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  1. First 300 lbs of glorious beauty then onto 400 lbs of incredible seductive sultry sexiness!! Let the burgers roll!!
  2. Guys! Relax and enjoy the fruits from heaven! She is a Goddess sent from above for us to admire and praise. She gains and loses the same 20 pounds around a loci of 220 to 225. BTW: She does model some great outfits suitable for your partners.
  3. Your beauty and sensuality take my breath away! Glorious!! Your Sultry Magnificence is sooo Seductive!! I would tell you how incredible you are while pushing you onto the bed. while you have a third burger, I would enjoy lunch between your soft inviting thighs!! Keep being you and let your ballooning beauty warm our world!
  4. Incredibly sexy!! A gorgeous image that warms your soul and puts fantastic smiles on our faces!!!
  5. Did you already outgrow your new lingerie? It looks to be struggling mightily to hold your gorgeous sexy belly and boobs! Go ahead! Eat Up!! and Bust out of it!!
  6. Happy Birthday!! Hope your celebration is filled with Fun, Laughs, and Food!@
  7. Have you inspired your sister to gain? So she can have a massive sexy ass like yours?
  8. Simply gorgeous, seductive and sensual!! You are Sultry and Savory! Salty and Sassy!! Sweet and Sumptuous!! Nothing can be more enchanting than a massive ball belly continuing to bloom and bringing smiles to us all! Thank you!!
  9. Try walking in the pool, splashing around in the pool or swimming. Watch the salt intake.
  10. Welcome!! to the party. Have fun and enjoy! You look fabulous! Very sexy and beautiful!
  11. Light exercise like walking, standing, pool play, and similar activities definitely help. Standing and walking will solve the sore feet problem. Reduce salt helps with swelling. Take anti inflammatory supplements. Soaking and massaging your legs and feet reduce swelling and soreness. And above all, wear socks! Hope this helps.
  12. FOOD!! Your girls are quite excited for another day of uncontrolled stuffing! You can hide it from him, but not them! Lol
  13. Great morph! Keep playing with different sizes. After pic, you might be 180 to 190. You need to gain more to see where the weight lands and morph your pic accordingly. Try having an ice cream shake shortly before bed. Add some mass gainer and an appetite enhancer. Lactation herbs with weight gain as well. Good Luck!!
  14. Oh! Why worry?! He would never notice you taking a pic of your glorious overstuffed sexy belly!! Seductive!
  15. You are a very lovely and seductive woman. You have made a Fantastic Foundation for weight gain. You would be quite enchanting and sensual with a significant weight gain filling out your feminine curves and boosting/smoothing out your breast growth creating cleavage smiles. GGG would be a good mentor for you and body form to consider for yourself, including the HH boobs. Maybe checkout a morph of you at her size (230 lbs) and cup size. Whatever you decide, enjoy the journey and just be you. That will be enchanting and make us all smile!
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