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  1. Another comparison for you cuties! 

    I’m going to be filming an incredible FOUR MASSIVE MEAL stuffing tomorrow and I’m actually pretty nervous! It will be the most I’ve ever planned to eat in a single day! Wish me luck/leave me some encouragement 😘


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    2. Bob.bob


      Continue your path to a more plump future 

    3. Feeder96


      Continue this amazing weight gain journey! 🐷😉

    4. M.Y.15026


      You are doing pretty good. Now all you need is to push your limits. So you will be up to the next weight class. And it is so exciting for us too.👍🏻👏👏👏

  2. Good morning curvage cuties! I wanted to share some selfies from last night’s dessert binge to kick off your day! 😬

    I also want to express my gratitude for all of the support and love for my new videos! You guys are incredible, thank you so much for helping to support my gain!



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    2. Chubbyboi


      Loving those stretch marks 😋

    3. babor123456789


      Looking delightfully soft 😍😍😍

    4. grateful


      Belly hips and stretch marks to die for!  :wub:

      Thanks for the pics!  😁

  3. I’ve got two new videos for you cuties today, I hope you enjoy them! 












  4. It's been awhile since I sat down to do a fat chat/weight gain update so it's about time I updated you guys on how I'm feeling about my gain/changes I've noticed/fat girl stuff, and because I'm such a HUGE pig, and I need a snack incentive to do ANYTHING, I've got a pint of yummy fattening ice cream to devour while we catch up! In between creamy, sugary bites, I tell you all about my gains, and play with my soft fat body. I love how big I'm getting and telling you all about it is so much fun!


  5. Ginger is your high school sweetheart who's recently gone off to college; in high school she was super active and very thin which was totally fine but you've always preferred a little more meat on a partner's bones. After Gin went off to school, you missed her a LOT but she was always finding excuses about why you couldn't come to visit and to not video chat with you, it's become very frustrating for you and after some pressure she agrees to video chat with you!..Except she's covered up with sweaters and a pillow and you can't see her adorable petite body at ALL, of course you're disappointed, you were hoping to get a little naughty with your girlfriend after all. Gin notices your disappointment immediately and admits that she has something pretty big that she's been keeping from you, she makes you promise you will try to not get too upset, before she drops a bombshell on you...she's been binging nonstop with her new meal plan and she's gained an INCREDIBLE amount of weight since you last saw her in person! She's HUGE now! You are literally dumbfounded, she was always adorable but with all this new weight, you have to admit, she looks amazing! Her new fat is spilling out everywhere, since she hasn't been able to get a new wardrobe, and she's so embarrassed about how much she's let herself go, but she can see that you really don't mind, in fact she's starting to think you're enjoying this new version of herself, maybe you even planned this without her knowing, you were always sending her those lush snacks in care packages. She strips off her tiny tight dress and shows off her new plump body for you, teasing you about how much you're getting off to her fat ~ Includes: GFE, weight gain, belly/fat play


  6. I've got TWO new videos for you Curvage cuties today, here's a little peek ~

    gfe skype fat reveal 11.gif

    1. grateful


      I'm gonna pass out!  😅

      Gorgeous  😍❤️

  7. I've got TWO new videos for you cuties today! 😁❤️

    I really hope you enjoy them!


    ^^ Only $4.99 !! ^^

    1. Belly worshipper

      Belly worshipper

      Looking mighty gorgeous and round lovely. 

  8. My second attempt at the dozen taco challenge! My first time around I made a pretty impressive dent in my challenge and I'm going to try my best this time around to top myself! Clad in a tight bikini, I scarf down taco after taco with the help of a few cans of soda, I eat until I feel like I might explode, and then a little more! You'll have to watch to see how far I get this time ~ Includes: before/after measurements, facestuffing, some belly play, lots of burping


  9. Ginger's in a little bit of denial about just how BIG she's gotten, when she shops online she still buys clothes in her old sizes, she's fooled herself into thinking that as long as she can still physically fit in something, it's fine. She's completely oblivious to what a total cow she's turned into! Gin receives a package of cute new outfits in the mail and immediately goes to try them on in front of her mirror; but she's shocked (somehow) to find that none of them fit like she thought they would, she's completely flummoxed, why isn't anything fitting? These clothes are totally unflattering and make her look WAY bigger than she is, there's NO way that she could look so fat...right? Even with her fat bulging out everywhere, she still convinces herself that there must have been some mistake with her order, they couldn't have sent her what she asked for because there's NO way she couldn't fit into them if they were correct ~ Includes: multi angle clothes modeling, fatty denial roleplay


  10. New videos today! Including the stuffing these selfies go with 😬😬


  11. Hey curvage cuties! Long time, no post! 

    I promise I’ll have new videos for you soon <3


    1. Hank Scorpio

      Hank Scorpio

      Can’t wait! 😍❤️

    2. regbill


      I  can see you've been adding to your beautiful figure while you were gone.:wub:

    3. Jordan


      Can't wait, maybe another button pop video with outgrown pants or shorts 😀😀😀 😀

  12. Back to back stuffings tonight and I feel like I might pop! 

    Before // after 1st stuffing // after 2nd


  13. I seriously cannot believe I can still manage to squeeze myself into this! 


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    2. grateful


      Wonderful fat!    😍

      So beautiful   ❤️

      The queen of thighs   :wub:

    3. Kyle Butler

      Kyle Butler

      You maybe have to get fatter so 🤷‍♂️

  14. Saturday night in, getting stuffed 🤤











    1. regbill



    2. grateful


      Help! I looked only once and I cannot stop!  😍

      Very bothering and hugely hot  🔥

      I'm obsessing in the very best way!   ❤️

    3. ilovelargethighs


      I would like to rub your body all day!!! 😍

  15. New ~Birthday~ Video on it's way 😁❤️

    birthday cake stuffing 5.gif

    birthday cake stuffing 7.gif

    birthday cake stuffing 9.gif

    birthday cake stuffing 15.gif

    birthday cake stuffing 16.gif

    1. regbill
    2. grateful


      Most beautiful belly and thighs on the planet!   😍

      Love your stuffing   😂

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