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  1. Come see how I fit all this belly in my bathing suits 🤤.... maybe you can help me? 😏



    1. foball1290


      O id love to help😛😍🔥

    2. Jimmy71


      You are absolutely amazing. I love how confident you are!!! You know how incredibly sexy you are 

  2.  I look super cute in my lounge wear after a long work day so i figured I’d share with you 😜


    1. AJ-Xander


      OMG you're adorable! 💓

    2. goodgirlgrow


      You are the absolute cutest. 

  3. Morning ! 😊

    Come spend the day with me while I try on a couple bathing suits just for you 😏.. tell me which one you’d like me to wear on the beach with you 😘



  4. Imagine oiling down my bikini beach bod 😛



    1. extra_m13


      i would be so proud to be seen with you on a beach, bucket full of beers and pizza by the side

    2. IamKimbely


      @extra_m13 cnt forget the fries and chicken wings 😋

  5. Kimbely is so ready for summer and she can’t wait to show off her bikini beach body in her super cute swim wear. Come see her try on her new bathing suits just for you 😏. *leave a review and you’ll get some bonus pictures + snippets of me in the bathing suits 😛 *filmed in landscape


  6. Im ready for my lesson professor 🤤




  7. Would you give me a private lesson? 😏



    1. CarlGnarl


      That's really funny as well as severely hot, you shaking your belly like that...so fat and delicious!!! 

    2. IamKimbely


      Thank you glad you enjoy 🤪 @CarlGnarl

  8. Let me be your little school girl 😏



  9. Come see my sister @WildCarolina and I on IG Live ask us questions, get to know us and get your video request in!  😁

    1. GodBless22


      When is the ig live? 

    2. WildCarolina


      Hey we are having technical difficulties! As soon as we fix it we’ll let you know!

  10. Good morning! 

    Brand new School girl role play video out! Kimbely sends her professor a little something to help him pass the time 😋

    come see for your self!                           CBACD835-04BA-4004-8250-B3AEDBC270F5.thumb.jpeg.213f8a7f40e6309582cc7e1d477d8751.jpeg


  11. Kimbely submits more than just a report for her Professor to grade... should she get detention or a private lesson? 😏


    Photo set with 34 photos included 


  12. I definitely deserve an A+ what do you think? 😏🤤




  13. Kimbely has a surprise for her professor 😏

    video includes a photo set of 34 pictures in school girl outfit!



  14. Happy Monday! 

    Kimbely has a treat for her professor come and see 😏


  15. Kimbely is now transitioning into online schooling given the circumstances and she just can’t wait to submit her oral presentation to her favorite professor. As she’s submitting her work she gets excited and ends up submitting more than just her presentation. Watch as she teases the professor caressing every inch of her body 😏 I think she’s due for a private lesson, what do you think? •Video includes 34 pictures in school girl outfit •Video filmed in landscape plus different angles so you get to view my entire body ** leave a review and get a special video 😉


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