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  1. Look at that huge soft tum poking out now 😍 A 🥛 shake funnel stuffing in this outfit would be BEYOND EPIC ❤❤❤
    The Queen is back and looking OH so much fatter ❤🤤❤ Her face is getting SUPER chubby now as every little movement sends ripples through her massive double chin and cheeks 🙃😲🙃 Her belly is jutting out SO far past her gigantic breasts that her proportions legitimately don't make sense. Everything is just so BIG, SOFT and DOUGHY 🥖🍞🥖
    Ruby looks AMAZING in this vid! Excellent weigh in and measurement video 👍
    This is an AMAZING outgrown vid!!! I can imagine you waddling back into work for your all office meeting, bulging out of your EXTREMELY outgrown outfit and attempting to sit down at the conference table only to find that your hips don't fit in the seats anymore. You desperately try squeezing in with everyone watching in shock at how much you've grown. Once you finally get seated, your belly bursts through the shirt, launching a button bouncing clear across the table. With your belly set free, you snicker while taking a bite of your donut and the meeting begins, everyone staring in disbelief 🤤😲🤤
  2. Your level of softness and hotness is UNREAL! You have quickly become my absolute favorite gainer, thanks for sharing👍
  3. WHOA 😲 Someone has been GROOOWING ❤🤤❤
  4. The way that your belly and butt just explode out of the bottom of that shirt ❤😲❤
    Ruby's gain is one of the best I've ever seen 🤤 This is another amazing gem 👍👍 Ruby has clearly been over-indulging non stop lately as she is looking rounder, fuller and softer then ever! She stuffs her already distended belly with a SHOCKING amount of McDonald's, which causes it to slowly extend out, filling up more and more of her lap with each bite. Her upper belly ends up so full that it begins towering over her massive lower belly roll, resulting in an over-stuffed figure that needs to be seen to be believed. I've never seen anything like it 😲 Ruby is truly one of a kind 🥇
  5. Wow Ruby!😲! Look at you GROW!*!*! You look like you have been staying VERY well fed over your short break 🤤 Looking forward to the next video🙄 Hoping its another stuffing 🤞
  6. All of these stuffings are making you GROW like crazy!!! ❤😲❤
    Ruby looks absolutely STUNNING as she tries on her outgrown wardrobe! 🤤😲🤤 This is the best try on video I've seen in a long time as Ruby tries on several different outfits, chats throughout and even eats some cake🔥
    Simply the best Curvage has to offer ❤🤤❤Thanks for sharing Cat! 🥇
  7. Woah, the size of that booty and belly is UNBELIEVABLE ❤🤤😲🤤❤ All of those stuffings and funnelings are making you SO ROUND🔥🔥🔥
  8. You are most definitely creating quite the masterpiece!!! You're painting your stretch marks more red, longer and wider with every gain shake you consume... and judging by the size of you now, you've had quite few recently 💖 Your gain this past year has been truly UNREAL🥇📈🥇🔥😲🔥
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