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  1. NEW!!! Can I convince my friend to go to the pool with me looking so FAT?!?! Lots of fat humiliation talk, jiggles and public pool shots! 


  2. 😳 Beau tries to convince Stardaddy to go to the pool but he is appalled at how massively fat she looks in her bikini! She finally convinces him to be seen with such a fatty so she goes to the pool in a bikini with her massive gut out! Lots and lots of sexy fat humiliation talk and belly shots with jiggles.


  3. When is the next video sweetie?

    1. Beauregarde


      Just posted! 💕 


  4. 🐷


    1. WatermelonMan


      Soooo gorgeous...and soooo FAT! Wow! :wub:

  5. Awww, thank you! That means a lot. I kind of hit a snag and had a big move, but I’m definitely still around and still living the fat life!
  6. 🔥NEW🔥 Let’s find out how much this piggy is porking up! Only $3!



  7. It’s been 2 weeks of indulgence and I’m still going strong. Blubber is piling on! Let’s see how fat this insatiable piggy is getting! 🐷


  8. New clip!!! 🐷



  9. Hello! I’m back! After hitting a few snags, I’m back and ready to re- kick start my ongoing gain with some fast gaining! In this clip, I take my current measurements and in 2 weeks time, I am going to repeat after indulging constantly, as much as I can handle. See where I’m at and stay tuned to see where I’ll go!


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