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  • File Reviews

      I love this stuffing video. Also I really like the colour of your hair. 

      I like role play videos because they’re a little more immersive and less boring than videos where you just stuff/bloat yourself and don’t talk. I love your voice and I love the way you talk so I had to buy this clip immediately. I loved everything about it. If you can, buy it NOW

      I’ve always been thinking that Zewik7 has an incredibly sexy shape. Now, after she’s been gaining big time, she looks ultimately round! Actually, she’s the epitome of SUPER-ROUNDNESS. And surely one of a kind.

      This clip is displaying her in a simply wonderful way: Height and distance of the camera are ideal, the 30 degree side view angle looks dramatically good. Hotness overload! While she is doing a sensual kind of belly play - kneading and occasional jiggling, always answered by her titties with after-jiggles. The sweetness!!

      I had been hesitating buying this because it is just a little over 2 min. But every sec of it is magical, so it turned out as one of my best purchases in quite a while. Pro tip: I’m playing it at half speed, so i can catch all the details, and it runs over 4 min then :D

      Maybe, at some point in the future, Zewik is considering to reshoot a MUCH longer version …

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