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    Lifestyle based- Visiting a museum, any type of TV, online shopping (I kinda love clothes), relaxing in the sun

    Fetish based- Fat worship, gaining, splosh play, messy eating, tight clothes

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  1. Today’s deal of the day is a sale in my first ever Curvage clip, which happens to be my highest reviewed clip. You might wanna buy it for some comparisons! 

    Summer might be almost over but swimsuits still look amazing on me! 



    1. CardSwamp


      Aww ain't that nice 

  2. looks like yoy are a nice girl


    1. CardSwamp


      I'm sure "yoy" is a very nice girl also. Probably not as nice as Freya tho. Lol 

  3. Get caught up in me 💋

    It’s the best pun I could think of! Give me something!





    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. ssbbwlove


      You’re definitely a real catch ;) Looking good in fishnets, but you seem to look good in just about anything!

    3. Jay Rock

      Jay Rock

      Fishnets legit make me melt, so this is just...ugh, you're killing me with your hotness, man! :D 

    4. CardSwamp


      I'd give that pun a good 4. You make it out of 5 or 10 yourself. Lol 

  4. Pretty sure I’ve never looked rounder! Also ugh I love how cute and squishy I look from this angle!  I just look chunky all over!

    Any guesses on how much I’ve gained since joining Curvage?





  5. New clip or me chugging some heavy cream before bed the other night 🐷

    Played with some exciting 🍑 shots


    1. babor123456789


      Looking big and you look less and less able to move around! That’s pretty hot

    2. CardSwamp


      Def, gonna by this by the end of the week 

  6. It's almost time for bed, but no good night ritual is complete without a little heavy cream! To keep my figure nice and plump you encourage me to chug an entire carton (one pint) of heavy whipping cream. Combined with my bits of snacks that's over 1,800 calories just before bed, which will surly turn to fat. After feeling the sweet cream hit my lips and travel down to my gut, where it rests quite heavily, I talk to you about how I've been feeling during my gain and how much I love the new pounds. I make sure to show you all my best angles to showcase my growing fatness. The video ends with me struggling to get off my couch to turn off the camera. Who knew the simple act of getting off the couch could be considered a workout 😉


  7. 3 hours left on my sale! 

    Originally $8.99, now $5.99!!


    When I hit 350 followers! ALL my videos will go on sale for $4.99, including ones that have never been on sale before, like my workout video!

    1. CardSwamp


      Sounds like an offer I cant refuse. Get them follows up internet Lol

  8. Good morning ❤️❤️

    I feel like this is prob in my top three favorite photos of me ever, my belly looks so cute and perfectly round! While the rest of me looks (and feels) soft and plush!




    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. ssbbwlove


      All of you looks fat in these so I can see why this is a top 3 for you

    3. Tim uk

      Tim uk

      Ooooooo so seductive & doughy  😍

    4. FattyFreya


      @babor123456789 it’s a bit more than that!

  9. My newest clip is on sale for $5.99, originally 8.99, until 5 p.m. today! 

    Follow me snacking, waddling and squashing myself throughout out the airport. Including trying to jam my way through a much to small isle. 


  10. Feeling cute and round today! How fun is this new bra I got 💙💙





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    2. FattyFreya


      @CardSwamp my obsession for clothes overflowed into the second bedroom, which has been converted to a walk-in closet 

    3. CardSwamp


      That's pretty sick, but hey obsession or not it's safe to assume u have a ton of style to match all those clothes

    4. CardSwamp


      I feel like I forgot something... Oh yeah I said my mind was gonna break looking at these pics, excuse me........ "OHH SNAP, these pics are the Hottest! Look at how that Belly, Bra is so Amazzaagaaawwd" 


  11. It’s official I’m too fat to fly! I’ve outgrown seatbelts, overflow seats, and bump people’s elbows through the isle. To top it off I can’t atop eating! 




    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. John Smith

      John Smith

      Nothing is such better than watching a lady struggling to move through an aisle. 

    3. CardSwamp


      I donno how even in the most Candid of videos u still come off as the hottest one in the frame... Also that outfit is pretty slammin 

    4. CardSwamp


      And I'm gonna assume you meant to say "cant stop eating" at the end there. Lol 

  12. You're just about to board your plane when you notice Freya stuffing her face full, she already can't fit into the seats what's a few extra calories 😉 Freya continues eating like a fat pig in public for everyone to see, all while talking about her new seatbelt extender, she's fully given into her feedee ways. You get a fantastic view of Freya waddling down the ramp to get on the plane. Afterwards you get to watch her try to make her way through the crowded isle, her big belly bumping into everything. After she's finally seated watch her struggle to fit in her seat, both hips are overflowing with fat and are bursting out over the handrails. She pulls out her seatbelt extender and gets settled. She attempts to use her tray table with no success, her bulging big belly gets into the way. This clip ends with some belly rubbing and snacking on a in flight treat. Watch as Freya squeezes herself into a small seat and keeps eating for everyone to see.


  13. Spent today doing all of nothing but sleeping and sleeping on the couch 🐷




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    2. Rebeljoe


      I would have loved to be cuddled up with you.

    3. CardSwamp


      Believe me when I say this when I say- that last pic with the shot of ur eyes is the most lovely pic I seen on his site the whole day

    4. CardSwamp


      Also, didn't notice before-the little tatoo on your pinky finger. Seems pretty intriguing, any story to that? :)

  14. Cheesecake is one of my favorite foods! I love the creamy, sweet, and heavy taste of them. In this clip I sampled quite a few different slices and ended up 4,500 calories fatter 🐷🐷



    1. CardSwamp


      The world really doesn't deserve u Freya...well that's wrong because if the world didn't have u we couldn't buy these cute videos lol Really are one of a kind imo

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