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  1. I wonder if she dented the hood of that Jeep. She's just too hot.
  2. She's incredible. I wouldn't mind having her as my neighbor.
  3. It would be even more awesome to see a 220 pound Kris doing it.
  4. I can't wait to see another year's progress on her.
  5. Just something particularly wonderful about those folds in the middle of a woman's arm.
  6. "A little weight" I wonder what she means by "A little"? I'm going to have to scroll back to page one and do some comparisons.
  7. I like all that space she takes up on the hammock.
  8. I love how she takes up that whole bed.
  9. That last pic in particular is simply breathtaking. wow.
  10. 'Sam and Sarah: the Early Years' has been updated. This episode takes place right after the last Ladies of Lackawanna post. This is the same Sarah in both stories. In this exciting episode, Sarah's best friend Beth is stateside for a summer of fun, but is Sarah too self-conscious about her weight to enjoy it? Or would she have been happier if Beth had stayed in German? Meanwhile, Sam is doing anything but enjoying another dreary day working for the government but something keeps coming to his mind that is making him ask some serious questions. Then Holly is disgruntled after in incident at their parents' house on Memorial Day and she's never been more confused in her life. You can read about it here ---> https://www.deviantart.com/jakemcduck
  11. omg could she be any cuter? i still think she's going to end up at weight watchers after the holidays if she's not there already.
  12. Just can't get enough of her. She's gorgeous.
  13. Well she didn't win but I hope we see a lot more of her in the near future.
  14. It's like every picture is perfect. Every picture is her best picture.
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