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  1. It’s almost nighttime and you’re fat girlfriend is starving, her belly is begging for you to feed it.  Listen to me giggle and jiggle my fat belly while I show you close up’s of all my stretch marks.


  2. You get a late night message from your gaining girlfriend, she's starving! She's begging for you to come save the day and fatten up her growing belly. In the message I show you all the beautiful new stretch marks I have growing, giggle my big bouncy belly, and give you my fat from all angles. In this intimate video message I briefly talk about my day visiting the doctor and her shock as she saw how you turned me into a walking ball of blubber. I keep begging for you to come over and feed me, even giving my best pouty face. Please, come over and fatten me up, I'm a desperate feedee. *Filmed on iphone This is my first time doing an more intimate video, please let me know if this format is also enjoyed.


  3. Come chat with me on my forum! I post plenty of gifs and fun stories there.






  4. Omg I totally have the Black off the shoulder button dress! I love it, it’s so cute and comfortable. also omg your such a babe 💖💋
  5. It’s been brought to my attention by friends and family that I’ve gotten fat, in an attempt to get back into shape I tried working out 😉



    But have no worries, I made sure to replenish myself with a deliciously creamy and fatty gaining shake (and cake because I’m a true fatty!)



    So come celebrate my growing gut and help me get the perfect plush and plump summer body! 🐷💖🐷

  6. Sometimes you just start to outgrow chairs 🐷


  7. Can I just say I really do love the way gaining shakes feel in my belly?! I can always feel them resting there throughout the day, weighing me down even more. 

    Any one else out there have any experience with gaining shakes?

  8. It's almost time for beach season and I need to get my bikini perfect body, and what better of a way to get there than with a gaining shake! I kick things up a notch with some creamy fudge cake and whipped cream. This isn't my first gaining shake, but it's my first time drinking one on camera. Things got a little heated when I got so excited about eating and getting fatter. I could feel this creamy, thick, and high calorie shake glides down my throat and sits heavy in my expanding belly. This was so much fun to film and imagine where all the calories would go on my body. Should I make these shakes a daily indulgence?


  9. My new workout video has plenty of booty and cellulite angles for you to enjoy! 




  10. It's so fun of shape I've gotten with each pound. I've gone from a one time dancer to ultimate fatty in such a short amount of time! Watch me struggle to do a couple sit-ups and stretches in this new workout video. 

    PS: No calories were lost in the making of this video. 

  11. After a mid day snack Freya finds herself looking through old pictures of herself. After a couple scrolls she realizes she has gotten FAT, very fat to be exact. Freya squeezes on her old workout shorts with her new big belly busting out. She decides it's time to get back into shape and start working out again. Freya heads over to the park to start her workout routine, complete with jumping jacks, sit-ups, squats, push-up's, and a whole lot of running. However Freya quickly realizes she's gotten way to fat and lazy to work out for hours like she used to. Freya get's out of breath and finds herself panting after just moments of physical activity. She quickly get's to embarrassed to be seen wheezing in public or for her cellulite filled thighs and jiggly belly to be out. Freya heads home accepting her new status as piggy. Before long Freya realizes things can't be that bad 😉


  12. Happy Saturday! Spending the day at a festival eating plenty of delicious fried foods! What do y’all think of my dress for the day?




    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. WhoDat


      Looks soooo cute when you pull it up. :):):)

    3. Jay Rock

      Jay Rock

      I'm glad you got to show off that dress -- I get the feeling, way you're eating, it's going to become less of a dress and more of a shirt before long. ;) 

    4. CarlGnarl


      omg 5'2 and 258 pounds, you are a total doll! And the dress is beautiful, you are a very attractive woman. 

  13. Happy national donut day! Come celebrate by buying one of my clips so I can get some donuts for myself!



    Today is the final day for my clip sale!

  14. I’m running a sale on both my newest videos. My cheesecake video is one of my favorites because I got to get on all fours and shove every bit of fatty creamy cheesecake into my mouth 🐷





  15. Running a quick sale on my newest measurements video! If we can get this video up to three reviews, I’ll throw my 4,500 calorie cheesecake stuffing video on sale too! 


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