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  1. If she really manages to keep that intake for two weeks, she could easily add another ten pounds in that period. However, I somewhat doubt she’ll not get sick of it…it’s an exciting project, though!
  2. The combination of big round boobs, an ample belly and soft skin is just irresistible.
  3. That’s quite a substantial gut. She looks fatter than ever - and it looks great!
  4. Face rounding out very nicely. On her way to her third chin 😉.
  5. She‘s growing such a nice fat wobbly paunch. Keep feeding her!
  6. Exciting developments. Her arms look really thick these days. Can‘t wait for more updates.
  7. There‘s a lot to grab these days. Quite a serious ** belly.
  8. That bikini top looks a bit tight these days 😉.
  9. Great comparison. She is looking so much flabbier now.
  10. Easily ten to fifteen pounds. She looks amazing.
  11. mischnickde

    Wiebke Winter

    Nice. She seems to have slightly gained - cute belly roll.
  12. mischnickde

    Sasha Obama

    Such a hot body. And it’s particularly sexy how relaxed and self-confident she seems to be about her curves.
  13. I guess the best strategy would be not to focus on calories and goals, but on the fun of uninhibited snacking and gorging. Let her eat all the delicious she wants to eat any time of the day. Let her have second helpings and dessert. And most importantly: Give it some time.
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