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  1. bigboy1992


    I don’t mind some of us giving her support. But I don’t think we should let her know about this site if she hasn’t googled it already. I don’t think she will view it negatively but she won’t view it positively as well. It is best to give her support and confidence.
  2. I found out my fetish in high school due to one of my teachers, who had a nice pear shaped, constantly had her shirt riding up showing the bottom of a moderate potbelly. Only once or twice did it ride up enough to see her belly button. Another teacher was similar with her shirt riding up as well, but she had a larger potbelly for her frame and you could see her belly button through it. Both made it easy to focus in class. Though if I had to state my earliest experience, it probably was the passion patty episode in totally spies.
  3. @FedMaFedMaister you remember any other instances?
  4. Seriously, why are your stories so good?
  5. Do you think she knows about this site?
  6. I definitely like this one. Any plans on expanding it?
  7. I’m interested in seeing where this goes
  8. What video did she chug wine in the shower?
  9. This has become my favorite thread. The brunette weight gain is nice. Loving her chubby belly.
  10. That’s half of the reason. The other half is due to some fucked up shit that recently occurred.
  11. I can’t read the story when night mode is turned on. Weird.
  12. Now I have serious hopes for my 2nd wish. Just being completely stuffed doing a report.
  13. Now I have a new slightly more realistic hope of her doing a report after she stuffed herself with free food from a guest chef.
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