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  1. It’s been a fun and fattening week! Check out some of my new clips from this week to keep me fed!


  2. Sooooo I hardly ever wear jeans because I just don’t find them comfortable or my style! I’m much more of a skirt and dress girl BUT I do have a couple pairs of jeans. In fact I just got this cute new high waisted pair (because some of y’all made me outgrow my last ones 🐷)and I actually love them! I feel so cute and comfy.

    PS: If we ever hang out I WILL make you take lots of pictures of me! But hey, I ain’t bad eye candy!




  3. What’s your favorite fast food place? Personally mine is chic-fil-a, but there isn’t any near me! 


  4. Fresh and hot new clip! 🐷


  5. It's been a LONG day, and this sweet feedee needs a little pick-me-up! To spoil myself, I decided to order some McDonalds, and I made sure to get all my favorites! Fries, chicken strips, and of course, a McGriddle. I plop my fat ass on the couch and get some tv set up; mindless eating is the easiest way to pack on the calories and pounds. I make sure to eat every sweet, greasy, and heavy bite, leaving me fuller and fatter than when I started! Along the way, there are plenty of burps, like a true piggy I lose all embarrassments and stop being shy about being a belching babe. I'm on my way to being absolutely massive, and I can't wait for you to see! Clip features: fat chat, eating, stuffing, belly play, burping


  6. Belly game strong 🐷💖🐷



    1. foball1290



      Could be stronger😜😙

  7. General Question! 
    Any Hole fans?

    1. jonyboy317



    2. FattyFreya


      @jonyboy317 oh fuck yeah! 

      for fun I just remade the Live Through This album cover! I can’t wait to edit the coloring!

    3. jonyboy317


      Real sick, "the girl with the most cake" hahaha

  8. Double the uploads this week, double the fun!


    1. Luna Hellborn

      Luna Hellborn

      That polka dots dress is so cuteee and you are stunning in it🥰

    2. FattyFreya


      @Luna Hellborn omg thank you ☺️☺️☺️ 
      you’re such a babe!

  9. Oh no! All of these feedings you’ve been doing have had me outgrowing all my dresses! What’s a girl to do? 


  10. Gaining has been so fun, but nothing beats going up a size (or four) in clothing. As I’ve packed on the pounds in the last few years I’ve outgrown many dresses. I’ve always been a girl who loves to dress up and look cute, getting fat would never change that. I love wearing dresses and skirts mostly, anything to make me look super femme and flirty! I decided to try on a mix of old and new dresses. Some are from my 200 pound days. I make sure to show you all the best angle and curves, because these dresses surely show them off! Some have gotten so tight that the fabric has become super stretched and slightly see through. But I still look just as damn cute! Maybe I need to wear some of these in public. Clip features: nudity, tight dresses, belly jiggle, fat chat, gaining goals


  11. There’s a few hours left on my sale on all my clips 💖🐷💖


  12. How fat would you make me?!



  13. I've been in and out of gaining for a number of years, while my feelings on goal weights have changed, my feelings on immobility haven't. In short, I'm into it, but you'll just have to watch for the full story. I can only imagine how my mobility will change as I continue gaining! For now, my feelings live in a fantasy.... but maybe you could help change that? In the later part of the clip, I discuss how my mobility has changed as I've started gaining, how my activity levels have changed, and what I can no longer do! Eating junk food and sitting on my ass all day has really changed my ability to get around! Clip features: fat chat, immobility mention, weight mention, gaining goals, body changes.


  14. Tomorrow is the final day for the sale on ALL my clips! 🐷💖🐷 


    1. MisticJane


      HOT you are goals what a babe

  15. Happy Friday babes! I’m having a sale on a ton of my clips! Treat yourself to something this weekend! Sale ends Monday! 


    1. PeterK57


      ... and today I got me a bunch of clips from Clips4Sale 🤔

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