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  1. “What?” Jalyka eyed her companions with blissful ignorance as she munched her trail mix. ”Oh nothing,” Samarissa hummed. “We’re just deciding who touches the table. It could be dangerous, you know. Food seems to have… special properties in this house.” ”I’ll say!” Fifi snickered. Look at those two, for example,” she pointed at Aurelia and Zaiva. “They’re positively bovine!” ”Why don’t you be a good maid and stay silent,” Aurelia snapped. “Unless you want to be the one to volunteer?” ”Oh, I would never!” Fifi tittered. “But perhaps your figure could do with some inflation? Maybe you should be the one to take a seat?” ”Are you suggesting you think the table is cursed to cause weight gain? I concur— and refuse. I’ll use my own magic.” ”I’ll also take a pass,” Zaiva groaned. “I can barely moooove…” ”Put yourself together, sow,” Aurelia tapped one of the drow’s massive, swollen udders with the tip of her boot. “I‘ve seen the effects of this potion before; I know what’s in store for you.” ”Truly?” Samarissa knelt by the tall drow laid helpless against the floor by the weight of her swollen mammaries. “You fed her that potion knowing this would happen to her?” ”It’s obviously run its course!” Aurelia’s pale cheeks blushed indignantly. “The potion imbues the drinker with the blood of whatever cow was sacrificed in its concoction.” ”And how do you know this is the end of it?” Fifi asked suspiciously. ”Because the milk is the final stage, see? Sure, they might… refill if she stuffs her face too much, but the transformation is complete.” ”What about you? You have no horns or tail…” ”I may have swallowed a few drops.” ”So we should milk her, then?” Samarissa asked eagerly. ”That can wait. Who will sit at the ta — oh. Well, seems our barbarian-brained giant has decided for us.” (unfortunately, Jalyka is strapped to her seat by unknown magic! The food at the table is levitating into the air and stuffing itself into her mouth bite by bite. It will continue until her stomach is stuffed. Zaiva and Aurelia are now hucows. For every plate, their boobs will refill with milk by 25% until full. A full chest of milk is equal to 5% of body weight. Drinking from one boob equals 1 pound gained. Zaiva is currently 5,000% over capacity! She will be unable to move until back under 100%. The players can drain her any method they wish, though it might be beneficial to find something to drain the milk into. Players can attempt to free Jalyka if they wish. If so, roll INTELLIGENCE to discern how. Everyone proceed to the entrance hall with the stairs once Jalyka is done eating and Zaiva is drained)
  2. Oh dear, @maxis192 is eating trail mix before she sits at the table. I’ll have to write about that tomorrow morning
  3. Jalyka will take a sip of one of two remaining potions. She feels her taught midsection subside to some degree -- and the rest of her body swell in equal measure. Her stomach is reset to empty.
  4. As if with one mind (or lack thereof), the party swooned into the adjoining dining room. A fabulous display of ornate furniture and carved statues blessed their eyes. Figurines and foodstuffs decorated the walls, fine silverware shone from glass cabinets, flags of noble families from across the duchy hung from the ceiling -- and a long, mahogany table adorned with a sumptuous feast dominated their attentions. "Such bounty..." Samarissa clasped her hands with delight. "There's a fruit and vegetable from every corner of the duchy on these plates!" "And meat from every livestock," Jalyka groaned. "Would that I hadn't filled myself on bread! These meats smell of fresh smoke!" "Surely you can't possibly be thinking of porking-out so soon after..." Zaiva sputtered when she turned and spotted the engorged breasts of her dhampir "friend" waving in the wind. "By the gods! Aurelia!" "Hush..." Aurelia growled, face burning hot with embarassment. "Your chest! It's grown massive! And you're leaking like a sow who birthed twins --" "Silence!" Aurelia stomped her foot, but regretted the outburst and the violent jiggling and sloshing it caused. "It's fine. I'm fine. Just need a way to stop the leaking..." "You need to be milked!" said Samarissa with a clap of her hands. "Jalyka! Why don't you squeeze it out for her?" As the poor dhampir yelped and writhed at the dwarf-giant's approaching hands, Fifi stood before the table with hands against her cocked hips. "This food..." she said suspiciously. "It's... unusual that it should look so invitingly fresh in such an empty house, don't you think?" "Inviting indeed," Zaiva mused. "And yet I feel all the more tempted to sit and eat, though I know that we shouldn't, considering those two," she gestured at Aurelia and Jalyka, both struggling fiercely as cats as one tried to milk the other. "Yes," Fifi nodded. "I fear the food here is far more rich than meets the eye. I can scarcely take my eyes off of it..." "I sense powerful magic here," Samarissa added. "If we so much as touch that table..." "Yes?" Zaiva asked. "Well..." she shrugged. "Perhaps one should touch it and the rest of us find out?" (Everyone roll 1d20. The high roller takes a seat at the table...)
  5. If you take one of the two potions, roll 1d4. Even number means you fully-digest. Odd number will have other consequences...
  6. “I really must thank you for this potion you’ve given me,” said Zaiva with a smack of her lips. “Bull’s strength will be plenty useful for me as we search for these missing women.” The dhampir named Aurelia simply stared speechlessly at her in shock. Perhaps she’d never been kissed by a drow before? ”Don’t worry about it,” Zaiva shrugged. “I’m not the kissing type either — but I have a funny feeling about you, dhampir. You and me, we’re two sides of the same coin. We’re here for the coin, and fuck whatever these binge-eating harlots want, right? You and me, we’re the real brains of this party…” With no reply given, Zaiva opted to take time to sample Fifi’s cooking. ”It’s not bad,” she mused with full cheeks. “Never expected to be eating a full meal in a sorceress’s alchemy lab, but now that we are, it actually pays to have a maid with us… oh…” Zaiva’s body tingled with power welling from deep within her belly. She felt it gathering amid her temples, making her swoon and shiver. ”Aurelia…” she slurred with pleasure. “ I think I feel the bull powers growing-in…” One after the other, she felt a pair of hard objects thrust from the sides of her heads. A fumbling hand found the new objects six inches long and sharp. ”Horns…” Zaiva’s eyes crossed for a moment. “It’s working, Aurelia! I think the eating has triggered it… oh! I almost forgot that fruit I ate from before. An apple, is that what it’s called? My body is pulsating with energy… it’s throbbing down my spine… down lower and lower… against my —“ A long tail swished it’s way out from between Zaiva’s leather armor pads. It flicked back and forth as she stared at it. ”It feels amazing…” Zaiva’s voice aches with passion. “I’ve never felt this strong before… I need more…” Unnoticed by all was Aurelia, who stood in utter shock at what she was witnessing. Samarissa and Jalyka had withdrawn to the pantry for a food-frenzied orgy, followed closely by Fifi, who had seemed intent on forging herself with a whole watermelon. Now Zaiva — a keen-minded assassin — was utterly lost in her own transformation into some bovine abomination. And to add insult to injury, Aurelia had been contaminated by the potion and her already-massive breasts had begun to leak! There was something highly unnatural about the whole experience, and she suspected in the trance weren’t broken soon, not even an unimmortal such as herself could know what to expect next. Her mounting sense of dread was interrupted by an indignant bellow from the pantry. ”What is the meaning of this?” Jalyka yelled. “I’m short!” The disturbance was enough to snap Zaiva from her trance and open the pantry door — to reveal a much shorter, much heavier half-giant than had recently entered. ”By the stars above,” Aurelia sneered to hide her own shock. “What happened to you?” ”She’s soft!” Samarissa declared, hands snaking about Jalyka’s every new, bountiful curve. ”I am not soft!” Jalyka insisted. “Just short… but how?” “Didn’t someone give you a potion of some sort? I forget who it was…” ”Poisoned!” Zaiva said. “Cursed! This is sorceress’s alchemy chamber after all!” ”Oh dear…” Fifi licked her lips. “And I just cooked-up a storm, didn’t I? Well, we surely would’ve perished by now if we were poisoned. Besides, there was nothing mentioning poisons in this cookbook,” she tapped her newly-aquifer asset with pride. “And if a girl like me knows her way around a kitchen, there was nothing in there that could harm us.” ”You don’t say,” Aurelia glanced suspiciously at Zaiva’s horns and Jalyka’s skin bulging through her armor. ”In fact, I venture to say the foods were nothing short of nutritious and filling,” Fifi flipped quickly through the cookbook. “Very, very filling. It seems Sorceress Janilla has been hard at work learning the culinary craft.” ”Restoration runes, maps of surrounding farmland, and a full-pantry of fruits and vegetables…” Aurelia folded her arms over her breasts to hide the moist spots where her nipples kissed the apron cloth. “She’s planning something big. Whatever it is, we need to stop her before — Zaiva! Don’t eat that thing!” Zaiva froze just before biting into an unusually-large pear. “But… the bull-power…” ”… on second thought, eat it. Eat two of them.” ”What are we waiting for?” Jalyka grunted to her feet. “Let’s catch this sorceress! Come on Sam! Hold my hand and help me up… this armor doesn’t fit like it should.” (Everyone can take a handful of food with them, provided they pass an ATHLETICS check to make sure they aren’t caught by the others and have to explain themselves. Everyone can either double-back through the living room and into the entrance chamber with the stairwell or proceed to the dining room)
  7. This is gonna be fun to write
  8. Fifi only made one plate for you, but perhaps there’s snacks in the pantry…
  9. One plate. Fifi only made that much… for starters? 2 pounds from the apple and 2 from the Fifi delicacy. No point in saving the potion for later…
  10. Excellent potions; they are canon. But that leaves two more unknown potions. In any case, Zaiva is about to sip the cowgirl potion. For every plate she consumes, she must roll WILLPOWER with disadvantage. For every fail, she gains a bovine attribute 😈 She also ate a suspicious apple. Gain 2 pounds straight to the belly. Roll INTELLIGENCE with disadvantage to notice (and aforementioned willpower). Samarissa ate a suspicious pear. Gain 2 pounds of cake 🍑 roll INTELLIGENCE with disadvantage to notice. Jalyka drank a shrink potion. Subtract 6 inches from your character stats. Adjust stats accordingly. Fifi is cooking enough of her iced rock cakes for each to have a plate. Everyone roll willpower to resist… each plate is worth 2 pounds for being made with extra calories. Fifi roll INTELLIGENCE to find antidotes for Zaiva and/or Jalyka if you wish.
  11. Remind me in messages everyone’s discord names for later
  12. Notes to self: Zaiva now has 5 unknown potions. Fifi has a cookbook. Jalyka wants to drink one of Zaiva’s potions. Will write about the consequences when everyone has a chance to reply
  13. The party enters the alchemy room, but it is immediately clear that it is also a kitchen and pantry, with shelves and counters fully-stocked with fruits and vegetables, hanging fowl, and various spices. Potions are tucked away in vials by the cooking cauldron situated in the stove, where an opened book can be seen with a ladle holding the pages open. Also of note are three empty vials on the counter. Everyone can roll INTELLIGENCE to investigate one item each, and should the opportunity arise, roll INTELLIGENCE to try their hand at “alchemy” — not that I would know why anyone might do that…
  14. You sure she isn’t the hand-holding type?
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