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  1. Prepare to get lured in 😉


  2. Prepare to relax and indulge in my gigantic belly!


  3. Front or back???



    1. Zappy



      Both. So. Damn. Fine. #SorryNotSorry

    2. regbill
    3. Papertigertelevision
    4. wk2324



    5. FattyFreya


      @regbill ommmmg this is perfect 10/10 gif usage!

  4. 🥵 $2.99 intro pricing! Up to $3.99 after 24 hours🥵 It's been a long day, it's time to get your mind off stress and to just focus on my big fat belly. It's so huge and massive and is perfect for distracting you from everything else. I want you fixated on my fat belly, enamored with its size and jiggle. I love showing it off to you, showing you just how fat I got myself, and just how big it looks compared to everything else on my body. It bounces up and down as I jiggle it in my underwear, it's wild how much it still jiggles even after I've touched it. There's just so much to grab! 💤💤💤 This clip starts with me sensually asking you about what's been stressing you, I tell you I want you to be relaxed and fixated. This is a time for you to just have fun and look at my growing belly. I count down to get you into a more relaxed and focus headspace. Once there I talk a bit about how fat I am, how my belly looks, and ask you to notice things that you normally won't. While the primary focus of this video is mesmerization, this video is also excellent for anyone who loves a fat belly jiggling. There are plenty of close-up belly shots! There's also soft chill background music. 💤💤💤 Clip features belly jiggle, fixation


  5. Big belly lovers this one is for you! Prepare to be hypnotized by my ballooning gut and brought to a world of relaxation!


  6. Well feed 🖤 I love my big belly!


    1. Mattlovescurves
    2. ShoeshineBoy


      Good grief!  I love that outfit.  Anything with belts, restraints, bands...oh, I love that.  It is the perfect thing on a squishy body.

  7. Stuffed myself into a whole new feeling of being stuffed


  8. I'm so glad you came to visit me tonight......but what about your wife?


  9. I’m just getting so fucking fat!!


    1. AndrewRussell


      You're also getting more beautiful too! 😍

  10. Liking skinny girls is so last year


  11. editing can really work wonders 🐷


  12. Prepare to submit and gain double your weight 😉


  13. Yes it’s 1 pm and I’m still in bed, yes I have a shit ton of cleaning to do and am absolutely ignoring it, and hell yea I ordered delivery!
  14. Red dress Lydia is my fave, but school girl is much more XXX! Heathers is also a classic!!!
  15. Feedees this ones for you 😉 prepare for the domme feeder of your dreams 


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