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  1. Sneak preview of the photo shoot in uplouding to curvage :) ! This is probably the best / craziest / fun photo shoot ive done and the photos are so awsome ! This was super risky for me to cuz this is a really popular hiking site ! I hope u guys like and help support when the photo set comes out for u guys to buy ! Thank u all for everything and being super helpful and suportive to me it means alot !




  2. There are 37 photos of my lil fun adventure. Watch me cool off by the lake defintly a sexy and outgoing photo shoot ive ever done. This is a lil more pricer then i usually go but thats cause i got really good shots done as well as i did drop my phone during this event for u guys and i am hoping to make atleast enough to get the crack in my phone replaced lol also haha i was being sneaky and these photos were soo risky to take expecially in the day! anyways i really enjoyed this shoot i hope u guys do too


  3. Been loving all the new content 🖤🖤👍

    1. Kaybearcutie95


      Aww thanks ya im defintly trying to upload atleast once a day 

    2. Gaius300


      That’s awesome!! I notice the more content someone puts out, the bigger she get😆🖤🖤

  4. Drinking my dr pepper giving out delisous huge burps . Rubbing and playing with my belly and shaking and rubbing my ass ! Bending over and jiggling all my fat


  5. Just a update on where i am currently weighing my self on scale and my measurments of my thighs ass breasts arms hips stomach . Then i play around with my fat. I then do a slo mo video of me jumping and shaking my ass and tits. Then a few photo shoot clips i added in the end.


  6. Mmm i was being a fat piggy today stuffing myself with fries chicken nuggets mcchickens and burgers! And a large dr pepper after i make myself so bloated and full even burp a few times teehee! I then rub and shake my tummy! Then i show my body and jump and jiggle so you can see where all the fat and food is going too.


  7. Watch me try on different matching bra and thong sets while i twerk my ass around and jiggle my body!


  8. Come shower with me ! Watch me get ready for.the day in a nice relaxing warm shower ! While i soap myself up and make sure every crease is clean and squeeky<3 watch me rub my tummy and rub and shake my ass too!


  9. You’ve always been my matrix GF. Lol Your awesome, cool, honest, and sexy AF. You always have been. You’ve made the world a better place. Hope you make lots of money for you and your son. Peace

  10. Just me eating some toaster strudals and showing off my weight gain and belly play


  11. Hope all is well 🖤

  12. Love the new pics kinda sad u don't post regularly but I know life happens is ur snap still active? 

  13. Version 1.0.0

    This is some photos just basically showing my new lingerie also being teased with twizzlers because who doesnt love those. I also am pretending someone took them away and i sneak to find them and then since ive been caught finding them i get tied up but still manage to get my yummy candy


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