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  1. Image result for good evening gif funny

     Yo, homies. I just submitted a new video, titled "Watch Me Drink a Cupcake."
    I'll give you three guesses at what happens in it.

    Also, I have good news: I bought cute underwear today.
    Still on my journey to 200.
    Will report back from the front as my progress continues. *burp*




    1. wolfShark


      In celebration of your cake drinking video I propose a super fattening treat! You are looking mighty fine and the comparisons are jaw dropping, keep plumping! 

    2. Afahogmeat


      Wow love the before and afters!!! Those curves fill out so nicely. 

      Can you plz check ur inbox

  2. i can't put it much more bluntly than the title. i'm force fed a couple more cupcakes and generously funnel-fed whole milk by my feeder. all while being crammed into an old workout top and a corset that gets tighter by the gulp! 🐖 i'm kept in shackles and posture collar, like any good house pet, but my big fat belly is outgrowing my restraints and needs room to expand. please enjoy my intentional fattening.


  3. look out for a new photo set from me tonight.
    it's the aftermath of a forced funnel feeding i.. experienced this weekend
    i drank a cupcake, with whole milk, through a funnel.
    add a couple more cupcakes and a lot more milk,
    and the result is the bloated pig you'll see in my pics 

    here's a couple from another set, just to wet your taste buds. 😛




    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. djohn1845


      need to see a force feeding set from you...tied up and stuffed to the brim...funneled past your limits

    3. jex1


      Straight fire, you sexy lil' pig!

    4. Shar’s Lover

      Shar’s Lover

      Your body is so hot 🔥🔥

  4. When did I let myself become such a blob? It wasn't long ago that I wore this top to the gym, to work on my arms and my back and my legs- all of which are exploding with soft fat now. I'm stuffed to the max in these pics, having just been fed cupcakes and whole milk through a funnel. Expect that video soon, but enjoy the aftermath now!


  5. i just submitted a new clip! and i've got another on the wayyyy

    anywhore, I hope everyone is having a good evening

    i cancelled my gym membership today 👀
    and i'm up to 195.6





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    2. CouchQueen


      On my belly, it says "BLOB" and "FEED ME".

      I guess my feeder wanted to make sure I understood what he's turning me into.

    3. babor123456789


      pleased to see you won't workout anytime soon! time for some more eating!

    4. johnp0971


      Wow!!! So hot!! 😍 plz check your inbox 

  6. Don't let the cat ears fool you, I came here to make a pig of myself. I ate so much food this weekend. Watch me enjoy my after-lunch dessert: vanilla cake 🍰 and whole milk. 🥛 I like the contrast between dressing cute, lily white lingerie and chowing down like a hog at a trough.


  7. Last year 2018 I started to notice me gain weight due to being in a new relationship, the holidays and not consistently going to the gym. So last year in December I was up to 186 lbs.

    I made a vow that by next year I would lose weight and hit the gym hard, which I did successfully. Losing about 20 lbs. in only 3 months.

    But in April I had a terrible ankle injury that kept me from going to the gym. In those 2 and a half months of sitting on my ass doing nothing but stuffing my face, ordering takeout and being the laziest pig I was always meant to be, I ballooned back up to a weight which I never imagined I would let myself be.

    So those 3 months of working out 4-5x a week 2 hours a day on cardio and weights have been all in vain and I am just letting myself go rn plus having a feeder bf ain't helping me to want to workout. (still paying for the gym in hopes of going back. It's been 5 months)

    So here's a pic of me back in mid April of this year v.s. now. First pic, I was at 165. Now I'm 195.

    How am I going to turn around all of these gains? The fatter I get, the less inclined I'll be to lose it. 🤷


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    2. Samtreee


      As mentioned before you could go to the gym to lift weights and not hit up as much cardio, of course it's entirely your choice what you do with your own body, so do what you feel is best for you. I lift weights as a hobby and because I enjoy it and like having muscle, but I like my women with curves, it's a bit contradictory in a weird way. 😅 Personally I think you look perfect the way you are now. 👌

    3. CardSwamp


      A lot of this seem pretty contradictory... Or maybe that's just what u want us to think

      Riddle me this internet - "when is a gainer, not a gainer..." 

      downloadfile (2).jpg

    4. flake113



      I say continue to sit on that chubby butt, keep ypur tastebuds and your tummy happy and enjoy the ride with a bf who goes bananas over every new inch, new pound and second helping!  You're looking phenomenal and I think you'll feel sexier as your gain continues!

  8. I was bored today so I figured I try on my old favorite pants, bra and top. Watch me struggle to close the button and it really digging into my skin. These pants were like a size 6 now I'm 4 sizes bigger.


  9. every day, i'm more excited to show off my gains, because every day, i get just a little bit fatter. this is me at my fattest and most jiggily. see what a diet of cake, pork, whole milk and ramen can do to a girl's figure this video features: belly play, booty shaking, boobie jiggling, feeder on feedee groping and jiggling, ssllloooooooowww mmmoootiooonnnn, and general piggy laziness on my part please enjoy


  10. hey peoples! i'm hard at work editing a couple video sets together-
    a feedism one and a jiggling video, both with multiple angles and all that fancy stuff 😜

    in the meantime, i'm fumbling around with premiere, watching youtube videos and fantasizing
    about having hawaiian bbq for the 2nd time this weekend

    i want to share some of my older pics.
    you know, i was a kitty before i was a piggy.
    but always a cuddly house pet.



    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. CouchQueen


      nah, there's been a slight delay in the workout video.
      i shot one, and even over-exerted myself and got all winded,
      but the video came out too dark and not sharp enough.
      the camera & lens i'm using actually need a LOT of help not to be grainy and blurry.

      i'd rather try again and make something really captivating 👅

    3. johnp0971


      excited for the jiggling video!!!! 🙌🏻 Will it be released along with the feeding video on the same day? 

    4. Chrismd8898


      Wow!!!! What a kitty!!! If you could plz read the stuff I sent in your inbox that would be much appreciated 

  11. today was a fat day :)
    bacon, eggs, toast & coffee for breakfast
    tacos, queso & chips for lunch
    and a damn CAKE for dessert (expect a video soon!)
    and now i'm pigging out on chicken katsu, spam masubi and three scoops of rice 🍙🍘

    gym was life. now rice is life.




    1. Show previous comments  10 more
    2. babor123456789


      love the way you seem to enjoy relaxing yourself and eating more, you look delightfully pretty 

    3. Anonymous7


      Beautiful fat little piggy, good girl. Reject the slim expectations and fatten up like a true queen!! 

    4. flake113


      Rice and the sedentary lifestyle are doing your sexiness more good than the gym EVER did!  Couch & carbs for the win!

  12. for anyone who wants to see a chubby girl spit roasted. i'm tied up and basted, like a rotisserie chicken or a succulent piggy this is a light bdsm-themed video. my feeder oils me up, binds my hands and feet, and gives me a couple love spanks all while groping and admiring the soft fat all over my body 🔥🐷


  13. About to start this weekend off right with some tacos and quesoooooo


  14. Just like corresponding video, Milkshake Tease 👑, this set features lots of piggy flesh! I'm shiny from baby oil and all of my gains are on display. I strung up some silly lights and put on a cute kitty mask, to strike a mood for this set. 😛 This is a HUGE set of over 50 pictures. For a quick reminder, here's some of my "before" shots Enjoy!


  15. just wanted you to know i'm not wasting away.
    still snackin & relaxin, heavily.

    damn. i used to be soooo thin.
    and i busted my ass in the gym to get there, too!

    maybe current state is my natural state.

    btw, expect a new photo set tonight and videos probably this weekend =D




    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. CardSwamp


      "🎶Sittin back, Maxin, Relaxin not slim

      Stuffin that Belly outside the Gym

      When a couple of guys who were up to no good... Started makin trouble in the Neighborhood..."🎶

    3. CardSwamp


      I was gonna come up with more Prince of bel Air lyrics with gainer puns, but got distracted with the booty shake and belly grab gif... Oh well, always next time

    4. babor123456789


      That belly shake drove me crazy, you are sooooo squishy I would never have thought ! You are amazing, this body is improving and I think it could be even better in a month or so 😍

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