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  1. She's looking amazing and i'm prettu sure she will love the new shakes as well
  2. Everytime i watch you and every tease or comment i just can imaginer you're hungry and needs to be stuffed soon. Anyway, keep indulging i'm very surprised not just for so fast you're become a huge obese goddess but bc you're keep eating without a stop. I love it.
  3. It's clearly to me you're the most incredible gainer i have seen in this community in the past 3 or 4 years. I'm very glad to you both, feedee and feeder, have a lot of health concerns and really take care of your health and life quality besides all this amazing food fetish. I can say without any doubt, though i mistakes a few forecasties along the years, you'll be a ssbbw in no time. Your continually hunger impresses me even today nontherless and how much you'll gain, you'll be bigger, bc of the improvement of your stomach capabilities and for sure, increase of your hungry. Anyway, keep eating and be happy my dear.
  4. Every single time i see your comparisons pics the oney thing i can think is, you just double your belly capacity to eat. Its remarkable and pretty amazing too. I'm pretty sure you'll become even fatter along 2021
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