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  1. Wow - great shot. Thank you. Here's a zoomed in version. Look at how her upper thighs are bulging over her knees. So hot.
  2. Managed to track down a higher res version of that AD/blue dress sideline pic. Ho.Lee.Shit. This is starting to get really good, guys. How big will she get?
  3. OMG - Incredible shot from today in Orlando at the NBA Experience event. She is looking so hot and enormous. Back to genuine BBW territory. Unbelievable. Please let it last/go further.
  4. Holy shit. That last one of her in the blue dress is bonkers. Her bulging hips and thighs look massive. LOVE IT!
  5. Thanks for the awesome compilation and welcome to the forum. She's been taking time off from her show lately, so that's probably why her monologues haven't been going up. With luck, they'll be back soon.
  6. Sweet rear view from her AD interview. Perfect chair to frame that big, round booty.
  7. Ha - looks like she's trying to avoid the Body Truthers by bypassing the red carpet/press photographers. Still looking pretty hot and hippy here, especially for something she posted. A lighter touch with the photoshop, perhaps?
  8. REALLY packed into her dress at the NBA Awards last night. This might be the biggest she's ever been. So sexy. If you want a laugh, check out her IG for pics she posted with comically bad photoshop. C'mon girl - embrace your natural curvy beauty! We love you for it.
  9. Looking extra plush here. It's exciting to watch her get bigger and bigger right in front of our eyes.
  10. Someone on youtube has been kind enough to do this very important work for us -
  11. Ho.Lee.Shit. Another blue dress FTW. Man, I hope the finals go seven games so we get more of these.
  12. Also, back on track here - Is it just me, or does Rachel always look bigger and juicer in blue?
  13. Semi-OT, but I know I wasn't the only one to spot this thunder-thighed hottie in the crowd while Steph was getting his tech the other night.
  14. Shitty quality due to IG, but maaaan, look at those hips and tree trunks. Seems like she's been getting a little more honest with it on IG lately. We'll see.
  15. Man, I love the playoffs. Every day is a goddamn goldmine. Look at those hips/that calf!
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