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  1. All my Vegas videos are up so that way you guys can literally watch me grow over the course of three days. I truly fatten up like a pig on my vacation 😜



    1. mcdorbandt


      Unbelievable clip... it’s a must get y’all... this little lady is on her way to greatness, can’t wait to watch the journey... 

  2. Stretchmarks just keep appearing on my ass and thighs over night, but that won't stop my appetite 😜. For breakfast I made sure that there was another visit to the buffet at the hotel. I had to have more of those crepes and poached pears. Speaking of crepes, I had three all to myself. Ham & Cheese, Nutella & Banana, and then a plain Butter & Sugar crepe all to this greedy piglet! Lunch was just as good, we went to the Cheesecake Factory at Ceaser's Palace where I got two fried chicken sandwiches plus appetizers and a big slice of their Oreo cheesecake! I definitely look bigger by the end of the night because for dinner I ate an entire Cornish game hen, baked potatoes, bread with warm bone marrow butter, and a couple of beers. I even got measured at Victoria Secret this day, I can proudly say I have now gone up to a 32DDD sized bra. After that, it's goodbye to Victoria Secret because they wont make bras that fit these two balloons on my chest. Hopefully you can all see just as much of a difference between Day One and Day Three as I did 😉


  3. Day Two of my Vegas vacation was just me endlessly stuffing myself. For breakfast, I sat my fat ass down at the buffet for about two hours. While there I made sure to sample every single little section of food. Donuts, creeps, omelettes, pancakes, hashbrowns, more donuts, eggs benedict, poached red wine pears, and then even more donuts. I walked out of there unable to button my pants. After seeing some sights around town we made sure to stop somewhere so I could stuff my face again for lunch. The best meal was dinner though. For dinner I had an amazing chicken fusili with more burrata cheese and spicy calamari. For dessert I had an entire slice of chocolate cake to myself. Of course that didn't stop me from devouring more food as the night went on. Stretchmarks literally started appearing throughout the day from how much I was stuffing myself with. I guess when I eat too much my butt and thighs just naturally start to balloon up 😉


  4. My first day in Vegas! I was so excited to just eat literally everything I could get my hands on. Even though we got there late at night, we managed to snag a table at Wolfgang Puck's Spago. There I filled up on bread, cocktails, burrata cheese, parsnip ravioli, and an absolutely delicious chocolate souffle . Even after dinner I was still hungry and stopped to grab several pastries for myself that I ended up pigging out on while showing you guys my belly at the end of the first day 😘


  5. @somebody1911 I love it 🥰
  6. @B/A Creator that’s actually my fiancé’s room lol. He’s more Italian than I am. Like...very very Italian
  7. My Vegas videos will be up later today so you guys can watch literally how much I swelled up over the course of a three day vacation 😘🐷

  8. I’m now at the point where I stuff myself every meal without realizing it. If there’s food, I eat it 😋

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Upthendown2


      That’s great there’s no stopping the eating. Just a bottomless pit that you can’t pack full enough

    3. giottano2


      Good! I can't wait to see you become very very big and fat!

    4. giottano2


      Eat and eat every meal and everywhere there is foods eat all its! Go girl go! Feed your hungry belly and grow luscious, fat and wonderful!

  9. @Pinin_Pero No I’m Greek. Greek, Italian, and a little Mexican
  10. When you bring over a cinnamon streusel cake for your fiancé’s family but you just end up eating it all during a Pirates of the Caribbean marathon 🐖

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. BloatedBarbie


      @Synthesis yes!!!! 🤣🤣🤣 omg hes the best! This makes me so happy knowing there’s POTC gifs! johnny depp GIF

    3. Synthesis
    4. Candii_Kayn


      Like that was after a full dinner and wine too lol. I was just mindlessly eating the cake then my future father-in-law went up to go cut himself a slice and went “oh...there’s no more.”

  11. One of my coworkers made a comment that if my fiancé keeps sending me food at work, my pants won’t last very long.


    Silly boy....I’m wearing longer shirts to hide the fact that my pants are unable to button. I’m wearing these bad boys until they rip 🐷

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. giottano2


      Wow so sexy that he is sending you food at work I hope that you are eat a lot of fattening foods and that pants soon rip on you!

    3. giottano2


      Today what have you had like foods at work?😍🐷I hope that you have eaten a lot like a wonderful sexy hungry pig!

    4. Synthesis
  12. My fiancé finds new recipes almost every week. Tonight he’s making schnitzel!

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    2. giottano2


      Scnitzel is the ideal also with a lot of french fries with ketchup and mayonnaise near it. Eat a lot of schnitzel go girl go!

    3. giottano2


      In Italy we make also schnitzel fried with tomato sauce and mozzarella it is very very good you might like also? Do you fell that all your body is growing Candii?

    4. remeisel


      Yeahhh! Its the best for your tummy, Greetings from Vienna, where the "Wiener" Schnitzel ,the original, comes from!🍺

  13. @FluffyButtLover919 honestly I have no clue what that is. I just saw it at Forever21 and was like “oh this would be good for Curvage!”
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