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  1. I busted out the funnel for my newest video!!! 



  2. In this video I fill up a funnel with a weight gain shake to send all those calories straight to my swelling belly. My cheetah print sports bra and tiny athletic shorts are stretched to the max as I add more to my rolls and curves! I love showing off my huge hanging belly while gulping down every drop!


  3. I make a BIG bunny! I have a new video out now!!! 




  4. It's almost Easter so I donned my bunny ears to give you a bouncy belly show. I love showing off how jiggly and wobbly my growing body has become, my pink panties can barely stretch enough to hold my fat ass in especially when I start shaking and shimmying!


  5. I made a video that almost didn't see the light of day but luckily I was able to save some of it it and I am excited to share it with you guys!!! 



    1. Miikey


      That's great news!

    2. biggerisbetter97


      Wow it's amazing watching you stuff, you eat like a hog and it's so sexy. Are you open to making customs?

  6. This video was almost lost forever because of technical difficulties, but lucky for me (and you!!!) I was able to rescue some of it!!! I sit down with a whole angel food cake to stuff and satisfy my huge, heavy belly. I love playing with my jiggly, round belly while stuffing my sinfully greedy mouth with heavenly light cake. I hope you enjoy watching a fat girl like me blissfully pig out! Because the video cuts short I am giving it a special price! My loss is your gain- no pun intended lol.


  7. Oops I got sooooo fat!!! 🐽


    1. Thatlldoodunkeh


      Fucking love it baby <3!!

    2. Chimaira10


      This is fricking hot 🥵🤩🥰 

  8. I just realize you followed me back! Thank you so much it means a lot!<3

  9. Something new is coming soon! 🤩 😘



    1. WhoDat


      omg you are so swollen! Can't wait for the update! WTG 

  10. It's a new year and I am fatter than ever after blimping up over the holidays. In this video I measure my thickest bits, sometimes struggling to get around my wobbly rolls. I talk about my BMI, my newest and biggest pair of pants, and show off my huge hanging belly while I wonder what another 100 pounds would be like.


  11. My new video is now available! This poor waist trainer never stood a chance....






  12. Burger vs waist trainer! Keep your eyes peeled to find out who wins in my newest video, coming soon! 


  13. My best friend gave me a waist trainer with the best of intentions.... but my fat, hanging belly just can't be tamed! I struggle to squeeze myself into this waist trainer but I am so fat I keep busting through the zippers! Luckily double cheeseburgers never let me dow.... but those last few bites are too much for the poor waist trainer to handle!!!!


  14. I have a new video freshly approved! 🤩🐷



  15. In this video I hop into the shower in a tight T shirt to get wet and wild. I shimmy and shake to show off my bouncing rolls as I get soaked! I strip down to just my bta and panties so you can get a better look at all my curves 😉


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