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  1. not at all. in fact, James would be dumb to not stick with you.
  2. so lovely. this looks like it could be an album cover.
  3. just posting some art because it's been ages since i've done so on here.
  4. the actress is very gorgeous. kinda miffed that they didn't even put the slightest bit of make up on her face to make it look chubby at all and the plot was stereotypical and irritating (not that i understand the language but it was easy to tell what was going on) the padding was well done though.
  5. wow. she is looking much more hefty here. you can even see her thigh bulging over her seat.
  6. and it was a pretty good film, all around. when i watched it, it didn't have subtitles so i was able to understand exactly what was being said but i could understand what was happening pretty clearly.
  7. i'm pretty sure it was. she's got a very noticeable potbelly now. the question is if it was her decision to put the chair there or someone else's.
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