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    1. Velour


      you're intentionally trying to gain weight?

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    🔥MORE Beauregarde Content::::https://curvage.org/forum/index.php?/profile/89050-beauregarde/content/&type=downloads_file

    1. Fit2Stuffed


      Haha how can I get that big?

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  5. Beau is proud of her gain and is ready to show off! Come take a peak at her inflating body and see where all those extra calories are going Feat. Lots of jiggles and angles, belly drops, fat talk.


  6. 🔥I’d love if you checked out my newest content. Lots of super fat, jiggly fun.🔥 Happy Friday everyone! 💕




  7. Aaaaand rare spotting of a wild Beauregarde:
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  9. 🤠 Growing Beau is going down south, and she's bringing her appetite with her. Through the wheat fields and into the sunflower patch, watch her gorge on deep fried cheese bites, country fried chicken with gravy, loaded mashed potatoes, buttered corn, pulled pork, sweet potatoes with all the fixin's and buttery rolls. A meal this large means big sexy burps. Right when she's ready to pop, enjoy a body tour while she stuffs one final ice cream cone into her plumping face. Come get a taste of American Excellence.


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