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  1. Are you having a good day? 

    Watching a very fat babe struggling into tight and pretty clothes would make it any better?


  2. Fatty shopping struggles, did you see the new video? 

    Screenshots and gifs for you 🐷

    Ps: as requested, a lot of brazilian butt this time, on a quite small pair of panties.







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    2. John Smith
    3. cai man

      cai man

      That figure makes any outfit look good! :wub:

    4. blasterfire


      Beautiful body, your ass is very succulent and a wonderful size, post more photos of your ass please!

  3. Version 1.0.0

    I'm not sure what happened, but all my clothes seems to not fit me anymore. I have a date and had to run for new clothes... I thought it would be easy! Watch me struggle trying to fit inside size XL clothes, skirts and very tight dresses while wearing a perhaps too small lingerie. Xxx


  4. Some of the stuff I have been up to I plan on weighting myself fairly soon to let you know how is it going. Also, I'm taking requests for videos: if I do use your request I will send you the video before it will be available here. I would like you to buy and rate any of the videos on my store and send me your request by private message. You can be very specific about clothes and scenary, back story and everything. Hope you are having a great day! Ps: uploading some of the random pictures I didn't post, just for "science purposes" 😛
  5. Good morning with miss Baloney ♥️

    Empty morning belly saying hi 😘


    1. ms06zaku


      That belly is looking to be filled 😋

  6. Waking up fatter than ever.




    1. DanteSparda45


      You look so beautiful!

    2. regbill
    3. ms06zaku


      Your unbelievable 😍 getting so wide. 

  7. 🤗 good diet day







    1. antoniodonizeti


      seu ganho está excelente

      e vc cada vez mais linda

    2. cai man

      cai man

      You're figure makes any outfit look good. 😍

    3. regbill


      That diet of yours seems to e working.;)

  8. Version 1.0.0

    Today at gym classes was weight in day! She could not wait to see how much she have been carrying around lately! It was a shock when she heard that pretty high number very close to 300lbs... She then started thinking that it might be a little bit too much... 300lbs... to carry around. Could you imagine? She asked some tips to her colleagues from the gym classes on how to gain muscles, loose weight and all that, you know? The answer was "salad! Vegetables, green stuff. Oh and some meat won't be bad!" So she was on that. And very hungry. She then made a huge 2.5lbs mashed potatoes with bacon and green onions for green, of course! To drink, not coke! She got some orange soda, you know! Much healthier!! Those fit people would be proud. Only thing is that the colleagues didn't tell her how much she should eat and perhaps she needs clearer instructions next time....


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