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    Omg, Babe, you are so perfect! 💖💖💖 I hope you`re kept put on weight, and becoming more and more sexier! 😘 Love you
  1. Wellcome, pretty girl! 😉
  2. She is getting better and better!
  3. It is absolutely right, unfortunately.. Almost nobody even talk about "body positive movement" here. Curvy woman is not in trend. All girls want to lose weight. It is not easy to find BBW here, However, here in Russia a very many beautyful womans, but they are sooooo skiny!! :"( And of course in Russia any LGBT propaganda is banned (if you had any questions about tolerance)
  4. Its because we in Russia, actualy live in 1994
  5. I have the same question! Where is this goddesse gone???
  6. Hi Kenna! You are charming, you know? (:
  7. I like this episode, about BBW girl, who trying work in new place, shes lovely)
  8. It is parody to TV Show "Kitchen" (about life of workers in one Moscow restaurant) and its about how they do on shooting area, and because of all this food around actors, they are always eating in time the shooting process I hope, I clearly explained (im russian)
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