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  1. my first time doing gifs in my screenshots ! Hope you enjoy that ! I like it very much that I’m able to give more of a preview now 🙂 In this I start out with a fully empty belly and I eat eat eat stuff stuff stuff until it’s time to jiggle and play with my big gut. I jiggle and play and slap my belly wishing I had someone to feed me, as obvious as it was with the way I fed myself those noodles, I dream of finding the right person to fulfill my needs and feed me until I pop.


  2. I strip in front of my new feeder as I stuff my face until he steps in. I burp, jiggle my tummy, and chug soda aswell. At my new weight I just can’t get enough to eat it’s like I am addicted to gaining 😍😍 the fun has only just begun 😘


  3. My first curvy modeling 😘 I actually ended up breaking a pair of pants belt loops trying to get them on so now I will have to keep them and stuff my fat ass in them and make it work (; I tried on some lingerie from when I first started camming aswell. I spread my ass open for you and I twerk and jiggle my ass and tits , and in the end there might be some POV riding 😘


  4. Having a nice day today , had to go get some new pants yesterday as mine do not really fit anymore and are extremely uncomfortable. Let me know if I should do some curvy modeling of my clothes that don’t fit 😘 image.thumb.jpg.1f0feea97812c0533d85f1f1c5070262.jpg

    1. Zaklux480


      Yeah I think you should 😍

    2. magicman94


      Absolutely 😍

    3. regbill


      I say go for it! :D

  5. Devouring this subway sandwich, while talking about my recent gains and how much I am loving it ❤️ Big big bites and a huge one at the end , and some very sexy curvy modeling at the end. I pose and jiggle til my hearts content 😘 lots of boob and tummy bouncing and as always tummy slaps and belly rubs. I hope you enjoy this as much as the next ❤️❤️❤️


  6. Stuffing Cheesecake Factory for the first time ! Had late night munchies for sure tonight 😉 it was so amazing I cannot believe I’ve gone this long without it! In this video I enjoyed a cinnamon cheesecake and vanilla bean ice cream and some sexy curvy modeling at the end and during ☺️😍 I hope you enjoy


  7. After stuffing down a grilled cheese & more fried zucchini, i seductively play with my belly jiggling it, squeezing it, caressing my belly and playing with my belly button some aswell, I burp plenty of times up close and center, OH ! And I chug some soda too 😌 hope you enjoy ❤️


  8. Stuffing my face with some greasy bowinkles ! First time trying their fried Zucchini! In this video you’ll find lots of belly play, belly rubs and slaps, I jump up and down jiggling my belly and tits, I pull my tits out and jiggle them for you, and also shake my ass as well. I had a lot of fun making this video and I sure am stuffed (;


  9. Stuffing my face with cream cheese wontons, broccoli beef and sweet and sour pork ! I had soup as well but off camera haha and you might have guessed it, but I strip in this video too. My back rolls are getting fatter and My adidas pants used to be my comfee pants and now they are extremely UNcomfortable. 😘


  10. The stuffing is now complete , will upload soon 🙂 26251B03-726A-47FC-8B29-81FA531DF2F5.thumb.jpeg.f092ce9367d415984242632d3f76a218.jpegA7E09676-4E77-4E6B-B8C0-CF70100FC257.thumb.jpeg.20cf84a0ce0968015d259fa7adcc9387.jpeg I had a blast. And am currently still eating 😅


    1. Feederfan


      That bra is fantastic 😍

    2. Vekelvy


      I hope you have someone to squeeze those love handles for you.

  11. I hope you guys are ready for another Chinese food stuffing . We’re talking wonton soup, cream cheese and crab deep fried greasy wontons, broccoli beef, and sweet and sour pork with pineapples and bell pepper . I cannot wait to feast on this and show off my bloated belly.


    *p.s.*  If anyone ever has any requests for a video I’m always open to them just send me a message ! 

  12. Switching it up a bit with this Wendy’s stuffing 😘 lots and lots of belly play. Belly rubs, belly smacks, and belly jiggling/squeezing. I burp a lot too 🤤 squeeze my ass fat and jiggle myself , & talked a little bit about what I like about my weight gain so far. while making this video I just thought to myself jeez I am one thick woman, because damn! I am loving the weight gain so far. Hope you love it too 🥰 also, if anyone has trouble watching this video after buying it, just try downloading it. Works every time. Thanks !


  13. I am so sorry for not posting any after pics of my Chinese stuffing ! I was so full I took a 4 hour nap and then ended up stuffing myself all over again with what was left 😩 today is a rainy day and I have ordered some tomato basil soup with Parmesan cheese, croutons, spinach artichoke dip, and some brownie bites 😍 I will do my best to post a video of that today but I’ve got to be honest , I am having a lazy lounge around day and I look quite messy ! Here’s some pics of what I ate during the Chinese stuffing I did AD5905E7-249F-432D-B9FD-7DB689D2B243.thumb.jpeg.8087d17b027691125b1f244ff8efa29d.jpeg82C59E62-F5CE-4D15-BA01-1A3479DD91BB.thumb.jpeg.5a8b4891aa502bd9de68d6733aee23cf.jpeg

  14. Going to be doing some Chinese food stuffing later and oh man am I excited.  Can’t wait to stuff myself silly and snap pics of my bloated belly ❤️ Love playing with my gut after stuffing myself until I feel like I’m going to pop !image.thumb.jpg.a4ae64b43f5852253896321c27dadfbe.jpgimage.thumb.jpg.51b6c9676790c8cce56d50ea4c03d341.jpgimage.thumb.jpg.de0397f287225d6dd5d3723b3b6b96b8.jpg Here are some before pics 😘 

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