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  1. Let’s see how this lingerie set fits now, these were taken in July! But this set is just too cute not to use for Christmas!

    also just saying... I feel my happiest in cute lingerie sets!





    1. henke26


      very beautiful😍

  2. Like this post if I should do my Christmas video in my holiday full body pj’s, heart this post if I should do it in red lingerie! 

    comment if I should do both 😜

  3. Someone made sure I was fed last night 😉🐷



    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. foball1290


      🐷🐖🔥😍❤did i do that😏?

    3. FattyFreya


      @foball1290 I think you did and you’ve done much more. 😉

    4. foball1290


      What might that be😏??

  4. Tried on a old bikini, good news I fill it out much better! Bad news (but exciting news!) I’ve got a ways to go to get it fitting quite right! 





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    2. regbill


      You look great now but I can't wait until that bikini can no longer contain your abundant curves.:)

    3. FattyFreya


      @JJ89 thank you! I think it’ll look 1,000 times better!

    4. FattyFreya


      @regbill I like that challenge 😉

  5. I love my 🍈🍈 more than anything! Come watch them jiggle and get an exquisite view of my double chin!


  6. I love my tits more than anyone else ever could, but you could try worshiping them. My tits are amazingly supple, soft, and sensual, and perfect for cradling you...but only if you behave. They are so soft and squishy I'm sure I could suffocate you in them! I decided to spoil you today by showing you just how perfect my tits are while managing to tease you just enough to punish you. I think you'll enjoy my amazing breasts. They're only growing the fatter I get. PS: Enjoy plenty of my adorable double chin in this clip, it's a super close up shot.


  7. Come spoil me and buy my clips! Fatty needs money for food 🐷💋💖


  8. Happy Sunday! help support my growing gut by buying my most recent clip! 


  9. Feeling happy today! The next four people who review ANY of my clips, get any clip of their choosing for free!




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    2. FattyFreya


      @CDogGCat that's the energy I need!

    3. henke26


      Because only you are worth all the meals you can get. Much love need much food😍

    4. gflono86


      Keep eating babe 😘 grow grow grow im loving it like Mc Donald's!!!

  10. Happy Friday 💖💖

    treat yourself to one of my hot new vids and help me get fat in the process! 


    1. gflono86


      Your such a voluptuous babe keeping expanding 😍👍🏾👍🏾🌭🎂🍰🌮🥟

  11. Would love a video of you Stuffing Twinkies whole down your gullet! 

    1. FattyFreya


      @Gman123456 that might be able to be arranged 💋

  12. Good morning (or afternoon if you slept in like me) from my fat ass to yours 💋


    1. regbill


      I love the way you say good morning.❤️

  13. You could say I’ve had a fun and fattening few weeks filming clips, here are some of my recents! 


  14. This is easiest my favorite clip I’ve ever made! I’m already planning more force feeding things in the future! In the meantime come watch a feedee humiliate me. The POV shots are 🔥🔥


  15. It’s Giving Tuesday! Have you considered giving to a feedee 💖💋



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