Never say that word! Never!” “I want to eat the eggs! I want them!” “Oh, is that right? You don’t act like you do. There’s a whole lot of hog-feed left. Eat up – eat! Hurry up! Waiting on you!” With that, a fork fell into the hog-feed in front of my face. The dark elf had dropped it and dunked her head into the trough. I grit my teeth and chewed-on… I had to ignore everything… it would all pass like a storm… Time passed, but for how long I had no idea. I couldn’t ignore how full my belly was getting anymore. The pigskin was as tight as ever, and it wouldn’t be long before I could no longer eat. I felt my hand scrape the bottom of the trough… “Stop!” I froze, as did everyone. There were six of us, faces dribbling and fingers dripping. “Disgusting!” shouted the first orc. “Get out of my face and get back in the chow hall!” We ran like frightened cattle. I suppressed a belch and suddenly realized how full I truly was. Did they expect us to finish our plates now? I belched again and wiped my mouth. Suddenly, the orc who had dragged me into this mess made eye contact with me, smiling maliciously. “So that’s what’s so funny, Deep Purple!” she bellowed cruel laughter. By the time we returned to the chow hall, the rest of the girls had cleaned their plates and were lined-up to leave, waiting for us. Someone had eaten my plate – and somehow, a small part of me wished they hadn’t.
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