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  1. I was so nervous and excited about this clip! I absolutely adore the sensation of my belly expanding before my eyes, and I want to push that to the extreme. I'm starting some serious feedee training sessions. Chugging and guzzling fattening treats to stretch my belly to maximum capacity. I was so nervous, but I surprised myself with what a greedy piggy I was! Consuming 2000 calories in nine minutes! Cant wait to out eat myself again soon!


  2. Funnel feeding before and after! You guys I’m so proud of myself!! I haven’t done this since 2013/14 and I was so nervous. But I shocked myself with how fast and easily I chugged! I’m still shocked! My belly expanding before my eyes?! I did it! 2000 calories in ten minutes!! I’m   So happy! I can’t wait to share the video!! 



    1. Gaius300


      You look so good, the new weight looks really good😆, You should chug like that for a week straight and see how much you gain. 

    2. Nisse87


      So hot looks very good

    3. Stuffingkit


      Oh I’m gonna keep doing this! Even later after the food coma wore off, I did it again!

  3. This day was all about donuts. Boxes and boxes of donuts! 

    1. Mattlovescurves


      How many did you devour love?! 😳☺️

    2. Stuffingkit


      16! So good. Wasn’t a fan of the powdered ones compared to the chocolate but still so good and fattening 😍😍😍

  4. Imagine coming home to find your big fat girlfriend stuffing her face yet AGAIN! You know she loves feeling her belly expand, and you cant keep your hands off of her! Help her get FAT! In this POV video Kit gets her big belly and giant butt slapped and jiggled while she stuffs her greedy face. This piggy gets teased and encouraged to be the glutton she is!


  5. Thank you! Yeahhhh I know nothing but I'm trying to learn! For now until my knowledge increases we get “doo doo doo doo” etc 😂😂😂
  6. Dude its so comfortable! I was shocked! The material is super soft and the stretch is killer! And gaaaah thank you I adore you!
  7. Hi! I did my first youtube Haul and I thought some other curvage models and members would appreciate the details! Im really impressed with the clothes and the video is fun!
  8. Im addicted to food, and you're addicted to fat. All day I eat and grow chubbier and wider and sexier, knowing how much you want it. I hope you're at work calculating new accommodations for my extreme obesity while I'm eating to my hearts content. Too much is never enough when the goal is never ending! This is what Im fantasizing about while I show off my new stretch marks, flabby tummy and deep belly button.


  9. Did you know that to this day I’m still like “what?! Really? You like seeing me eat? As much as possible? And get as fat as possible?! Eeeee!” Because my whole life before finding the community I thought I was the only one. I never ever ever thought I would get to experience what I’m experiencing now, and I just feel so giddy about it 💕💕💕💕


  10. The face of "feels so FULL feels so GOOD" 


    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Jay Rock

      Jay Rock

      That's sweet of you to say, though I get the sneaking suspicion that an hour going by without eating makes you hungry. :P

    3. John Smith

      John Smith


    4. Mattlovescurves


      Keep pushing your boundaries love 🤤

  11. Yum! CAKE! I had SO much fun making this video! There is something so satisfying about totally gorging myself on a sweet and fattening treat. I got so stuffed and I know its gonna help me plump up~


  12. I’m just like, getting very fat! 


    1. CityNight


      So cute, and sexy ❤

    2. Mattlovescurves


      Wider and wider and....😳

    3. Gaius300


      I’m loving how your arms are looking luv 🖤😊😍

  13. Gotta fill this tummy to the maxxx and then some 😍😍😍


    1. showmeyourbellygirl


      It's so hot knowing that you're going to stuff that belly until it swells and makes those shorts start rolling down 

  14. I just ate almost 5,000 calories in one sitting 😍😍😍

    1. showmeyourbellygirl


      Sounds like a good snack, sweetie... But since you're posting about it you must have some room to fill before the food coma strikes 😈

  15. Hello! This is just a fun fat chat and body tour where I share my fun stuffing session stories, my gaining goals and the places I can see where I've put on weight (Hello new stretch marks!)


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