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  1. JohnSpartan17

    Christina Andrew

    Love this video! Shows the signs of a hot athletic girl giving in , slowly letting the fat build up on her body, get chubby, fat rolls and blossoming . Not caring what the world thinks. She looks better as a big girl.
  2. JohnSpartan17

    Kelsey Olson Plus Size Model

  3. JohnSpartan17

    Audrey Littie

  4. JohnSpartan17

    Kristen Plati

    Plump arms, cute potbelly, wide hips. She has no muscle tone left and looks adorable letting herself go and relishing in her new plush figure. She must be at least 200lbs, and is loving it. I’ll take a chubby brunette all day, right @Lardmeister? 😂
  5. JohnSpartan17

    Kristen Plati

  6. JohnSpartan17

    Lexi Placourakis

  7. JohnSpartan17

    Office Girls Porking up

    Had a girl at work and I’ve been noticing her growing potbelly in the last several weeks and it’s so hot. anyone else have similar stories ?
  8. JohnSpartan17

    Jessica Lauren

  9. JohnSpartan17

    Ruby Roxx

    Gotta love that soft untoned midriff 😊
  10. JohnSpartan17

    Kali Williamson

  11. JohnSpartan17

    Gia Sinatra

  12. JohnSpartan17

    Gia Sinatra

    Omg love this. Any remains of a once athletic figure is now gone! She looks so much better chubby and with the weight! Would love to see her on the beach !
  13. JohnSpartan17

    Tara Lynn