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  1. Hey so what did you guys think of chapter 2? And what would you like to see in chapter 3?
  2. Great weight gain photo
  3. Ski Athlete Fattens Up Part 2 In order to take a break from school and do something fun, Nicole decided to head on over to the town pool club. Little did she know she would see her former classmate, Isabelle. Isabelle was a hot Latina , the most popular girl in high school 6 years ago. She was a fit cheerleader, who had a toned core and a body like JLO. However, things had changed since then.She ended up getting married earlier on to a successful businessman and didn’t have to try to hard in school and career wise after that. And the results were beginning to show. She strolled in on her orange bikini, and looked amazing to Nicole. She had our put on at least 40 pounds and was now a full fledged bbw. She had long curly auburn hair that cascaded over her ripe, full checks where, right above was a cute double chin that was beginning to form. Below that were gorgeous breast’s, DDs. Then things became more...interesting.Her once flat stomach now bulged over her orange bikini briefs as she sat down, bulging into beautiful fat rolls that spilled outward, complemented by gorgeous love handles that one could firmly grasp. Her butt had exploded in cellulite and her thighs were huge as well. Lastly her feet hadn’t even gone unscathed, and were also chubby feet to match the rest of her body.Nicole at that moment found herself no longer judgmental, but at peace with the extra weight on her own body. Isabelle causally was reading the paper, and seemed to be relishing her gorgeous and soft curves. She adjusted her bikini briefs a couple times and rubbed sun tan lotion on her cute belly pooch and her deepened navel. Nicole heard rumors Isabelle was part of a curvy clique of girls. Interested to learn more, Nicole started walking over to Isabelle’s pool chair. Ski Athlete Fattens Up Part 2 by johnspartan17 on @DeviantArt https://www.deviantart.com/johnspartan17/art/Ski-Athlete-Fattens-Up-Part-2-799513713
  4. So is Ariana getting kinda fat or is it just me? If anyone else has more photos of her from this target plus swim spread please post them !
  5. If anyone wants to chat about this and other hot plus models blowing up hit me up !
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