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  1. W0W! Now they just look more fashionable and elegant!
  2. Negotiate with your mom. Gain fast during negotiations. Do a weigh in video. Then lose the 15. Use a diuretic and fasting to drop off 15 quickly. Collect the cash. Take our offers to put back on 25! Win Win!
  3. By my calculation, you will stuff about 6,600 calories! You should just go ahead and do the 10,000 calorie challenge!!! Film all of it for future videos!! That's $$ for more food challenges and deliveries!!
  4. Mac and Cheese with cheesecake for dessert!
  5. GoodGirlGrows!! Good chemistry, jiggly parts, and insatiable appetites for food and fun. Both of you are submissive to your feeders, so let hers direct the production. CouchQueen would be great for BDSM videos!
  6. Good to see I am not alone. Bad grammar and spelling a pet peeve of mine. So much bad grammar and spelling permeates our society today from news articles to these threads. You are looking Fatastix!! Simply Flabulous! Let Fattony lead you to 200!!
  7. Declare a new Goal Weight!! Go For It!! Join the 300 Club!! Eat with reckless abandon! Everyday would be a Cheat Day!! Eat what you want, as much as you want, when you want!! Make your Feeder Proud!!!
  8. That button looks like it is straining already! Did you have to loosen it at dinner last night? Those shorts highlight your blooming curves!
  9. Go for it!! Stuff yourself!! Continuously! Become the SSBBW Couch Queen!! Become fully trapped!
  10. You are Chubby Goddess!! Classy, eloquent, divine! You could be a top influencer model on Instagram!! You really filled out those bikinis and made them look "hot"!!!
  11. Are you celebrating National Donut Day? Maybe try several different types at Dunkin' Donuts and Krispy Kreme or other local bakeries? Kinda tastes like a good stuffing to enhance your personal sexy assets?!!
  12. Is it me, or are you getting hips? Looks like bulging curves there!
  13. Looking lovely and sexy with your new curves. If you like the new territory, how far would you go with a feeder?
  14. Your new fitness regime is working too well. You look trim and fit! What happened to the "Build a Bitch" concept that made you sexy and beautiful?
  15. Happy smile, Beautiful eyes, and Blossoming belly!
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