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  1. 2A0EAD27-1B8E-4759-A5D0-5F351B639902.thumb.jpeg.41d25e7744e8c1357cae320fea4494d6.jpeg




    1. Radoowitz


      Incredibly hot 😍

    2. AthleteTurnedFatty


      Those have to be the sexiest Daisy Dukes ever and you’ve absolutely destroyed your fishnets I love it 

  2. A8B1C158-0FF1-4329-B931-0D991F744E66.thumb.jpeg.7d657396068dd2684a808678e60d2912.jpeg




    1. jdargs18


      Nice before/after pics and that blue outfit - how it forms naturally around your curves and definitely your colour

    2. Masterx123


      One of the GOATs. ❤️

    3. Celandine


      Mmm... gotta love a luscious double belly... happy new year!

  3. Can't wait to see your holiday content🎄 and How big🐷 🐄you've gotten over the holidays! 😍

  4. A Collection of 6 fun videos shot in portrait orientation, over 25 minutes of videos ranging from hand feedings to ass shaking so there's something for everyone! Videos are also chronological and double as a weight gain compilation! Video List: 1. Milkshake Chugging and Bloated Belly Play (0:00-4:14) 2. Boost Chugging (4:15-6:27) 3. Ass shaking, Thigh Wobbling, Jiggly Belly Play (6:28-9:14) 4. Cupcake Hand Feeding and Groping (9:15-16:10) 5. New Jeans VS Outgrown Jeans Struggling (16:11-21:04) 6. Horny Cream Puff Hand Feeding and Grinding (21:05-25:12)


  5. 9C0CD344-6457-4574-9FE8-B0B58AFD437C.thumb.jpeg.2e69dc20b33ccbabde98bc1d7feed165.jpeg

    Don’t worry! A cutie was only minorly squished in the taking of these photos ⚠️

  6. I think it’s time to retire these shorts 😳





    1. jdargs18


      Impressive they held up for quite some time and still look nice on you

    2. Radoowitz


      You've definitely earned some new ones 

    3. Heavy49366


      Vamoos Argentina ganamos! El mundial va a ser nuestro 🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷.

  7. Includes: picture in picture weight gain comparison, hand feeding, pov belly/fat play A picture in picture weight gain comparison holiday special! I recreate one of my first ever hand feeding videos 100lbs heavier, greedily munching down on some delicious and fattening pie! It's so wild to see just how much I've changed over the years, my hunger, my size, my jiggle, it's all so different, and you'll get to enjoy seeing me at both sizes. After my pie treat, it's time in both videos for a little POV belly play! This is really the most bananas part of the video for me because you can REALLY tell just how much I've let myself go, seeing my little starter belly barely being able to jiggle at all, to being a massive hog who's fat shakes at even the smallest movement!


  8. I hope everyone had a nice and filling thanksgiving, I know I did! 🍁🦃💕








    1. user2012


      That is one well fed belly. 🥰

    2. AthleteTurnedFatty
    3. Krounos Demetrios

      Krounos Demetrios

      Looking so sexily filled.

  9. B1B27BB0-7CC1-4269-8822-97CA43400E68.jpeg



    1. jdargs18


      What a set, especially with the neon lighting. And how your belly sits in that dress nicely. 

    2. In Love With Bellies

      In Love With Bellies

      So thick and beautiful ! 😍

    3. Krounos Demetrios

      Krounos Demetrios

      Your curves are growing on the best places. You are looking sexier and sexier with every single new gained pound. You are divine.

  10. Includes: slow motion shot on iphone, lots of different positions, and more jiggling than you might think is possible! The ultimate slow motion video for jiggling fans! Watch @reiinapop and I jiggle and shake in a variety of different positions in glorious slow motion so you can see every single bounce! We show off our curves by groping ourselves and each other, bouncing down onto a bed multiple times, shaking our fat asses and more!


  11. Includes: costume/cosplay, messy/slobby eating, a few really good burps, lots of jiggling Poor Princess Leia has been abandoned in the clutches of the blobby Hutts for way longer than she thought she would be; with nothing to do day in and day out but eat, she's put on QUITE a bit of weight, this once fit and fearless princess is nothing more than a lazy lump of fat now! Bored out of her mind, she just mindlessly consumes calories, until she's transformed into a slobby, mess of a pig who only thinks about her next meal. She lounges around and lazily shoves mouthfuls of fattening treats into her mouth, not caring as crumbs accumulate around her plump form, stopping only once she starts to feel fatigued and wants a nap, excess is her whole life now after all. Maybe the reason she hasn't be rescued is because she's completely unrecognizable to her former self, if her heroes came would they even know it was her?


  12. Happy Halloween Curvage Cuties! 🎃👻

    I’ve got a new video for you tonight, here’s a peek:




    1. xdavex


      Love your luscious body. You are so pretty!

  13. Includes: LOTS of wet jiggling, a couple of different angles of swimming, getting in and out of the pool from different angles, a bit of sunbathing, a bit of a fat catwalk Come join me for a day at the pool! It's the last week of the warm weather and I really want to take advantage, so I'm spending the whole day poolside! Watch as I get in and out of the pool, dry off, swim around, and REALLY go for it with some wet jiggling in the water action! This is a super cute and fun little compilation of all of the best fat pool activities, AND a good real life look at hanging out casually with a fat girl (especially when I struggle to get in and out of the water and up when I'm sunbathing!)


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