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  1. Ha. Love it. Booty's busting loose.
  2. This one's incredible - the angle we've all been waiting for. Opened up the lighting a bit and did a zoom on the goods.
  3. These are great. Tried to get a good cap of the clip the second one came from, but couldn't get a good one. Nice work.
  4. The original video isn't as exciting
  5. A little bubble in the bubble behind the scenes action.
  6. Man, this bubble is the best thing that ever happened to Rachel fans. These clips are amazing.
  7. Nice! I tried to cap that same sequence, but yours turned out better. Looking good.
  8. Possibly her most revealing cleavage shots ever today on The Jump. Great stuff.
  9. Ha. Thank you. That was a pic I snapped of my TV while she was doing a hit for SportsCenter. I get the gifs either by capping/cropping her interviews or sometimes from the IG stories of other people covering the event. Helps to be a big NBA fan.
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