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  1. 18 minutes of Dreamy? Yeah... good luck lasting through the whole thing 😮







    1. adecourv


      Looking like GI Jane with a big sexy caboose and round succulent tummy, you're right. It might be too much for me ;)

    2. dirk69


      Love the short hair look, but I think you would look hot bald.

  2. Dreamy's belly is out of this world in her galaxy leggings! Could my ass get any bigger? In case you missed it before, my booty measures four feet around.. to give some perspective This is an extended, 18 minute video of Dreamy, and it's all you could ever dream of seeing in one clip! I start out with my tank top and galaxy leggings, showing off my curvy luscious body from all different angles. You can see me from the side on my knees, sitting with my legs spread out, on my hands and knees, and laying on my side. Then, in a wonderful turn of events, I take off my leggings and show off for you in my tiny little black panties. They're lacy, cheeky, and tight, and make my ass look even more amazing than it already is. I love jiggling my belly, and I also love just posing and turning my body around for you to admire and see. If you can last the whole video, you're a pro 😮 xoxo Dreamy


  3. New video ❤️






    1. cai man

      cai man

      That belly is absolutely stunning! :wub:

    2. Mealstrom


      I love your shape so much, certainly living up to your name, you’re a dream. ❤️💫

    3. adecourv


      With your plush body and buzzcut, you look so yummy

  4. I know many of you can remember photographs of me in this dress from a long time ago... Now you get to see it in action! I seriously look pregnant! I swear I'm not though I love when my belly is engorged and sticking out how it is in this video. I am so round, yet so soft at the same time. I'm just as in love with how my curves look as you all are ❤️ I hope you enjoy this video xoxo Dreamy


  5. Surprise Sunday! I just uploaded two new videos! Go check em out :)










  6. I bet you would never guess my favorite color is pink! So I decided to make you an all pink video with my pink panties and pink shirt! I feel bigger than I have ever been, my ginormous stomach stretching beyond belief. I can barely suck it in anymore! I love wearing super tight shirts because they show off my luscious curves and chub I hope you enjoy watching me show off my curvy bbw body for you ❤️ xoxo Dreamy


  7. I've been really feeling the summer heat this year! And being such a big girl, I get even hotter than those skinny girls(temperature and sexiness ). I love wearing my daisy dukes and crop tops out and about, and you had better believe, this is really an outfit that I am comfortable wearing in public!! I love the way my chubby belly tries to escape from my tight shorts. It's so soft and squishy! The crop top may be a little too small for me, but of course I will still wear it out I hope you enjoy watching me jiggle everything all over! xoxo Dreamy


  8. Sexy baby in a teeny dress ❤️



  9. Hey everyone I hope by now you've seen my last video of trying on old clothes! And if you have, you might recognize this dress from that video! This dress is an EXTRA SMALL in junior's which means teeny tiny gals wear it. I personally wore this dress in high school when I was about 110 lbs! And here I am, twice the size, still (BARELY) able to fit into it! This is one of my favorite pieces to wear because I absolutely love the way it shadows under my rolls and curves. You can really tell how freaking fat I am, even by just the pictures! It's truly a must-see video, and I hope you enjoy!


  10. Hey everyone! It's been a while since I've tried on my old clothes, and now I'm even bigger so OF COURSE this video's even better! I tried on a ton of wayyy too small clothes and outfits, and of course, you get to enjoy every angle of it! I hope you enjoy!


  11. Trying on old clothes again :)







    1. adecourv


      Fabulous buns

  12. Dreamy tries on her old bikini from many pounds ago.. it's exceptionally tight around her hips and breasts, and you can clearly see her curves and stretchmarks. Her beautiful blonde wig drapes over her shoulders as she models her belly that looks nearly nine months pregnant. She walks towards you, and all you want to do is squish her jelly rolls. She smiles, and her round chubby face is all that fills your mind. She hopes you enjoy this video ❤️ xoxo Dreamy


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