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  1. Congrats! on the baby boy and the new house. Welcome Back!! Hope all goes well for you during move in. Exciting to have you back and watch you blossom!
  2. Has she retired from the site? Did she get called back to her work? Hope she is still eating well and gaining for you.
  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Enjoy and Celebrate with lots of Food and Fun!!
  4. You should give GoodGirlGrow a ring to do a tandem as chubby dolcett girls. She may really get into it and create some sexy, exciting and provocative videos!!
  5. Keep stuffing and enjoying that full content feeling! More belly to soap up and sexy stretchmarks to rub and enhance your pleasure!
  6. Is your sister a feedee too? Does she like to eat? Do eat with her often? What does she think of your gain? How about a video of you two feeding each other or stuffing together?
  7. Has your sister become a feedee too? Maybe you could do a video with her!
  8. A sexy idea for a video is you doing yoga or dancing. Just how many directions can your chub jiggle?
  9. A video of the boob dip would be most entertaining. A storage bin from Wal Mart would suffice. you measure what you pour back into the bin divided by two. Your hubby could draw a line along the base of your boobs while you are on all 4s piggy style. Then dunk those girls into the bin like you are bobbin' for apples! A fun and funny video!! Do it for Science!!
  10. The human is mostly water with a similar density of water, which is 1.000. The density of the human body is 0.985. Boobs might be slightly less at 0.978.
  11. 15.694 pounds each. To get an exact weight, fill a bucket of water to the very top. Dip your boobs in. Let the water overflow as you submerse them. Pull them out. Measure the amount of water necessary to refill the bucket. 1 gal = 8.34 pounds.
  12. Thank you for sharing things in your pretty little head. You are a blessing with your positive transparent style. You are a gorgeous special woman ... with a warm heart and a sunny soul. Your beautiful eyes allow people to see the beautiful warm sunny you! Please put first things first. Put you at the top of the pyramid and do what makes you happy and comfortable. You need to only do you! We will follow smiling and grateful for you sharing you. The true you is beautiful and warm. Happy you is sexy and contagious. But above all, cherish your sobriety. Protect it. Guard it. Nurture it. Day by day. Step by step. That is your priority and is reinforced by your focus on it using the 12 step program. My prayers are with you. We all want the best for YOU and are here for YOU!! Take some time and nourish your soul.
  13. He was sober. Recognized and appreciated your hot sensual voluptuous curves!! Not a BBW till you join the 300 Club!!
  14. Happy New Year!! Thanks!! for sharing your experiences. Very inspirational and courageous what you two have done to make it through the pandemic! Hope you have a joyous and prosperous 2021! Stay Safe!!
  15. Great Courage! Just do YOU!! A slow limited gain is preferable, but only if you want it!!
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