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  1. still no change. is there anything i have to do on my end? i've tried re-following all the threads that i was already following but that didn't seem to do anything.
  2. wow! sure do love how this girl's plumped up over time! and in such a nice way too
  3. ok. thanks for getting back to me. i'm still not seeing a change. i'll let you know when i do.
  4. could you let me know what causes this?
  5. sorry to necro this, but its happened again. i'm not getting email notifications about the threads i'm following.
  6. lordaltros

    Amy Lee

    she's always had a "problem" with her weight. once in a while, she'll chub up ever so slightly. i wish, just once, she'd let herself go and become a BBW.
  7. Now Available on the Process Productions store! Lord Altros #1 / SizeCon Fundraiser A self titled 10 page expansion comic & 5 pics & 2 sequences. By Lushaani BustArtist Tailblazer Galiagan Mabo LordAltros and Maxgrowth. % of proceeds to help fund SizeCon. Here
  8. i remember back when this was a huge buzz, here. this is the first time i've seen the footage. i'm mean, it might have been posted here before, but its been so long, who cares. it's fun
  9. its not an article. its a video and its on the previous page in that slew of videos that was linked. just scroll through it. you'll find it.
  10. ok. this link isn't working for me anymore. is anyone else getting an issue or is it just me?
  11. wait what? all this time and i honestly didn't know that the chubbiness on her face was prosthetic. that's the best prosthetic work i've ever seen.
  12. thanks that's what people have been telling me. of course its hard to find pics of her because putting that name in google keeps bringing up the actual princess diana.
  13. i've seen her pop up every so often but haven't been able to find out who she is. here's a video i stumbled upon on youtube. its a little slowed down, i think to get past the youtube bots, but i think you guys might enjoy it anyway.
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