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  1. How about Cornbread? Many grocery stores sell big slabs in the bakery section.
  2. Welcome aboard. There are general discussion topics down towards the bottom of the forum list.
  3. Have you tried Lasagna?
  4. We also want you to be the fattest woman in Columbia
  5. I think you'll do fine, and if you think you aren't curvy enough, we'll encourage you until you are.
  6. If you can only fill 2 seats, then you still have work to do. On the plus side you can use your belly as a tray table
  7. Very nice! You'll do just fine here.
  8. Since people come in different heights, I prefer to think about it in percentage of body fat, in which I'd say that I think women look best between 66-75% body fat in general, though there are exceptions.
  9. Have you tried the Australian band "All India Radio"? Not to be confused with the radio station from India
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