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  1. Get some rubber bands to loop through the button hole and around the button. Wear you shirt untucked. Or just get a 'sweater-dress'.
  2. Outgrew? Nah. It's starting to fit better. Keep up the good work and it'll fit perfectly next season! 😈
    AGWLTE continues to amaze and impress and turn on any red-blooded male with her lust for food and life and...well...lust. You continue to become more gorgeous - emphasis on gorge - with each mouthful of delicious pizza. Keep these fantastic videos cumming...er...coming.
  3. I tried to delete it, but I can't.  I'll look more carefully going forward.


    1. isleofdogs


      All good man! Don't sweat it 😘

    Girl, you get sexier with each video and every luscious pound that finds its way to your perfectly rounded belly, bubble buttocks and bounteous boobies!! Thanks for sharing the Oreo waffle! It looks delicious on you and I love the way the extra flesh causes your boobs to burst forth out of your progressively bigger bras. You are just AWESOME!😍
  4. The more she looks like a pumpkin, the hotter she gets!
    Another scorcher! You do such great role playing videos and you are looking so HOT to boot! WOW! You really 'measure up' in this one! This is one of your very best videos.
  5. I just LOVE how your breasts are defying containment in that bra! They're leaking out at every edge! And the way your belly is pushing down your panties * !
  6. I'd say "cute, chubby...sexier by the pound"
    Another scorching hot video, girl! Damn, you just keep looking better and better! And that way you bite your lower lip - *! I love it when you talk about getting bigger and blame it on your feeder - like you had nothing to do with it! LOL!
  7. fritz256

    Kerry Katona

    WTF happened to her boobs? She used to be shapely, now she's kind of a rectangular prism shape.😖
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