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  1. New Video coming Tuesday! You might wanna pickup my old measurements video to see the progress I've made!


    1. Jay Rock

      Jay Rock

      Are we getting the sequel? :D 

      Looking forward to it! 

  2. It’s finally leather jacket weather here (aka my favorite time & clothing item)

    I dressed cute and went to some art museum. I can’t stand the myth that big girls can’t dress hot or fashionable. While finding clothes is harder I look so much cuter in them!


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    2. FattyFreya


      @Monkey this is one of 7! Clearly a obsession!

    3. FattyFreya
    4. Monkey


      when something is good you always want more I guess? Probably why you're so big if you're applying that to food as well which I'm sure you are :P 

  3. A little sale never hurt anyone!

    For the next 24 hours my newest video will be on sale for $5.99! ORG $8.99




  4. I’m still just as flexible as I was 100 pounds ago 😜


  5. I have a thing for costumes I guess. I got this one last year and it fit perfectly. This year I can’t even zip it up all the way. Just a small but fun detail in my newest clip.


  6. Miss fatty, I really like you, but how come you never show your nipples? ; _ ;

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    2. FattyFreya


      @chucklehead2 I prefer to follow site guidelines to remain selling clips.

    3. asdfasdff


      ...what are you doing?

    4. chucklehead2


      I was unaware of any such rule

  7. Happy Oktoberfest! I decided that the best way to celebrate would be by chugging a ton of beer and snacking on some big pretzels. Since I've been such a little piggy this last year my costume no longer fully zips up in the back, I take ample time to show you while jiggling my fat ass. Knowing that this beer will bloat me I make sure to get a before and after shot of my fat swollen belly. When I sit down and chug the bear you get a real look at how fat and wide I've gotten. With each sip of beer and bite of pretzel, I get more and more excited! Each sip makes me burp more and more. I love the feeling of being big, bloated, and burping!


  8. A growing babe like me needs to keep her skin glowing and hydrated, and coconut oil is the best way to do that! Come join me on a tour of my curvy body as I oil up for the evening and get ready to relax. There's plenty of angles, and this clip allows you to see, and all my stretch marks up close! Freya ♥️🐷


  9. It's the first day back from summer vacation and your crush from last year seems to have gotten really fat over summer. Maybe it was her persistent eating; perhaps it was her laziness, the only thing that's for sure is that she managed to pack on the pounds this summer. Hear her impatiently beg for lunchtime because her appetite is out of control. You reach out to grab her and shes fluffier than ever. But you can't tell if she realizes how fat she's gotten, she's bursting out of her uniform, huffing up the stairs, and struggling to fit in her chain. You love watching her bend over as she drops her notebook, you're able to see just how massive her thighs have gotten. After a full day of belly squeezing, snacks, lunch, and huffing, she asks you to come over and help her study, after all she knows your the perfect feeder for the task!


  10. Since I managed to pack on so many pounds this summer I decide to try and go buy some new clothes, only to find out that I'm too fat for all the clothing in store! After all I want to look good for my cute crush back at school! He hasn't seen me all summer and I'm hoping he won't notice my gain! After managing to waddle my fat ass around to pick some clothes, I manage to get into the very small and tight dressing room. I grab the biggest sizes the store has to offer and yet they still don't fit. The whole time I struggle to get clothes on, huffing and puffing the entire time. With some luck i'm able to get the shorts over one leg. I try on several items with no luck, but I do get in a mini workout for all the work it took. I guess it's fat girl stores for me now, it also means I'm finally fatter than a US size 22! ♥️🐷♥️🐷♥️🐷♥️🐷♥️🐷 Enjoy my curves from all angles and views! There's a mirror to the back of me and a lens to the front of me. This is happening in real time, so you can hear voices, if only they knew of how hard I was struggling to get my fat ass in clothes behind the door. I guess this is our secret 😉


  11. Thought you might appreciate this comparison... 😍


    1. S77


      Those curves wow 😮 

    2. FattyFreya


      @somebody1911 ooo!! Thank you for the compassion ❤️

  12. It's been a fantastic and fattening summer and I'm ready to tell you all about my summer gain! I talk about all the ways my body has changed since gaining 30 pounds. While i've gotten fat everywhere, my belly seems to take the crown, with most of my gain going there. I also tell you how I'm adjusting to the new weight mentally and physically. I've become quite the klutz with my new gain, knocking everything over with my new rounder belly. I make sure to show off all my growth up close and personal with plenty of camera jiggles and wiggles. Good news is, I'm getting ready for an even more fattening fall! 🐷♥️🐷♥️ Thank you for all the support since joining Curvage in May! Without your clip sales this gain wouldn't be possible!


  13. Lookout! Is that a whale or just a cute fat babe on the beach?! It's both! To commemorate the end of summer and to show off my cute chunky body in all its glory, I packed up my snacks and went to the beach. I treated myself to plenty of yummy snacks like tea cakes, cherries, and pepperoni. After rolling around in the sand for a bit I decide it's time to rinse off in the warm waters. I pull out my best Baywatch fun and make my way into the lake. I splash around, jiggling my belly for the entire beach to see! And you can bet they were shocked. I'm too cute of an fatty to stay clothed inside, the beach is the best place for me to show off my belly! 🐷🐷🐷


  14. looks like yoy are a nice girl


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