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  1. Come hang out with me on my forum! I’m having fun and dropping plenty more pics! 

    Keep me company while I wait for my food!


  2. Tell me I’m cute, compact, and fat! Being 5’2 and fat is just so much fun, I’m so much more snuggly! I feel so hot in these photos, probably the hottest I’ve felt in a while, so of course I had to share. Also let’s talk about that profile 💦💦
  3. Giantess is ready to use you as a chair and a food source 


  4. Looks like your for dinner 😉


  5. Prepare to be my food!!


  6. There's a special place for the most loyal of subs, and that's inside this BBW goddesses belly. Lucky for you, you're about to witness me eating my fat piggy sub, but don't get too sad, you turn is next. Before a piggy gets properly eaten and turned to mush, I start by teasing my piggy, carefully allowing them to get adjusted to the warmth of my mouth and the softness of my tongue. I then let all my piggy's experience the pleasure of my soft and plump curves as up close as possible. I start by placing them in my cleavage and suffocating them with my ample breasts. I then make them my perfect piggy chair, sitting on them instead. What's left are a few moments of pure bliss before they know they're about to be turned into my snack, the ultimate sacrifice, and service for a goddess like me. This little piggy is just so sweet, but I'm growing and far from satisfied. You're next. Get ready to give into goddess, and become my ultimate piggy. ****** Clip Features: BBW Domme, Dominant Feedee, Vore, Vore Roleplay


  7. Rolls on rolls on rolls!


    1. Renat69


      sweet Dreams My Love

  8. Just a fat brat having fun 😉


  9. Where’s my breakfast?!


  10. Spend Friday night with me having fun! 


  11. Went to an apple orchard just to get a bunch more donuts but here’s me stuffing a dozen!


    1. ice on my wrist

      ice on my wrist

      You're the most beautiful true divine goddess on this site, holy shit😋

  12. Let’s get messy! My dozen donut stuffing clip is now live!




  13. I’m large and in charge!


  14. It's morning and your fat brat of a girlfriend is famished, well at least according to her, her waistline suggests otherwise. She wants breakfast in bed because she's simply too lazy to get out of it. To appease her appetite (and attitude), you bring her a dozen donuts and some heavy cream. It seems the hungrier she gets, the brattier she gets. Each bite brings her closer and closer to the edge, seeing her fat belly expand as it fills with fatty, fried dough gets her off, and she can't help but moan. She eventually gets far too lazy and makes you feed her instead, but you better hurry; she wants her food NOW! As she continues to plow through the box, you get a good look at her dimpled thighs. She's getting quite messy. Her chins quickly become covered in jelly, grease, powdered sugar, and crumbs, of course, but she's too busy eating and moaning to notice. As things near the end, she turns to her absolute piggy tendencies and gets on all fours, screaming the donuts straight from the box into her greedy mouth and growing belly. This bratty piggy is hungry, and she wants you to bring her as much food as her appetite can handle. ******** Clip Features: messy eating, bratty feedee, feeder pov, stuffing, eating and moaning


  15. A throwback for the evening 🐄 

    Sweet dreams 💋


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