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  1. wow, you're looking huge in the new video, I loved it
  2. Thighs with belly verrry close behind, and then the underrated arms. I'm like obsessed with fat arms.
  3. Woah! That is a crazy sexy and romantic story charminglyevil
  4. Everything physical about a woman gets amped up when they get fatter. And something in me just wants to put a brick on the gas pedal with that, going over the line is part of it, most people think it's too much, but I want too much. I love to see change, and transformation, love to see how individual parts develop, like how arms get that pillowy curve or how thighs take on a whole new dimension. There's some basic changes that happen to every girl, but there's also unique individual changes that are so fun to watch happen. The differences are beautiful. I notice everything about everything, I'm into details. I love looking at the differences of all the trees in a forest or how the ocean changes day by day. I guess I'm the same way with women, I like to see how they're different, how they're changing. It keeps it exciting. There's something about the time aspect. I'm consumed by the thought of how fat she's gotten and how fat she will get in the future. The shock that this girl used to look like that, and now she's this is literally breathtaking. So a dramatic before and after is like a punch in the gut, but seeing the slow day by day development is also hot, but in a different way, more spread out. It's cute and sexy to see a girl's appetite grow little by little turning into a full blown pig, a personality change as well. Or at least the embrace of a personality aspect that was already there. The unleashing of that inner pig is hot too, the gainer's realization that it's there, and the sweet surrender to it. The being okay with their own greed, and how that shows on their body. The "embarrassment" of the gainer can also be part of it, and the naughtiness. The "oh no, we shouldn't" kind of thing, but we're going to and there's no fighting it. Also, when I'm sexually attracted to someone, I go all the way, I want to drown in that person, I want to be swallowed up by them. I want more and more and more of them. I'm like a feedee for more of their body. And goals are so much fun, it's like an xp points meter in a video game going up. And there's so much room for imagining what's going to happen, the fantasies are endless. And don't get me stahted on the movement🤩 When every time she does anything, her whole body jiggles and ripples and wobbles in a way you didn't think a body could, spilling out of things that were supposed to contain her...OOF. And grabbing a handful and effecting that movement feels sooo good, like "look what your body does, there's no denying it" that's also empowering in a way. It makes you feel like a man when you're hard against her soft. Like deep, primal, physiological evolution-y feelings. I'm skinny-ish and toned, and I like that contrast, but I know others like different contrasts or matching their partner's fatness. There's also the very basic and obvious tactile feeling of sofffttt fat that you can both play with all the time. And resting your head on her is like laying on a cloud in heaven. This is all just from my personal perspective obviously, altho I know a lot of people would agree on a lot of it, with variations of course. Lol, so bottom line----it's a fun fetish. I'm so glad I'm into it. So glad, I spent like an hour writing why I love it hahaha, sorry not sorry.
  5. niiicceeee, you're gonna be a chunk and a half with another 50 pounds
  6. truly one of the best threads I've seen in all my years
  7. Girl that looks like a NIGHT. And you're a real cutie, even with a face mask.
  8. Last night I dreamed that I was feeding GGG ice cream late at night in the kitchen. She made a cute insatiable face as I brought the spoon to her mouth over and over. We went through a whole tub and had to crack open another one. Needless to say I woke up hot and bothered. 🍨😍
  9. Wow, she really transformed. Her face got so fattt🤩
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