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  1. Thank you for sharing things in your pretty little head. You are a blessing with your positive transparent style. You are a gorgeous special woman ... with a warm heart and a sunny soul. Your beautiful eyes allow people to see the beautiful warm sunny you! Please put first things first. Put you at the top of the pyramid and do what makes you happy and comfortable. You need to only do you! We will follow smiling and grateful for you sharing you. The true you is beautiful and warm. Happy you is sexy and contagious. But above all, cherish your sobriety. Protect it. Guard it. Nurture it. Day by day. Step by step. That is your priority and is reinforced by your focus on it using the 12 step program. My prayers are with you. We all want the best for YOU and are here for YOU!! Take some time and nourish your soul.
  2. He was sober. Recognized and appreciated your hot sensual voluptuous curves!! Not a BBW till you join the 300 Club!!
  3. Happy New Year!! Thanks!! for sharing your experiences. Very inspirational and courageous what you two have done to make it through the pandemic! Hope you have a joyous and prosperous 2021! Stay Safe!!
  4. Great Courage! Just do YOU!! A slow limited gain is preferable, but only if you want it!!
  5. C'mon guys. Just appreciate and be grateful for them to share their journey. Enjoy the pictures. Maybe she will become a model here!
  6. Thank You!! Your reply brought a smile and a tear. I wish you the the very best in your recovery! Your journey has taken on a very special meaning and inspiration. Hope you get many more pins! If you need a sponsor, let me know.
  7. Jess, CONGRATS!!! on your achievement! Kudos to all of your hard work and diligence. Proud of you! Show us your 5 year pin! My late wife made it 20 years before breast cancer took her home.
  8. Not just silly, but a growing softer bulging hucow waiting to be milked, fed and bred!! Are you ready to start being an active hucow?
  9. Great perspective! Unintentional gain and bigger boobs is way sexier and more fun! Something about denial that boosts the sexual tension while you continue to enjoy the good times and unintentionally gain. Something pure and natural about it. Eat, drink, enjoy, repeat.
  10. Happy Thanksgiving!! Have a fun day enjoying egg nog and feasting. Great comparison pictures! Deep down, do you want to be that confidant model with the sunny smile and plush sensuous voluptuous belly blossoming on your lap? A fabulous bod made even sexier, if that is possible!
  11. Not much difference between sucking in and normal. You are at the beginning of crossing over from thick to plumper: A lovely sexy pooch roll on your underbelly, softer plusher arms, creamy soft thighs, and a beginner's double chin. Let's change that into a full blown chubby plumper. Does your belly now warm your creamy thighs?
  12. Gorgeous progress! How much have you gained? What do you weigh now?
  13. Would you like to become an active hucow? Would you like to be milked? Are you ready to start?
  14. Maybe as a Hucow and overeating on all fours from a trough while being milked?!
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