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  1. Beautiful! Love the Lucy belly.
  2. Such a plush figure and beautiful face. Dynamite combination.
  3. Aliss Boynton (sp?) gives a very nice view of her plumpitude at 22:52 and 36:49 in the video. She looks to have gained some.
  4. Plumping nicely. Getting elected would add to her girth.
  5. Such all-round juicyness! Those thighs and butt cheeks--wow!
  6. I've been watching The Voice and Kelly is shrinking week by week. https://okmagazine.com/photos/kelly-clarkson-40-pound-weight-loss/
  7. So gorgeous in every dimension.
  8. At 5'9" and close to 140 lbs, she's still far too skinny.
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