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  1. Haha yes. I just wrote a bit more of Thin College and plan to start this story as soon as I post one more chapter. You should mos def dm me if you have any details you want added to the story before I start writing it.
  2. Love your Sheba story. hope you write more like it some time.

    1. >_< 0_0

      >_< 0_0

      That one's one of my favorites. I've been thinking of making another similar story, but a little faster and set in a modern setting. How about you DM me and give me some ideas about the details? I'll write it up.

  3. I love my girlfriend 🥰 even though she’s dieting, she actually has no issue with being thicc (she just wants a smaller belly so that she looks more curvy). I’m giving her diet and workout tips, but in the meantime we read wg comics together. We read No Lunch Break first and now we’re on Elf-San Wa Yaserarenai.
  4. I saw some gameplay of this on YouTube. It’s just a taste of how it plays because, of course, we want as many people to buy and play the game 💰 🤰 lemme link it here so you can see:
  5. U gotta check out the sample from the Stories section 🥰 it’s an amazing read, and about as wholesome as can possibly be.
  6. Oh yea, I forgot I mentioned that haha
  7. >_< 0_0


    I think a casual google search would find these pics at this point. We’ve made quite a stash
  8. Okay 😆 so what r u thinking abt
  9. Hey guys, I've got another chapter for you 😙 I didn't want to to keep you waiting too long, so I'm posting what I got now and will start on the next chapter (the reason these take so long is because I'm in another bodybuilding competition (I won the last one!!) and I have an awesome girlfriend I spend almost all my spare time with (we read chub comics together 🥰) . I haven't forgotten you! Chapter Sixty-Six Julia escorted the girls straight through the campus, swinging her arms casually as my friends kept to her brisk pace. She’d let go of their arms soon after leaving Olds Dorm behind, and I figured there was an unspoken understanding that if anyone broke and ran, they’d have nowhere to run to. I, on the other hand… I tugged nervously on the pink hoodie I’d borrowed from Emily’s closet. There were enough students wandering around us for me to be able to tail my friends without seeming unnatural, but if Julia ever turned her head and recognized me, I had no doubt she’d take me too. After all, she knew I was at last night’s party. And then Emily tuned around and saw me. Her mouth gaped, then she squinted as she noticed I was wearing her hoodie. I shrugged nervously back at her, and that was the end of our silent conversation because Julia was slowing down. They were in front of Central Hall now, standing just behind the Statue of Theodora. It was early morning, so there was dew perspiring against the tree trunk I’d casually walked behind. Wearing such a vibrant pink was the worst possible colour to hide in, so I had to make a point of acting casual. If I could just turn my head and lower my hood just enough, I would be just another student jaywalking across the orchard lawns. Then something happened that I hadn’t expected: Zoltan and Buxley came out of Central, stepping quickly down the front steps to meet Julia, who nodded politely to them. “Thank you for bringing them,” Miss Buxley said. “No worries,” Julia replied, as if expecting them. “We’ll be having a word with them. We’ll let you know if anything comes up.” “Okay, have a good one,” Julia turned away and spoke into her comm. “Dispatch, this is Eagle Two. I’ve dropped the girls off at Central Hall. Circling back to the Student Union.” “Come on, you two,” Zoltan walked behind Emily and began nudging her towards the stairs. “We’re going inside for a little talk.” “What are we going to talk about?” Cindy asked nervously as Miss Buxley escorted her. “I don’t know anything about what happened last night – I wasn’t even drinking…” “This is way more important than giving drink to minors,” said Buxley. She turned and pointed at the Theodora Statue (and I ducked my head in case she saw my face). “The Statue of Theodora. You’re the Caretaker of Deta Sigma, correct?” “Caretaker?” “It’s alright to talk,” Zoltan reassured her as she grabbed the front door’s handle. “I was Empress of Kappa Omega.” “Did you know that Theodora’s Ring is missing?” asked Buxley. Cindy didn’t answer right away, no doubt as overwhelmed by the recent turn of events as I was. “Never mind that. We’ll talk this out with the other sorority leaders. They’re coming as we speak.” “Now? But what about classes? I got one at eight…” “This is more important than that. Something got loose on Biltmore Island, and if we don’t stop it…” Buxley stared down at the slight puff of her belly against her white blouse and black skirt. “… if we don’t stop it, the chaos that happened at that house party will happen again. And worse.” The four of them entered Central Hall, and let the double-doors shut behind them. So shocked was I at the unexpected turn of events that I leaned too hard against the trunk and shook a tree’s worth of raindrops from the fir leaves above me. “Shit,” I grumbled, hoping the drops wouldn’t soak to the skin. “Okay, think Jane, think.” They were going into Central Hall, possibly one of the harder places for me to just sneak into, especially with staff members who were looking for me. Then again, this was monumental. I didn’t know what sort of meeting they were about to have, but one thing was clear: they were onto me, and I needed to figure out just how close they were to the truth. So I needed to go in. What were my options? Climbing the drainage pipe was out of the question in broad daylight, not to mention how terrified I was last time I had to use it. The windows weren’t an option either with everyone entering their offices, and I knew that the back door was locked from the outside. That left one option: enter the front door and use the old bathroom-search trick. Still, I waited a full thirty seconds before cautiously ascending the steps to enter the heart of Biltmore College. There was no sign of Julia or my friends in the lobby, but bumping into Julia was the last thing I needed, so it was a good trade-off. Wait, were they friends…? “May I help you?” The girl at the front desk looked up from her homework, piercing me with her blue-eyed gaze from under blonde bangs. My jaw dropped at the sight of her, for she’d clearly put on quite a bit of weight in a very short time. She was clearly a victim of the fattening pound-bombs I’d left around Central Hall so many days ago. The sleeves of her yellow blouse were filled with softness that made her arms look like little pillows, and the deep cleavage of her engorged breasts plunged betwixt the straining buttons containing her chest. So tight was her blouse that little rolls of flesh that had grown under her bra were fully outlined. “Excuse me?” she frowned. “What do you need?” “Oh!” I blushed, trying to stare into her eyes. “Where’s the bathroom? I really need it.” “It’s staff only,” she shook her head and her breasts wobbled rebelliously against their cloth prison. “You’ll have to go to Delp Hall.” “Please…” I begged. Shit, I thought. I don’t have time for this. Time to improvise. The flick of my finger was fluid and natural, depositing an ounce of soda down her throat worth ten pounds. She leaned forward, gagging and wheezing as her hands clutched her neck. “W-what was that?” she gasped. Through fits of coughing, she started staring down towards her breasts, which jiggled with her every motion. “Wait, what’s happening?” The spacing between her buttons began to pry apart as the folds of fat on her sides bent outwards. Titty fat mounted upwards like orbs of bread dough. Her breasts were growing. “Ah… oh gawd…” she waved her hands uselessly as her hyperventilating strained her buttons to the limit, until – “Ah!” she gasped as a button popped free. Another followed suit. Meanwhile, I was rushing down the hall. “I gotta go!” I rushed upstairs. “It’s an emergency, okay? Bye!” “Psst!” Lost on the top floor of Central Hall, I glanced hurriedly for the source of the call. “Jane,” Emily’s voice called. “We’re over here…” She was waving at me from a bench outside the Dean’s office, sidled next to Cindy. If she was waving, the coast was clear, right? I walked over. “Emily, Cindy,” I knelt by their side to match our eye levels. “I looked all over for you…” “Shhh… it’s okay. We’re okay. Right, Cindy?” “We’re okay,” Cindy pursed her lips, hand over her new roll of belly fat. “So you followed us,” Emily pressed excitedly. “How did you not bump into that cop?” “Julia? I mean, uh… I guess if she left, she must’ve been going down the stairs while I was searching the second floor.” “Her name is Julia?” Cindy asked curiously. “Well, yeah,” I blushed as they both stared at me. “I met her when… when they took me from Jason’s room…” “We can talk about that later,” Emily grabbed my arm and leaned close. “Jane, you have to trust me on this one. The staff want us to be in a conference.” “A conference?” “Yeah. Right in that meeting room over there,” Emily gestured towards a closed door. “I feel like – I know that we’re going to be discussing everything that’s going on, but I’m not sure if you’re invited.” “Okay…” “That’s why I want you to hide under the conference table. Hide under there and listen.” My heart pounded so hard I could feel it in my neck. “Under the table?” “Don’t worry. Cindy and I went in there and saw everything. There’s enough room in there for you to hide as long as you stay in the centre. It’s a round table, you see.” “Yeah but… are you sure it’s safe?” “Jane. We have no time. Zoltan and Buxley are coming back from the Dean’s office any minute now and then they’ll see you. That table is the safest place for you! You have to go now!” A door creaked from the adjoining lobby. The teachers were about to leave the Dean’s office. “Okay,” I said quickly. “Here I go…” I scrambled for the conference room and ducked between the plush, black chairs to hide in the centre of the round table. The table’s neck was against my back, there were power cords tangled all around me, and I felt a thick layer of dust on my fingers, but if I tucked my legs in, there was no way anyone would be able to touch me. I was safe here. I sighed and stared at the open door just beyond the desk’s edge. Relatively safe. This idea of Emily’s was pretty bold. If they caught me down here, what would I need to say to stay out of trouble? My thoughts were interrupted by the sound of clacking heels. “What are you two here for?” two black pumps snaked into view, crowned with thin, towering calves in black stockings. I recognized that icy, condescending tone. The Dean was back. I vaguely remembered creating a hex in the chow hall that had shifted her entire weight amongst the student body. Now the tyrant was back as if nothing had happened, and apparently as stern as ever. “Oh!” Emily’s voice carried from the waiting room beyond. “Good afternoon, ma’am – I mean good morning.” “Cindy,” the Dean ignored Emily’s flubbing. “Back in my waiting room? What have you done this time?” “Uh… actually I haven’t –” “Stand up when I’m talking to you! That’s both of you. Why are you two in my waiting room?” “We’re here for a meeting…” “No meeting’s scheduled. There will be no club meetings in my conference room. Understand?” “But –” “I’m not done talking to you!” “See—” “I’m not done talking to you!” Son of a bitch! Just listening to her voice was making my sharpened teeth clench like a vice. Was there anyone I hated more than the Dean? I should’ve left her fat and helpless… then again, I did have a net profit in pounds income so large that I could “spend” a hundred of them in a day and still be in the black. So what harm was there in a little bit of fun? My feral grimace breaking into a devilish grin, I leaned my head down lower, demon-eyes tracing her calves from under the table, up her skirted thighs until her buttoned suit-jacket came into view. Her uniform had always been form-fitting, and it would be her downfall. I wished fifteen pounds of pudding directly into her slender stomach and waited for the magic to begin. “This waiting room is for appointments only,” Dean’s left heel grated against the floor for emphasis. “I don’t care if the secretary is gone. If she’s gone, you’re gone. You’ve already wasted a minute of my time…” The Dean’s skirt began to ride up her thighs, first by a centimetre, then a whole inch as the fabric struggled to contain the growing orbs of ass behind her. “Ma’am?” Emily risked breaking the silence. “Get out…” Dean muttered, then more firmly: “Get out of my –” “Hey, girl!” another voice sounded from the hallway. “Zoltan…” Dean grumbled. “These two are with us,” Zoltan said confidently. “Sorry for not emailing you; it’s a spur of the moment thing. You okay?” A tear in the Dean’s stockings traced down her outer thigh like a drop of cream, revealing her softening marble skin rising from within. “I’m alright, Miss Zoltan. Move. I’m already late.” With a hand on a budding belly bulge pressing against her skirt, the Dean made her exit. “Late? Late for what?” Zoltan asked. Her legs walked into view: black and muscular, and wearing only tennis shoes. “Never mind her, girls. She’s not one of us so she doesn’t know. Sorry for leaving you here alone.” “We’re okay,” Cindy answered. “What do you mean she’s not one of us?” asked Emily. “She’s human, right?” “Don’t worry, hun,” Zoltan said softly. “All of this will make sense once we start the meeting. We just have to swear you in first.” “An oath?” I could hear Emily inhale with excitement. “Let’s get into the conference room first. Buxley, have you got everyone?” “Just Brenda and Brooke so far.” “I see that, but what about the Sisters?” “They’re en route. Sent the emergency text ten minutes ago.” “Good to go… alright girls, come with me into the conference room and let’s get you all sworn in.”
  10. I mean, they don't even know who "the enemy" is, do they? That's what makes this all so risky.
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