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  1. Beauregarde is back again as everyone's favorite spy, from everyone's favorite episode. It's been over a decade since Clover left WOOP, and Inga Bittersweet has been released from jail! Patties are back on the market, and everyone is porking up. Will Clover resist temptation or give in to her passion for these patties? ------ In this 20(!!) minute long fantasy sequel, watch Beauregarde gorge on patties and expand out of her scout uniform, red catsuit, and Bavarian dress, just like in the show! Features a large variation of shots, expansion scenes, practical and digital effects, fantasy scenarios with actual stuffing, one of most beautiful pants button pops ever filmed among others, AND a finale sequence featuring Beauregarde getting pumped with a real pint of heavy cream and chocolate syrup, no substitute. This one has got it all with a cherry on top. If you liked it please leave a review! Teaser coming soon.


  2. Hello everyone! I hope you’re enjoying your weekend. 👽


    1. Feeder1038


      I know I am beautiful, I'm glad I started a new job! :)

      your looking good I wish I was closer to ask you to lunch or dinner 

    2. Chevalier


      Better late than never; had a lotta fun thanks to you.

  3. My birthday starts in 30 minutes! Going to spend the day gorging like an insatiable hog of course. 🐷

    Here’s a lil comparison pic of yours truly.


    1. chickenDinner


      You’re a prize hog 😍😍😍

    2. Lardfiller


      Happy birthday to you 🎂

  4. Check out my nifty new clip! See me stuff my face with Twinkies in an out of control daze while my body expands before your eyes!


  5. It's 1958 and insomniac Beau just can't get her snooze schedule on track in a super charged world. She has an appointment with the Doc and hopefully he can prescribe her a "little helper" so Mr. Sandman can lend her some dreams, although the last medicine he prescribed caused her to gain 20 lbs which he was none too happy about. Will these quacks ever get it right?!. She starts the day with her favorite sugary cereal Quisp, lovingly splashed with heavy cream ( "it's just so much tastier than milk!" ) and goes on her way to the visit the good doctor. The dozing pills he prescribes came with a warning, that they could cause the patient to become "highly impressionable", whatever that means. She spends the rest of the day tidying up the home until it's time for TV in bed. In a half awake state, a strange and space age Twinkie ad glows on the screen, and that combined with the pills, mesmerizes poor Beauregarde into a delirious and manic state of gluttony! Immediately she springs from her bed and retrieves as many Twinkies as she can hold in her chubby arms, and inhales them like a dame gone mad! She eats and eats and eats until her belt gives way, her neckerchief starts to constrict her tubby neck, and her polka-dot dress starts to burst at the seams! Will she ever slow down?! What was in those pills?! Watch your appetite Beau, you're gonna pop! For fans of Twilight Zone, Ed Wood, 50's Americana, Fallout, and a must have for fans of Beauregarde's previous expansion/rapid weight gain videos! If you like it, leave a review!



    Let’s go to a buffet! Watch me gorge my fat face again and again! Then, being the insatiable fatty that I am, I stop for more food on the way home! 🐷  ❤️

  7. Hey you! Augustine wants to meet at the buffet, and I am STARVING! I could eat till I explode, could you give me a ride? In this video, get a first person view of joining Beauregarde on her trip to the buffet! Join her every step from getting ready to walking down the stairs, filling her plate in public, and of course, stuffing her face. Watch her growing juicy body jiggle and shake as she tackles 10 plates in public, getting so stuffed she needs to unbutton her shirt! She is fattening up so fast she can't help but spill out of her clothes every time she makes a move, how embarrassing ;] . After the buffet, she is STILL hungry, and feeds her food addiction by making a stop at McDonald's for another fattening meal until she is on the verge of bursting. Witness her belly grow from soft and doughy to round as a ball and tight as a drum through this personal and fattening adventure!


  8. B95DB364-9974-48FF-BAA6-A678B55A5539.thumb.jpeg.1caf5f4fcbcdfb55c4bc04193d76aad4.jpeg

    Have I gotten too fat for Curvage?! 😯

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    2. regbill


      The answer is no!:D

    3. Luther Sloan

      Luther Sloan

      With those curves? Not possible.

    4. S77


      Not even close

  9. My friend Megan bet me I couldn't take on an entire family sized meal from KFC, and I intend to prove her wrong. As I lounge in bed, watch me shovel KFC into my plumping face as I struggle to take down the greasiest meal I have consumed yet! 🐔


  10. 🍔Totally cannot wait for dinner to get here. I’m challenging myself to go beyond my limits and get so full I can’t move an inch! Of course I’ll document it how shockingly stuffed I make myself.

    In the meantime, definitely check out my videos! If you’re into SSBBW gainers, you’ll dig em! ❤️ 

    Here’s a link to one of my favorites, where I stuff myself with 🐷2 Dozen!!🐷 Donuts: https://curvage.org/forum/index.php?/files/mypaidfiles/file/3705-two-dozen-donuts-devoured-beauregarde-strikes-back/

    Also if anyone has any requests or ideas for future videos, please let me know. I’d love to make it happen. 




    1. AJ-Xander


      That sounds fantastic! I've really enjoyed the content I've purchased from you so far. Your ability to keep eating past fullness is impressive ❤

    2. Beauregarde


      Thank you so much! I appreciate that! ❤️ I truly love gorging myself and gaining so it comes easily. 

    3. Beauregarde


      Thank you so much! I appreciate that! ❤️ I truly love gorging myself and gaining so it comes easily. 

  11. 🎃Halloween Treat🎃 

    For the rest of October, my video featuring yours truly squeezing my fattened, growing body into her sexy, outgrown costume and then stuffing my face with lots of goodies is 50% off! 21 minutes of video for only $3.99! 

    View it here!: Too Fat for my Halloween costume




  12. I am so hungry, yet again! I don’t know what to get though?!?! Any suggestions?!? 

    Also, I’m moving soon, and as I was busy packing up my closet, the picture I attached was snapped of me! Damn I’m getting so WIDE!!! 😳



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    2. Belly worshipper
    3. bonedoc1958


      That's an ass that needs to be celebrated 

    4. Feeder1038


      Very nice and wide yum

  13. Hey there! I’m moving soon and I was supposed to get some packing done yesterday but ended up stuffing myself all day in bed instead. 😳 I’ve just gotten so hungry and lazy! But I have to admit, I love how it’s making my body look and feel. 

    I have a couple new vids, so you should totally have a peak and see for yourself what a fatty I’ve become! It’s nuts to see how much I’ve grown!!! Below are two links to my most recent ones! Enjoy. 😉


    Beauregarde’s a Fat Pig! 🐷

    Beauregarde’s Breaking the Scale! 😮




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    2. Feeder1038


      Looking in good lovely

    3. Feeder1038


      Looking in good lovely

    4. Feeder1038


      Looking in good lovely

  14. Oh my gosh, my belly is getting so heavy! My body is still getting used to the added weight. I went to a long concert the other day and after standing through a couple bands, the weight from my big, round belly had me feeling like I might tip forward. I had to find a seat to give my back a rest! Of course, after all that standing, I had to get a huge fast food snack, haha. My ass and thighs are also getting so fat and soft. I love the way they jiggle when I walk around, even more than before. I have a big ol' shelf developing over my ass and it's so hot, I love grabbing onto it. I'm so addicted to adding new, soft fat. It feels sooooo good! I'm gonna attach a little morph pic. I cannot wait until my belly gets that huge! Soon!!! VERY soon. Also, if anyone has any suggestions for future videos, feel free to comment! I love to hear new ideas! ❤️
  15. My friend says I've been getting really fat, and I think he's crazy. He says I'm blowing up like a parade float, but there is no WAY I'm over 250! I mean sure, I'm a little chunky, but I'm not obese... I get pretty cross with him and make him a bet that I'm nowhere close to as fat as he thinks I am. I get a little nervous before I step on the scale... I have a few candy bars and soda to calm my nerves...but no way I'm over 300.... When I finally get the nerve to step on it, the dial goes over TWICE! Oh my god there is no way this thing is right.... is it? -- Come watch Beauregarde literally break the scale and push it beyond it's limits in this small narrative!


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