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  1. i’ve definitely put some weight on whilst at university. i love my stomach but would love my ass to match. any tips on how to get a fat ass to match? ❤️
  2. Any Halloween costume ideas? :)

    1. Alyx59


      paint yourself orange, go as a sexy pumpkin ?  😀

  3. This is probably the best answer I’ve received, thank you! Thigh chub rub will be the end of me but I’ve always had thick thighs so I’ve been dealing it with it for years and years.
  4. i’m genuinely curious 😂 i like how my belly looks at the minute, i just want to know if it would be worth gaining a lil more ☺️
  5. I don’t know whether gaining would be a good idea but I love eating and the feeling of being full. Such a dilemma ):<
  6. UPDATE: here’s my second ever tummy picture
  7. hi everyone! i’m wanting to start off a thread of the first tummy pictures i take, i want my confidence to grow so i can show myself off. i’ll post my first one ever right now! hope y’all don’t mind stretch marks feel free to message me! ❤️
  8. I’m starting to love my body after putting on weight over the last year or so. I hope you can all enjoy it too ☺️ (Maybe one day I will post a picture of my tummy, too.)
  9. hello everyone ! i’m brand new here & i’m really looking forward to meeting you all 💖 this is my first post ever so i hope you enjoy x
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