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  1. I agree with her....she just has some sexy heavy thighs.
  2. It’s crazy....she doesn’t look that big to me at all....and then when she stands next to other models....you notice the difference easily.
  3. maf. ........I was just gonna say “she is all woman”
  4. She is so sexy...she is getting that bloated heavy girl look in the face and body.
  5. Hahaha....so dead on!
  6. One of the top Beauties all around for sure!
  7. I envision my wife as being almost exactly my type from her Belly to Breasts to hips/thighs to upper arms......I just would like a lot more lbs. on her. she is 5’ 3” very curvy plump 175-180 lbs. currently.....but would really love to see her a soft Fat 300 lbs.
  8. I find that very sexy actually. Almost the same way guys will talk about women by saying “She is so pretty....if she would lose like 40-50 lbs.” those are the ones I find totally Hot. The women that are hot to start with that pack on say 50-100 lbs. maki g them look so much hotter to me.
  9. She looks so sexy pregnant. Yea...her arms are nice and big....well everything on her is.
  10. I think the company she is hanging out with in those pics may have something to do with it. They have been having so e great lunches together.😂
  11. Some options: 1. Just listen to it and say she looks great and she doesn’t need to lose any weight. Most of the time this doesn’t always work....some women just like to express what they may be thinking about with you like you are one of their girlfriends. Her appetite is real....she has gained and is always hungry but doesn’t want to sacrifice anything....so she will probably get Fatter, which is a win for you accept having her always complaining about it. 2. If you are truly sick of hearing it .....next time she brings it up. Just say yes....you have gained a bunch of weight but I love it and wouldn’t even mind if you got really Fat. Maybe this will work with her.....who knows.
  12. Damn....she is one Big Heavy Beauty.
  13. This pic is unbelievable......her belly really does something to me😘
  14. I kind of meant on the topic of the thread.....”break the ice” for this new category in this section.....not Break the ice with my wife.
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