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  1. Ruby you leave me speechless every time you post. Your smiling face makes me smile.
  2. Happy birthday, Nikki. You're a beautiful woman and a real joy to watch. I hope you had a great day and will have another one tomorrow when you get your cake. I'll have some donuts in your honor. Here's to another year and a fatter you! (Let's face it, a fatter us). ❤❤🐽❤❤
  3. Wow! More women should wear this kind of outfit.
  4. Happy 4th Nikki. I'm on the road and didn't get to go to a cookout so I stuffed myself all day in my hotel room watching Marvel movies. I hope that suffices. I started with IHOP and still haven't stopped. Winter Soldier is on right now so still grazing.
  5. Oh I have thoughts all right. Most of them lewd. Which is unusual for me because my gentlemanly mind is almost always thinking the purest of thoughts. But anyway. I suppose someone's head isn't available. What about bending over the hood/trunk of a car? Have you tried sitting on a yardstick? They probably don't have those over there. Do they have meter sticks? Thanks France for not making the meter the same size as a yard by the way. Could have made the math a lot simpler. Sitting in a chair with a view from the back to measure the spillover. Bending over in a doorway? See how much space your butt takes up on a park bench? I thought it might also be good if you sat on my lap then see if we can I'm completely blocked. lol by then I thought by the time you get back from Prague I might not have any lap left. so...
  6. Wow, Ruby. This is one of the hottest pictures ever. You're so big and beautiful!
  7. Your freckles are epic. I love them.
  8. Not only would I bring it to her but I'd feed it to her as well. You look so big and beautiful, Ruby. Wow.
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