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  1. Here’s the video i just love how fat she has gotten, it is so hot. Look how she tries to suck in her tummy lol. Looks like those heels are straining to hold her up 😃
  2. Yea does anyone know where these pics came from ?
  3. https://us-m.yoins.com/Plus-Size-Multicolor-Print-Square-Neck-Sleeveless-Swimwear-p-1670825.html?currency=USD&ID=516112&utm_ho=18-65&ad_id=23845113925940427
  4. She is getting big! Check it out https://www.fabletics.com/womens/plus-size
  5. Right ?! Look at that belly And those love handles !
  6. Nadia’s gotten fat! I just love the pic of Her in the yellow swimsuit which shows her belly clearly spilling out! And look how plump her cheeks and upper arms have gotten!
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