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  1. I have been eating soooooo good lately! I decided to share the love and stuff my face full of Mcdonalds and chat about fat in my newest video! 


  2. In this video I get cozy in bed with my fuzzy hat and my very tight winter leggings and stuff my face with McDonald's breakfast. While I eat I show off my huge belly and chat about being fat and getting fatter!


  3. It has been a while since I squeezed into some old work out clothes and attempted a fitness video! Watch me huff, puff and break a sweat while I struggle through some beginner's aerobics!


  4. Trick or Treat, spiders and sweets! I hope you all had a great Halloween! 



    1. biggerisbetter97


      I've never been so jealous of a spider! Big titty goth queen 🔥🔥🔥

  5. My new video is available now! 


  6. In this video I stuff my face with a plateful of cherry blintz and whipped cream. I love to show off my huge hanging belly while stuffing butter drenched desserts into myself knowing it's adding to my growing curves!


  7. How do you like the view in my new video? 😘


    1. Miikey


      Judging by the teaser screenshots, I absolutely love it!💖

  8. In this video I play with my huge hanging belly and show off just how wobbly and jiggly every hefty pound is as I hop and bounce while you watch from below!


  9. How did I get such a big muffin top? LOTS of muffins of course lol! I have a new video available now! 


    1. Miikey


      I always love seeing new content from you!💖

  10. In this video I show off my huge growing belly and rolls while eating muffins with my wide booty perched on my dresser. It does a tremendous job holding up my weight while I stuff muffins in my face while I make fat chit chat with you and show off my ample curves. I think I spot some new stretchmarks! Can you? 😘


  11. My newest video is available now! Take little break for some belly jiggle and shake 😘Check it out here!




    1. biggerisbetter97


      So much belly!!

  12. Sometimes life is busy and hectic but after working hard everyone deserves a little break. Come sit back and relax while I play with my sumptuously soft fat belly. It's always nice to stop and appreciate the things you love which just happens to be poking, proving, shaking and jiggling my ample hanging gut. This video doesn't feature a lot of chat, it's mostly all belly... which is something lots of people say about me too 😉


  13. In this video I stuff pancakes into my greedy mouth while sitting on a chair that seems to be getting smaller and smaller as my ass gets fatter and fatter! Light fat chat while I eat, squeeze and jiggle my huge hanging belly and expanding rolls.


  14. What's better than kicking back to relax and eat cupcakes? In my new video I do just that while jiggling my soft belly! https://curvage.org/forum/index.php?/files/file/15021-cupcakes-in-bed/


    1. biggerisbetter97


      This is shot beautifully! Your porcelain skin, pale underwear, and white sheets all match so well. You look angelic 💕

  15. In this video I lay back, weighed down by my huge heavy belly and snack on sugary sweet cupcakes. I love jiggling and squeezing my soft sexy fat while I add more calories to my expanding figure. This video doesn't have a lot of talking while there is lots of belly play to feast your eyes on while I fatten up.


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