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  1. When you model for photoshoots, do your tattoos complicate things?
  2. The good news is your body will adapt and get used to having that much food stuffed inside you so it'll be pretty easy by the end of the 30 days The better news is, after 30 days of this normal eating will make you feel empty and unsatisfied so you'll just have to keep eating 10K days and balloon bigger and bigger.
  3. mrletters


    I was really into legos as a kid but the blocks were pretty basic compared to today. I gave all my legos to my son who makes all kinds of crazy things out of them including coin operated vending machines and train stations. My daughter wants to start building too but her hands aren't quite strong enough for the small bricks just yet. Soon though.
  4. Welcome to the crew. You'll do fine here
  5. Did you feel like you hit a milestone when the bottom of your tummy was resting on the seat in front of you while sitting up straight?
  6. Welcome to the good ship curvage
  7. mrletters

    Bloated Af

    She was active here on Women of Curvage for a while. Try searching in there
  8. I can't wait to see you sitting in your car filling all the space between the center console and the door, belly on the steering wheel seat pushed back barely able to reach the pedals.
  9. If you get too tan, you can plump up some more. Stretching your belly out will spread out the color molecules and make you look pale again. *ships couch queen a tanning bed*
  10. Wow you have an amazing figure!
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