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    Really feeling amazing and growing in my self love chunk 💕 sometimes I can compare myself to others that are bigger but it’s pointless doing that...cause I have my own plump chunk that I’m proud of 🤓 Also holy crap looking at my new stretch marks I found this morning!!! They’re like at the top of my love handles ! Grow baby grow!! Must be from that pizza stuffing the other night 😋
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    I’ve been on a mini vacation this weekend and I have been eating GOOD 🤤🤤 Belly stuffed to the point of feeling like I’ll burst as often as physically possible for days and it’s been AMAZING 😏💕
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    Sneak peek of my dinner! And I’ve gained actual weight guys!!! I’m so proud!!! 😍😍😍 I’ll go over more info when I gain a little more hehe ☺️☺️☺️ double quarter pounder 🍔with cheese extra onions large fries 🍟large coke 🥤and mocha dessert frappe 🍦
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    Uhhhh...I need some help 😅🍑
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    Happy Sunday from me and my much too tight jeans!
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    Hey loves, my new video is in the clip store now 😁 You don't want to miss this one 😋 You bought Jules cupcakes and she decides to send you a video of her eating them, she knows you like that. She has her favourite red pair of underwear on showing you all of her rolls when sitting down. She gets icing everywhere as she can't seem to eat without making a big mess, and you're watching her do it all. She washes her sweet cupcakes down with milk and is left with milk dribbling down her chin and boobs. She ends her video to you with belly rubs and jiggles to show you how satisfied you have left her. PS: All of the sales for the next while are going towards a camera, aaand of course foodies to make me fatter 😋 I'm looking at a few different cameras so that I can make a upgrade and give you the best quality videos. 💓 Enjoy the video 😉 💋👑💋👑💋👑
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    🥰 🥰 🥰

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    Some more before and after!

    Some more before and after!
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    I’ve definitely plumped you since my Vegas vacation 🐷 an XS small really hugs every single inch of my growing curves. My ass just keeps ballooning up with every pound, swallowing up my panties and making putting on pants super difficult in the morning. My butt even makes it so that I get stuck in tight spaces some times 🍑. I can’t wait to eat and keep getting even fatter, bloating up into the fat pig I crave to be 🤤🐷


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    My morning belly is getting so soft Check it out!
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    Lunch 🥰 My meals all week..I need HELP 😅
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    Goodmorning 👋💕 In case you have been working & don't live online like I do, here's proof I'm looking extra thicc these days lol...(this was taken b4 my Panda Express stuffing video). I also reduced the price to only $12.99 for my 20 min HD (720p) Panda Express vid..enjoy 💋 My favorite review "It's really three clips in one: some modeling, some feasting, and a running stream of fat chat including her back story. She has a lovely figure and is not at all shy to show off how chubby and jiggly she has become recently. Well lit and well shot, it's a great opportunity to get to know all about her. It left me wanting to see more." @grateful
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    You bought Jules cupcakes and she decides to send you a video of her eating them, she knows you like that. She has her favourite red pair of underwear on showing you all of her rolls when sitting down. She gets icing everywhere as she can't seem to eat without making a big mess, and you're watching her do it all. She washes her sweet cupcakes down with milk and is left with milk dribbling down her chin and boobs. She ends her video to you with belly rubs and jiggles to show you how satisfied you have left her.


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    A little sale to make your upcoming Monday a bit better.. 😉😁 SALE PRICE NOW $3.99 FROM $5.99 SALE VALID FOR 24 HOURS 💋👑💋👑💋👑 It's pouring down rain outside and this weather is making Jules HUNGRY. She ordered McDonalds and scoffs a ten piece chicken nuggets, a Big Mac with fries, a cheeseburger with fries and two cokes. You get bloated tummy views from her front and side, here you can truly see how much her tummy is growing now. Watch as she plays with her belly button and rubs, jiggles and slaps her belly out of satisfaction.
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    Female wrestlers

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    Sooo I decided to have another flash 24 hour sale for my Clover Busts out of Spy Suit video 🕵️‍♀️ Before $9.99 Now it’s $7.99 😍 Only for the next 24 hours Happy Valentine’s Weekend 😘 💋
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    Part 2 of my Valentine’s Day Special. You had already sent me money for a huge feast and sent me chocolates and sweets. Valentine’s Day turned into a whole weekend! I’ve woken up on Sunday and I’m huge!! I’m absolutely stuffed. I show you how big and stuffed I am. Eventually I have to take my lingerie off and expose my belly. I cover it in baby oil and rub it for you. I wish you were here so I could bounce my belly for you. I wonder how big my belly will be next Valentine’s Day 😘🌹


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    Carina Shero

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    I’m not an admin around here but just a polite reminder of common sense: don’t post personal life stuff or vent about personal goings on around here please - be it models or members. This is not Facebook and no one needs to see it. Thanks.
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    The Aftermath has been approved 😘🌹
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    Happy Sunday babes! Wanting to help me with my Gaining Goals? Trust me I want more food feed me 🤓 I’ve decided to also throw a sale for my Weight Gaining Goals video + Clover Burts out of Spy Suit! 😍 💗Gain Goals used to 7.99 Now it’s 7.99 💗Clover used to be 9.99 Now it’s 7.99 These videos will only be on sale today for valentines weekend otayyy 😘 Enjoy! 💦 💦 💦
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    I remember lurking here a month ago when I first joined and this front page was a ghost town 🤔 anyways, here's a couple of my fav before/afters: before: after: before after
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    Good morning loves!💕🐷🐳
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    Lucy Collett (Page 3 Girl)

    And how big are her breasts going to get?
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    Happy Valentine’s Day! After being stood up for Valentine’s Day, i’d love for you to keep me company as I stuff myself with a romantic Dinner for two.. you won’t leave me waiting for you right?? *52 photos of me in sexy red lingerie included P.s When you leave a review you will also get a bonus clip of me rubbing my super stuffed belly See you soon my valentine ❤️


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    Female wrestlers

    Big enough that hopefully someone can grab a handful of flab and pull her down by it, watch it jiggle as she hits the floor.
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    Rachel Nichols

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    Little update/observation. My fiancé has been taking BC pills for at least a month now. I can’t tell if her appetite did increase or if it’s just much of the same pre-BC. But she’s still eating a lot. We had a big lunch the other day, burgers, fries, tater tots, everything, then we laid on the couch with a bunch of snacks in front of us. This woman opened up a family size bag of ruffles right after eating and started going at it. I think this is the fastest I have ever seen her eat chips. I was just sitting there watching her pick up 6+ ruffles at a time and stuff them in her mouth at once. I was eating from it here and there too, but that family sized bag was emptied real quick. Then she had some Kit Kat’s and twizzlers. Then I was wondering if her boobs were going to grow while on these pills. Well, they did. Her boobs usually get swollen and heavier while she’s on her period. Well she’s not even close to her next period and this pill has made her boobs even bigger and heavier. When I cupped and squeezed them today, they felt really full and they looked to be filling her bra even more. And she told me that they’ve been really tender and that it feels so sore when she gets up in the morning and she feels the weight of them drop when she sits/stands up. Tomorrow night, her and her friends are having a Galentine’s day hang out. They always get food and a shit ton of snacks with their hangouts. So you best believe she will be her usual self and stuff her face - and always more than her friends. She actually used to be the most fit out of her friends. She worked out all the time and she had a natural curvy ass and hips. There was only one in the group of friends that was on the chubby side, while the other 3 were slim. Now the previous chubby one lost some weight and my fiancé is the chubby one in the group. I think she even weighs more than what the previous chubby one weighed before.
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    Hank Scorpio

    Essie Dennis

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    Stuff me baby

    Stuff me baby
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    Porky Princess’ Valentine’s Day turned into a Valentine’s weekend filled with delicious food and wine. It hasn’t ended yet so the aftermath should be ready by tomorrow 😘🌹
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    Gosh she looks fat
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    Wanna support my Weight Gain? Catch my newest video while it’s on sale 🤓 I come home from stuffing myself to a full Chinese buffet, desserts and eat MO desserts when I got home filming! my appetite has been growing like crazy! I want more food so feed me 🥵🥵🥵 before work I had 12 nuggets, large fry, large coke, and sandwich AND IT DIDNT EVEN PHASE ME GUYS?!?! A month ago I would’ve been in a food coma like wth 🤯🤯🤯 SO I’m excited!!! Eating big again tonight!!!
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    Lele Pons

    Lele Pons is a famous Viner and now Instagramer. She's always had the occasional skit video where she pushes out or lets out her belly for comedy purposes. I think her big belly is actually normal and she just sucks in alot coz in some photos you can see her trying to suck in or angle it right. I'll try to link all the best videos with her belly, if you guys could help out that'd be g!
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    It's been a few months since you've seen your girlfriend Casey and damn, she blew the fuck up. When you left her, she was a tiny fit little girl and now it looks like she ate herself. Her gut is a swollen balloon of flab and you are fucking speechless. The funny part is - Casey is in complete denial about her weight gain. She explains herself with that innocent charm, completely clueless about how far she has let herself go lately. She seems completely unaware that she's piled on over 100lbs when you were away. You're shocked, but once you come to your senses you realize you fucking love it. Casey starts to realize what a lazy hog she's become.... and realizes she likes it too. Watch to see what happens as Casey explores her growing body ❤️ --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- All Rights Reserved. Reviews are ALWAYS appreciated ❤️ ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CUSTOMER SERVICE If you are ever dealing with technical difficulties - please never hesitate to reach out to me via DM! If you are having difficulty streaming the video, I highly suggest downloading it to your computer.


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    That video is must to see. Anna is huge girl with a nice smile. That rare combination of hot huge body, cute face and long good hair. The video is full of belly and butt jiggle. I like her fat arms and her cute double chin.
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    The enchantment in your eyes is like a siren song
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    Hey everyone! It's good to be back I hope you enjoy watching me in tight jeans because this is an extra long clip of me showing off my too small jeans! Watch me twirl around, jump up and down, and jiggle my engorged stomach! I also smoosh my tummy and it's doughy and squishy and soft... Towards the end, I take off my jeans entirely, and you get to see Dreamy in her undies! I hope you enjoy ❤️ xoxo Dreamy


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    Bianca Rothier.

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    Leslie Sidora - a cutie with a booty

    She really is one of if not THE favorite model of any size for me right now........So cute and sexy!
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    Don’t forget to check out my sexy red hot VDay bra in my latest video ❤️ 😘 I’m debating on what to have for dinner: pizza pasta or McDonald’s 🤤 vote below what should I eat!
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    In one year it’s all gone to my neck... 😂
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    I’ve been noticing new stretch marks on this booty 😊
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    Well my dearest viewers, i have a announcement to make, honestly i have to admit that all this love is not just surprising me but also making me so happy, in fact. so happy that i have a gift for those of you that review my content. For those of you who make reviews of my purchased content, i will send a special gift, to celebrate your commitment and love. Also, i will put a very special video today, a super love story, me, a giant pizza, and my gluttony while i devour it all. Come check me out while i eat and work my way to a USSBBW Shape. And now, just to show you how i appreciate you guys, a small token of my affection. Enjoy Kisses
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    Sophie Hall

    now her weight is 265 pounds she said on her instagram
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    Kitty tries on her bikini, it's been winter and she's been hybernating. She hears the world saying "Bikini season is right around the corner!" and "Time to workout out & get that bikini bod!" .. She ignores those thoughts and thinks to herself "I wonder how many more late night binges it'll take before this stinkin bikini doesn't fit me anymore?" .."I need to eat some more hamburgers, this belly and booty isn't big enough!" .. Just like the glutton she is, she wants more! .. more inches, more burgers, more pounds! She's destined, destined to have this bikini no longer fit! How many pounds are you thinking it's going to take her to gain?! it won't take long before your question is answered! Kitty's been quite the piggy and with her new fans supporting and sponsoring her late night binges and stuffings, this bikini's not gonna get past her huge cellulited thighs! 😂 In this pic set you'll get a variety of poses in my red bikini, along with before photos from 3 months ago, prior to my recent 20 lb weight gain. My figure is clearly changing, from my very round belly to the cellulite popping out of my thighs, these photos will leave you 100% certain that in no time I won't fit in this bikini and I've for sure have become the perfect piggy, OINK, OINK!


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    I can't help but enjoy chugging for more. I enjoy having to drink so much that my belly feels like it'll pop! It's so enjoyable, I think you would agree with me.


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    Oh God, I would absolutely LOSE IT if Madeleine Petsch gained weight!!! Even the slightest little starter belly on her might just drive me NUTS!!!!
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