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  1. I hope you get so fat the inside of your knees touch and your belly big enough to suffocate me 🥰🥰
  2. So hot how huge your getting. I'd love to massage that growing fat belly of yours 🥰🥰
  3. That booty and belly is getting so big 🥰🥰🥰
  4. Just got this and it's hot as fack. I can't wait until your a heaving ssbbw 🥰😍
  5. That belly will fill that whole sink someday hopefully 😍😍
  6. Dayum, that we white lingerie piece is bursting off 😍😍
  7. That emoji at the end says it all. Your getting bigger by the day beautifull 😉😍
  8. Your so beautifull and I love your we stories. Definitely more stuffing adventures 🥰
  9. Hope you continue to reward yourself forever 🥰 I'll definitely help you along with your journey 😊
  10. Keep it up and that lingerie will tear at the seams 🥰
  11. Looking amazing Shar. Eating well and growing well 😊😍
  12. It's amazing how big your getting so fast. So hot, more of you the better 😍😍
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