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  1. Hey BambiStarr.  Haven't heard anything from you since last year?  hope everything is ok



    Fat Bellied Batman 

  2. These shorts used to fit, dunno what happened...😉



    1. regbill


      It looks like your shorts shrank in the wash...yeah, they shrank in the wash.;)

    2. BambiStarr


      They must’ve, I only bought them a month or so ago 😉

    3. regbill


      They don't make things like they used to.


    4. grateful


      Oh that belly!   😍

      May the others used to fit too   😂

  3. I can’t believe I had two full fast food meals on the way home from work today (Taco Bell and Burger King) and then got home, had a few drinks with a friend and had some pizza (five whole slices)... so much food... but I was craving some ice cream before bed and couldn’t help myself.


    1. Diarlssen77


      You seem like the perfect gal for me ... what can I feed you now?  What do I need to do to feel your bigger sexy softer sexy fatter belly on me? 🤔😘😍

    2. grateful


      The key is variety 😁

      Gotta have all those different tastes!   😍

      That's why my ice cream is always pints: 3- 4 different flavors.  😋

    3. BambiStarr


      Totally, grateful! Variety is the only way to go. I’d probably eat way more ice cream if I bought multiple different options. 🤔

  4. My poor belly 😅 I think I need to get new work pants, I had to unbutton on my drive home to get some relief.


    1. Pudgy_Pixie


      Those pants need be pensioned off asap. To a nice cottage in the country :) 

  5. You’re starting to get a cute little tummy roll 😊
  6. I 👏 gotta 👏 do 👏 it 👏 right 👏 Haha, jk jk 😉 I see your point. I guess I was just lamenting the fact that I don’t have a friend to help me film me stuff myself until I can’t move, lol.
  7. Went to the store and let my stomach do the thinking 😂 I think this should last the night 😉


    1. Bellied-BATMAN


      I call donuts lol

    2. BambiStarr


      I think they’ll be gone before you could get to them. 😂

    3. Bellied-BATMAN


      Would love to share few of them with you Babi 😉

    4. jarhead78


      Enjoy, beautiful 😋

  8. Awesome new photos Bambi, looking good ;)  👍

    1. BambiStarr


      Haha, thanks 😊

  9. Oooh that would be really fun and exciting to do, I’ll have to figure out a good way to film that. Haha though it’d be funny to see people’s expressions as I set up a tripod at a restaurant.
  10. Aw thank you! And of course! Sharing is caring ❤️ 😄 Its crazy to think that anyone noticed I was gone! That’s wild, haha. You sweet talker you 😉❤️ Honestly thanks you guys! It’s good to be back! Y’all are just way too sweet. Even while I was gone I was still packing on some pounds 😄🐷 I guess I’m on a selfie roll so here’s a couple more and a quick question: If/when I actually do start posting videos, is there anything y’dall want to see in specific? Tight clothes, weigh in, etc. ?
  11. Ventured for a midnight snack and had an impromptu belly photo shoot 😂 Hope everyone is doing well
  12. My tank-top kept riding up past my belly while I was out doing errands today 😅 I swore it fit me when I bought it. 😉 I seem to make a habit of accidentally wearing too tight of clothing in public. 

  13. I went on a movie date recently, and when I sat down a button on my dress just popped off! 😅 🐷 I also had to lift the armrest up so my thick hips could fit into those tiny seats. Maybe they didn’t notice? 😳

  14. Tried on some bathing suits but couldn’t quite find one that fit. Maybe next shopping trip. 😉



    1. regbill


      I love the way that bathingsuit can barely contain your abundant curves:wub:

    2. PhatCat


      One-piece suits are the most difficult to fit when you're well-endowed (both with a nice chest and a nice belly). You should try a bikini, so you can get the perfect size for your chest and bottoms that won't get in the way of your belly.

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