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  1. Happy Thanksgiving! Get into bed with me to gobble down this rich holiday meal! I stuff all the traditional favorites into my greedy belly and for dessert I gorge on a decadent pecan pie while chatting about making a special Thanksgiving meal just for me and how fat I've gotten since the last time my family saw me.


  2. Happy Halloween Curvage friends! I am celebrating with a new clip!





  3. It's nearly the spookiest day of the year and to celebrate I decided to squash some... well... squash! I drop my heavy, hanging belly on 3 sizes of pumpkins and I show off my rolls while trying to flatten each jack-o-lantern. The fun doesn't stop there as I sit my fat ass and bounce on each one!


  4. It's been so long since I've had a chance to drop in and have some fun here with my curvage friends! I just uploaded a brand new clip! 


  5. It's great to be back Curvage friends! In this video I indulge in a delicious cream pie and show off my massively soft belly and chat about being fat and wanting to be fatter!


  6. Hello MissTasticakes I have a video idea that you may like it's about 3 minutes long and it's based on these 3 videos

    You start off with this YouTube video (https://youtu.be/FzwtTWab4qM) extended a bit to play with your bellybutton, then you transition to this other video (https://youtu.be/CXmeRjYCvFc), and then last to this video (https://youtu.be/AUYsOXC86_I) [timestamps 16:25-17:05, 35:25-35:40, 36:00-36:05] 

  7. I just released a new clip! Join me for some snacks and belly play! 



  8. In this video I pause for a little pastry and play time. I devour a chocolate filled croissant while showing off my huge tits and playing with my huge hanging belly! No talking- all eating and belly shaking and squeezing.


  9. Hey I hope you have a great day ! I was looking for buying a custom belly video, Dm me if interested

  10. In this video I flop and plop my huge flabby belly on a small table while wearing a sheer black top and jeans that fit better 50 pounds ago. It's impossible to miss a gut this big, but I make sure it is in full display for you. I'm so lucky the table didn't break, there were some close calls!


  11. In this video I sit down to eat a delicious icecream sundae and chat with you about how fat I've been getting-including my experience of my wide ass being too big to sit in a seat at a concert! Come have a sexy, sweet snack with this piggy while I bounce and rub my huge belly in a very tight bra and if you look closely you might even spot my panties under all of my over flowing lard 😘


  12. It's hot out! Come have a popsicle with me in my newest clip! 


  13. It's sooooo hot out!!! I needed a popsicle but my belly is just so big and bouncy I can't help but jump on the bed to see all of my waves of fat in motion. I don't do a great job of keeping cool- I am sweating, huffing and puffing out of breathe in no time! Oh well, it's hard to chill out with a belly this big and hot!


  14. I'm looking pretty soft and jiggly in my newest clip! 

  15. It's a sunny Saturday morning and I am feeling so soft and jiggly in these tiny shorts and sports bra. You get a view from below as I shimmy and shake, showing off my huge hanging belly and thick thighs. I show off and shake my fat ass and bounce around so you can get an eye full of all this lard in action. There's no speaking in this video ( just ambient sound), all showing my doughy body.


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