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  1. Come spend Friday night with me getting messy!


  2. You feeding me tonight?


  3. Any guesses on how many calories was in this shake ?


    1. sexyfeeder
    2. ice on my wrist

      ice on my wrist

      You never cease to amaze me you gluttonous queen

  4. It’s been so long since I’ve had a good funnel feeding, I was so glad to do it again!


    1. drted28


      Try it more often and watch your belly stretching more and more round ;) 

  5. Damn looks like all those late night treats are goin straight to the thighs!


  6. Watch me take it like a pro in my newest clip! 


  7. Let’s play 😝😉


  8. Funnel feed me till I pass out. 😝


    1. Adwellx


      I'll be right over! 🐷😍 Let's get that belly big and bloated 🐖

  9. My new clip is exxxtra fun!


  10. What's better than chugging a gaining shake? Funneling it! Funneling gaining shakes makes the experience go so much more erotic and pleasurable. This clip is all about the sweet excitement and pleasure gaining brings. Seeing the liquid flow through the thick tube and feeling the sweet liquid hit my lips. As time goes on, I can feel my belly expanding with liquid. My stomach wants more; it wants me, fatter! I feel my belly fill and swell, and it's truly the hottest feeling in the world, which in turn makes me want to funnel, even more, gaining shakes—a truly erotic cycle. As the shake nears its end, I decide I want to give you a POV shot; I want you to experience how erotic funneling me and making me fat can be! ****** Video contains: gaining shake, funneling, burping, POV feeder, POV belly play, belly play


  11. I’m chugging along! New clip to get you (and me) through this week!



  12. Looks like goddess is eating you for breakfast!


  13. Won’t you be my late night snack 😉


  14. You've finally found her! The perfect growing fat goddess! She's massive, soft, and perfect for worship. Lucky for you, you stumbled into her right as she's about to have a massive feast! When she first sees you, she teases you a bit, commenting on how small you are compared to her fat ass. She lets you know that the key to keeping her fat is your worship. So that means to keep her truly fat, a sacrifice might eventually have to be made. As she eats, she picks you up off the ground and brings you to sit on her couch to get an up-close view of her belly! It's gigantic compared to you! After she begins eating, she comments how if there isn't enough food to keep her full, she'll have to eat you! After all, you want to see her growing, right? As she continues to feast on fast food, her appetite shows no sign of slowing down. Goddess gives you multiple views of her expanding body while telling you that you're the key to keeping her fat. But just as soon as it started, you end up as her food! She picks you up, thanks you for your worship and service, and swallows you whole! YUM! ******** Clip features: vore, vore pov, giantess, goddess worship, eating, fat chat, Best with headphones.


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