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  1. Just got back from my job interview and I’m so hungry . Any suggestions ? 7673C6C2-07C5-45DC-8CCB-5226B95A42F2.thumb.jpeg.2f2249f72fe9e6ffc4c46985f57984be.jpeg27146618-AF04-448B-8331-1802C54AD812.thumb.jpeg.b2f75aca4ae7795ab0a5707be3deb865.jpeg92FDF84D-20AC-444D-BF3F-0AA3729FFC28.thumb.jpeg.2c09487d64d1d7275cef805cc01e4246.jpeg

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    2. MarijuanaMILF


      Oh my god that sounds amazing !!!!

    3. MarijuanaMILF


      Oh my god that sounds amazing !!!!

    4. FupaLover


      Fried loaded mashed potatoe balls.

  2. showering and soaping up while jiggling my tummy. I twerk for you and dance to some music while getting super soaking wet 🤤😘 I really wish you were here to shower with me (; maybe next time


  3. B2A2BE42-C03C-4FCF-83EA-94C90F09ADB0.thumb.png.6c645e95728b601a6ec5164902171fe8.pngBFC33805-1203-4325-8A2D-898F79E6FAAF.thumb.png.2efeebbdbe6b2b71845117b8aac76f4a.pngAA705360-97F6-4A72-8C20-C43D2686D372.thumb.jpeg.65d017ac992fdeaa1fbe2c1b469228c9.jpeg007476AC-17CC-4155-9534-0BCCD84DC1F9.thumb.jpeg.6667ed335b764f03553d6293f5f48bda.jpeg come check out my videos I’ll be posting more soon. I’m getting quite plump . (; 

    1. myself75


      great progress 

  4. my first time doing gifs in my screenshots ! Hope you enjoy that ! I like it very much that I’m able to give more of a preview now 🙂 In this I start out with a fully empty belly and I eat eat eat stuff stuff stuff until it’s time to jiggle and play with my big gut. I jiggle and play and slap my belly wishing I had someone to feed me, as obvious as it was with the way I fed myself those noodles, I dream of finding the right person to fulfill my needs and feed me until I pop.


  5. I strip in front of my new feeder as I stuff my face until he steps in. I burp, jiggle my tummy, and chug soda aswell. At my new weight I just can’t get enough to eat it’s like I am addicted to gaining 😍😍 the fun has only just begun 😘


  6. My first curvy modeling 😘 I actually ended up breaking a pair of pants belt loops trying to get them on so now I will have to keep them and stuff my fat ass in them and make it work (; I tried on some lingerie from when I first started camming aswell. I spread my ass open for you and I twerk and jiggle my ass and tits , and in the end there might be some POV riding 😘


  7. Having a nice day today , had to go get some new pants yesterday as mine do not really fit anymore and are extremely uncomfortable. Let me know if I should do some curvy modeling of my clothes that don’t fit 😘 image.thumb.jpg.1f0feea97812c0533d85f1f1c5070262.jpg

    1. Zaklux480


      Yeah I think you should 😍

    2. magicman94


      Absolutely 😍

    3. regbill


      I say go for it! :D

  8. Devouring this subway sandwich, while talking about my recent gains and how much I am loving it ❤️ Big big bites and a huge one at the end , and some very sexy curvy modeling at the end. I pose and jiggle til my hearts content 😘 lots of boob and tummy bouncing and as always tummy slaps and belly rubs. I hope you enjoy this as much as the next ❤️❤️❤️


  9. Stuffing Cheesecake Factory for the first time ! Had late night munchies for sure tonight 😉 it was so amazing I cannot believe I’ve gone this long without it! In this video I enjoyed a cinnamon cheesecake and vanilla bean ice cream and some sexy curvy modeling at the end and during ☺️😍 I hope you enjoy


  10. After stuffing down a grilled cheese & more fried zucchini, i seductively play with my belly jiggling it, squeezing it, caressing my belly and playing with my belly button some aswell, I burp plenty of times up close and center, OH ! And I chug some soda too 😌 hope you enjoy ❤️


  11. Stuffing my face with some greasy bowinkles ! First time trying their fried Zucchini! In this video you’ll find lots of belly play, belly rubs and slaps, I jump up and down jiggling my belly and tits, I pull my tits out and jiggle them for you, and also shake my ass as well. I had a lot of fun making this video and I sure am stuffed (;


  12. Stuffing my face with cream cheese wontons, broccoli beef and sweet and sour pork ! I had soup as well but off camera haha and you might have guessed it, but I strip in this video too. My back rolls are getting fatter and My adidas pants used to be my comfee pants and now they are extremely UNcomfortable. 😘


  13. The stuffing is now complete , will upload soon 🙂 26251B03-726A-47FC-8B29-81FA531DF2F5.thumb.jpeg.f092ce9367d415984242632d3f76a218.jpegA7E09676-4E77-4E6B-B8C0-CF70100FC257.thumb.jpeg.20cf84a0ce0968015d259fa7adcc9387.jpeg I had a blast. And am currently still eating 😅


    1. Feederfan


      That bra is fantastic 😍

    2. Vekelvy


      I hope you have someone to squeeze those love handles for you.

  14. I hope you guys are ready for another Chinese food stuffing . We’re talking wonton soup, cream cheese and crab deep fried greasy wontons, broccoli beef, and sweet and sour pork with pineapples and bell pepper . I cannot wait to feast on this and show off my bloated belly.


    *p.s.*  If anyone ever has any requests for a video I’m always open to them just send me a message ! 

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