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    When I saw the main picture for this video I knew it was a must get! I was even more impressed than I thought I could be! Holy shit did she do work last month! I couldn't even make it to the measures and weigh in! I think she starts a minute in but I couldn't focus on anything else! I think that mirror is adding like 20 pounds. Not saying she not fatter, but god damn! So far one of the best videos I've seen!
    Damn your belly is getting huge. Really enjoying you stuff your face. Can’t wait to see how this turns out
    This video is incredible!!! I didn’t make it a minute in, and took me like 5 or 6 time to get through it. And I’m still going back to rewatch it. Love the outfit
    Damn didnt make it 5 minutes, but its like you get 2 videos for one! your belly is looking really round and i love that your boobs took over the shirt. you really sucked down that shake too! Great video!
  1. Would like to see her stuff her face and try to get some meat on her bones
    Oh my god!!! One of the best videos I've seen! She I dont think stops jiggling the whole video. As she eating her ice cream cookies i thinks she goes faster the more she puts in her belly. Then when she starts drinking the heavy cream is just incredible. She enjoys it so much. I could watch her drink a cartoon everyday. Then at the end when shes standing there in just her bra and panties!!! Well there no words to describe it!!
  2. My first was stuffedbellygirl, then anonymouscollegegainer, summerchubbygirl, and then of course reiinapop and littlemissbellybabe
    Really hot video! hearing her chug the milk and seeing her jiggle her belly and boobs spilling out of her bra. just great.
  3. WARNING!!! Don’t view GGG pictures while eating! -It may cause food to get stuck in throat from gasping air after seeing how big she’s gotten. -Loss of food from falling out of mouth after jaw drops opening. But for real I almost lost my food. Your beautiful and it looks like you taking up a lot of that hallway.
    As always super sexy weigh-in and I think it’s the most noticeable that you can see how much you grew from your last video! So much jiggling going on now and always looking more happier in each video. Good Girl
    Just love seeing them boobs grow out of that bra. Going to be a sad but happy day when you no longer can fit them in there or is breaks. Looks like you are getting a lot more jigglyer and soft. Also some sexy moves at the end. Great video!
    A video I'm always looking forward too. Your weigh-ins are amazing every time. If you want to see a beautiful girl with sexy curves bouncing and jiggling everywhere then this is for you. I love when you bounce up and down it's mesmerizing. And I don't know about the measurements but your tits sure do look a lot more heavier bouncing! I hope one of these time you just rip out of that bra. Like breaking the type at a finish line in a race. Only the only end will be to your bra. Great video!
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