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  1. Looks very tasty. Love the profile photos.
  2. Great progression. What a hottie she has become!
  3. Hard to believe after seeing her photos.
  4. Nice figure. Looks curvy, but not fat or even plump. At her height, she should be able to carry another 10 - 20 lbs without making a big difference to her lovely shape.
  5. Nice back fat roll too. Great find. What do they feed those female Iowa meteorologists?
  6. Great figure, but your face is truly amazing.
  7. Too many curves, Kitty: boobs, booty, belly and thighs! Just too sexy. Where's my defibrillator?!
  8. Lovely start and great potential for curves. At your height, 80 kgs would look very sexy, but certainly not fat.
  9. Looking fantastic, in spite your phone's camera lens needing to be cleaned.
  10. Great find. What a cutie! Thanks for the updates.
  11. Two nice round babes! Thanks.
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