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  1. Love the fat softness of her ass in the comparison photo. It would be nice to see it inflated some more.
  2. Watch her in "Queen's Gambit". She is relatively thin, but it's a captivating 6 episode series on Netflix, if you like chess and a good yarn.
  3. kachenjunga

    Tyra Banks

    Watching the finale of DWTS, Tyra's arms are looking fluffy and she has definitely continued to gain. At 5' 10" and 46 years old now, she's a genuine BBW -- probably +40 lbs from her SI cover last year.
  4. It looks to me that your replacement should fit just fine. A hole for each faucet's line and a center hole for the stopper. If you don't have help, you should be able to find a YouTube video showing replacement process. It will show you the tools and any plumbers glue or tape that you will need. Here's one, but there are others. https://www.google.com/search?ei=JCqvX4PPG5TZ-gSxt5m4Dw&q=replacing+a+bathroom+faucet+video&oq=replacing+a+bathroom+faucet+video&gs_lcp=CgZwc3ktYWIQAzIJCAAQyQMQFhAeMgYIABAWEB4yBggAEBYQHjIGCAAQFhAeMgYIABAWEB46BAgAEEc6BQgAEMkDOgIIAFD-ZljdggFg-40BaABwAngAgAFSiAHEA5IBATaYAQCgAQGqAQdnd3Mtd2l6yAEIwAEB&sclient=psy-ab&ved=0ahUKEwiD8arm6IDtAhWUrJ4KHbFbBvcQ4dUDCAw&uact=5#kpvalbx=_NyqvX7fGKIbk-gSfnqOoBA13 Do it yourself for a sense of accomplishment!
  5. kachenjunga

    Tyra Banks

    Tyra's legs and arms are definitely looking a little chubby in her Dancing With The Stars outfits. The cameras avoid close-ups of her full body, but from a distance her legs are definitely more meaty.
  6. Gosh, that sounds just awful. So sorry that this has become an abusive and possibly dangerous relationship for you. You are right to seek support and advice offline. Definitely need to get away from this guy. Here's one source of help: https://www.womenindistress.org/we-can-help/24-hour-crisis-hotline/
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