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    I love to travel, to read, to go live life to its fullest, i am a huge Rick and Morty fan, i play a lot of games, The witcher included, Triss for the win! Who does not love a red head. I love to cook and honestly i just cant help to eat much more than i should when i cook. but again, by my size you can see i am a good cook.

    I honestly love to read, and aside from the witcher, bernard cornwell and some books from patrick rothfuss i love lovecraftian lore.

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    5' 7" (170cm)

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  1. It has been a while since i have been having this idea, about sharing some events that took place in my life, so i decided to let you all in to learn about me and how i deal with my life and my adventures. 

    I hope you like what you read!


  2. This is a tale from a while ago when i was feeling lonely and needy and wanted to go out a bit with someone who appreciate me for my size and appetite, so, i wanted to share with you a bit of my experiences Enjoy, like me, there is more to come. I have been feeling lonely lately, it has been a while since i had a boyfriend, and honestly, this made me feel quite needy, and a bit bored. With that in mind, i decided that was a good night to try and to find myself a date. However, in Brazil, it is not as easy to find someone who can not only enjoy all of my curves, but enjoy a woman that likes to eat. Ok i am being modest, i don’t like to eat, i absolutely love to eat, to just stuff my fat face until i am about to puke, to eat until it’s hard to breathe. It’s so hard to actually find a man who enjoy this kind of trait, but, its not really impossible and i am a bit stubborn, and once i set my mind to something, well, let’s say i am not a quitter. Eventually after i set up a dating profile and being flooded by hundreds of closet chubby chasers, i eventually got Lucky and found a guy that not only was interesting to talk to, but was also a open supporter of the fat girl power. I will not mention his name, but for the sake of naming, well, i will give him a fictional name, Tom. Despite having a super interesting amount of subjects to talk about, i will keep it short with it, after all, i had an itch to scratch and i really wasn’t in the mood for wasting time. I say this because despite all the talking and people often saying that they love fat girls, most men don’t really know how to handle a woman of size. Some get scared when they see all that you are, some get too excited and end up not really giving a good time, and some, well let’s just say that some don’t know how to handle so much curves and happiness in their life. I sent a few pictures to him, some that i knew could show all of my lovely curves, just so he was aware of what he was getting his hands on, and even so, i had to warn him, that i am much fatter in real life. I told him he was making me eager for him and i wanted wrap my thighs around him and squeeze the air out of his lungs. He was cute, athletic and downright funny and witty with great replys. and don’t let anybody tell you otherwise, women love a guy with a good humor, we are just there laughing and bam, we are naked in bed. Well, that at least Works for me. (don’t take advantage of that when reading this ok? Or take, just be original) After he saw my pictures, well, he had a cute reaction, and after showering me with compliments and teling me how hot and how i was his dream come true and the fact that i loved to eat was something that a man like him deeply loved, sparked in me the hope that maybe, just maybe, this girl had hit the jackpot! A feeder! And maybe, just maybe, not a closet one.
  3. Good night guys! 🐰


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    2. AnnaOli


      true haha good night for some and good morning for others ❤️

    3. antoniodonizeti


      vc está lindissima

    4. Lysterfiend


      Rolls for days

  4. @Lalo66 thanks for this wonderful comparison, as for the weight difference, i don't remember exactly, but about 110 pounds, i love to see my before and after, i think i'm much hotter now! 🐷🐽❤️


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    2. giottano2


      Wow You are so much better now!

    3. giottano2


      I want see soon a third photo for comparisation of you much more fat! Go girl go! You are so sexy!

    4. Chimaira10


      Dayum girl you are ballooning by the day. You could fill up a batch soon 😍

  5. It has been a while that i have been eating mostly delivery food during this quarentine, however, i have been running out of options due to the fact that i am a greedy hungry girl, i have eaten already from most of the restaurants that do delivery around my area and recently we got a tacobell. Well, i decided that it was due time for me to try it out and i wondered how much i could take. In this video you will see me eating two burritos and one piece of cheesy nachos while i wear my last pair of jeans and talk a whole lot about how fat i have been getting lately. Gosh you can see by the size of my cheeks and my fat face. Come check me trying Tacobell for the first time and see how i handle my mexican food.


  6. Well, it has been a couple of days since i last posted something, i have released my second weight in and as march comes to na end, i am now looking at a new Project, one that this quarantine will actually help me achieve it, after all, since i am stuck at home and i am working on gaining weight, i thought that it is a perfect time to actually hit the turbo mode on that gaining and kick things up a notch.

    I have my eyes on a few hyper caloric supplements for a while and i have been deciding on what to buy and what will give me better/faster results, after all, as of tomorrow i will be starting my Project, 15 days weight gain, where i will try to pack as much weight as possible in the shortest amount of time. I want to be able to shock you all with my changes and i hope you all enjoy what will happen to me, because i am aiming high, not just numbers, but mass and size. You will all see soon, keep your eyes on me, and watch me grow like a fat Queen.


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    2. SodamFat


      Reinha da BumBum! Beijos 😘 🇺🇸 a 🇧🇷 

    3. giottano2


      Wow you are growing so fat and sexy!😍🐷

    4. giottano2


      I can't wait for see you grow huge! So eat more and more all around the day! You can make it! Go girl go! I want see you grow soon in a SUPER FAT SEXY WOMAN!

  7. 💃🏻


    1. giottano2


      Wow wonderful woman!

    2. giottano2


      Eat more and more all fattening foods I want see you grow a lot! I want see grow an huge belly and a massive double triple chin on you face! You are becoming so fat and sexy! I can't wait to see you grow more and more big and fat! Go girl go!

  8. I was feeling a bit jolly and in the mood for some dancing since the sun was out, so, how about you see me dance and oil up a bit just to have some fun? In this video you will see me in all of my fat glory basked in baby oil as I dance, move and shake all of my lovely curves.


  9. how is your quarantine? i just play, eat, sleep and eat some more! 🐷




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    2. Synthesis
    3. Bbw_Jujube


      I guess the same. Eat, Sleep, take some cute photos. 

      It's really taking a tool on my figure 🤭


    4. Justme123


      If I was wiff you would never leave da...house 

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