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  1. My new video is now available! This poor waist trainer never stood a chance....






  2. Burger vs waist trainer! Keep your eyes peeled to find out who wins in my newest video, coming soon! 


  3. My best friend gave me a waist trainer with the best of intentions.... but my fat, hanging belly just can't be tamed! I struggle to squeeze myself into this waist trainer but I am so fat I keep busting through the zippers! Luckily double cheeseburgers never let me dow.... but those last few bites are too much for the poor waist trainer to handle!!!!


  4. I have a new video freshly approved! 🤩🐷



  5. In this video I hop into the shower in a tight T shirt to get wet and wild. I shimmy and shake to show off my bouncing rolls as I get soaked! I strip down to just my bta and panties so you can get a better look at all my curves 😉


  6. Tonight only! 25% off my newest video 😘


  7. Flash sale! Today only! Get my newest video 25% off!!! 



  8. This poor tiny shirt will never be squeezed into again lol! I hope you guys like my new video as much as I do! 




    1. Miikey


      You've gained so much you look as big as you did when you were pregnant!

  9. I sacrificed a tiny T-shirt to make this super fun video!!! It is available now !🤩





    1. henke26


      goodbye shirt😆

  10. In this video I try on an itty bitty shirt from when I was skinny and squeeze into it. But it is so small I decide to cut myself out of it, releasing my luscious rolls a little at a time until all of my chubby bits are free!


  11. I was feeling sick on Halloween but I didn't forget to give my curvage friends a little treat (Halloween candy tastes just as good a little late after all). I have a new video available now!!!




    1. ms06zaku


      You are looking enormous 

    2. henke26
  12. In this video I play hide and seek with my trick ot treats! I have candy hidden in my luscious fat rolls and I want to eat them before they melt! Enjoy the view while I snack and show off for you!


  13. Have you seen my new video? 👀 I look pretty fat lol




  14. I love trying on my old clothes to see just how much fatter I have gotten! I stretch these jeans to the absolute limit trying to squeeze my fat ass into them!!! I think it's so sexy to see how much I've outgrown my clothes and I hope you think so to 😉


  15. I'm so excited to share this video with you all! I hope ya'll like it as much as I do! 



    1. biggerisbetter97


      Loved it! Your body is incredible, love seeing so much of it

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