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  1. I might be getting a bit chunky 😅


    1. jonasctba


      Ficou mais bonita ainda com os óculos

    2. ms06zaku


      Looking wide as heck here!

    3. gricha


      Yeah, "a bit chunky". Or absolutely obese. It's almost the same anyway!

  2. I just removed the image since it was the same on the cover, to avoid the same issue in the future. Thank you for letting me know!
  3. Feed me?




    1. grateful


      Yes  :wub:

      I won't stop feeding if you don't stop eating.  🥰

      Love to watch you eat and eat and eat!  😍

      Thanks for the atomic tease!  😁

    2. Bonshaft
  4. Muffin top 🤤


    1. Krounos Demetrios

      Krounos Demetrios

      Looking so cute with this tiny muffin top between your short tight top and the waistband of your jeans covering a well fed bulging belly and boobs. Amazing pure sexiness.

    2. grateful


      Fat everywhere including beautiful fat arms!  :wub:

  5. Some of my best videos yet! 


    1. grateful


      So fat!   😍

      Beautiful! 🥰


  6. "How deep is your belly button?" "How many fingers fits inside it?" "What kinda things can you stick on it?" I will show you my belly button carefully so you can properly worship it. This video will answer all these questions by showing you all sorts of daily things compared to my deep and beautiful navel! Belly play on this one is strong, belly button play, close up deep inside it so you wont miss any detail.


  7. It was an atempt to chug 10k cal but my belly didn't want to take it, so we made it to 8k cal. I will be coming to this point again trying to take it further, but I just doubled my capacity and I am QUITE proud. In the end I show off my belly hanging sideways and between my legs when I'm on piggy position. Hope you enjoy!! 🤗


  8. Meoinc 🤔



    1. Valkon16


      keep getting your belly bigger and bigger, make it hang more and more, it suits you


  9. When your dresses start becoming shirts. 


    1. ThatFatGuineaPigLover


      you're such a big fat cutie :)

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