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    I'm a jazz singer, I love musicals, Disney obsessed, Harry Potter geek (Hufflepuff house), used to be a polynesian dancer.

    As far as fetish interests, I'm a true feedee, love to eat and stuff and gain. I am very greedy with food, hee hee.

    Check out my about me section to learn more 😊

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  1. Hi belly lovers!

    I'm heading on vacation next week and would love to make a few videos before I go...

    React to this post to vote for what type of video I should make 🥰

    ❤ = chugging half and half

    😍 = trying on outgrown clothes

    😮 = 40 mcnugget challenge 

    😆 = working out

    100% of the proceeds from video sales are going towards stuffing my fate with fattening foods while on vacation.

    The more you view, the more I grow 🐖🐖🐖

  2. Watch me shake my fat belly after chugging a quart of half and half.

    I used to be a tahitian dancer but I can hardly last 2 minutes now before I'm completely out of breath!

    Oof 🐖🤰


    1. regbill


      I love how your skirt draws my attention to your stunning belly.❤️

    2. grateful


      Love that belly!  mmmmmmm    😍❤️

      Certainly half and half can't hurt!  Thanks!  😁

  3. It felt amazing, and yes I could definitely make that video!
  4. I am super excited to share my next video with you all - its waiting to be approved now!

    I put on my tahitian dance skirt for the first time in about 15 years and shook my belly - full of half and half, because I'm a good little piggy - hope you enjoy watching this one!

    Screenshot_20200125-145636_Video Player.jpg

    Screenshot_20200125-145701_Video Player.jpg

    Screenshot_20200125-145707_Video Player.jpg

  5. 15 years, and about 80 pounds ago, I was a Polynesian dancer. Today I put on my skirt and shook my hips after I chugged a quart of half and half. I hope you enjoy the sloshing of my full belly and how incredibly out of breath I get! Leave a comment if you want to see more videos like this 🐖🤩


  6. Watch me as I try on 4 pairs of pants from my old wordrobe, now 8-10 sizes too small, I try my best to stuff my fat belly into these tiny clothes.


  7. About to go raid my closet for some old clothes to try to stuff my fat into 🐖

    Stay tuned for the footage 🤩

  8. Does anyone have any video requests that they would like to see from this chubby belly? 


    1. Gadafy--


      could you make a video where you are drinking a lot of liquid, and after you finish you make sloshing sounds with your belly. its something new and interesting that I think we (and definitely you) would like. If your not able to make sloshing sounds, I certainly wouldn't mind you having a drinking/eating  session then using oil to massage your bloated belly.

    2. andy36


      I love to see a come&Mentos bloat 

  9. Okay, blushing!!! Thank you for the amazing compliment!
  10. Thank you so much!! I love my saggy belly so much, I'm glad others do as well. 🐖
  11. Rubbing my fat, squishy belly while talking about gaining. I have been this weight for months now, think it's time to inflict a few gains 😉🐷


  12. I think it's time to upload a new video, not feeling very creative but I am HUNGRY.

  13. New inflation video is pending right now!!!

    It is so rare that I have tue time to film and enjoy some fetish play - I couldnt be more excited to share my inflation with you all.

    Blowing up my belly until I feel it packed tight with air and pressure feels like a fantasy come to life.

    Enjoy!! 🎈🎈🎈

    Screenshot_20191129-183006_Video Player.jpg

    1. argonaut70


      Im more than glad you found the time to pump yourself up some! Another great post.

  14. I pumped my belly up a bit and then decided to turn on my camera. Watch me pump my already full belly up into a tight balloon ready to pop! Then I play with my air-filled belly and try to sit up - it hurts too much and I lay back down, trapped behind my giant ball of a belly.


  15. Thank you so much, everyone who has bought one of my videos in the last few days!!! I leave for vacation by myself on thursday and I am so excited to get a few really big stuffings in! 

    I'll be doing a lot of walking, but hopefully I can indulge in enough treats that I come back a bit heavier.

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