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  1. BBW Belching Bale in a Bikini, say that three times fast! New clip today!



  2. I've got a massive craving for some sweet raspberry soda. After a full 60oz, I'm left with a bloated belly and an inability to control my burps. **** Clip Features: Burping, bloated belly, stretch marks, BBW babe, BBW Bikini


  3. What’s hotter than unwrapping a big fat burrito? 



    1. Bunny Velvet

      Bunny Velvet

      I'm so jealous of you right now, haha! Burritos are one of my favorite foods. 🌯

    2. Jay Rock

      Jay Rock

      Unwrapping a big, fat Freya? 😍

    3. Udderlyadorable


      Why are you so adorable?? That is the cutest I have ever seen anyone eating a burrito! 

  4. New 18 min clip 💖 Come spend your weekend with me! 


  5. Snacks for a Snack! After a busy day, I decide it's time for me to treat myself to some tasty Chipotle. My favorite is a chicken burrito with all the fixings and some chips! I wash everything down with some pop and indulge in some of my favorite fast food! I talk about everything I did, my favorite fast food, watching other fat babes eat, and my growing curves. *** Clip Features: Tight Dress, Eating, Light Burping, Fat Chat, Gaining Chat


  6. Sometimes you just upload videos and just get another craving from watching yourself eat 😜

  7. Fuck cribs, let’s do a fridge tour!


  8. This is how a feedee prepares herself for a week of eating 💖


  9. Ever wonder what a feedee keeps in her house to keep herself well rounded? Then come take a mini-tour of my fridge and cabinets, all stocked with my favorite foods. From feta to gaining powder, this pantry has all the fat girl food basics! **** Clip features: Fat Chat, Gaining Goals, Belly Shots, Food Talk, Feedee Talk


  10. Chunky knit sweaters for a chunky babe 💖




    1. regbill


      I love how your ample curves fill out that sweater.:wub:

    2. FattyFreya


      @regbill that they do 😉

  11. Ready to worship goddess and give into your most hedonistic desires and get disgustingly fat? Eating yourself into oblivion is the only true way to please goddess. Eat up piggy!


  12. It’s time to please goddess 💖

    If you’ve got a thing for tough big titted women, mutual gaining, female fat admiration, or femme domme, this is the clip for you! 


    1. Tim uk

      Tim uk

      Ticking all my boxes... I’d let you make me as fat you’d like 😋

    2. FattyFreya


      @Tim uk be careful what you wish for, I’ve got a very devious side.

  13. Get Fat for Goddess It's time to give up all your self-control and please goddess utterly. You've wanted to give in to your most hedonistic desires for a while, but have been far too scared. That all changes today. Start going for your wildest gaining dreams and fantasies, nothing will make you feel more fulfilled and be happier, and nothing would please me more. Show your devotion to me by getting much fatter and stuffing your piggy face. Better hurry and waddle your ass to the kitchen, that food isn't going to eat itself. **** Clip features: Female feeder, fat chat, eating instructions, femdomme, FFA



    Check out all my clips here


  15. Today is the FINAL DAY OF MY SALE! This will be my final sale until my birthday in May! Check out all my clips here


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