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  1. I really hope you film something together the first night in Oct!!
  2. Ok, on second thought it will be the most mind blowing experience to wait that long - how much did you weigh the last time he saw you in person?
  3. He is going to miss out on like 30+ lbs of your gain though! 😩
  4. How the hell is your feeder able to go so long without seeing you?!! If I was your feeder I'd be on the next plane with a one way ticket - screw covid lol
  5. Submitting my questions early in the event that I'm not able to make it this afternoon: I remember you said that you haven't felt hunger in a while because your feeder keeps you perpetually stuffed. Is it hard to eat when you're constantly feeling full? How do you think you'll respond to your family's and doctor's reaction when they see you double your weight in less than a year? Have you rehearsed what you're going to say? Do you enjoy struggling to do simple tasks and feeling breathless from being out of shape or do you prefer the ease of being more quick & agile like during your fitness days? Do you think you'd still be gaining if you hadn't found a feeder? Is he the reason you decided to stick it out this time around?
  6. Not only are you a wonderful role model for aspiring feedees, with your new womanly curves you could also win over the multitudes of people out there who have been brainwashed by society to believe that fat is unattractive! If they were to see your transformation there's no way they could deny your beauty at 185+ lbs
  7. So sorry to hear you had a bad day at work:( When is your last day? Will you be able to visit your feeder more often once you stop working? I know how effective those visits are so sure hope so! It's amazing you've managed to gain over sixty pounds without very many stretchmarks - though those tiny ones you have are incredibly sexy!
  8. Glad to see she's still eating well - she looks amzing as always!
  9. I second this request! Would be mind blowing if you and Mary/chubbychiquita could do a collab! I'm pretty sure she likes feeding women and would be game - In one of her videos she was in the feeder role and it was unbelievably hot
  10. I actually think she looks more like a young plump Gwen Stefani 😍
  11. Speaking of butts, @Candii_Kayn has developed such a beautifully shaped booty. From behind, her waist looks narrow which makes her ass look even more ripe and round 😍 I honestly can't remember seeing such a delectable bottom before.
  12. It's all about the shape of the thighs and hips for me. Gender: Cisfemale Height: 5'2" to 5'11" Shoulders: wide Chest: n/a Waist: Smaller than chest and/or hips (hourglass, even if small chested) Hips and Butt: Wide hips and big booty Arms: Chubby Legs: Thick to massive Skin tone: n/a Hair: Long Eye color: n/a @BloatedBarbie is my ideal woman
  13. My prediction is that she will be 225 by Halloween. nearly 250 by Christmas, and 300 lbs in less than one year from now. Unless her feeder allows her to chug heavy cream in which case those dates would be way off lol
  14. So incredibly hot that you're going to wake up at least a pound heavier as a result of that cake shake! 😍
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