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  1. fatowl

    Jelena Dokic

    She is Hot, Smart, Funny, Passionate, and Sultry!!!
  2. Incredibly sexy! Stunning!! Spectacular!! Glorious Beauty!! Seductive! A sultry minx calling all of the buccaneers to the shore to feed you and caress your growing corpulent sensual globe of gluttonous glory! A true masterpiece!
  3. You need to do you. You need to do what makes you happy and feel good about yourself. Live for you. Not him. Congrats!! On getting off the diet pills. Not healthy. Think about what you want and what makes you happy and full filled.
  4. 300! Keep stuffing and unintentionally gaining as you put on a teeny tiny bit more!!
  5. Lose like 25 pounds and then gain 100 pounds as you described with mass gainer shakes and heavy cream and Big gluttonous eating! Think of the videos you could make of the feeding sessions, stuffings, and weigh it's!! Overindulgence whenever you want, stuffing whatever you want, and delighting in it all! Go For It!!!
  6. Happy New Year!! Hope the new year is joyous and prosperous!!
  7. Nuts like pistachios and pecans, avocados, very high calorie Boost, peanut butter buckeyes, oreos, protein bars, dried fruit, greek yogurt,, custards,, heavy cream,, and smoothies like lasie.
  8. Happy New Year! You are a gorgeous sensual women with enough rolls to fill a bakery! A lovely seductive masterpiece you are creating! Hope you have a joyous and prosperous new year full of fun, friends, and food.
  9. Absolutely!! She has a lovely sensual base to gain, a ton of weight if she desires to. Hard to say where it will go, but most likely to her butt and thighs. Have her gain 25 pounds and see where it lands.
  10. Gorgeous and stunning sensual curves! Luv the dimpling on your butt. Very seductive and sultry. You are getting quite plush and luscious! A hot delicious dish!! Happy Holidays!!
  11. Absolutely! She should gain. She would be gorgeous and incredibly sexy with another 50 pounds. Please continue to share what happens and what she thinks about gaining as she embraces the journey. Thanks!! For sharing.
  12. Maybe have Katie gain weight then lose it on a bet afterwards.
  13. Your poor belly is trying to catch up with your blooming butt and boobs to be part of the 3 B's!! Self control is over rated. Set yourself free!! Let your over indulgence feed your curiosity and cravings for heavier, softer, ever bigger body, boobs, butt, and BELlY!!
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