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    LOTR, Ghibli/Disney movies, anime, cats, walks, japan, I like to play any instruments I can get a hold of

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  1. I love heavy cream stuff, it's nature's fattening elixir
  2. glad your ankle is on the mend, you look SO good in that skirt, the top too
  3. So much potential, you'll fill out nicely. Especially that ass, it's calling out to be bigger and juicier.
  4. Oh myyy those thighs. And how have I not noticed what a pretty color your eyes were? Guess I must have been distracted by other things
  5. I can't believe you're getting even bigger and sexier than you already are. It's like if you won a million dollars and then they say "but wait there's more!"
  6. I hope the move goes well. And I hope the pizza likes it's new home in your belly. May the Cat Burger bring much luck.
  7. I loveee fat arms so much! A woman like Foxy Roxxie for example, with arms wider than both my thighs. Yessss pleaseee🤤
  8. good luck with school, stay safe, stay fat
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