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  1. Mmmm!!! My dinner tonight; Hawaiian pizza with bacon, olives and extra cheese 🐷 My favorite. And I’m NOT sharing ! 😂😘


    1. cai man

      cai man

      Enjoy your meal! 😋

  2. Spent allll day visiting my lovely grandma and we had an awesome bbq, I stuffed my face endlessly and now I am home with left overs trying to contain myself but I just might have to dip into those already ... 🐷 2BED76FF-46FB-4043-BFAD-AC29CB617DF5.thumb.jpeg.974fbbe1cb65f2e9ecd14c7928e5658d.jpeg7BEA0BA2-E7F1-4FE1-96C5-F26430572456.thumb.jpeg.9a7b5686352d2f45020fff0ab00b8489.jpegB8D9AC2A-98DC-48B5-95EA-19D7A4815959.thumb.jpeg.4ae48953f16d606b50729a437ba5f257.jpegFE9C2218-E196-4126-910E-074BDE71D395.thumb.jpeg.af30eeaa392cb2dd6c60d19938698016.jpeg


    1. wem0873


      That sounds amazing!!

      Hope you indulge in it all

    2. ylledeuce


      And...after all that stuffing, looks like you made need to upsize your bra. That one is looking pretty snug!

  3. I hope you like this stuffing photoset, I stuff and pose and play with my fat ass...in each shot there’s something sexy waiting for you 🐷🐷 enjoy !! 🥰


  4. I would have to say this is my best video yet, I am getting better with time and practice for sure and gaining very fast!! I have only been here for a few weeks and I’m already 10 lbs heavier! I absolutely can’t wait to see myself transform as I continue to stuff and gain for all of you 😘🥰 everyone here has made me feel so loved and welcome ❤️ After I talked a little bit more about my weight gain I stuffed down some egg rolls and wontons while I modeled my slightly thicker and chunkier body for you 😉 I hope you enjoy 😊


  5. Feel free to message me so we can discuss my weight gain and how we can achieve my goals (;


  6. A lovely photo set from my stuffing of wings ❤️ Hope you enjoy 😉


  7. I’m trying my best you guys to get better at this whole format thing lol hopefully this video has no issues and is perfect for you I made sure I labeled everything correctly ! Some of you guys were requesting that I chew with my mouth open, cut the music, and do some belly play so In this video that’s exactly what I did for you😘hope you enjoy 😉


  8. In this video you will see my nightly routine 😘probably so bad for me... but mostly every night I get the munchies and have to order something to satisfy my nightly craving for something savory and sweet..last night I went with ihop. This video includes footage of me stuffing as much food in my mouth as I can..opening my mouth wide to try and fit everything in, and trying to chew fast enough so I can swallow just to eat more .. I did a little bit of belly play but next time I will do more 😌 ..after this I still wanted more steak. ❤️


  9. posting another photoset in the meantime while I prepare for my second stuffing later tonight ☺️Hoping this one will be better than the first. If I don’t post it tonight it will be up tomorrow for sure ! Come watch !😘☺️


  10. Something about this site and no nudity being aloud just makes me want to get as close as I possibly can to being nude without exactly breaking the rules...🤭😘 I hope you all enjoy these pictures as much as I enjoyed taking them for you. Xoxo


  11. Honestly very nervous to put this out there.... but here it goes! I really hope those of you who choose to view my first stuffing video do enjoy it to the fullest, I spent so long getting ready and thinking about how I was going to do it and what I was going to eat lol and I ended up deciding on general chicken (just one giant order of it) , and yes I did end up finishing it all (; more videos coming soon! Xoxo 🥰😘


  12. well, i just wanted to start off by saying that i am really happy to be starting here at curvage. I really hope this community is as friendly and positive as it seems to be Curvage has been the most positive one i have ever come across to be honest, but anyway, i really hope you all enjoy what i post, i will be doing another photo shoot probably tomorrow but these photos will be a lot better then the ones on my first album, they arent bad i just didnt have my room decorated yet hope to get to know all of you better , very soon. sincerely, curvyLex
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