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  1. Not for the faint of heart ❤️ 


  2. Just dropped this morning, and oh my is it devious! 


  3. Something hot is dropping tomorrow!



    1. Jay Rock

      Jay Rock

      Looking forward to it!

  4. OPA! A Greek girl who loves stuffing herself, what more could you want?


  5. Good morning 💖 keep me fat and growing


  6. Greedy girls do it best 🐷


  7. Dressed up for the first time in months, and by dress up I mean, wore something other than leggings and sneakers. Anyways excuse my messy room
  8. Things might have got a little hot and heavy 🥵


  9. I eat well 💖 come watch me eat the food of my people 🇬🇷


  10. I’m away for the weekend, a mini road trip with my closest friend for her birthday! Something to change the scenery and spend some time bonding. But lucky for me it means I get to go hard on the fast food and other food that normally isn’t in the city (like Texas road house). I’m also doing some light antiquing and record hunting. Anyways here’s me enjoying my curves and being absolutely makeup free 💖 Hope you’re having a wonderful Saturday! Drop me a line with your favorite car or road trip song!
  11. In case y’all didn’t know I’m Greek! I love Greek food (cooking it and eating it lol), and I thought it was time I finally did a proper stuffing of it. Greek food actually is mostly what I crave oddly enough. Ay any rate support my gains and purchase my newest clip 💖
  12. I like your thinking! And I will reply to this ASAP, I wanna make a good list, but I’m doing a tiny weekend road trip and am away from my full collection! 😮
  13. Come watch me overindulge in Greek food! 


  14. 🇬🇷It's time I finally stuffed the food of my people, Greek food! 🇬🇷 Greek food is by far my favorite, so it's time I do proper stuffing! It all just tastes so oily and flavorful in my mouth and belly! I can't help but let out a loud moan! It all just feels so good and fattening. I keep shoveling chicken, cheese, and gyros! The more I eat, the tighter my tiny blue thong gets; my belly bulges over and grinds against the table. As I sit down, it becomes clear the chair is much too tight for me; I can barely fit without getting stuck! Not even my burps help me fit better. I love over indulging and it's clear my waistline does too! 🇬🇷 🇬🇷🇬🇷🇬🇷 Clip features: stuffing, thong, moaning, light burping, tight chairs, gluttony, fat chat


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