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  1. What's your favourite gain in the story so far? What's your favourite scene? I have trouble picking one 😛 Chapter Twenty Panic gripped my heart as I realized the full consequences of the situation, but it was nothing compared to Emily close by my side. Hyperventilating with an uneven breath, she stared wildly around herself like a hunted doe. I had to help her somehow, but I had no plan. Brooke wasn’t supposed to learn of her ability yet. Hell, she wasn’t supposed to give Emily her extra weight! I steadied my mind, gathering my wits. Thinking on-the-fly wasn’t my strongpoint, but if anything had to be done, I had to do it soon. “Emily, what’s wrong?” Staring with round, desperate brown eyes, her mouth parted to let loose a soft squeak past quivering lips. Moving closer to her, I glanced nervously back towards Brooke. From behind Zoltan’s still-hefty frame, she glanced back for a moment, and her eyes lit with recognition. If she was even remotely like me, she’d be lost in the thrill of the moment, eager to try again as soon as she could. “Hey, come on,” I wrapped my arm around her shoulder and started guiding her around the bleachers. “Let’s get away from here.” We rushed towards the sports building, safely out of Brooke’s sight, stopping only when we were next to the fenced-off air-conditioning units. There was a space between the fence and the concrete wall where we could converse safely without being discovered. “Okay, we’re away from everyone,” I huffed. “Are you okay Emily?” She rubbed the front of her sweater, rolling its fabric over the curve of her new starter belly. “Did you see that?” she whispered frantically. “See what?” Maybe if I feigned ignorance, she’d calm down. “My stomach. It’s…” she lifted her sweater to peek inside. What we saw made her clasp her mouth with alarm; and I couldn’t stop my eyes from widening. Emily’s belly was way softer than it had been; Brooke must have pushed all her belly fat onto her. From the lower lip of her bra, to the rope keeping her sweat bottoms up, flesh pooched-out in all directions. Her navel, previously so shallow amidst the faint outlines of abs, had deepened as fat formed a plush donut. As she huffed with exertion and panic, the whole thing jiggled with a life of its own, teasing the idea of hanging over the waistband. “Maybe you got bloated from running around for so long,” I offered. “No,” Emily shook her head wildly. “This is way more than bloating,” she looked at me again. “Jason, it’s just like last time. The time when we were alone on the beach. I barely remembered it, but I… my stomach… back then, it grew too. What’s happening to me?” As I watched her hold her head and stare-off in the distance, I grappled with my own sense of guilt. This was not what I had planned. Brooke was supposed to be a jealous, shallow bitch who would fatten her fellow cheerleaders to save herself from obesity, yet it was Emily she had picked on. Of course she’d picked Emily! Emily was the outsider, the girl she refused to share a bathroom with. Would she really let her join the cheer squad without a fight? How could I be so stupid? How could I fix this? “Alright Emily,” I pointed my index fingers skyward, shaking them wildly. “Now listen here… people don’t just gain weight in a few seconds.” “Then why did we run away?” “That’s… we had to get away from Brooke so I can think…” I scrunched my face, trying to squeeze an idea out. “Okay… so that was weird what your stomach just did, but it can’t be what you think it is. You’re not fat.” “I’m not?” Emily stared hopefully at me, fingers splaying over her belly. “Of course not! You just ran that track for, like, several minutes; how could you be fat? Hey, I bet you give it some time, and all that bloating will magically disappear.” “Really?” “Of course! Just give it a few minutes. So now that practice is done, how about we head inside, you go get changed, and we can walk back home. How’s that sound?” Emily frowned and stared back towards the track. Two cheerleaders were walking past on their way to the locker room to get changed. When they saw us, they snickered at each other. “I can’t go back in there,” Emily whispered. “What? All your stuff’s in there! You have to change.” “Not when I look like this!” I could’ve told her she’s cute, that she looks beautiful, at least to me, but my self-doubt stopped me. “Don’t worry about it. Hey. Fuck those girls. Who cares what they think? I don’t. I know you don’t either. Come on. I’ll be waiting for you outside.” Other cheerleaders were beginning to pass us as well. Brooke walked past, and for a moment I noticed that her tits and ass hadn’t shrunk an inch. In fact, if they got any bigger, something would either pop or tear. With a malicious smirk, she entered the sports centre, miniskirt bouncing against swelling ass cheeks. Amidst the crowd of stragglers, Zoltan wasn’t far behind, taking longer, easier strides as the tracksuit loosened its grip on her. It gave me an idea. “You see that?” I nodded as Zoltan left. “Zoltan’s amazing, isn’t she? That’s what you said. Look at how big she is. You think she cares what others think? She’s bulking on purpose! It’s not a big deal. Compared to her, no one’s gonna notice your bloating. Alright?” “So… you’ll wait for me?” Emily asked. “Of course. I’ll be right by the front desk. Where we met.” “Yeah…” she almost smiled. “Okay. I’ll do it.” And just like that, we walked back into the sports building, passed purposefully through the hallways, and parted ways outside the locker room as we ignored the weird looks the girls were giving us. As I watched her slip inside with all the meekness of a mouse, I sighed with relief. Being alone in the hallway would be awkward, but at least now I had time to really think. I really should’ve known that Brooke would learn how to push her weight on others quickly. While I was limited by earning my pounds and having to point my Hex-finger at someone, Brooke was only limited by her own weight and her own hatred. How had I not foreseen this? Just because she was a bitch around me did not mean she didn’t get along with her cheerleader posse. I was way too optimistic to think that she would just fatten her friends, and now Emily was paying the price. At least Zoltan would be getting a handle on her weight… Wait a minute. When I turned Emily into a fat-conductor, I set no limits! With frantic fingers, I pulled up my phone and checked the hexes I’d listed, searching for Emily’s name. Whenever Emily is within 100 metres of Zoltan and Brooke, she will absorb weight from the former and send it into the latter at the rate of 2 pounds per minute. Shit, at the rate things were going, Zoltan could lose so much weight that she could die! I could always cancel the hexes, but even as the thought came to mind, I shook my head. These hexes had taken far too long to set up. Even now, I was earning over four pounds per minute. At this rate, I’d be ready for another hex soon – not in a matter of days, but hours. Hell, if the victims of my pound-bombs kept losing weight through natural bodily-functions, I could cast another hex by dinnertime, and that hex could fix everything. Yes… a hex to patch the system up, to put everything in balance. Something that made Emily lose weight and… yes… make another cheerleader gain. Excellent. Most excellent. I just needed a little more time. Emily came rushing out, pushing the door wide, the sound of Brooke’s taunting laughter echoing against the linoleum of the locker room. She hadn’t changed clothes at all, but merely had her street clothes in a bag that slapped against her noticeably-softer thighs. “Emily, what’s…” I stopped when I saw how red her eyes were. Without a word, she powerwalked past me towards the door. “Hey…” I rushed after her as she pushed through the door, ass cheeks jiggling madly in her sweat bottoms. “Emily wait!” “I have to get out of here!” she said as she walked towards campus as fast as she could. “Now hold on,” I matched her pace, noting that her belly was beginning to hang over her waistband. “I can’t say I know exactly what’s going on, but we can figure it out. There’s a reasonable explanation…” “Brooke,” Emily huffed as we climbed a slight rise in the road. “She’s doing this to me!” I blinked with confusion. Emily sure had figured it out fast. “Brooke? But how would she…” “I don’t know,” she wailed. “But I was about to change. Then she walked up behind me and… and I saw her body had changed. Her boobs, her legs were bigger. And she saw me staring and called me a pig in front of everyone. Then she leaned in and whispered in my ear…” “What happened?” I asked as she stopped walking and stared ahead in a daze. “She said… that I would never be on the team with a body like this… and then she said… ‘I want to fit in my outfit,’ and she started shrinking and I started growing.” “Hey…” “I can’t go back! I can’t go in there! It’s her! She’s the one doing this to me!” Alarmed, I grabbed her soft shoulders and looked in her eyes. Emily was the keystone to my plans. I needed her to be on the team so that she’d be close enough to Zoltan and Brooke for my plan to take effect. Without that, it would come crumbling down. “You can’t run away from her!” I said frantically. “We’re in this together! She’s threatened me with expulsion, but I talked to Zoltan and she’s –” “Oh God!” Emily gasped. “Zoltan! What if Brooke’s been making her –” “No, listen! Zoltan’s just bulking, that’s all. But listen! Zoltan told me she’s going to take care of it. We can beat her Emily! If we run away, she will keep wrecking people’s lives. She’s here because no one’s dared stand up to her. Not in high school, not here either… if we don’t do something, she’ll bully the whole world to get what she wants. We have to stop it here. Please. Don’t leave me to fight her alone.” “I’m… she’s made me…” “Hear me out. You saw how Brooke grew big, right? Well, did you notice how Zoltan looked a little thinner? Look, I still don’t get what’s happening, but something tells me that just because you’re a little bloated right now, doesn’t mean it’s permanent. It’ll go down after a while; just trust me. Okay?” “I just… I can’t…” “Look, let’s not do anything rash, alright? We don’t have to decide anything now; let’s sleep on it. I’m sure things will work out with time. Want to talk about it over dinner?” Tears beading against her eyelashes, Emily shook her head. “I need to go. I need to get to my room…” She turned and powerwalked her way down the sidewalk, cheeks and thighs quivering with every step. I didn’t follow her, for I needed to start executing my new plan, and quickly – for her sake as well as mine. Huddled amidst the mirth of the student body eating dinner in the chow hall, I reclined alone in my booth, relaxed yet tense with anticipation. Resting my fork against the edge of my plate, I eyed the girls milling about the great hall beneath ornate timber beams, scenic windows and balconies, centred around a warm fireplace. All seemed natural; no signs of sinister spells were evident, yet from my isolated corner, my eyes glinted with the knowledge that I was making progress. Seventy-one names were listed on my fattening app, most of them victims of cleverly-placed pound bombs, including ten pound’s worth in the chow-hall food alone. My net worth was now 248.54 pounds, 199.11 of which was invested across the campus. Biltmore College may seem at ease, but it was 199.11 pounds fatter – and counting. Smirking, I raised my glass of water. “To all you beautiful girls out there,” I muttered. “You got a big future ahead of you.” As I sipped the fine drink (tap water, but straight from the mountain springs on-island), a familiar face made its way towards me. “Mm,” I swallowed. “Hello Mary. What’s up?” In the course of the day, Mary had changed from her cheerleading outfit into her tight, horse-riding breeches, the elastic fabric hugging every square-inch of her fine legs and waist. The buttons on her polo shit were fully-unbuttoned, enough to reveal the clear skin of her chest, but not enough to reveal any cleavage between her B-cup breasts. To my surprise, she looked calm and reserved. “May I sit down?” she asked gently. “Um, sure,” I shrugged. Slowly, apologetically, Mary slid into the seating opposite me, spreading her hands lightly across the edge of the table. “Look, I know what I did was wrong and I just wanted to tell you that I’m sorry… so yeah.” Frowning, I sipped my water again. “I was wondering why you did it. I mean, I’m glad you’re talking to me and all, but I just don’t get it.” Mary shook her head, a hint of irritation clouding her face. “You don’t worry about it. I just came here to tell you I’m sorry and that I won’t lose my shit in front of you again.” “Sure,” I said cautiously. A red flag was waving frantically in my head. “I forgive you… but what’s bothering you? What did I do?” “You’re just… I don’t wanna talk about it, okay? Have a nice day.” And Mary pushed away from the table and began walking towards her old table. The white of her breeches was immaculate, even after a recent riding session, and the pert curve of her ass drew me in. Licking my teeth, I watched her hips gyrate with each step like a wolf stalking a white-tailed deer. She was the perfect target. I grasped my glass of water and rose it for a second toast, pinkie-finger straightened towards her departing ass, Hex ring primed for use. Mary will absorb all of Emily’s excess weight and send some of it to Zoltan to ensure that Zoltan’s body fat percentage is at least 5%. I took a deep swig.
  2. All you beautiful people messaging me, don't worry! I haven't forgotten you! I do lots of work and lots of writing and drawing! I might have forgotten your writing requests though (there's so many of them!), so don't hesitate to remind me of them hehe

  3. I see you are a man of culture and fine arts as well
  4. Aha, I found the original post! I saw you post this as a reply on the writing ideas thread and decided to bring the conversation back here. Very short read! Reminiscent of the FantasyFeeder writing style. I suppose there's more chapters coming along?
  5. And as for me, my bias is towards fantasy, magic, and other such unnatural methods for weight gain to spice things up. Otherwise, here's some ideas I've come up with for stories that you can borrow if you want: - Three witches in college make a spell that allows them to give their extra weight to one of their number so that the other two can fit into a size smaller dress for a date, etc. The catch is that the spell is malfunctioning for some reason and their net weight begins to rise and they have to figure out what's causing it. - A hot chick gains the ability to gain weight in whatever way she wants (i.e. boobs, hips, etc.). The catch is that this gives her the perfect excuse to not diet and she gets huge. - A near-future video game in the battle royale genre (like fortnite or PUBG) in which the players parachute down, find food (different kinds make you gain in different ways giving you different abilities), and face-off each other until there's one, giant player left. Potentially, the players can add the weight of defeated opponents to themselves. Don't worry about me running out of ideas if you use some of these! I got plenty more cards in my hand 🖐️
  6. Well, this just confirms that she wishes the worst of people. Now the question is why she does that. Yasss
  7. For those who are curious: Sucky's theme song: Axis (Ghostemane) Chapter Nineteen A stretched span of time lay over me, measured by the steady pattering of Emily’s feet. The rest of the cheer squad were running across the opposite end of the track, oblivious to their impending doom. Their constant, counter-clockwise progress was strangely peaceful, in spite of the mounting tension I felt building within me. Like the rolling of the planets around the sun, all appeared normal and orderly. Sucky’s silence unnerved me, but her sudden, inhaling breath even more so. Like an inflating tire, air soared through her nose into her swollen bosom. I stared at her face as she closed her eyes; her demeanour as blissful as it was ecstatic. The flesh of her hips pulsed and throbbed, gyrating to the slow tempo of her breath as she puffed out that first, deep breath. “So… good,” she moaned. Then, eyes fluttering wide, she wrapped my shoulder with her arm. The soft sides of her belly pressed against me, trapping my own arm. “You do far better than I ever thought you could,” she snickered as her swollen breast smothered itself against my shoulder blade. “To make not one, but two lose weight as another gains – and to give her the power to shed weight as well? It seems your genius remains, even at the loss of everything else.” “Loss?” I asked nervously, staring at the cheer squad. Brooke turned the corner of the track, blonde hair shimmering in the sun’s heat, her outfit leaving her trim, feminine physique on full display. The sight of her miniskirt flouncing to the rhythm of her running captivated me like never before. Just what was happening beneath its trim, even now? Now, with my own body throbbing with adrenalin and lust, my worries vanished. “She’s getting fatter,” Sucky whispered softly, quietly, so that her lips brushed the full breadth of my ear. “Slowly… growing bigger… do you see it yet? Look…” She handed me back my phone, and I knew exactly what to do. In spite of my sense of terror, lust coated my thoughts like a dull, soothing haze of incense. I opened the fattening app to check on Brooke’s weight. There she was: Brooke Deeters; my latest victim, weighing in at 125.21 pounds, 121.22 pounds, 121.23 pounds… My fingers shook with raw anticipation as I stared at the steadily-climbing numbers. The weight ticked upwards every .03 seconds – Brooke was gaining one-thirtieth of a pound every second. Meanwhile, Zoltan’s weight lightened an almost equal pace, and Emily’s weight remained steady. My pounds bar was rapidly filling at twice the rate of the other values. It was all as I’d planned. “She’s running around again,” Sucky’s nuzzled her nose against my hair. “Look closely – as deep into her as you can! Which part of her is growing?” With intense interest, I watched her jog past at the forefront of the other girls. Even now, after one, brisk lap, a few extra pounds had packed themselves within her body, hidden from sight by her colourful uniform. As my body throbbed to the beating of my heart, I yearned for the first signs of growth, for the fruit of my labours to ripen at last after so many days of toil, for a return on my carefully-placed investments. Just how long would it take? Brooke’s tits bounced snugly within the confines of their fabric prison. She always had been busty, teasing the line between B and C-cup, but surely they were C’s by now? As she made the turn past me, I discerned that she wore a sports bra under the uniform to supress her chest’s attempts to bounce free of her V-neck, and would certainly serve the dual purpose of squeezing their growing bulk close as the hex did its work. Now her back was turned to me, miniskirt flouncing lightly. She lengthened her stride, prompting her pack to quicken their pace, and for an instant her miniskirt swished aside, flashing me with a glimpse of sturdy shorts, tactically-tailored for maximum modesty whilst jumping, flipping, or cartwheeling. Snugly they covered smooth, muscled glutes – the result of constant aerobics and squats in the gym she had forbade me to enter. A heartbeat later and the glimpse was over, but I grit my teeth in anticipation of their expansion. She was running further away now, thighs glistening with sweat that shone on their curves like the fresh paint of a fine car. Squinting, I watched her leave with mounting excitement. If I focused, I could see that her thighs were curving wider, growing outward… “Jason.” The sound of Zoltan’s voice made me flinch with shock – and it was Zoltan now; her voice steady and reasonable. When I turned to look at her, the neon pink in her pupils had vanished, and the leering demeanour of Sucky had given way to Zoltan’s caring frown. “You understand me, correct?” she asked. “Try and avoid Brooke for now; I’ll make sure to look into the situation.” Did she even realize her own lapse of consciousness? “Are you okay?” I asked hesitantly. She closed her eyes for a solemn moment, but smiled softly to herself before opening them again. “I’m good Jason, just a little tired from missing lunch today. What I’m concerned about is you. Believe me, you’re at the top of my to-do list – really. I have a little note on my desk to remind me to take care of you.” “You do?” I felt my skin crawl. “Oh, don’t worry,” her voice was soft and motherly. “I’m not out to get you or nothing. I’m helping you Jason. You’re going through a lot, I get it. Let’s talk after PT; let me wrap things up and then we’ll talk. Good?” My heart began to calm, and as my throbbing lust subsided, a subtler sense of yearning replaced it. In that moment, as I stared into her eyes, I realized that I cared about her. For all my emotional and physical weakness, here was one of the strongest human beings I had ever met. My father had never been home, my mother had never been sane, but now Zoltan – even as her body was changing beyond explanation and a demoness stole her very body – was helping me like my family never had, and I longed to help her too, to embrace her and hold her for hours on end. Was this what love was? Would I ever be allowed to love her? Would I be trapped from her forever, doomed to just stare longingly into her eyes like a starved convict? Oh God, what had I done to her? Nodding my head with pursed lips, I forced back tears. “Good.” “Stay strong,” Zoltan stared down at me as she rose to her feet. Reaching for the whistle dangling at her neck, Zoltan pursed her lips and blew a screeching tone that could crack the walls of Jericho. The cheerleaders halted their run instantly, shuffling towards us with relief. Emily stopped last, unaware of the team’s routine. “Get yourselves in gear and school-circle around me!” Zoltan barked as she stepped her way down the benches. I noted, with some sense of relief, that Zoltan swaggered into place amidst her cheer squad with an added spring in her step. Perhaps she could already feel the loss of ten pounds from her body, or the loosening fit of her tracksuit? Indeed, perhaps Brooke could feel her own outfit beginning to tighten? As the cheer squad listened to their coach’s inspiring words, I stared inconspicuously at the queen-bee-bitch that had done her best to wreck me. There she was, standing in a wide stance with her hands on her hips near the front of the loose gathering. I saw her glance in my direction before looking away as she leaned side to side, pretending I didn’t exist. She looked briefly down, ogling her breasts as they bulged against her V-neck. A subtle tug with thumb and forefingers made them jiggle more than adjust their fit. Beneath them, a belly was growing. Even within the confines of her outfit, its steady growth pressed softly outward like a Thanksgiving meal. Her thighs, previously as supple and muscular as they were long, were beginning to fatten. Quads that had provided a semblance of tone and strength, were puffing up with a smooth layer of soft, sensual fat. Her miniskirt, already short by design, was silently creeping upwards and outwards as the globes of her ass cheeks inflated behind her. “…so you keep that in mind,” Zoltan began to wrap-up her speech. “As long as you don’t give up, nothing can stop you. Got it? Now, we’re going to cut PT short today; there’s some things I need to take care of, but take this opportunity to rest and recover, hydrate, study a little bit,” she raised her eyebrows at the last remark. “And be sure to keep your GPA’s high so you aren’t put on academic probation. I’m not naming names; y’all know yourselves more than I ever will. Alright. See you tomorrow everyone.” As the cheerleaders began to disperse, I saw Zoltan approach Brooke from the balcony like a fat jaguar stalking its meal. I knew better than to linger and witness Brooke’s potential embarrassment and turned away to find Emily climbing up through the railings to meet me, eyes glowing. “How was it?” I asked. “I’m so glad I came,” Emily beamed. “You want to wait for Zoltan to finish talking with Brooke so we can…?” “Zoltan was talking to me about it just now,” I said as we began walking off the benches. “I guess Mary’s temper tantrum did some good because Zoltan broke it up and started talking to me.” “I saw that,” Emily put her arms behind her back thoughtfully. “It looked like you two were talking for a long time.” “It was good though,” I said. “I told her everything that happened, and she listened the whole time. I think she’s talking to Brooke about it right now.” “That’s wonderful,” Emily smiled at me. “She really is amazing, isn’t she? I think…” she stopped smiling and stood still. “What’s up?” I stopped walking. Eyes wide and mouth agape with cold horror, Emily looked down and held her belly, which swelled in her hands like a water balloon. Before my very eyes, she had gained at least ten pounds in a single breath. She stared at me, I stared back at her, then twisted around to stare at Brooke. From over Zoltan’s shoulder, Brooke stared back.
  8. Oh, but he always considered himself to be good the entire time 😀 This is relatable, and yet if I met Sucky, I'd be just as terrified and enthralled as Jason is. There's going to be plenty of descriptions coming up! Especially now that Jason's rigged the game haha Everyone gains different... there's one type of skinny, but several ways a girl can gain weight, depending on what skill tree she decides to emphasize early-on. That's some rpg philosophy right there. I was kinda hoping someone would figure out how to cheese the game! Oh well. There's other ways too; can anyone guess them? Emperor Palpatine has been my favourite Star Wars character since I was, like, eight. I swear, I will quote him when I bed a woman for the first time. "Now witness the firepower of this fully-armed and operational battlestation! Fire at will commander!"
  9. You and I are going to get ALL the fine ladies ❤️👌
  10. I thought you sounded like TheSpiffingBrit from YouTube 👀
  11. Gwen: Wow, these people are so vulgar! I feel so uncomfortable 😣 Also Gwen: I’m meeting the President? Does that mean I get to fuck him 🔥😯 ? Ahahaha! It’s rather hypocritical, isn’t it? But I think everyone believes they’re more innocent and moral than their peers. That’s human nature. Also, why’s Australia need a dictator when it has the Queen of England? 😜👌
  12. I wonder how long it will take Brooke to figure things out?  I wonder how much she will piece things together...

    I can just picture her running away from cheer practice; her bulging ass cheeks and thicker thighs jiggling.  In vain she tries to hide the sudden pounds, but not super successfully.  Perhaps she gets treated to some verbal barbs for a change.  Or even more hurtful; some words of advice or encouragement!

    Imagine Brooke's surprise when she goes back to practice only to find her clothes rapidly tightening yet again.  As she runs off (Slower than before) she notes with horror that her tummy has joined in on the jiggle train.  Her arms are now packed tightly into her sleeves.

    Mary sees her chance and points out Brooke's trouble areas with a smirk.  Crying and alone Brooke "wishes" Mary would know what it was like  to suddenly be fat like this.

    After the fat suddenly vanishes does Brooke stay away from cheer practice?  or does she learn how to gain the weight only to redistribute it to other rivals?

    Just daydreaming here.   Thanks for the brain fuel! 

  13. “Are they bolted down?” I don’t know where she’s coming from, but I’m excited 😜
  14. Who saw this one coming? What do you think will happen next? I'm pretty curious. I mean, I know what's going to happen next, but you know what I mean hehe Chapter Eighteen It was one thing to tell Emily that I would go with her to cheer practice, it was another thing entirely to actually go. With each step closer to the sports building, the more I feared for my safety. Even if Emily was with me, did that really keep me safe from being called a sexual harasser? Brooke didn’t have to confront us directly; she only needed to complain to the Dean and I would be facing expulsion. Worse, Mary would be at cheer practice too! Anyone could say I was stalking them behind my back, and my life would be over! But maybe – just maybe – if Emily and I stood together and explained to Zoltan what was happening, I might just survive not only this latest excursion, but potentially undermine Mary and Brooke’s reputation enough to put the myth of “Stalker Jason” into doubt. I stared at the gleaming windows of the sports building as the sun splashed its light over its towering breadth. Yes. I had to do this, not just because I wanted to see how my new hex would work, but also for the sake of my honour. Even with all the odds stacked against me, I would persevere and endure. The storm forecasted for today had never come, and if the sun could beat the odds, then so could I – praise the Sun! Such mental pep-talk didn’t stop me from nearly hyperventilating before stepping inside. Some random girl at the reception desk gave me a weird look, but that comforted me. If a new girl was working there, that meant that Emily really was getting ready for cheer practice. “You need something?” she asked suspiciously. “Have you seen my friend Emily?” I asked, approaching the log-in book. “Does she know you’re coming?” “Yes,” I rolled my eyes. “She’s my friend.” “Let me go check,” she moved up from her seat. “Excellent,” I finished signing-in. “You can take me to her!” “No, just wait here…” “I’m going with you,” I said stiffly, quickly losing my patience. “No you’re not.” “Then how about you stay at your desk – like you’re supposed to – and just tell me where my friend is?” “She’s in the locker room! You can’t come!” “Yes I c – you know what? Fine! Just tell her I’m over here.” Fuming at the indecency treated me, I chewed on my teeth, waiting for her to stomp her long legs out of sight. Barely two breaths after her departure, I turned my attention to her desk, seeking some source of food to sabotage with pound bombs. Unfortunately, I had no such luck. Slapping the counter, I cursed my latest misfortune. Oh well; I had lost this skirmish, but the war was about to turn in my favour. Emily entered my field of vision shortly after that, clothed in modest, purple sweats. “Hey Emily,” I said innocently. “Hello,” she pouted, hiding her hands in the pockets of her sweat bottoms. “You alright?” “Yes… well, I’m just frustrated with that girl.” “What did she tell you? Come on, you can tell me as we meet up with the cheer squad. You look pretty good, by the way.” “Thanks – also, come this way. We’re training outside today.” “Right,” I changed direction and steadied my pace to be beside her. “Anyway, what did she do?” “Nothing much, she just called me an idiot for being around you.” “Wow.” “And of course the rest of the cheer squad thought it was hilarious. I just can’t stand them.” “But at least you’re going to be getting on the team finally,” I said as I reached for the exit and held the door for her. “Actually…” she bowed under my arm to step outside, then stopped herself to turn around and face me. “Do you remember when we first met? How I said I never wanted to be on the cheer squad?” “Really? No… my mind was distracted by other things. You don’t look like you don’t want to.” “I do,” Emily nodded, eyes glancing around absentmindedly. “But I did say it. The reason was… I dunno. It’s just, cheerleading is fun and all, but the people doing it – especially Brooke – are all so, so…” “They’re not good people,” I offered helpfully. “Pretty much. I mean, some of them are okay, but the thing is, I’ve never been popular. I’m too shy and all that, but lately I’ve been thinking about it, and if I let other people push me around, I’ll never be able to enjoy life like I want. That’s why I asked you to come with me, so I don’t have to face Brooke and the others all alone.” I almost hugged Emily then and there, but self-doubt and fear stopped me. What if she took it the wrong way? What if she slapped me? What was considered harassment? I didn’t know anymore, so I just stood there, yearning for her. “It’s going to be fine,” I said finally. “How about I sit in the bleachers while you all train on the football field? We can talk to Zoltan when you’re done.” Emily looked at her feet. “Okay.” Minutes later, and I had placed myself in the far corner of the bleachers overlooking the football field. One by one, the cheerleaders came outside to stretch on the track wrapping around the field, each of them looking suspiciously in my direction. Brooke came last, two of her closest friends on either side of her. One of them pointed at me and Brooke’s face distorted itself into a hideous sneer. “It’s all good,” I muttered to myself as I inspected my phone. “You’re over fifty meters away from them; she can’t hurt you. Just hide behind your phone and check the fattening app…” A mere three pounds was all that kept me from hexing Emily. Currently, I had fifty-eight sources of pounds income. Fifty-eight souls all living and breathing as souls will, and any minute now my dues would be paid. In the meantime, Emily and I were in danger. Brooke and her cronies had no trouble finding my shy friend sitting modestly in a butterfly stretch away from the rest of the squad; she was the only one not wearing a cheerleader uniform. I watched them circle behind her, arms folded, berating her with barbed words only she could hear. There was nothing I could do. Mary was walking towards me now; I only noticed when she left the cluster of girls behind. The breath in my lungs stilled, prehistoric survival instincts urging my body to silence. Even so, sitting at the bottom of the bleachers still put me on a raised platform with railings that blocked her path to me. “What are you doing here?” Mary asked as her face approached the railings. I stared at her past the screen of my phone. 2.97 pounds to go. “I’m here with Emily.” “Stop harassing our training.” “Excuse me? I’m on the other side of the field.” Mary threw her hands in frustration. “We don’t want a fucking peeping tom watching us! Leave right now or I’m calling 911.” “You’re going to call 911?” I asked. “We’re in British Columbia, moron. That’s not the police’s number.” “Just go,” Mary glared at me with unbridled rage. Off in the distance, a the shrill pitch of Zoltan’s whistle echoed as she strode onto the field with weighted steps. As one, the cheerleaders ceased their stretching to gather around her, with Emily lagging slightly behind. The sight of Zoltan’s towering bulk dwarfing the girls around her emboldened me, and I suddenly realized that I cared more about Zoltan than I thought. So what if she was a faculty member? Love wasn’t just sexual desire, it was a desire to care for someone, which was exactly what I was about to do – at Mary’s expense. “What, no more sweet talk?” I leaned forward from my sitting position, looking down at her forehead. “Got tired of me shovelling horseshit for you so you can play outside?” “Oh my gawd!” Mary barked, almost beyond words. “I know what you did Mary,” I stood up, now several feet above her. “And I’ll never forget it.” “Stop threatening me!” Mary wailed as loudly as she could. “You fucking psychopath!” Ah. She was going to frame me for picking a fight. My little brother used to do that to me when he was three. Bracing my hands over the railing, I contained the mounting panic within me, and maintained a cool demeanour. “Hey,” I stared at her. “Oh gawd, stop it, stop it, stop it!” “Looks like cheer practice has started,” I pointed at Zoltan. “Maybe you should go do that.” I noted with a sense of growing alarm that Zoltan was fast approaching us. If she took Mary’s side, it was all over, but experience was on my side. As long as I kept calm and composed without looking like a dick, I had a chance. “You think you can do anything you want because you’re a white male that –” “You two,” Zoltan approached like a rolling storm, glaring at us both. The whites of her bulging eyes contrasted completely with her dark complexion. “Separate now. Mary, go run laps around the track with the others. Jason, come with me.” Zoltan turned towards the end of the bleachers, where a gate interrupted the fence ringing the field. As I followed her, I couldn’t help but gawk at the incredible rate that her body had expanded. I still remembered the first time I saw her, how every ounce of her body was coiled muscle, the way she bared her abs in public. Only a week or two later, and she was struggling to contain her ballooning form within a tracksuit that was tightening by the day. Reminiscent of a pufferfish, she turned and waited for me, breasts noticeably heftier. I just barely managed to avert my gaze from her ripening hips before she looked me in the eyes… or so I thought. “Yes Jason, I understand that I’m bloated,” she leaned a hand on the fence, her full belly struggling to gain my attention. “Are you alright?” I asked, unsure what else to say. “I’m going to be fine Jason,” she said softly, a hint of firmness in her tone as she stared at me. “But I called you here because I have concerns. A couple of my girls have been coming to me complaining to me about you stalking them. Now, I know you’re a good kid…” As she spoke, some of the cheerleaders came running past us on the track, completing their first lap. Already their bodies shone with glistening sweat as the heat of the sun baked the earth with season-defying heat. “Listen,” Zoltan leaned over me, understanding and empathetic. “You’re a good kid Jason. Don’t get distracted by those girls behind us; they won’t bother us while I’m talking with you. As I was saying, some of my girls are worried about your behaviour. I know you don’t mean to be creepy, but walking out here and staring at my squad from a corner by yourself? It’s kinda weird, don’t you think?” Bold words, but the way she said it was strangely soothing. “Actually,” I replied. “I came here with Emily because we wanted to talk to you about that.” “So what’s going on?” Zoltan frowned, but leaned further against the fence. “What’s wrong?” A strange groaning sound emanated from inside her tracksuit, like the sound of milk poured over rice krispies. The weight of all the sweat from an entire cheer squad was pouring into her already-swollen body. Even now, I could see the folds in her tracksuit top smoothing-out as her breasts and belly grew outwards in all directions. I was running out of time. “I don’t really know what’s going on,” I shook my head. “But I’ve been harassed by Brooke for awhile now. I told you how she chased me away from the gym by saying I’d be committing sexual harassment if I was ever in the same room with her.” “Right,” Zoltan nodded. “Well, Emily and I were talking about it and she’s been harassed by Brooke too. Like, she can’t even use the same communal bathroom as Brooke. And it’s not just Brooke either; Mary’s been giving us trouble too – well, me anyway. She said I could join the Equestrian Club if I cleaned and fed the horses, then she just wrote the Dean a letter saying I was sneaking around the stables or something.” “Did she now?” her eyes flared with recognition (after all, she’d let Mary use her computer to write the Dean). Adjusting her legs slightly, she gestured at the bleachers. “Come on. Let’s talk about this sitting down.” Nervously, I followed her swollen ass-cheeks back up into the bleachers. Each cheek was a volleyball-sized globe, straining tautly against the tracksuit. Not one inch of space was left between those buns; if anything were to rip free, it would be her ass – and soon. She lowered herself onto a creaking bleacher like a pregnant woman, patting the space next to her to beckon me. The flesh of her belly pressed against her trousers, threatening to spill into her lap. “So why do you think Brooke might be doing this?” “If I knew, I’d have been able to fix this by now, I think,” I could see the flesh of Zoltan’s thighs spreading wide as she sat. I could almost hear the fabric straining against the growing pressure within. “But anyway, that’s why Emily and I need your help. We can’t handle Brooke on our own. In fact, if she tells the Dean I’m a peeping tom, what can I do? No one believes the man in a domestic dispute. That’s what Brooke told me.” Zoltan smiled her warm smile, and if it weren’t for the fact that I could almost see her belly growing bigger, I’d have been comforted. “Don’t worry about it Jason. I’ll be sure to talk to Brooke about this and figure out what’s going on. In the meantime…” she shifted uncomfortably. “’Scuse me. I’m feeling pretty bloated today.” “Thank you, Zoltan,” I rubbed my fingers against my thumb, unsure if I should open my heart to her. “I really hope you start feeling better soon.” “I’m not sick Jason; I’m going to be alright,” she scooted in her seat slightly, tugging at trousers that didn’t budge. “But you’re… I mean, you look great and all, but I was thinking about it, and I started thinking you must be going through a lot of stress right now, and I really wanted you to know that you’re one of the only people that’s helped me. That means a lot to me, and that’s why I’m so worried about you… I want to help you too.” “Don’t worry about me Jason,” Zoltan slapped my shoulder. “Good?” “Yeah,” I said. Suddenly, Zoltan’s hand swept to my neck and closed like a vice. I reached upwards, feeling her long fingers digging into me as I tried in vain to break free. She leaned closer, grinning at her power over me, neon-pink eyes squinting lustfully. “You’re such a smooth-talker,” Sucky whispered. “You really did catch feelings for this body. Which part do you wanna touch the most? This new gut right here?” Sucky released her grip on me, and as I gasped for breath, I watched her take hold of her belly with both arms, giving it a healthy shake as she puffed her cheeks. Face beading with sweat, I hoped that none of the cheerleaders running the track would notice what we were doing. “I’ve seen how you’ve been looking at it,” Sucky continued. Then she grinned again. “Oh, looks like we might have an audience. I guess that means we have to be careful what we do…” She snaked her arm around my torso, prodding her fingers into my jeans… … to pull out my phone. “What’s this you got here?” she hugged me closer to her as she unlocked it as easily as if it were her own. “Let’s take a peek at that app of yours. Oh! Looks like you made it. Good boy…” Sucky gasped ecstatically at the sky with closed eyes as her breasts quivered within their confines like chained beasts. Opening her eyes again, she put a hand to her chest, which calmed to a standstill again. “Soon, darlings. Soon… oh, don’t be scared boy; you’re my darling too.” As more cheerleaders ran past us, I felt her hand spider itself closer to my neck again. Emily was fast approaching, running the bend in the track in her sweats. “Don’t worry babe,” she whispered in my ear, so close that I could feel her nipping softly at my ear. “You don’t have to say anything. I’m here for you… hey. Look at me.” I stared into her eyes, glowing with inexplicable energy. Now that I had the chance to see them, I noticed that the texture in the pupils was shifting like a finely-mixed drink. “You make some pretty good hexes,” she chuckled, rubbing the straining fabric clothing herself. “I bet you’ve been planning this next one for days. Come on. Let me see it! I’ve been waiting so long for this moment… I can barely contain myself. It’s been too long already! I’m aching…” Emily was turning the bend, legs pumping with effort. She gave me and Sucky a strange look, but kept running. Her back was to me now; she wouldn’t see me pointing at her. Whenever Emily is within 100 metres of Zoltan and Brooke, she will absorb weight from the former and send it into the latter at the rate of 2 pounds per minute.
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