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    Such a hot video! She really let's it all hang out and leaves very little to the imagination. Her body has just become this huge blob of fat and it is sooo sexy to see all of her rolls bursting out of this skimpy bikini.
    Super sexy belly play! She plops that massive mound up on the counter and you can see that there is no muscle or anything in there anymore, just pure fat. Every little touch sends waves of fat that ebb and flow across her belly like a vast ocean. She way she kneads it reminds you of a huge ball of dough, spilling out across the counter and in between her fingers while she grabs into it. This hypnotizing display is accompanied by some great, sexy commentary about how big and heavy she is, and her excitement to grow even bigger. Best belly on this site!
  1. Jeez Mochii youre growing so fast. You look like youll be able to reach 300 pounds within 100 days of starting this. Truly a historical moment in gaining history
    Super sexy video where we get to see her show off her incredible body in a super thin little crop top, which gets soaking wet and leaves nothing to the imagination. She shows off her whole figure with a few great angles, from those huge tits to that massive belly. There's a shot towards the end that I love where that giant belly is pooling out around her, and those big breasts are just draping over it. The slightest movement makes her entire body ebb and flow like a sea of sexy fatness. Awesome video, super fun, super sexy, very fair price!
    Really sexy video where she tries on a couple old tops that can barely squeeze past her huge boobs. And it's priced very fairly! It's super hot to see just how much she has grown since she started gaining. And her belly is looking bigger than ever here! Always happy to see you post!
    The legend is back, and she looks bigger than ever! This is a super sexy video with a whole lot of Tasticakes jiggling her growing body, playing with all of her fat, and showing off a lot of new looking stretch marks! It is accompanied by a fantastic fat chat going into a lot of detail about what it's like to go from an extremely fit and health-focused karate instructor, to now being over double the size and as lazy as possible. It is amazing to hear her talk about this completely contrary lifestyle, and compare it to where she is now. It is even nicer to hear her say how just how much she loves being this big, lazy, and fat. All while she is showing off her beautiful body and that big sexy belly in a bra and underwear that can barely support all of that beauty. This is a great video, and very cheap. Incredibly sexy content, in both the dialogue and the show she puts on for us. I highly recommend adding this clip to your library.
  2. Damn just reading all those foods made me hungry, no wonder how you got so big! You've mentioned a few times that you're not really into gaining weight exactly, but are more interested in increasing the size of your body. Can you try to explain what you think is different between somebody wanting to gain weight, and somebody wanting to grow bigger?
    Another amazing stuffing session! This time there's not even an intro, as soon as the camera turns on she immediately starts stuffing her face with McDonalds. The shorts she's wearing are barely able to stay closed, and her massive belly is tightly pushed up and bulging over her pants. She ravenously devours burger after burger without saying a word, completely devoted to the food in front if her. Eventually it becomes too much and she takes off her pants, and we get an incredible view of all the new fat she has been packing on to her figure. With the new found room in her belly she goes right back to gorging herself. By the time she's done she is panting and out of breath, she tries to put her shorts back on, but to no success. In only one meal she managed to outgrow something that (barely) fit her only 15 minutes ago! But I think what makes this video for me is the context behind it. For the past few weeks this girl has been pushing her body to the limit trying to get as fat as possible, and you can really see the effects of it here. After an entire week of binging close to 10K Calories every day, she recently started chugging copious amounts of soda to stretch out her stomach and make room for huge meals like this one. Then, right before this video, she had another massive McDonalds stuffing, which seems to have gotten her addicted to being fully of greasy, fatty food. Now, here, we see that first thing in the morning the only thing on her mind is stuffing herself full once again. It is so hot to see her hunger growing, slowly taking control of her life, while she becomes hopelessly addicted to her cravings and indulging in them. Great vid! Awesome stuffing, great belly play throughout, and she is lookin HUGE here!
    This is an amazing Q&A video! For starters, the outfit she's wearing is cute as fuck. Watching her big belly jiggle back and forth under that tight top is very alluring. Especially with her new HD camera! Secondly, it's also a soda chug video, with measurements! Great value! But my favorite part of the video is listening to her talk in depth about her gaining. She answers several questions, and gives each of them very detailed answers. Topics include why she enjoys gaining, and what motivates her to keep growing. She talks about how much bigger she wants to get, and how her original goal has grown over time. We hear about things that have become more difficult at her new size, and she even tells if she ever regrets making her body grow so big (and her answer probably wont surprise you )! Along with these are several other questions about her body and size. And in between each of them she is chugging soda like a champ. She talks about how she is training her stomach to increase its capacity, in order to try bigger stuffings in the future 😍😍😍 By the end if the video she has literally added inches to waistline in not even 20 minutes. Incredible! We have the pleasure of some HD belly play close up, where we can admire all the new weight on her figure. Throughout the video we also get an awesome view of those incredible thighs. Whenever she lifts up her shirt, her massive belly pours out on front of her, and it looks bigger than it ever has before. You can really see all the hard work she's been putting into it the past few days. Great video and great value, you really get everything with this one. Sexy outfit, measurements, chugging, burping (and sneezes), and a really in depth talk about gaining and why she does it. Highly recommend for anybody who enjoys the more personable parts of gaining.
    This is a really impressive stuffing video! After spending the past day chugging a bunch of soda in order to stretch out her stomach, she gets a huge meal from McDonalds(intended for three people!) to test out her new capacity. She devours nearly the entire thing (almost 3000 Calories) in like fifteen minutes! The last five minutes of the video are her showing off her distended belly, as she finishes the last of the meal. Every time the camera cuts, you see her huge belly swelling even bigger as it digests all that food. I think my favorite thing about this video is its simplicity. A lot of the video is just her eating, and eating, and eating. She ravenously stuffs her face, having the next bite of food ready before she even swallows the last one. She becomes so lost in her meal, that you get the idea that this is exactly how she would be eating even if the camera wasn't rolling. It's like a window into her gluttony. Other great things about this video are the improved camera quality, and great angles of her belly. Near the end of video when she rolls up her top, we find out just how much belly that shirt was hiding. She looks huge, bigger than shes ever been! And we get great angles showing off all the new rolls and stretchmarks. Overall, huge stuffing, good belly play, cute hiccups/burps/sneezes, and one big, bloated guineapig!
    An amazing start to Auora's career on curvage, this video gives us a taste of the great gains that are yet to come. We can see just how good this girl is at getting fat while we watch her try to wear a pair of jeans that fit only two months ago. Starting with an amazing view of her scantily clad body (that doesn't leave much to the imagination 😍), her growing belly gets squished and forced over her pants as they are slowly, tightly forced up her legs. We can really see how much she has let herself go in only the past few weeks as her fat swallows the entire waistline of her barely-buttoned jeans. We can only imagine how much faster she is going to grow with the support of her husband, and this community, enabling her to give in to her deepest desires. This is a great (and cheap!) first clip to look back on and compare to the coming months and years of auora's gain. We'll be able to really admire how dedicated she has become to being fat and how much tinier she used be, as she accelerates her already impressive 10 lbs / month of growth!
    Amazing! The exciting conclusion of her 7 day speed gain! In this we get a full set of measurement that take us up and down her entire body, as well as some great fat talk about how each part of her has been changing and growing with the new weight. This video is amazing for anybody who wants to watch a girl get fatter before their very eyes, and loving every inch of it! You can see how excited she is to be growing so fast. Now, don't expect anything insane compared to the measurements in part one, this is only the difference over one week. But anybody that knows anything about how the human body works will be extremely impressed at how much dedication, commitment, and shear gluttony that it takes to make nearly every aspect of your body grow by a few centimeters over the course of 7 days! It's actually kind of insane And of course, the pricing on this is dirt cheap. Let me know what other model uploads every possible measurement of their body for only $5! This is a great steal to compare to every other video of hers with measurements in it, just to really appreciate what this girl is doing to her body!
  3. Congratulations on 100 posts here! It's amazing to see how far you've come, can't wait to see how far you'll go! You grow girl!











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      Oh wow!!!! It is quite amazing to see it! Have a long way to go but Im happy with how its going 🐷

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