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  1. I think you're incredibly beautiful and really hot with glasses on.
  2. You look amazing, Ruby. I love how that red dress looks on you.
  3. BBW Hooters girls are a dream come true and a fantasy come to life and you do it so well Lindsee! So hot!
  4. I'm laughing along with you as I'm shoving Five Guys in my face, which I also had delivered.
  5. I've done it. I have actually ordered from Red Lobster when i could literally see it by opening my hotel door and looking to the right. I wouldn't have even needed to cross the street. I could have walked from my hotel parking lot to the shopping center next door. But nah. Too fat to be bothered.
  6. Your panty comparison reminds me of how I recently came across an old pair of jeans. I held them up and they looked like children's clothes compared to what I wear now. Which is what your picture looks like too. It's so hot, isn't it?
  7. Really hot. I'm glad she's not shy about posting her body in motion.
  8. You're so beautiful! I love your freckles so much too!
  9. Great pictures, Lauren. Really hot, really beautiful.
  10. Too bad she didn't get that on video. I'd have paid to see that show.
  11. I'm glad you're feeling better, Nikki. ❤❤❤
  12. I was wondering what I wasn't seeing any updates on her from the other thread. I didn't know it was removed. I'm glad she has a new threat. She's amazing and so perfect.
  13. More Nicki is coming! The next episode is currently being written.
  14. This story was written in collaboration with Sunshinefeedee from deviantArt and it started when she wanted it to start, which was right as she was returning to work after the lockdowns ended. Thanks for your comment though.
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