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  1. Me wondering in bed at night if Amber is gonna figure out what’s going on
  2. Okay so Shiva is a walking conundrum of plot twists… where did the two extra muscles come from to make a ten-pack? Why does she insist she isn’t a cartoon villain? And also if this were D&D, would she roll for intelligence or for strength when she performs Psychological Fist-Pound? No idea what she wants to do with Starr Enterprises, but that company’s changed focus more times than Berkshire Hathaway, so I can only assume it involves fat profits
  3. >_< 0_0


    Okay quick question: which one of you made the “pokimanemommy” profile on Instagram? I just wanna kno
  4. For some reason, Curvage doesn’t notify me when someone comments here. But don’t worry! I’m almost done with the other story. Once I finish it, I’ll get back to this lightning fast. There’s a scene I’ve been looking forward to
  5. The paparazzi were on top of their game during that one jog!
  6. >_< 0_0

    Lottie moss

    This is what’s best in life
  7. >_< 0_0

    Bebe Rexha

    U can see her ass fat ripped through the leggings a bit
  8. I’m still writing up a storm 👌 it’s just that this new content is lonnnnng and can’t be shared right away. I swear it’ll be done soon…

  9. Went to see a girl in Charlotte, NC over the weekend (this is why I was so quiet the last two days) and she’s been dieting for a bit but accidentally gained five pounds recently. Still, I told her she was noticeably smaller than last I saw her, so of course she eagerly asked me how I could tell. “Cause last time, your stomach was out here…” and I put my hand about an inch out from her belly. This made her squeal and slap my hand away. “You are too honest for your own good!” She said. But I just said it would’ve been worse if I said she looked the same size 😂
  10. @Jakichan absolutely nailed it 👌 listen to his words for next year’s prediction, for he is a soothsayer
  11. When you try to gain some curves but gain a belly instead 😆
  12. Wow that’s a real throwback. Back from the days motels with color tv’s were cutting edge of fashion and luxury. I shudder to think what it would’ve been like growing up with a kink back then 😖 imagine thinking you’re the only one
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