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  1. "Fat Feeder Eating Encouragement" is awaiting approval!


    Almost 10 minutes of fem feeder role play for ONLY $5.99!


    1. Krounos Demetrios

      Krounos Demetrios

      You are looking as if you could not wait for getting a big stuffing. So cute.

  2. *gender neutral fem feeder/feedee role play* Ginger is your fat feedee girlfriend, she loves stuffing herself and has been intentionally gaining weight for awhile but lately she isn't satisfied with JUST stuffing herself, she wants to join her! In fact, she seems to REALLY enjoy it when you stuff yourself for her, like a LOT, maybe even more than she enjoys her own bloats. You have no issue with indulging in her requests, you don't mind getting to eat all you want and all the belly rubs and attention are certainly enjoyable; but Ginger has become increasingly demanding during your stuffing sessions, pushing you harder and harder each time. This particular session, you're so full from eating it hurts, but Ginger STILL isn't satisfied! So she decides to give you a little pep talk, she encourages (or maybe demands) you to keep eating for her, she tells you to ignore the pain and keep going, you want to get nice and BIG for her don't you?? Ginger plays with her fat and rubs her belly throughout while she continues to push you to keep going, she KNOWS you can do better after all. She promises to give you LOTS of soothing belly rubs if you just eat a couple more bites, and then maybe a couple more... ~ Includes: fem feeder/feedee role play, girlfriend experience, eating/weight gain encouragement, belly play, fat worship


  3. Hey hey cuties, I’m uploading a super hot eating encouragement video with me playing your demanding feeder 🤤🤤

    but I also just posted some selfies in my thread, go check em out 😘



  4. I forgot to share these photos with you guys! I can’t believe how big and deep my stretch marks have gotten 😅
  5. "1400 Calorie Bedtime Snack" is awaiting approval!


    Over 10 minutes of belly bloating fun for ONLY $4.99!!



  6. I've just finished having dinner and I'm already feeling quite bloated, but of course there's always still room for dessert! I try to polish off a carton of very high calorie boost before right before bed and tonight I chug TWO cartons and pair them with two fattening snack cakes (a total of 1400 calories on top of my full day of gorging like a pig!). I'm so eager to enjoy my treat that I completely forget to pace myself and end up eating way too much, way too fast and my poor belly is pretty upset about it! I had planned on continuing my snack like a greedy girl but my bloated stomach demands that I stop and give it some soothing rubs, so I show off my huge belly for the camera and moaning about how I'm uncomfortable instead ~ Includes: chugging, facestuffing/bellystuffing, eating, belly bloating, belly play in multiple positions


  7. Hey hey Curvage Cuties! I hope you’re all ready to kick this week’s butt! 

    I’ve got a new video to help start your week off right AND I just posted some bonus before and after selfies in my thread so go give em a peep 👀



  8. I spent almost all of today sitting on my fat ass and eating, and it was awesome. I absolutely love the feeling of a full, heavy belly all day 🤤 here are some selfies I took before and after a video I’m uploading tonight, I did a “little” bloat before bedtime 🐷
  9. I also have a New Video for you Cuties today!


    It's a super messy and greedy cake stuffing and it's awaiting approval now!


    1. goodgirlgrow


      Ugh, you are so flipping hot.

    2. goodgirlgrow


      Pig tails 😩❤️❤️🐷 I can’t 

    3. Ero-hime


      @goodgirlgrow  p ot calling the kettle black! I literally cannot handle your cuteness, I just want to squeeze you for a million years 🥰

    4. goodgirlgrow


      Careful! I’m quite squishy 🙇🏼‍♀️

    5. Ddr23


      @goodgirlgrow and @Ero-hime 

      you are both wonderful, cute, and squishy. 

    6. Chuckgreen505


      More like greedy pig stuffing 🐷🐷🐷😍😍😍

  10. I really love sweets, like a LOT, I just go BANANAS for sugar and my favorite sugary treat is cake. I love everything about it, it's soft and fluffy and sweet and just perfect! Today I've got an entire cake all to myself, it's a SUPER rich and decadent white chocolate cake, absolutely LOADED with strawberries and whipped cream, and I just cannot wait to demolish it! I eagerly tuck into my treat, moaning in pleasure into my MASSIVE bites and licking my spoon clean after each one. This is an exceptionally good cake and soon my greedy pig senses take over; I turn off my brain as I shove even bigger bites into my mouth, desperate to get as much of my snack in my mouth as once as I can. Eventually all the sugar catches up to me and I'm left with a horrible stomach ache, which I power through so that I can stuff a few more bites in ~ Includes: facestuffing/bellystuffing, lots of moaning, lots of eye contact while eating, lots of messy bites, belly play


  11. Hey hey Curvage Cuties! I hope you’ve been having a nice weekend! 

    I just posted some selfies in my thread, go take a peep and feel free to ask me questions 😘




  12. Hey cuties, I just wanted to share some more recent selfies with you! It’s getting so hard to fit all of myself in a photo at once haha, especially my thighs, they are getting HUGE! 😁
  13. "Fat Reactions From Family and Friends" is awaiting approval!


    Almost 10 minutes of fat chat and real life stories for Only $5.99!


  14. I get asked ALL the time about how my friends and family are reacting to my weight gain, like seriously ALL the time; So since you guys are so curious, I decided to sit down and share some choice stories about the real life fat reactions I've received, with a good amount of weight gain talk/fat chat and belly play mixed in. I talk about a bunch of reactions I've received, including some bullying/fat shaming that I've experienced.


  15. Whoops! I meant to reply to you guys yesterday but I got distracted by video games and food (classic me) 😅 Thanks for taking the time to reply to me and ask questions! So glad you enjoy my work! I've actually had a hell of time gaining, I have a naturally high metabolism and a pretty active lifestyle so I have to be CONSTANTLY eating it feels like haha. If I get off my game with stuffing myself I end up losing weight unintentionally, for instance, I just had a stressful couple of weeks so I was forgetting to eat period and I ended up losing a little over 10lbs I get requests for this ALL the time actually, I don't do inflation content a ton but if someone wanted to commission it I'd be down lol I've certainly tried! It's been harder than I expected but I absolutely love every new pound! Honestly I just REALLY love cute stuff haha but the real answer as to why they are all in my studio is that I'm terrified my cats will destroy them. But to answer your other question, I do enjoy the Big/little dynamic. Although with my current partner I'm almost always "Big", I am most definitely a switch dom/sub wise but lean pretty heavily to the Dom side (which surprises a lot of people I guess)
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