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  1. 🔥Final day and weigh in!!!🔥


  2. It's the final day, and Beau is looking BIG. It's the final shake and the final weigh in..... or is it? Is she blue ribbon material? Come take a look at what you've been waiting for.


  3. Welcome to Day 4. The shakes are getting thicker and more fattening, and Beau is looking BIG. The finish line is coming up and she's giving it her all. If Beau keeps up at this pace, she's gonna blow! What are you waiting for?


  4. The weight is piling on, and this is the thickest most fattening shake yet. More of the same from your favorite blimp, a LOT more.... This piggy's gonna pop. > : )


  5. 🐷 Let’s see how much I can gain in 5 days! Every night I’ve been drinking a shake filled with brownie mix, heavy cream, ice cream and peanut oil as well as a bunch of other fattening things (butter, Nutella etc)! (I try different combos every night) During the day I’ve been cramming my massive round belly with all the high calorie junk it can handle. I wanna blimp up fast! 
    Day 1 and 2 up now, day 3 will be up soon! 


  6. 🐷🔥DAY 2🔥🐷 


  7. The shakes are getting thicker and the pounds are piling on. Beau is plumping up fast. I see a difference already, don't you? What are you waiting for? : )


  8. Good morning everyone! 
    Check out my brand new clipppp!!!


    very excited for this challenge...definitely already feeling it! 
    Look out for day 2 later tonight! 🐷 Let’s see how much I can put on! 

  9. This piggy is going for the blue ribbon. I've been challenged to a 5 day onslaught of caloric mayhem! A 15,000 calorie shake loaded with heavy cream, butter, peanut oil, nutella, ice cream and more every day, for five days. I absolutely love how it tastes surprisingly! I thought it was going to go down a lot worse than it did. It tasted so rich and decadent, and felt very amazing going down my fat throat. Every meal a family feast. Can Beau add some much needed major poundage? Come take a peak at the starting weight, and we'll see how how high we can climb this mountain. Welcome to Day 1. : )


  10. 🔥New Clip! 🔥My brief stint as a maid doesn’t work out so well. Much, much too wide. (And omg getting on my knees on a floor at this weight is intense!)




    1. Sweettooth83


      Watch out,you will get stuck in the doorway 😲

  11. I need to get this place clean.... but they left so many yummy snacks out! Eclairs, macarons, butter croissants and more! I don't think it could hurt to eat a few....and maybe a sip of heavy cream couldn't hurt.... I need to get that bathroom clean soon... oh no! I'm stuck in the bathroom door! I'm getting so fat, there is no way this is happening!


  12. 🐷🔥🐷🔥🐷TGIF🔥🐷🔥🐷🔥



  13. 3E909B52-1D22-4515-B3A4-55F598113630.thumb.gif.c6c68bb6702f50c2595ed32ee7080f09.gif

    🔥A must see! A perfect treat to kickstart your weekend.🔥 On sale for $8.99!



  14. 🔥🐽Who loves seeing a SSBBW cram her fat face with food and get even more Supersized? You? Well, then, I have the perfect clips for you!🐽🔥 Check ‘em out below!!!! 



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