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  1. Love her lower belly roll in this pic....so sexy!
  2. Then 130-135 lbs. Now 145-155 lbs. camera adds 10 lbs. and she doesn’t look all that big even though her face, ass and arms have swollen a bit.
  3. Impressive gain. Hope she feels good about...because all of us like it!
  4. Her waistline is growing very rapidly....soon she will have a monster truck tire around her middle.
  5. Yea...everything about her in these pics is so cute, sexy & classy!
  6. Don’t know...I really liked that first pic of her!
  7. Front side definitely better than the back side.
  8. She is looking like she has been this weight for a while now....she needs to go on a month cruise and come back 50 lbs. heavier🤭😍
  9. My wife definitely becomes nicer and very much more approachable when she has gained a bunch and is heavier. I guess it could be she isn’t depriving herself of all the food she would like to eat. Other guys not only seem to check her out more when she is her fatter self and also try to approach her more....not necessarily in a sexual way but a very soft flirty way.
  10. My wife only wears shape wear with her work outfits or dresses when we go out. At all other times her sexy soft, tan fat gut is sticking out in all it glory.
  11. Nope.....but that is really advantageous for you bein that no one is getting any younger. It’s inter sting I have never heard of this one before.....I look forward to seeing who else chimes in and really likes this.
  12. Wow...even fatter looking around the wide waist with those underwear. I would love to see her with some really small panties letting that big belly hang out.
  13. This is one heavy sexy wooomaaan
  14. I think she is really pretty. Sorry to hear about her PCOS but her weight gain looks wonderful on her. Her belly in that video in the red pants....looks amazing.
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