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  1. Is that cute potbelly I spot? ❤️
  2. Omg look at that fat belly ! 😂 I love it ! She is so chubby !
  3. A lot of Jovanna albino but some great ones of hunter looking huge !
  4. https://www.wilhelmina.com/browse/los_angeles/women/curve/LA_Curve/LA_Polaroids/neutral/none/lizzie-miller-28732
  5. New plus model I found on her friends looking absolutely gorgeous and chubby for all to see. BBWs. This is how real women should look like! They absolutely put on a ton of weight and give 0 fs how fat they look. They look beautiful 😊
  6. New chapter is here ! Let me know what you all think! If anyone is interested in chatting hit me up! Here’s s link to my chubby girl Instagram ! Ski Athlete Fattens Up Part 4 The teacher party was more fun than Nicole expected. All the girls hung out in their bikinis, including Nicole. To Nicole’s disbelief, everyone was sporting quite plump bodies! The Spanish teacher clique , most of them had large breasts, plump arms, and big bellies that were spilling out of their bikinis! And surprisingly to Nicole, she found that they looked quite..., hot! She saw just a different type of beautiful than what you saw in celebrity culture, obsessing over diets and being stick thin. At that moment she stopped sucking in her fit, which fell resplendently into her lap as she was sitting down. She def know had a keg of a belly with beautiful fat rolls and love handles by her side. Isabelle came by to check on Nicole, smiling at her progress. She had been secretly rooting for Nicole to plump up, and never forced her. But made sure to introduce her to her own calories indulgent lifestyle to her and saw it was treating Nicole well! “So I got a confession to make; I think your really hot”. And I kinda dig you being a chubby chick,” Isabelle said. Isabelle sat down, both were pretty drunk at this point. Nicole was taken by surprise and didn’t know what to say for a couple seconds. Then drew closer and kissed Isabelle! And made out with her! Nicole was astonished...that she liked it! Her tongue intertwined with Isabelle’s and both girls’ explored each other’s newly formed fat covering their bodies! Nicole woke up in her bed the next morning to a string of texts with photos of the girls from nights antics. The Spanish teachers clique apparently loved taking pictures, which they often used to joke and tease each other regarding their own weight gain! All in good fun, never in a snide way! Obviously they were very comfortable in their own bodies! But Nicole was amazed to see beautiful pics of them all, and was shocked to see more of her and Isabelle , having fun! Touching kissing! And best of all, they seemed to be relishing in each other’s gain! Isabelle made a pretend shocked face in one as she grabbed Nicole’s plump belly,. Another photo showed Nicole showcasing Isabella’s fat rolls as if she was Vanna White revealing a new car ! Another one showed both the girls laying it down. Where there would have been skin and bone many many months ago, it was replaced by beautiful thick rolls of fat , their midriffs clearly now expanded. This was complement on their backside by beautiful back rolls and their buttocks, which had seriously taken on some poundage. Nicole was slightly surprised at her gain, but loving it! This past summer was amazing as she weighed herself and out on 40 pounds! The funny part was Isabella who lay in bed right next to Nicole, was close to 200lbs. She quietly rolled over and whispered in Nicole’s ear, “It won’t be long before you weigh as much as me”. 😉
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