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  1. "Consequences" on FF. Excellent story. Still in progress. Complex plot and great character development.
  2. Gorgeous!! Incredibly sexy!! Hoorah for mature women!
  3. You are getting so big, round, and soft! Sweat gives you a sexy erotic wild look! How many rolls do you have? More than a bakery? Lol
  4. Fabulous!! Story. Really enjoyed it. Please write another chapter where Liz continues to gain and enjoy each new pound, but also her husband embraces it and gains to 500 pounds. They could sit naked in the kitchen gorging and fucking ... and maybe create baby #4.
  5. You have a glorious glitzy glamorous gorgeous gorged guzzling gutted gobbling glaring GUT!!
  6. Absolutely! would enjoy more updates! And pics!! Good Luck!! on growing her to 250 or more pounds! Thanks!! for sharing.
  7. Gorgeous sexy bubble butt! The perfect squeezable and slapable kind!! Slap! Slap!
  8. We can fund your meals by buying many copies of your videos making them bestsellers!! Let me know what you need. The BBC website has a list of great heirloom American whiskies. Perfect to keep your sis blooming!
  9. You should ask her to join your video team with Tessa. She could provide body contrast and help pump up the fun and excitement in the video! A whole Lotta of eating would be shakin' in those stables! 3 farm animals!!
  10. You huge belly fills up the entire frame!! You need a selfie stuck to capture the full magnitude of your growing fatness and belly!
  11. A dream girl that leaves us breathless as we notice, admire, and lust at your blooming belly! I would luv for you to live your fantasy and dreams.
  12. Just 280? She will be well over 325 if she keeps stuffing herself hard everyday at and again at home. She could pack on 20 pounds a month for 6 months. That's 120 pounds plus her current 225 pounds! Goals!
  13. Thanks!! For sharing. Indeed, FF is much more relaxed and allows more creative freedom. Hopefully, you have a few dozen doughnuts and push your gain over 200 as you bloom softer and rounder, sexier and seductive, a gorgeous sultry goddess!
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