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  1. 🎃Halloween Treat🎃 

    For the rest of October, my video featuring yours truly squeezing my fattened, growing body into her sexy, outgrown costume and then stuffing my face with lots of goodies is 50% off! 21 minutes of video for only $3.99! 

    View it here!: Too Fat for my Halloween costume




  2. I am so hungry, yet again! I don’t know what to get though?!?! Any suggestions?!? 

    Also, I’m moving soon, and as I was busy packing up my closet, the picture I attached was snapped of me! Damn I’m getting so WIDE!!! 😳



  3. Hey there! I’m moving soon and I was supposed to get some packing done yesterday but ended up stuffing myself all day in bed instead. 😳 I’ve just gotten so hungry and lazy! But I have to admit, I love how it’s making my body look and feel. 

    I have a couple new vids, so you should totally have a peak and see for yourself what a fatty I’ve become! It’s nuts to see how much I’ve grown!!! Below are two links to my most recent ones! Enjoy. 😉


    Beauregarde’s a Fat Pig! 🐷

    Beauregarde’s Breaking the Scale! 😮




  4. Oh my gosh, my belly is getting so heavy! My body is still getting used to the added weight. I went to a long concert the other day and after standing through a couple bands, the weight from my big, round belly had me feeling like I might tip forward. I had to find a seat to give my back a rest! Of course, after all that standing, I had to get a huge fast food snack, haha. My ass and thighs are also getting so fat and soft. I love the way they jiggle when I walk around, even more than before. I have a big ol' shelf developing over my ass and it's so hot, I love grabbing onto it. I'm so addicted to adding new, soft fat. It feels sooooo good! I'm gonna attach a little morph pic. I cannot wait until my belly gets that huge! Soon!!! VERY soon. Also, if anyone has any suggestions for future videos, feel free to comment! I love to hear new ideas! ❤️
  5. My friend says I've been getting really fat, and I think he's crazy. He says I'm blowing up like a parade float, but there is no WAY I'm over 250! I mean sure, I'm a little chunky, but I'm not obese... I get pretty cross with him and make him a bet that I'm nowhere close to as fat as he thinks I am. I get a little nervous before I step on the scale... I have a few candy bars and soda to calm my nerves...but no way I'm over 300.... When I finally get the nerve to step on it, the dial goes over TWICE! Oh my god there is no way this thing is right.... is it? -- Come watch Beauregarde literally break the scale and push it beyond it's limits in this small narrative!


  6. I just can't stop growing. Every single day I eat more and more, and every day I keep inflating rounder and fatter, getting hungrier and hungrier. I officially give up, and I submit totally to gluttony. If I'm going to act like a pig, then I might as well start looking like one. I put on my little piggy costume, which doesn't even fit, and order a meal fit for a family from Pizza Hut and devour the entire thing. An entire large works pizza and and full order of cinnamon rolls inhaled inside my fatter than ever belly while I tease myself for becoming such a tubby sow! I get a little messy and gassy too and let out some truly sinful burps while fattening myself up. None of my old friends would even recognize me anymore.....oh well, time to go full hog and REALLY let myself go! -- Watch helpless glutton Beauregarde tease and fatten herself up for a full 45 minutes!


  7. I bought a Space Cadet costume a few months ago for a Halloween party. I bought the biggest size they had, a 3X, which is normally what I take.... but my round fat belly pushes the skirt to the limit with all my stretchmarks on display, my huge bubble butt juts right out of the skirt, and the sleeves nearly cut my circulation off!! It's okay though, Halloween parties are supposed to be revealing, and I didn't get THAT fat.... I celebrate my cute costume by eating a ton of neon treats and admire just how 'out of this world' I look as a Space Cadet! If I get any fatter though this costume might just burst into shreds! -- Come see Beauregarde model off her ill fitting costume from a variety of angles as she stuffs her chubby face!


  8. My friend Amanda sent me an email telling me all about her new job. She is officially a food scientist! For being such a good friend she insisted I try her latest creation, the ultimate cherry cheese danish. She said it's super rich and to take it slow enjoying it, but I couldn't help myself! I know it's bad for my diet, but it's just so good... I never tasted anything this rich before, she was right! The thing is though.. I could feel myself ballooning while I was eating it...it was making me FATTER!! What did she put in this!!! The buttons on my shirt start to burst and my tummy started making strange noises.... why couldn't I stop eating... My jeans button explodes, my sleeves get tighter, and the seat of my pants start to tear at the seams! Damn it all, why does this have to taste so GOOD?! Come watch Beauregarde in a variety of different angles enjoy the most decadent pastry ever developed, witness her audibly and visually grow rapidly fatter in this fantasy feedism video using practical and digital effects. Fans of "The Hunger Potion" and "Beauregarde Blows Up" need apply, and for the curious, yes, she does indeed actually eat the entire Danish, for realsies. Watch the trailer here:


  9. In my natural habitat, being a comfy fatty. 


    1. wem0873


      Sweet gorgeous 😍

  10. Thank you! I look forward to seeing just how fat I get! 🐷
  11. It's been 4 months since I made by first videos for sale, so I thought I'd revisit a favorite...with a twist! You've seen me destroy a dozen donuts before, but four months of giving into gluttony really changes a person, and my appetite has grown as large as I have, doubled in fact. I recieved TWO(!!!) dozen of my absolute favorite donuts (french crullers!), and I eat every. single. one. You read that right, I tackle two dozen donuts and emerge victorious. No fantasy here, this is the real deal giga-stuffing. 24 fattening donuts sitting like a rock in my fat round belly. Not only that, I keep the same outfit from the original video, and well, as you can see from the thumbnail I've done a little (a lot) of growing since then. My shirt is on the verge of bursting and my daisy dukes get so insanely tight that I actually needed help unbuttoning them for relief, they were so adhered to my body I couldn't fit a pinky in there, and the little bit of help I received cause the button to literally explode off them! Over the course of 50 uncut minutes, watch me from a variety of different angles gain a literal pound+ of fat in one sitting! I'm really letting myself go.... Maybe I should slow down?.... Nah ;] Oh, and be sure to watch the video to the very end for a very special announcement! Watch the trailer here:


  12. Excited to eat the night away. 🐖


  13. Oktoberfest season is here, and it's one of my favorite times of the year. To celebrate the occasion, I may have went a little overboard. I cook up 8 brats with all the fixings, a box of buttery au gratin potatoes, and 4 Nestle drumsticks. In this uncut 50 minute stuffing, watch me push myself to my limit from a variety of different angles as I struggle to pump as many calories in this growing body as possible. Come get a close up view of my new stretchmarks I've earned from all these naughty binge sessions I've been filming, and watch my belly expand right before your very eyes as I talk about my huge fat gains. By the end I can hardly speak I'm so stuffed beyond capacity!


  14. Daydreaming about what yummy treats to get next! Any suggestions?




    1. WhoDat



      That second pic...oh, mein Gott! :):) 

  15. So I've been talking to this guy online for a while and we finally met. He's so nice, always sending me chocolates and other nice things. He just got back from his trip and I was supposed to meet him at the hotel, his little group is having some sort of costumed festival and that was going to be out first date. When I arrived things started getting a little strange though... he wasn't home yet and I ended up passing out. When I woke up I was bound to a chair and the nice boy I thought I knew was wearing a mask! He started to funnel this heavy thick shake into my mouth and wouldn't stop! He kept funneling me and feeding me until I burst my belt, and then he kept feeding me even more! He wouldn't stop teasing me and rough handling my blubbery body, I was scared....but I also kind of loved it.... ;] I wonder what other plans he has for me? In this video, watch Beauregarde get funneled, fed, and fattened while she's bound, teased, and rough handled in this dark (and very campy!) feeder/feedee video just in time for the Halloween season! Features multiple angles, feeding scenes and clothes destruction. For the curious, the "Formula" in question is a homemade strawberry weight gain shake, only the scenario is fiction! Watch the trailer here:


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