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  1. Hey yea this was inspired by a recent event.
  2. http://www.ipmmodels.com/talent/jessica-milagros-91960/62913 Worth a look
  3. Hey guys I’m trying to get into more writing . Please let me know your feedback, it would help me a lot ! Ski Athlete Fattens Up Nicole has a killer body, at least 2 years ago! The tiresome masters curriculum and arduous 7-3 teaching job had tired her out, and produced some unintended effects to her former fit ski body. Looking in the mirror, she use have gained at least 25 pounds since then. Not only was she sporting a cute double chin, her breasts had certainly grown and become gorgeous DDs. Her arms tho had softened up nicely, gone of any former muscle tone. Her flat toned stomach had accumulated cute rolls and a soft belly pooch, which now when she stripped down to her sports bra were noticeable m. The worst effects were here large butt and thighs which jiggled furiously with cellulite with each step. Thunder thighs were definitely an issue for her. She sighed as she compared herself now to the fit girls in the gym walking around in the locker room then. One of her close friends, Sarah, was a trainer there and they had always were fierce competitors in high school athletics . She jokingly came over and teased her and prodded her cute potbelly. “Someone’s been getting a little fat”!, she said gleefully. She had really relished the fact that she had gotten the upper hand finally on her formerly fit friend, seeing her new chubby body in her underwear in all her glory, which did no favors to hide the extent of her gain. The worst part was some of her teacher friends had encouraged her gain. Formerly fit, but now chubby hotties themselves; they had made sure that Nicole had a substantial stream of food and alcohol that helped her sport her new “plus sized look”.
  4. https://www.swimsuitsforall.com/gabifresh-swimsuits-for-all-collection?homepage=spotlight3 https://youtu.be/bLoy3GT07I0
  5. https://www.swimsuitsforall.com/gabifresh-swimsuits-for-all-collection?homepage=spotlight3
  6. Love this, where’s you find this ?
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