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  1. Ha. New it would only be a matter of time before she dropped the "improved" version. Who are you fooling, Rachel?
  2. Internet sleuths trying to verify the booty, lol.
  3. Looking thick and sexy at the Avengers Endgame premiere.
  4. I hate all the dumb "look at my cute outfit" ones from her instagram. So conspicuously stretched/shopped. Own it, girl!
  5. Lightened up a couple screen grabs from yesterday's Dwayne Wade interview. Love those thick hips and her chunky booty poking out to the side. Little roll of chub too. Hot.
  6. HO-LEE-SHIT. She was looking gigantic today. Those rolls! So hot. Big fan of this on-location anchor desk - shows off a lot more. This is what I was able to screen cap watching live. Will see if there's some way of frame-by-framing the replay to single out the very best moments.
  7. Lightened up this recent shot from Getty for more detail. Looking THICC. You know KD likes what he sees. She posted a retouched/slimmed down version of this to her IG story, but I couldn't grab it before it expired. Bummer, it can be fun to see the difference between what she wants you to see and the much sexier reality.
  8. From CES today. Awkward shot, but showing some size.
  9. Her size has varied tremendously over the past five years. I'd say that jeans butt shot above was from right around her smallest. She's been back close to her biggest of late, but I fear she may be on her way back down again. Recent episodes of the Jump don't have her looking quite as overstuffed as she was a few months ago. Fingers crossed it's been an indulgent Holidays.
  10. Good stuff. Love to see this thread active.
  11. Yes! Love that meaty calf. Those jeans are packed tight! So hot.
  12. Looking nice and juicy in today's Kyle Lowry interview.
  13. Yet another reminder that you cannot trust instagram, lol.
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