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  1. Fat distribution can be affected by the type of food you consume, - trans fats, for example, can lead to more belly fat. But if you don't have the genetic tendency to gain belly fat you probably won't end up with a big belly. Some women gain mostly in the hips/thighs. I also heard that the rate of gain (how fast you gain) can affect belly fat as well but not sure if this is true or not.
  2. She posts vids on her free snap but only adds people she knows
  3. The men on the show are so enthusiastic about their girlfriends fat bodies it's definitely going to be a major eye opener for a lot of people. They made a lot of sexual innuendos basically referring to their girlfriends fat as being a huge turn on and made remarks like "I actually wish she was bigger" etc. This will be shocking to hear for most as the women are already like 500 lbs
  4. The key is getting women addicted to hyper palatable food. As long as people keep eating fast food & other processed junk food, the obesity rate will climb.
  5. Anorexic bmi starts at 17.5, yet most models fall at or below that range which is really disturbing. Kendall Jenner wouldn't be considered overweight until she reached 175 lbs (she's currently more like 115 lbs). When society thinks it's totally fine for models to be that skinny, the whole system is bound to be fucked lol
  6. Her BMI is 30.7 which means she's currently hovering on the edge of obesity
  7. Rapid gains can sometimes be the result of health conditions (esp those involving hormonal imbalances) & a side effect from certain medications.
  8. I didn't even notice that lol what a shame
  9. No idea if she's gained but she definitely looks bigger lately
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