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  1. Hope all goes well for you and your roomies. It does present an opportunity to eat a whole lot and grow your sensuous luscious curves and blossom into a plush voluptuous beauty!
  2. W0W!! You look damn cute! Gorgeous and sexy!! Do I notice your belly creeping out onto your thighs??! Nice growing fat roll and deepening belly button!! Can you hide candy in your belly button now?
  3. Go for it! Stuff yourself daily for a month and enjoy the changes! It would be exciting and a turn on for you. Be careful. Use ihealthy high calorie foods like nuts, beans, rice, avocados, bananas and nut butters. Make smoothies with coconut cream and oil with chocolate and peanut butter. LiveStrong is a great website with recipes and ideas to gain healthy, up to 3 pounds a day.
  4. Try those herbs and massage your growing breasts. Soon your boobs will become engorged and blossom into big luscious udders brimming with delicious wholesome milk to nourish you and your feeder. Make your fantasy a reality as you reach your first goal of 235!!
  5. Would you like to become a hucow as you continue to grow bigger? Would you like to be milked? Drink your milk?
  6. To help them keep exploding and become engorged, you should try fenugreek, blessed thistle, fennel, stinging nettle, and yeast. All are nutritious herbs and would help you to become a growing hucow.
  7. Have your sorority sisters or friends said anything about the new you and your weight gain?
  8. A lovely beauty blossoming into an enchanting sensual plush goddess! Keep those snacks handy as you study virtually. Great to see you doing better! Enjoy the Day!
  9. Focus on you and your studies! Enjoy college life. Eat well! Stay safe! Be happy!
  10. How about doing a sexy stuffing video with Candi Kane or Couch Queen?
  11. Maybe Couch Queen or Curvage Casey. Both trend towards being peer shaped. Boobs will get bigger as you gain. Go for that Voluptuous Sexy look! 75 pounds would be amazing!!
  12. With that sexy beauty and elegance, why hide your enchanting curves?
  13. W0W! Now they just look more fashionable and elegant!
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