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  1. stunning belly and i love the back rolls!
  2. the double chin in that last pic is sensational!
  3. that is super hot! so much jiggle!!!
  4. wow - i guess you have been good to yourself!!! definitely weigh-in (in tight clothes!), too tight bikini, measuring, belly play!! thank you.
  5. you're getting such an adorable double chin!
  6. you look positively heavenly - especially that rear view with those thick love handles and back rolls!!! thanks so much for sharing.
  7. what a gorgeous body! i'd love to see you and shar trading belly massages when you're sitting with all your rolls spilling out like that.
  8. incredible! you're an amazing example of how extra curves are extra hot!!! love every bit, especially those thick arms and thighs! so glad you're back.
  9. so glad to see you in the curvage community. you've grown so beautifully soft and squeezable!!!
  10. that last comparison shot is truly amazing - so much gorgeous new blubber!!!
  11. great story and start. my ex started out this way. married her at 105 and she started slowly gaining. she went from always covering her gut to laughing when her fat bulged over her seat belt and bounced in the car while she was driving. she had so much fun with it it's what got me into it. but she started to get worried about diabetes when she got close to 200 and decided to lose some. we're still friends and i see her once in a while - she's probably around 160-170. still pretty chubby, and pretty happy with her size overall. best of luck to you both!
  12. happy birthday - you look fantastic!!! bellies like that were meant to be free to bulge!
  13. wonderful to have you back bigger and better than before! love those amazing thighs!!!
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