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  1. How does she feel about being bigger? Is she trying to get back to her wedding weight?
  2. Est-ce que gagner du poids une chose erotique pour elle aussi? Ou est-ce qu'elle seulement savourer a manger tant qu'elle veut?
  3. This is getting better and better.
  4. Her belly seems to grow rounder and rounder every week.
  5. I'd say right now she is pudgy, almost entering the chubby zone. Her distribution of softness is very, very feminine and sexy. Another ten to fifteen pounds would just add to the perfection.
  6. You look amazing! Seems your bf fed you well! So how much do you weigh these days?
  7. Damn, those are some naughty pics. Looks like the piggy needs to be led to its trough in this harness.
  8. Excellent update! How many kilos has she put on since lockdown?
  9. Waddling on the scales in your undies and slapping your chubby belly.
  10. Gorgeous. Particularly her cute little stretchmarks :-). Seems she is gaining quite quickly.
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