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  1. Feeling myfatself today 





  2. Did you check on these?? My 10 newest videos for 6.00 each. Last hours of sale now! 



    Show your love 🐖

    1. dj2k1357


      Sent a reply to your inbox in regards to another secretary idea :)

  3. Good morning!!

    As highly requested, I have my 10 newest videos on sale for the next 24h only! I don't know when I'm doing it again, but I can't resist when you wanna see my fat blob so bad...


    They are all for 6.00, some original prices being 15.00 (each file has its original price, which will go back as soon as the sales are over.) 

    Come feed the fat beast!!


  4. Something like a snack before the real dinner....? 



    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Thatfatguineapig


      Can you tell there is a chair on the picture??

    3. babor123456789


      you are a liar 🙄 by the way you look incredible these days, really love how soft your face is you are cuter and cuter with the extra weight! will you stop to mesmerize me one day 😋

    4. ms06zaku


      You just swallow up a chair 😂

  5. Binging and Showing Off My Full Fat Belly I woke up hungry and decided treating myself: I have pasta, soda, fries, desserts and a whole jar of mayo. I eat non stop for 20 minutes and stop a little bit to show how fat and out of shape you are making me.! I clap my thighs, grab and massage my growing fat belly while stuffing my face with the most fattening things to show you how good of a piggy I am!


  6. Imagine I'm your very fat, lazy and hungry personal secretary. What would you do to me?


    Screenshot_20190918-215746_Video Player.jpg


    1. Feederfan


      Well, for starters I’m pretty sure a raise is in order. 💵 

  7. Good evening!! 

    I'm bringing today a fun contest: tomorrow a weight in video is coming, finally! I already know the number and it's pretty damn high and impressive! I'm proud of my whale weight!

    So, the person who guess my weight right, or the one that guess closer to the real number, will get the video for free!


    tips: height 5'8 or 175cm



    1. Show previous comments  9 more
    2. ms06zaku


      It's fairly obvious your over 300lbs now for sure! You're weight is well distributed over your body but your belly took the most from your gaining experiment. Your butt seems to be getting all the weight these days it's looking bigger and wider with every update!

    3. Thatfatguineapig


      I dont deserve you guys 🐘🤗

    4. Roosk
  8. New video! And first ever RP: Imagine your fat secretary coming to work everyday in the morning, but only starts working after stuffing her fat face with half dozen of jam loaded donuts till she can't button her shirt anymore?


    1. Krounos Demetrios

      Krounos Demetrios

      If you were my secretary, I put every day a big amount of sweets and other delicious snacks in front of my most beautiful secretary to make her even more beautiful or to become a goddess of curvy fat secretaries popping out of her tight clothes.

    2. Thatfatguineapig


      @Krounos Demetrios that's the kind of boss I would love to have!

  9. This is my first ever RP and here is how it goes: Your favourite fat secretary comes to work and her table feels different... maybe tighter?? There are 6 jam filled donuts sugar coated : this fatty's first choice! She then instead of getting to work as her stuff is all late due to all her snack slack, she starts stuffing herself with the delicious donuts right in front of her! She hears that all the employees will be healthy checked and there is a 200lbs weight limit that she is very sure that she is not over and just keeps eating all those calories and sugar. She shares her slacking and stuffing with you while the others don't come into the office... Guess she didnt count on her blouse getting tight like that while she is at work... Original 14,00


  10. Good morning!! Did you wake up hungry like me?!




  11. Do you have any weird birthmark? I have a perfect question mark on my boob 👌🏽


  12. Fat as fuck and sometimes fully dressed.

    Keep an eye on my page because I have plans 🥓 maybe the so expected and requested weight in?



    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Thatfatguineapig
    3. Thatfatguineapig


      @dj2k1357 your wishes might come true tonight!

    4. Krounos Demetrios

      Krounos Demetrios

      Your office outfits are looking great. I wished you wore some even tighter ones.

  13. I did some more morphs of what we could hope to see with a fatterguineapig! Again I am not great at these but these look promising for what the future could hold?



    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. ms06zaku


      Hopefully! And some 😁

    3. Thatfatguineapig


      I love how close it seems to be :D and missing some fat on my arms 🤗

    4. ms06zaku


      Can't get the arms right unfortuantly. Your going to have to work on them instead 😝




    1. Birdo


      I don't regret buying this clip at all! Great work keep it up :)

    2. Thatfatguineapig


      Thank you!! I am very proud!

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