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  1. Bless~~



    1. cai man

      cai man

      Your belly is looking great! :wub:

  2. Good news? People are noticing I got really fat this summer, even better news: now I want to get even BIGGER 




    1. wolfShark


      It would be hard not to pay attention to all-that-growing-goodness you’ve got. It’s a joy to watch you grow. Speaking of, I hope you’re snacking while you’re reading this 😉

  3. I’ve gotten really fat this summer and I’m now realizing people are having some strong reactions. Not only are strangers staring at me, Old friends from my past, family, even my boss have started making comments about my weight gain and I can’t help but giggle? If only they knew!


  4. Fattening up for you ❤️






    1. Mattlovescurves


      Goodness you’re getting heavy Kitt, your face looks chubbier ☺️

    2. ice on my wrist

      ice on my wrist

      Damn  that weight looks heavenly on you, wow!😭😁


    New weigh in!!! 🖤🖤🖤


  6. You like a girl with a sweet tooth right? Don’t we all? Mine is insatiable. Cake after cake, I’m wanting more and more. An entire box to be precise! Delicious and fattening, what a great way to spend an afternoon! Belly rubs, before and after, bit after tasty bite growing fatter!


  7. I’ve been seriously plumping up all summer, and the proof is in the numbers, also maybe the massive gut I’m sporting! I love talking about my fattening summer and how absolutely PLUMP I’ve become!


  8. I just can’t believe these like omg! I’m getting so FAT!! 



  9. Looking fat feeling great! Got some fun content coming this week! Love you guys!!! 


    1. Crafty Barnardo

      Crafty Barnardo

      Is that whopper? 

  10. Big belly goth gf 


    1. Gaius300


      To have a blown up gf is a lucky person 

  11. Okay guys this was RIDICULOUS I can say officially that I'm addicted to heavy cream. I had NO idea it was going to be SO good, my reaction in the video is genuine because I know I have found an epic tool to get me as fat as possible!


    1. AlexDeep


      Heavy cream is gold😂

    2. Mattlovescurves


      Are you making this more regular now Kitt 😳 Pure greed 🤤

    3. Crafty Barnardo

      Crafty Barnardo

      You def gonna gain full speed now.

  12. 2,050 calories in eight minutes! I've always been a devious fatty, eyeing the creams and butters wondering what would happen if I just guzzled them. What would it taste like? What would it feel like? Well now I know, and it is ECSTASY. The rich thick cream sliding down my throat gulp after gulp, I am ADDICTED! I'm going to be doing this as much as possible and I know the results are going to be amazing!


  13. I'm so excited!!!!!



    1. Crafty Barnardo

      Crafty Barnardo

      Gut and butt is in a serious race.

    2. Jorge Reyes

      Jorge Reyes

      Parece que te están inflando.😍

    3. Rebeljoe
  14. I am outgrowing everything! A cute dress, My favorite shorts, pants and shirts. Everything is tight now! Getting the buttons to fasten over my massive gut is nearly impossible. But its SO hot and you know its only inspiring me to get even fatter!


  15. So uh, things changed this summer!! 



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