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  1. New video ❤️








    1. extra_m13


      thank you for sharing your journey with us, simply epic, so much joy! and those curves, so sexy! that smile so beautiful, 

  2. Hey everyone! In this video, you can watch me from below, jiggling my full squishy belly. I also take off my BRA and barely cover my nipples on my engorged breasts. If you make it far enough into the video, you'll be able to hear them clapping together when I jiggle them back and forth. They are bigger than they've ever been, and so is my belly. I've recently put on quite a bit of extra weight - fluff - and you can clearly see it in this video! I hope you enjoy xoxo Dreamy ❤️


  3. I put on this sexy sundress just for you today Watch me jump and jiggle around in this teeny tiny sundress that doesn't quite cover my fat ass. I love squishing my big belly while you watch me, it makes me so excited that you're loving my body so much. I show off a bit of skin when I turn around and you see my humongous four foot round hips! I jump up and down and you can watch my stomach ripple and jiggle all over. I hope you truly enjoy watching me loving on my big luscious body. xoxo Dreamy




    1. Krounos Demetrios

      Krounos Demetrios

      Tight jeans make you even sexier and are accentuating your amazing curves even more.

  5. HEY! If you haven't seen Part One, go to my Curvage Clips profile and check it out! The videos go together Now that you've seen Part One of Dreamy Undressed, you can press play on this video, where you can see me rubbing my creamy white skin, on my belly, my breasts, my ass, and my thighs.. You'll want to reach through the computer and touch me yourself! In my tiny little thong, and my bralette that's way too small for my engorged breasts, you'll love watching me jump up and down, jiggle around, and show off for you on my bed ❤️ xoxo Dreamy


  6. Hey there If you're wondering what Dreamy does when she gets home for the day, and is getting undressed in front of the mirror- look no further. Watch me loving all over my body, my soft, silky curves that are so perfect in my tight red shirt and jeans that are two sizes too small. I spin in circles, so you can get every angle possible- my love handles from the front and the back, my huge ass in those tight jeans, my plump breasts just falling out of my shirt, and of course, my luscious big belly. When you're done watching this video, hop on over to part two so you can see me touching all over my nearly naked body... Disclaimer: Just in case anyone is confused... In this Part One video, I am still dressed, in the process of getting undressed. To get the full scope of Dreamy fully undressed, watch both Part one and Part Two! I doubt you'll be able to resist ❤️ xoxo Dreamy


  7. People like you are the reason why I love fat people this mutch!! 🌶️🔥😍😍

  8. I posted the pictures in the forum a few days ago and now I'd like to share the video that accompanies it Watch me checking my curves out in the mirror, squishing my chubby belly and slapping my booty ❤️ I hope you like it! xoxo Dreamy


  9. Check out my latest video for luscious curves 💕






    1. Rebeljoe


      I'd worship that Ass.

    2. grateful


      I agree with rebel, but I might get lost in that beautiful belly along the way!   😍❤️

      Beautiful pics!  😁

  10. Hey guys! I was just hanging out in my pajamas this morning and wanted to film a video in them I have had these grey pants for several years now, and they just keep getting tighter and tighter on me. I love the way my ass and thighs jiggle in them- it's like I'm not wearing pants a all! I also love this pink top, while it has also gotten smaller that doesn't stop it from being just as cute, if not cuter! I hope you love watching me on the floor and standing up playing with myself and flirting with you ❤️ xoxo Dreamy


  11. Hey everyone! It's been a while since I've done a video, and even longer since I've done a stuffing video!! So I decided to go big and do an interactive day out with Dreamy! The first part of the video is a "before" clip, a tour of my body from all angles, and then you get to come with me to the buffet. Watch me eating a variety of savory and sweet things in excess- I can't get it in my mouth fast enough! I slurp up noodles, and stuff my fat face with chinese foods Then after the buffet, I'm STILL hungry!! So I go to the drive thru and get MORE food! You get to see me picking out what I want in the car at the drive thru, and watch me stuff my face even more. After I get home, you can clearly see how huge I am when I show off in my chair and standing up. I talk to you about how hard it is to breathe and how much pain I'm in because of how stuffed I am. And you can visibly see that I look almost 20 lbs heavier in a matter of hours 😮 Xoxo Dreamy


  12. Super huge binge tonight.. :)



    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. GodBless22


      Holy shit how much have you gained. 

    3. fastandslow


      🍆 holy shit that belly looks great stuffed keep it up 

    4. Kyle Butler

      Kyle Butler

      You are so beautiful 🙈

      Hope this belly will get more fats with the way he hang i cant even imagine how sexy he could be 😝

  13. 18 minutes of Dreamy? Yeah... good luck lasting through the whole thing 😮







    1. adecourv


      Looking like GI Jane with a big sexy caboose and round succulent tummy, you're right. It might be too much for me ;)

    2. dirk69


      Love the short hair look, but I think you would look hot bald.

  14. Dreamy's belly is out of this world in her galaxy leggings! Could my ass get any bigger? In case you missed it before, my booty measures four feet around.. to give some perspective This is an extended, 18 minute video of Dreamy, and it's all you could ever dream of seeing in one clip! I start out with my tank top and galaxy leggings, showing off my curvy luscious body from all different angles. You can see me from the side on my knees, sitting with my legs spread out, on my hands and knees, and laying on my side. Then, in a wonderful turn of events, I take off my leggings and show off for you in my tiny little black panties. They're lacy, cheeky, and tight, and make my ass look even more amazing than it already is. I love jiggling my belly, and I also love just posing and turning my body around for you to admire and see. If you can last the whole video, you're a pro 😮 xoxo Dreamy


  15. New video ❤️






    1. cai man

      cai man

      That belly is absolutely stunning! :wub:

    2. Mealstrom


      I love your shape so much, certainly living up to your name, you’re a dream. ❤️💫

    3. adecourv


      With your plush body and buzzcut, you look so yummy

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