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  1. Welcome!! To the party! Eat up and Enjoy! Baby steps are good. Once you start, you will be addicted and want to completely let go. Curves are sensual, seductive, and gorgeous!
  2. Has she started to gain intentionally since you came out to her?
  3. Have you considered becoming a hucow? Your feeder would enjoy a swig while suckling with you squashing him.
  4. A wondrous sensual seductive mountainous orb. A glorious dome created by your fatastic fattony!! Kudos!!
  5. Glorious and Magnificent belly! Soft and plush!! Begging to be fed and encouraged to bloom! Lovely sexy orb! Continue to create a lovely work of fattony!!
  6. Welcome!! Flabulous!! belly. Very sexy. Your plushness is soo seductive! Continue to bloom.
  7. Incredibly sexy! Magnificent orb!! Fully displays your passions, joys, and lust for food and fattony!! What a glorious creation!!
  8. Welcome!! to the party! You are a gorgeous and sexy BBW!! Hope you have lots of food and fun here! Thanks!! for sharing!
  9. Your sexy belly is soooo seductive and sultry! You illicit nothing but pure heat and lust! Such a display of joyful fattony and pleasure!!
  10. Wow! What an adventure of pure hedonistic fattony!! Congrats!! For indulging!! Any pics of the aftermath?
  11. Dee Dee, I am sooo sorry this happened to you. You all have been most gracious and your enthusiasm has injected much needed energy and fun into this site. Thank you!! I am most appreciative. Sad! Every time an enthusiastic gal or couple decides to share their journey graciously, a few people spoil the fun and enjoyment for everyone. STOP!! Mods: Remove these people from the site that do this stuff. Enough!
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