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  1. Heyyy just stopping by to say HI! I’ve missed you guys and hopefully you’ve missed me too! I can’t wait to start filming again very soon. Let me know what you’d like to see 😊

    Xoxo Kimbely 😘


    1. Desdinova


      Welcome back, Kimberly!   Looking big and beautiful as ever!

    2. goodgirlgrow


      We did miss you! You’re a shining light 🙂 

    3. DieselDave


      Wow you are beautiful. 😍 I would love to see your body without clothes 😉😉

    4. jmg123


      Weight gain talk

    5. CristianMX


      Eres una hermosura 

  2. New content coming very soon!  Don’t miss your chance to get 50% off all my Videos!!, today/tonight is the last time to enoy this huge sale, so what are you waiting for???


    1. gflono86


      You are sooo hot Kimbely hope your safe and well

  3. I imagine you get this question a lot but where is your accent from? I'm in the UK so I can't distinguish.

    1. IamKimbely


      I’m from New York City :)

    2. jonny_brick@yahoo.co.uk


      New Yoik!! The Heights?

  4. Enjoy 50% off my Valentines Day video which includes a photo set of 52 pictures of me in lingerie! Plus ALL of my other videos are 50% off as Well... I’ll be waiting for you 😘


  5. I know you’ve been wanting to check me out.. well now is the perfect time 😋, ALL of my VIDEOS are 50% off  , trust me you don’t want to miss out 😘.


  6. My Very FIRST WEIGH IN is now only 4.99$!!, if you haven’t already seen me step on the scale for you what are you waiting for?! 🐷🤪

    ALL VIDEOS currently 50% OFF


  7. HUGE SALE!! ALL my videos are currently 50% off

    You don't want to miss out, plus this is the perfect time to spend some time with me ;)

    xoxo Kimbely





    1. stru


      You should bring out a new vid at the same time, showing off the obese blubbery belly of yours, with all that fat and lard hanging all over 😍

    2. IamKimbely


      @stru I will post new content soon 🧡

    3. stru


      Thats lovely to hear! 🤩

      I bet you haven't lost any of your lard during this pandemic 😅🐖

  8. Hey!!

    Just want to say thank you to everyone who keeps supporting my videos I really appreciate it. Work has been super hectic for me due to the current state of things. Im looking forward to creating more content for you so please be patient with me 🧡🧡


  9. Get a taste of summer as I try on some bathing suits for you.... what are you waiting for?? I know you’ll love them 🧡😋



  10. Heyyyy!

    i just want to say thank you to everyone who has been supporting my videos even though I haven’t been pretty active. Unfortunately working in the medical field I wound up sick, im much better now and super excited to get back to creating content for you all 😊 in the mean time you can check out my latest video 😋



  11. Come see how I fit all this belly in my bathing suits 🤤.... maybe you can help me? 😏



    1. foball1290


      O id love to help😛😍🔥

    2. Jimmy71


      You are absolutely amazing. I love how confident you are!!! You know how incredibly sexy you are 

  12.  I look super cute in my lounge wear after a long work day so i figured I’d share with you 😜


    1. AJ-Xander


      OMG you're adorable! 💓

    2. goodgirlgrow


      You are the absolute cutest. 

  13. Morning ! 😊

    Come spend the day with me while I try on a couple bathing suits just for you 😏.. tell me which one you’d like me to wear on the beach with you 😘



  14. Imagine oiling down my bikini beach bod 😛



    1. extra_m13


      i would be so proud to be seen with you on a beach, bucket full of beers and pizza by the side

    2. IamKimbely


      @extra_m13 cnt forget the fries and chicken wings 😋

  15. Kimbely is so ready for summer and she can’t wait to show off her bikini beach body in her super cute swim wear. Come see her try on her new bathing suits just for you 😏. *leave a review and you’ll get some bonus pictures + snippets of me in the bathing suits 😛 *filmed in landscape


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