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  1. I was feeling frisky for lunch so I made a video, it should be coming to you soon!!!🤩

    Screenshot_20200210-124437_Video Player.jpg

    Screenshot_20200210-124530_Video Player.jpg

  2. In this video I stuff my face with corn dogs, soda and chips as I gradually let all of my sexy rolls hang out! Have lunch with me while I work on expanding all of these curves.


  3. The planets must have aligned because this weekend you dont just get one video- but TWO. Wet & Wild is already available and I have another one coming today! That's just how much I've missed sharing this soft belly with ya'll. 😘

    Screenshot_20200207-082905_Video Player.jpg

    Screenshot_20200207-082818_Video Player.jpg

    Screenshot_20200207-082755_Video Player.jpg

    1. regbill


      Your soft belly, and curves, are thing of absolute beauty.😍

  4. In this video I lay back and lotion up my soft, flabby belly and squeeze and fondle all of my sexy fat while chatting with you about how much bigger and fatter I want to be, even to immobility! So get cozy with me and listen to my fat fantasies!


  5. I have something new coming soon! 

    Screenshot_20200206-134527_Video Player.jpg

    Screenshot_20200206-133636_Video Player.jpg

    Screenshot_20200206-134410_Video Player.jpg

    1. biggerisbetter97


      Sexy as ever 😍

  6. In this video I get a little wet and wild in my tub! I wear a white crop top with a lacey bra which only gets better as I start to pour water all over myself so that I can show off my big tits and jiggly bits!


  7. I hope everyone is having a fabulous New Year! I am a little late but I have a very festive video coming soon! Cheers curvage friends! 🤩

    Screenshot_20191226-144044_Video Player.jpg

    Screenshot_20191226-144929_Video Player.jpg

  8. I love the holidays and in this video I celebrate by wearing my favorite holiday sweater and pigging out on fast food! And what Christmas is complete without a few cookies for dessert? Join me in putting on a few pounds just in time for the new year!


  9. Something new is coming soon...😘

    Screenshot_20191217-134156_Video Player.jpg

    Screenshot_20191217-133554_Video Player.jpg

    1. amd123


      Looking cute in them panties

  10. In this video I celebrate my thick thunder thighs! You get a view from below of all of my most jiggly bits while I wear white panties and a WAY too tiny lacey white bra. I love squeezing and shaking all of my sexy, supple fat and it is so much fun to let you watch!


  11. In this video I model some of my tiniest tank tops from when I was much, much thinner. I love squeezing into my old tight clothes and seeinf how much bigger I have gotten! I enjoy playing with my soft belly while showing off all of my rolls!


  12. As a part 2 to my last video (fighting fit to flabby fat chat) I did a little mini workout! I did some jumping jacks and squats to show just where my fitness level is now! The first part of the video features all of my fat bouncing and jiggling as I jump and leaves me out of breath and sweating! The second half shows me doing jumping jacks in slow motion so you can really appreciate all that flying fat!


  13. In this video I am scantily clad in a bra and panties and talk about the long gone days of when I was a fit martial arts instructor and how much better being fat and flabby is now!


  14. It qas long overdue for me to enjoy a little stuffing session and I figured I would share with my curvage peeps. My new video is coming out soon! 

    Screenshot_20190618-101233_Video Player.jpg

    Screenshot_20190618-101439_Video Player.jpg

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