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  1. Gonna have to check that movie out if she is in it.
  2. @xXWWhiteXx I hope you have been doing well. Looking forward to the next chapter of this series. Hands down this is the best mass effect story I have read.
  3. She will tell your fortune for some cake and a belly rub.
  4. She is mainly posting on her OF in private messages. Last time I checked she had a free 30 trial on it.
  5. Already put my pre-order in. I love your BLU stories so I'm interested in seeing how this will be. Also that cover is nice.
  6. If you don’t mind me asking, we’re there any notable memories that stick out while you and your wife were there?
  7. We need more teacher stories; fictional or otherwise.
  8. @HolySmack do you have any stories of the most they managed to eat?
  9. Dude, this is my favorite mass effect story here on this site. I agree with @Batman76 the Miranda section is great. The ending with Liara and Tali is also nice. My question is, what will the general public think? Like what if Shepard and Liara have to meet with the council or some other powerful figures and they have had a large stuffing prior.
  10. She has done a stuffing video. It’s $160 for a 16 minute burrito stuffing. Though I do hold out hope that if she does another, it would be cheaper.
  11. I’m liking what you have so far. Curious to see if Jean will keep making observations. Also if he is trying to slowly nudge Charlotte to be more like his neighbor.
  12. I’m liking where this is going
  13. This is pretty good. Are you going to continue this story?
  14. I like how this ended, that was a nice moment between Liara and Shepard. But will you continue with more stories in this universe?
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