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  1. What a plump little piglet 🐷💕


    1. Dingus1396


      Looking Like the sexiest chonk in the barn 🐷🔥

  2. My best friend, @reiinapop has always been the fatter friend, but I put on a LOT of weight in quarantine and now I'm MUCH fatter than Reiina! However I REFUSE to admit it to her.. one day I complain about a dress that "shrunk in the dryer" and insists on trying on one of Reiina's biggest dresses to prove that I'm still the thinner friend (there's no way that can backfire right??). The dress that shrunk is SO tight that when I try it on you can see my thong through the tight white fabric! But when I try on Reiina's biggest dress, it fails to cover my fat massive ass, it's SO obvious that I'm a huge cow now but I STILL won't admit it! Since I used to tease Reiina for being the fatter one relentlessly, I can tell that she's REALLY enjoying the flip in our dynamic, she starts teasing me and forces me to repeat "I'm a big fat pig and I have NO control" before she will let me have the best snack in our apartment - MOON PIES!! Reiina is really enjoying watching me gorge myself on fattening snacks but she still isn't satisfied yet and she gets out a piggy nose and ears for me to wear! After forcing me to put it on she makes me repeatedly embarrass myself LIKE I MEAN IT for another moon pie!! After I humiliate myself like a good pig for Reiina, she tells me that even if my boyfriend dumps me for being too fat, she'll ALWAYS be there to feed,rub and worship my growing gut!


  3. Hi Ero-hime, I have followed you off and on for years.  You don't know me but I wanted to say you seem pleasant and have a good heart.  You imagine I am silly, but nay I have had a chance to meet models when I was younger and went out more.  Photos over time exposes the most secret parts of us  I finally met and married my curvey princess.  We have been married about 11 years and she isn't into curvey so much but supports my voyuerism online.  Since we married she has lost about 4o pounds down from 215.  She is much happier because she has a nice job she loves  She moved from England to USA.  She is pureirish on mom and dad side, auburn hair, 50s and I am early 60s.  We dated a year and a half, one year she returned to England to meet US Citizenship requirements.  The only time she expressed concern over my curvy addiction was before we wed, she asked, "I don't need be one of those 600 lb ladies do I?"  I said, "My love I won't ever pressure you to change in any regard except to stop smoking, she has for years now.  We live in Southern California, not a huge city with lovely bay just a mile away.  You are a wonderful woman and everything I ever hoped for.  She cried because in her 40s when we met, she had not had a single serious boyfriend due to her weight and insecurities.  She has blossomed like a flower, exuding confidence and inner sweetness more beautiful each day.  I fancy you too are such a woman to your companion.  Yes, viewing faces and hundreds of expressions over years, I believe I can tell the specially sweet ones.  I am 210 at five eleven. Half Irish, quarter native american indian, and quarter mexican indian.  My weight has been in that range of 200 to 220 for since I was in my thirties.  I am a retired writer who only does work of my choosing,   No violence, even to wildlife.  No humiliating or demoralizing writing. (I swivel at my handmade desk with the story of me someplace in it, "but look," I say to my wife; "fella wrote me on lineless paper with an old pen, she smiles' and, says 'classy." rubbing my neck -- peering over my shouldier, wants me to help him write a composition for his Father's upcoming birthday.

    Magic smoke of the mind leads me forward for him.  "The hair of my best friend snapped with river water.  He sharply as dads could do without hands get his straw cap to slip over his hazel eyes to study his fly cast o the deep, foamy spot under the painful tree limb,; his joy unable to veil his days of worry for . . ." 

    Be good Ero-hines, my wife added, if you can't be good be careful, if unable to be careful, write down the date:p.

    Your admirer and fan,


    Locquatious Ham

    PS My wife occasionally writes comments or shares an uplifting,, curvy  lady entry.

  4. I had four pints of ice cream tonight and I feel like I could burst 🥵🥵



    1. wdyw


      That's a lot of ice cream - good job




    2. Nicholas Johnson

      Nicholas Johnson

      Geez, hard to believe someone could put down that much food.

    3. In Love With Bellies

      In Love With Bellies

      Four ! Wow that's so much ! Good job ! Your belly is looking so heavy and drops beautifully 😍😎🤤

  5. (a previously unreleased video so I'm a little smaller) ~ Ginger is your plump girlfriend, she's always been chubby but lately she's REALLY packed on the pounds (not that you're complaining), and today she decides to tell you why! She's discovered your secret vore fetish and she's REALLY into it! She know how much you drool over the soft bellies and chunky thighs of fat girls so she became one, just for you! She teases you with her delicious fat and begins to taunt you about how she bets you wish you could have just a ~little~ taste of her juicy body; it's pretty tempting isn't it? It couldn't hurt to have just a tiny bite she says and soon Ginger's teasing has turned to flat out begging for you to gobble her up; she must be more into this than even she thought! She continues to beg, telling you how badly she wants to squirm and wiggle her way down your throat, you couldn't possibly resist such a fatty snack..right?


  6. Clad in my tiny cow print bikini I start enjoying an entire cheesecake sampler to myself, just a little snack when you're a big fatty like me! I jiggle and shake my lucious fat as I moan into each bite. Even though I'm severely lactose intolerant, I can't help but crave dairy heavy foods and I'm having the time of my fat life..until the dairy starts biting back! My poor bloated belly starts aching sooo much but I keep shoveling bites of the creamy deliciousness in my greedy mouth anyways!


  7. Hey hey Curvage Cuties, I've got a new video for you tonight and it'll be available soon!




  8. In this video, @reiinapopand I are longtime best friends who both gained weight during quarantine and are struggling to diet together. We're both in denial about how much weight we've gained, and we can't stop teasing each other. I'm SO sick of being the fat friends so I decide to take my revenge, I mix up a special appetite stimulating mass gainer shake for Reiina and tell her it's a weight loss/appetite suppressant shake! She totally believes me and chugs it down while I get a head start on the workouts. We both work out together for a little bit, complaining about how our fat is getting in the way.. just like I planned, Reiina gets hit with a wave of hunger and starts to complain so I suggest we order some "low calorie" pizza, just like the weight gain shake she had NO idea that I'm fooling her! We start stuffing our faces, while I assure Reiina that this greasy delicious pizza won't make me gain weight.. OR WILL IT?


  9. In the second part of this epic video, @reiinapop gives in to gluttony and lets her friend get her revenge by stuffing her face full of pizza and cookies! She discovers that of COURSE Ginger tricked her about the "low calorie pizza", it was her plan to fatten her up all along so her boyfriend dumps her and Ginger can have Reina all to herself, to fatten and play with and tease as much as she wants!! Reina obediently gulps down all the food, making her belly super gassy. Ginger then pushes the farts out of Reina and relentlessly teases the embarrassed glutton for being so nasty!!


  10. Don't forget to check out my newest, super hot video! "Nugget Hand Feeding"



    1. SVegan


      I love your beautiful body ❤ 😍

  11. Watch me get hand fed 20 delicious chicken nuggets in less than 10 minutes! I'm at my all time fattest in this video and boy does it show, I look positively HUGE! I love getting fed by hand and it shows, I start demanding bites as I lay back and rub my belly, like a spoiled (and bloated) queen ~ includes: hand feeding, facestuffing/overeating, lots of belly play and jiggling, some burps and moaning


  12. I've got an extra fun new video for you cuties tonight 👀


  13. It's weigh in time! "March 2021 weigh in and measurements" is awaiting approval! 😁




  14. It's that time again! I hop on the scale and then take my measurements, comparing them to last month's numbers. Did I hit my 10lb monthly gain goal? You'll have to watch to find out ~


  15. This bodysuit is just a liiiiitle tight 😳


    1. SmokingMirror


      Wow! 😛

    2. Mjohnson


      Nice outfit , you look lovely and fat in it ❤️❤️❤️

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