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    18 minutes of Dreamy? Yeah... good luck lasting through the whole thing 😮
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    I can’t believe I had two full fast food meals on the way home from work today (Taco Bell and Burger King) and then got home, had a few drinks with a friend and had some pizza (five whole slices)... so much food... but I was craving some ice cream before bed and couldn’t help myself.
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    Screenshots for the photo set I'm about to submit ❤️ Video is already on the clips store Everyone have a fun, fat weekend!!
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    So this clip was really fun and cute and I can’t wait to fill it again in a few months when I’m even fatter 💕💕💕
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    Messy stuffing pictures.

    I thought you guys might appreciate them.
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    From chubby to supersize ❤️
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    Wow, I’m piling on fat quick!
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    Ventured for a midnight snack and had an impromptu belly photo shoot 😂 Hope everyone is doing well
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    i'm 199 pounds tonight. and my feeder has been teasing me relentlessly. he just informed me that i'm officially obese. naw. i'm convinced that it's just because i ate so much today. tomorrow, i won't be so heavy. i won't be obese. also, i can feel myself getting wider. my hips bump against everything, like the room around me is getting smaller. i put on some gym clothes the other night and did what could only be called a mockery of my former workouts. expect the video very soon.
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    Feeling like a pig in a blanket in my onesie 🐷
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    Tiffany Trump

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    Hello from newbie - CuteMeow

    Just chillin
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    Good morning girl-os and boi-os...hope your empty belly is looking bigger on this fine morn...mine definitely is 😋💕 My belly is awaiting pesto cheese bagels... 🥯🔥😎
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    Gomez’s Plush Queen

    Hi all - First time posting here so be nice please! Looking for some positive comments from you guys and gals for my Plush Queen. She was 125 pounds for many years, 5’ 3” and exotic looking, half Chinese. Don’t want to reveal her face just yet, please respect that. Before: 411 35.17 kB Recent life changes happened and she put on some unexpected weight. She is in the 175-ish pound range now. We connected together recently and she learned I like her larger, softer female form. After indulging a bit, she found out she likes becoming that form as well. So enjoy and give her encouragement! Now: 185 54.04 kB 124 92.94 kB 137 66.82 kB 74 170.05 kB 99 78.86 kB 80 74.11 kB 114 74.76 kB Wants to gain more and be healthy too, so any words of encouragement would be appreciated please! Give her some positive love! Enjoy!
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    Same outfit, it’s not even wearable anymore. My belly keeps popping out 😂
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    I really love hot dogs...and already have some...should I add this to the remake list for videos?
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    Go check out my newest video ! Sexiest one yet
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    Feelin pretty tired...imma postpone the video till tomorrow...still gonna stuff my face tho just not on camera 😅😬💕🍨
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    Gotta make a point...
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    I loved being teased for being a pig. Watch this video and start teasing me ! 🐽 hehe.
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    Hello everyone!!! After a horrible Sunday where my computer almost crash, I’m so much happy to finally present this video for everyone... i need to admit that every time I try forced stuffing, my feeder put me to the limit and I’m pretty sure that you truly enjoy that... i hope you enjoy this video...
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    Kate Upton

    Recent stuff. The good: has a nicely thick pair of thighs and pretty meaty looking hips/lower abdomen area throughout, certainly bigger than her pre-pregnancy days. The Bad: the girls are very much covered up. My guess is that the old perk just isn't there after nursing emptied them out and they're sports bra'd down. The ugly: Jimmy fallon is in it. Highlights are around 25s, 56s, 1:20, 1:40 and a nice profile shot at 2:02. Much better was an un-retouched photo for Health magazine:
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    Exercising my right to eat and be fat!


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    I’m back from a short hiatus!! In this video I finally do a weigh-in and update y’all on my life. Then I do some Belly Play and lotion up my body Let me know what you guys think, please review, and let me know what else you’d like to see 😇


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    From Girl friend to Feedee

    Yess it is 110% true!! I am so excited for this and the process of growing and gaining! My body is actually growing nicely I’m not all tummy!!! Of course I am sharing I’ll be posting more photos soon!
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    While I was lounging my good friend Julia called me about her upcoming wedding, and needed my measurements for the bridesmaid's dress. I gave her my measurements from last year, they should still hold up right? I've been on a diet but I haven't lost THAT much weight... Well, when I go to double check, I was in SHOCK at what the tape measure said! It said I was BIGGER! I simply didn't believe it, so I stepped on the scale to find out what the real story is....and well....I think you'll be shocked at just how fat I've gotten. I was so upset that I end up stuffing my face with candy bars... This is so embarrassing... In this video you will see a first person view of me stepping on the scale and seeing my current weight, and join me in my reaction. I also measure my body and comment on just how big everything is getting. As always, this video is subtitled for your pleasure.


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    Finally told my fiancée!

    That's great for both of you ! She's under no pressure to lose weight and get a flat tummy like so many mainstream women will try about anything to achieve ! So many women fail to realise how many men there are that have a fetish for a woman that is nicely plump like that. She should probably not weigh over about 150 medically, so you got a nice bonus 70 lbs there, that's like perfect and she is about certain to unintentionally gain some more after children and aging. She won't lose weight unless she makes a huge effort to do so, and there is no motivation for it. You'll get the plumper wife you want in time ! I like an a average height woman like her to be about 225-250 lbs, shouldn't be that much to bear where mobility and health are at serious risk !
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    John Smith

    Anyone know who this is?

    ... A Daisy Ridley from an alternative reality where a thread at her tribute here on Curvage would stand out for very good reasons??
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    Took some pics in a Bodysuit

    Very beautiful & Fluffy!
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    After a nice big stuffing i love restricting my belly in tight clothes or even better a tight belt. Really emphasizes how big i'm getting
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    I gained a couple of pounds, been eating lots of pastries lately!
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    A Change for the Fatter

    By the time they made it back to the apartment, clutching a few anniversary cards and gifts, Karina was happily tipsy. Once she’d kicked off her shoes she sat at the kitchen table and renewed acquaintance with the contents of a parcel that had been delivered the previous day, sent by her mother. It was a large, round chocolate cake. “The chocolate cake!” she cried. “I want to eat it now.” “No, later. Tomorrow.” “Now!” “Later!” “Now.” Anxious to move on, Tom indicated what he wanted to do by starting to take off Karina’s clothes. “Give me some help here,” he said. Woozily, she did so, helping to pull her dress up and over her arms, releasing the bra that cut into her flesh, vaguely trying to pull down her panties, until she stood there naked, quivering slightly. “And what now?” “You know what now.” “The chocolate cake?” “Later. First there’s something even better.” He led her into the bedroom and guided her onto the bed. “Later,” she echoed. “That was a good party, wasn’t it?” Tom by now was undressing himself. “Is it time for sex?” Tom nodded. “Oh goodie. Let’s have sex.” Tom removed her wristwatch. Then he removed his own. Then he looked down at her softened body spread out before her: the heavy breasts, the chunky arms, her rounded cheeks, the little double chin, the ample tummy, the meat on her thighs. Suddenly a thought struck him, as if a light bulb had been switched on. Finally, after all these years twiddling his thumbs at the agency, he knew he’d had an experience worth writing about. “I’ve had an idea,” he said, as she shifted herself into a comfortable position. “Do you mind if I wrote a story about you, about us, and the weight thing? I mean, it’s all kind of beautiful.” “That would be fine.” She smiled up at him. “I mean I’d change the names. I’d be discreet. I could call it” – he searched around briefly – ‘A Change for the Fatter’. It would have great punctuation.” The smile grew broader, the cheeks chubbier. “That would be fine too. Now for God’s sake stop talking.” “Yes, yes,” he said, sinking happily into her body, into her flesh. THE END Copyright 2019, Swordfish
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    Yo, homies. I just submitted a new video, titled "Watch Me Drink a Cupcake." I'll give you three guesses at what happens in it. Also, I have good news: I bought cute underwear today. Still on my journey to 200. Will report back from the front as my progress continues. *burp*
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    I was packing for the beach so I tried put this one on. I think I wil pack a normal onepiece.
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    Anyana the Cow (Cowcake)

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    Beauty with Wide Thighs

    I love how big she is getting
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    Pants are getting tighter
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    Hello from newbie - CuteMeow

    Me and my first cheesecake ever! What do you think? Also I am thinking about doing a little gameplay with stuffing for my next video. Should I do it?
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    Kate Upton

    Sitting down:
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    John Smith


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    John Smith


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    John Smith


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    Kate Upton

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    Version 1

    Belly bloated and full, jiggling and sloshing around. Watch me play with my plump belly up close, seeing every jiggle and slosh it makes. All while I continue to let out burps, big and small, while my food digests. You can really see how my belly has grown in this one. 😉❤️


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    Blonde Girl Becomes BBW

    A perfect example of why bigger isn’t always better.
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