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  1. I've got a blender full of over 3,000 calories of gain shake, my funnel, and my feeder; it's time to have some fun! I greedily chug down the WHOLE blender (with a little help of course), jiggling and rubbing my rapidly expanding belly in between my huge mouthfuls of my delicious (and fattening) shake. Afterwards I'm SOOO bloated and I show off my HUGE gut plenty to the camera *Probably the biggest I've ever looked on camera* ~ Includes: weight gain shake funnel feeding, feeder/feedee role play, lots of burps and jiggling


  2. D43220DF-FB6D-484C-9206-4DBC4ECAD176.thumb.jpeg.fe45bbad0b9ba3f603048b2508e1479e.jpeg

    I chugged an entire quart of creamer today 🤤


    video will be up this weekend (I also have a HOT one for you cuties tomorrow) 😘

    1. Panamera911


      Still can’t believe how crazy your stretch marks have gotten🥵🥵

  3. It's date night! Tonight we are heading out to one of my favorite restaurants, and I'm almost ready. I pop into the living room where you are waiting and tell you that I just need to finish getting dressed. I start to slide into my shorts in front of you, but almost immediately I encounter an issue, they don't seem to fit! You start to tease me about how tight they are and I brush it off, these are BRAND new shorts, there's NO way they aren't going to fit! But the longer I struggle with them, the meaner your teases get; you just can't believe what a PIG I am! I plop down on the couch to try and button the shorts some more (with you continuing to tease me and jiggle my fat of course), but it just isn't going to happen, I'm just TOO fat! Eventually I have to admit defeat, the shorts are just too small, they are so tight that I even have to ask for your help removing them! You tell me that we will just have to stay in tonight, and order take out, which makes me bounce up and down in excitement! ~ Includes: POV fat shaming, struggling into tight shorts, lots and lots of jiggling


  4. One of my most intense bloats to date! I start off with a stuffed crust pizza with EXTRA cheese, overloading myself with dairy so I'll get super gassy and bloated. I shove bite after cheesy bite in my greedy mouth until I'm so stuffed with pizza, I can barely move! After I've eaten all I can, I show off my stuffed belly, I look HUGE but I KNOW there's more room in this belly, and I won't be satisfied until I'm as full as I possibly can be! SO to finish off my bloat, I insert an aquarium pump and chug soda at the same time, the result is INTENSE and I can't handle much, removing my tube and letting out some air before chugging a little more soda. * Pizza eating portion is most of the video, inflation and chugging are just the last few minutes* ~ Includes: pizza face stuffing/belly stuffing, soda chugging, inflation, lots of burps, and farts (but just a few)


  5. Ginger is your greedy feedee, who's always eager for a fattening meal; after your latest feeding session, Ginger thanks you for all the help with her weight gain, she's managed to put on SO much fat because of you! She rubs her bloated belly and talks about how even though she ate SO much for you, she's STILL somehow hungry! She's SO hungry in fact, she could eat a horse...or a person...the more she thinks about it, the hungrier she gets..and the tastier you look! Maybe she will have to make you her meal after all! Just think about how much fatter she would get if she could gobble you up in one bite! And you want Ginger as fat as possible don't you? She continues to try to tempt you by talking about how you'll LOVE being a new layer of fat on her growing body, you belong as food anyways! After she's done waiting for her meal, Gin leans over you drooling and swallows you up! Afterwards she rubs her bloated belly and talks to you as you're digested, telling you all about how she can feel you transforming into delicious fat, and thanking you for being such a good meal ~ Includes: same size vore predator role play, prey POV, simulated eating (no maw shots) and digestion, lots of jigging and fat worship, lots and lots of digestion and eating talk


  6. 5FBE5BB3-49FC-4B7F-847D-A25C23B8CC44.thumb.jpeg.c6c324fddfd2a22bb00a13eadfe89eef.jpeg3F03DBAF-48DF-44C8-A02C-936AEB347D7F.thumb.jpeg.5bbad843f5bd22f1cd43923f0e3b5855.jpeg

    Plump and Juicy 🍑🍒

  7. Hey hey Curvage Cuties, I've got a brand new video for you awaiting approval!



    "Jiggly Sunbathing Belly Play" is 3min of jiggly outdoors fat play for ONLY $1.99!


  8. It's time to soak up the sun and worship my growing body in this short jiggle/fat play video. My tiny bikini shows off my soft blubber perfectly, especially with me shaking and jiggling myself all over! The view is perfect too; full body shots, plenty of close ups and everything in between ~ Includes: full body jiggling/fat worship, outdoors, bikini


  9. I've got a brand new video awaiting approval for you cuties!

    "Funneling Milkshakes" is almost 6min of hot creamy fun for ONLY $4.99!





  10. My first time ever funneling milkshakes (but definitely not the last..); I greedily chug down TWO super creamy, super fattening milkshakes, eagerly sucking down every drop as I jiggle and rub my growing belly. I'm SUCH a pig that I'm even a little disappointed when I finish, next time I'll have to grab 3 shakes..at least! ~ includes: funnel feeding, milkshake chugging, lots of moaning and fat play


  11. An intimate dom/sub experience, complete with aftercare; watch me get my fat ass spanked, slapped and jiggled, as I squirm and moan in pleasure. I'm SUCH a pain slut and I absolutely love the sting of the belt and watching my ass get redder and redder, and I KNOW you'll love watching it happen ~ Includes: over the knee hand and belt spanking, lots of slapping and jiggling, and a little grinding at the end


  12. Hey hey Curvage Cuties, I've got a super spicy new video for you tonight ~


  13. Growing piggy Ginger's feeder is feeling particularly rough and decides today would be the perfect time to tie her up and shove greasy cheeseburgers into her greedy mouth! They shove massive cheesy bites in Ginger's mouth, barely giving her time to breathe in between, all while jiggling and teasing her; telling her that while she's already such a flabby hog, she's not NEARLY fat enough. After she finishes ** down the 3rd burger, Ginger's begs for relief and her feeder tells her that her stuffing is FAR from over, their plans for Gin's growing body are just beginning! The video fades out on a bloated Ginger, helpless to stop her fattening fate ~ includes: feeder/feedee role play, forceful hand feeding/belly stuffing, rope bondage/bound belly, forceful weight gain, lots of jiggling/fat squeezing


  14. Hey hey Curvage cuties! I've got a SUPER hot new video for you tonight, keep an eye out 👀




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