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  1. In the pub tonight and came across two chavy girls who had either had a recent gain or who simply didn't care. One wore a too small velour tracksuit giving her an obvious muffin top and showing a sliver of belly over the waistband. The other was squeezed into low rise jeans at least a size too small and a tank top revealing a deep belly button outline and a significant overhang as her jeans cut into her lower belly. No pics unfortunately but worth a share!
  2. Just a tiny but delicious sighting from today: Sat in traffic and happened to glance left into the pub car park next to me, only to see a young mum squeezed into painted on jeans causing a big enough muffin top to hold up her jumper and reveal a few delicious inches of pale wobbly love handle. Either a recent gain or totally in denial!
  3. I posted one recently in the delectable observations thread about an old teacher who was a big woman (maybe a UK size 20-22) who got pregnant and grew a huge belly which she used to show off in under bump trousers & short tight tops that rode up showing her stretchmarks and the fatty underbelly that she retained below her bump. I also remember an instance where she unbuttoned her really tight grey trousers in class (before she got pregnant). I also remember a trainee music teacher who must have had a recent gain as all her trousers were too tight giving her a delicious muffin top that showed through the clingy jumpers she used to love wearing
  4. @allgrownup thanks, not so much broken as just totally abandoned! Currently somewhere around the 240 mark I think.
  5. Well, wifeys diet seems to be well and truly dropped for now. Got through 2 meals on Wednesday night, one when she finished work followed by a fast food feast when I got in 3 hours later left her stuffed to the max. Then last night she got through a high calorie pub meal before heading home and devouring donuts and whole packets of sweet treats while watching Netflix 😀. Despite wearing her pre-Christmas fat pants she had no choice but to unbutton and relieve the pressure on her poor belly, revealing the red marks from where they had been cutting in, before carrying on munching.
  6. Ok, so since a few of you seem to have enjoyed my last post, here goes with a memory from way back at High School which has both weight gain and pregnancy content. My RE teacher was a large young woman, probably a UK size 22 at the start of the school year. She had steadily gained toward Christmas & her outfits were getting very tight. On the last Friday before Christmas break she actually unbuttoned her trousers during class despite her top not being long enough of baggy enough to hide the fact. After the Christmas break she announced the the class that she was pregnant, and due shortly after the end of the summer term. Her belly got huge as she continued to gain weight during her pregnancy. She had this one outfit, a green top she always paired with under bump black trousers that never failed to reveal her stretchmark covered belly, riding up whenever she moved. Despite the pregnancy her belly retained its jiggle and there was a pocket of flab that hung from the underbelly whenever it was revealed. Just a little story from way back - but it still sticks in my head, she was so hot & got so big I felt I had to share!
  7. So, a couple of very brief observations from a meal out with my wife tonight. - First up can safely say that after 3 courses, 2 alcoholic drinks & a coffee the wife's new years diet seems to have faltered on day 2 (her diets only ever start on Mondays). After spending the last few weeks pigging out she's gained about 8lbs over Christmas & New Year & is really pushing the outer limits of a UK size 20, impressive on her 5'2" frame! - 2nd was rather more a fortuitous glimpse: As I turned to attract the attention of a waiter I noticed a young lady on the table behind me reach under her top and unbutton her jeans which were clearly showing the strain of a recent gain before tucking back into her food, hoping no one had noticed. Love a moment like that! I've lurked for some time, let me know if these are appreciated, I may have more to share!
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