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  1. Hey hey Curvage Cuties! I hope you’re all having a lovely Friday 😬

    Here’s a little one year gain comparison for you ~


    Don’t forget to check out this week’s new videos! 




  2. I'm sitting down today to gorge on one of my favorite binge foods, sandwiches! I absolutely LOVE stuffing myself to the max and then feeling myself fill out EVEN MORE when the bread expands in my poor bloated belly! I've got a mountain of bread to get through and I eagerly unwrap my first sandwich as quickly as I can and start feasting. I'm in carb heaven, and after I finish my first sandwich, I start double fisting my 2nd and 3rd, I just can't get enough! It doesn't take long though for the double meat, double cheese and extra avocado spread to catch up to me and soon I'm left a bloated, aching mess. I ate SO quickly and now I've gotten so much fuller than I intended to, and it's only going to get worse as the bread expands! ~ Includes: face stuffing/belly stuffing, LOTS of burps, stuffed belly play/jiggling


  3. Almost half an hour of super spicy shorter videos, this collection has a little of everything! * Please Note that this video was shot on an iPhone and is vertically orientated* 0:00 - 2:00 : booty and thigh jiggling 2:01 - 6:20 : close up partner belly play/jiggling 6:21 -10:35 : soda chug, burping, belly play 10:36-13:17 : partner belly lotioning and belly button play 13:18-17:31 : tight shorts try on and button popping 17:32-21:35 : rope bondage belly play and jiggling 21:36-25:04 : baby oil belly play 25:05-27:39 : burger stuffed belly play


  4. March vs October 👀



    1. Beardofthenorth


      OK this is hot as hell 

      Keep getting bigger and you'll pop like a balloon 

  5. You are so fat and so luscious. You have never looked better!  You are so attractive❤

  6. It's time for a little lotion, let's get up close and personal! Enjoy the intimate POV and imagine it's your hands rubbing and squeezing my supple fat, as you help me rub lotion all over my massive belly. It feels so nice to have your hands on me and I can't help but let out lots of little moans. After the first round of lotion is rubbed in, I add more and let you sit back and enjoy the show a little. ~ Includes: POV, belly lotioning, belly rubbing/squeezing/slapping


  7. It's time for a veeeeerrrry burpy stuffing; today I'm sitting down with 2000 calories worth of dairy overload! I'm absolutely starving so I wolf down my burgers with speed, barely giving myself time to breathe in between my bites, especially because I'm shoving my straw in my mouth every chance I get. I eat so quickly that I give myself an intense hiccup like burping attack (twice!), continuously letting out big burps for what feels like AGES! After I finish my milkshake I am feeling STUFFED, my belly is so heavy and bloated and it takes me quite a bit of effort to get up to show it off for the camera. ~ Includes: face stuffing/belly stuffing, LOTS AND LOTS AND LOTS of burps, post stuffing belly play


  8. Hey hey curvage cuties, I’ve got a super hot new video for you tonight, don’t forget to check it out! 

    Also have a little one year gain comparison 👀



  9. The heavier I get, the lazier I get; If I had my way, I would just sit around ALL DAY and stuff my face nonstop! Today I've really been indulging myself, all I've managed to do and play games and EAT; I had a BUNCH of things I was supposed to do today but none of them could be as fun as being a lazy pig. Unfortunately I made a bunch of promises to my partner about being productive and they get home earlier than I was anticipating... finding me exactly where I was when they left HOURS ago, the only change beind the MOUNTAIN of snacks I now have surrounding myself. I ~was~ planning on cleaning up my snack mess before they got home but now they've caught me in the act! My partner is shocked, and immediately starts laying into me for being so lazy; they can't believe that I was going to try to get away with being such a pig! As I continue to get scolded, I can hear my tummy rumble, even though I've been eating literally all day, I'm still so hungry; surely I could slide a few chips in my mouth without it being noticed..right? I try being sneaky but my partner obviously sees me and starts teasing me way harder for having zero self control! I know I should stop, but I really just can't help myself, so I continue my snack binge as I get bullied for being so greedy! ~ Includes: fat shaming, snacking, belly play/fat jiggling


  10. Tight and Shiny  





    1. Onexzero


      Plenty of bulges there!

    2. Iamthebest


      Hottie! 😍😍😍

  11. 09648EE4-AB90-4F7C-8C16-6DDC07BAF88A.thumb.jpeg.13f3d314107b1d31e30f61f24da23d42.jpeg 1C700BFE-35E6-4413-804D-B9DBF21CBA62.thumb.jpeg.d0b75bcdd5c879b1a36bf73b2375fc4a.jpeg

    feeling pretty round lately 🥵


    Don’t forget to check out my latest video!



  12. A display of some truly hedonistic greed! I've sat down with a "little" snack, a fresh tin of butter cookies and an unopened jar of cake icing and I can NOT wait to get started demolishing them! I start by spreading spoonfuls of the sweet, calorie dense icing on cookies before shoving them greedily into my mouth; the sugar overload is exquisite and I'm in pig heaven! I think everyone can relate to the childhood desire to lick an icing covered utensil; so it comes as no surprise that after a few cookies, I completely forgo all pretenses and start to just lick the icing directly off the spoon. Giving into my cravings gives me a rush of endorphins that makes me giddy and GREEDY, I want more of this feeling and this spoon is just slowing me down! In an act of real greed, I toss the spoon and start shoveling icing into my mouth with my hands, moaning as I eagerly lick the sweet treat off of my fingers. I'm so buzzed on sugar that I don't even realize how quickly I'm consuming my "snack" and when I finally come back down to earth, I've polished off half the jar and have a MASSIVE tummy ache. ~ includes: face stuffing/belly stuffing, a LOT of messy/sensual finger licking, belly play, upset stomach/ belly ache, and a few really quality burps


  13. In my skin tight shorts and crop top I get on all fours and give you the ultimate jiggling experience! I switch between showing the camera my fat ass from behind and all my fat rolls from the side, and then jiggle until the point of exhaustion several times. Shot with a mixture of dynamic and static shots, and mixed with a variety of angles so you can get the best possible view of my fat jiggly body! You'll LOVE seeing my plump body jiggle and shake for you, the ass shots are especially fantastic ~ Includes: all fours, full body jiggling, multiple angles, static (still) and dyanmic (moving/close ups) shots, out of breath/exhaustion


  14. One of the biggest challenges I've faced with my weight gain has been my intense lactose intolerance; without the boost of heavy cream, it's been an uphill battle. BUT with all the new lactose free/vegan cream alternatives, there might finally be a light at the end of the tunnel! I sit down with four different dairy free options to taste test and see if I can find a winner; some I'm not such a fan of, others I'm in LOVE with! I give a short review of each option as I'm trying them, and overall I end up chugging close to 3000 calories! I'm SO excited to have found some viable cream options and even more excited to see how it will effect my gain! ~ includes: cream chugging, lots of burps, belly play/jiggling


  15. New video tonight, keep an eye out 👀



    In the meantime, enjoy these rolls 🤤




    1. throwaway56342


      You have gotten SO big and soft over the last few years. Somehow, having your hair up makes you look even bigger 

    2. In Love With Bellies

      In Love With Bellies

      Your gain over the years is incredible and so beautiful 😍

    3. Krounos Demetrios

      Krounos Demetrios

      You are for sure the sexiest bikini girl on the pool.

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