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  1. I feel like we need to have a sticky at the top of every page with a picture of Lucy at her biggest and smallest so nobody gets confused.
  2. How far along is she? She looks like she's getting big already.
  3. omg what wonderful legs she has. She's getting bigger all over but those legs . . .
  4. Fat girls in overalls is one of my favorite things and she looks amazing in them.
  5. Yes, very sweet voice. I could listen to her go on and on about whatever.
  6. That might be the best swimsuit picture ever.
  7. I'd like to see her join Katrina Weidman's show just so I can see them both together. Then we could also get a good idea as to who's bigger.
  8. She has beautiful eyes too.
  9. She's so beautiful. And it's really hot to see her with three plates of food and a fruity drink. I hope dessert is on the way.
  10. She looks fantastic. And definitely does not appear to be shrinking.
  11. I wonder if she dented the hood of that Jeep. She's just too hot.
  12. She's incredible. I wouldn't mind having her as my neighbor.
  13. It would be even more awesome to see a 220 pound Kris doing it.
  14. I can't wait to see another year's progress on her.
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