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  1. fritz256


    I'd like to take her to an all you can eat buffet and watch her pants explode.
  2. She needs more hamberders. Many more.
  3. She gets more beautiful by the day!
  4. fritz256

    Jessica Simpson

    Wow! She is so fucking hot! I'd take her on a 3 week cruise and feed her non-stop. Damn, she is just so chubby!
  5. fritz256

    Kate Upton

    Too bad that's not a food baby...
  6. Where are you Maria!  Are you still Alive and eating well?  Sure do miss you!

    1. Maria Alive

      Maria Alive

      Barely alive! ..But I'll be back soon with an update ❤️

    2. S77
  7. fritz256

    Casey Batchelor

    She has the perfect body. Period! Hope he's feeding her milkshakes several times a day. Loads of calories are used up nursing!
  8. Saw it on a bumper sticker. If I ever had an original thought, it would die of loneliness.
  9. I just cannot believe how gorgeous you've become! I do hope you are enjoying eating anything, anytime you want!
  10. PETA: People Eating Tasty Animals.
  11. Looks like even the mosquitoes like her ass!
  12. fritz256

    Kate Upton

    If she weighed more, the wave would not have knocked her off the rock. She needs to chow down, for safety.
  13. fritz256

    Sofia Vergara

    After her furniture commercials hit the airwaves, I've called her Sofa Viagra...;)
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