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  1. Until your hips touch door frames. Until your belly pushes the steering wheel until you an barely reach the pedals of your car. Until people ask you when the triplets are due. Until each boob is bigger than your head.
  2. Wow she's beautiful. That smile of hers just melts me.
  3. I look at these pictures and my first thought is, wow you're so big and curvy. But then I notice how small your head looks in comparison and I realize just how incredibly massive your body really is. Soon you'll be a jacuzzi of fat luscious femininity waiting for someone to swim around in your softness.
  4. I'd like to see you stuck in a door frame. But if that's not possible at 500 pounds, then I'll wait until 600 or 750 when it does happen.
  5. We look forward to watching those buttons on your shirt pop open
  6. Maybe she likes being unrecognizable?
  7. That's great. Sitting around means more calories go into filling up that fat body instead of burning them as heat and motion.
  8. I've only ever seen your content on curvage, and I'm not sure how long ago. Just noticed your postings here. Started out interesting but I started watching more closely as you grew. Love that huge round belly and how it blends in with your plump hips and thighs. The best part of the journey is that you genuinely enjoy it.
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