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  1. I've been awake for over, like wellllll over, 24 hours and this time change is fucking me up. But today was truly the best, most empowering and relaxing day I've had in so long. My pussy is drenched, my belly is tight as a drum, and I am the sleepiest piggy. SWEET DREAMS ❤️ Tomorrow is the big day ;)




    1. pgtip00


      Wouldn't mind rolling over and finding that in bed next to me ... sunburn & all! 😍

    2. grateful


      Love these pics!!!!  Beautiful!  😍❤️

      And for me it's always about your eyes!!!  🥰

      Thanks for the update!!!  😁

    3. jackal27


      So happy for you Casey, can’t wait to see your new content. 😍😘

  2. Guys I truly had the best day. Thank you for being so awesome and excited with me about this trip. Here are a few other random shots from throughout the day from elsewhere. I am EXHAUSTED. I am FULL. I am HORNY. I am so excited for tomorrow. I have missed filming with friends so much. I want to wake up and have a massssiiiiiveeeeeeeee fucking stuffing so I’ll look huge in my videos. Feel free to leave me some fat encouragement!
  3. Crazy how I've come so far since then! I love that you remember ❤️
  4. More fun from the pool today 💕



    1. jacksprat


      Lo, Cast your Eyes upon our Blessed Casey. She's Fat. See how plumply She settles Her softness relaxing by the pool. She is here only to celebrate Her Fatness. This entire trip is inspired and indeed made possible by the grace of Her Opulent Fat. She feeds off our lustful gaze. She has the gift to turn our appreciation into actual body Fat that She liberally distributes all over Her divine body. She Becomes more Beautiful because She IS so Beautiful.
      See? The immense swelling of Her breast sitting proudly on the regal throne of Her astounding Belly. That deep Fat fold of Her magnificent back astonishes us all. We might imagine the primal thrill it would be to appreciate the thick softness of that heavenly lobe of pure fat with our mouths. Yet our excitement pales in comparison with the euphoria Casey inhabits knowing this is Her now. All this Angel Fat softness that hardens our cocks and drains our balls belongs to Her. It is Her. 

    2. grateful


      It's a planet facing the sun!!!  😍😍😍

  5. Had such a nice afternoon relaxing and stuffing by the pool! Getting all cute now and heading out to find somewhere to do a nice little (big? who am I kidding lol) public stuffing but just cannot decide what my belly is craving!! Help!! Also, I literally have never felt as beautiful as I have today waddling around like a fat supermodel showing off these curves ❤️
  6. Forgot how much I love floating in the water. I love this place. I may never go home 💕☀️


    1. jpark786



    2. jacksprat


      O' Casey!! That Prized Piggy Bikini Bod is Earth-Shattering. I envy the Sun that kisses You. You are SO well prepped for Your SD visit, I actually thought maybe one of the thumbnails was BC Luscious! 
       No doubt, every Fella with a view of the pool area with be jacking off hard tonight. 

    3. In Love With Bellies

      In Love With Bellies

      The sun shines on your beautiful sooooo round belly 😍

    4. MarshallT


      Your belly has never looked bigger, Lovely! 😍

    5. grateful


      Hope SD is extra good to you!!!!  😍❤️🥰

    6. Curvage Casey

      Curvage Casey

      Wait till you guys see my swimsuit for tomorrow!! It's....HOT ;)

  7. Holy moly - flying wore this pig out. That’s probably the most movement I’ve had in MONTHS having to walk around the airport like that. Got so many dirty looks bc honestly I totally made a spectacle of myself gorging I’m so much food. That’s what you get for letting this piggy out of her cage! Here’s my cute little travel outfit from earlier and I am shooting by the pool now! Hm...what epic dinner should I do tonight? Kinda wanna go find a cool restaurant and do a public stuffing...
  8. Airport ➡️ Hotel. Unpacked, quick stuffing, and now off to the pool! 


    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. jacksprat


      OMG, Look at this FAT lil' MEATBALL outrageously Stacked w/ Her HUGE BOOBS! 😛

    3. Synthesis


      Those shades though 😎

    4. G. Davis 20

      G. Davis 20

      We need to see luscious reaction when she sees you cause damn

    5. jacksprat


      OH Dear! The possibilities at the Pool! 💪🐷👙    👀

    6. Maverick500


      You are very beautiful 😍😍😍

    7. Curvage Casey

      Curvage Casey

      Awww thank you guys all so much!! Making me feel gorgeous :) 

  9. LOVE YA’LL!! I made it here! Fuck, I’m worn out from navigating the airport. Had to stop for a little snack before getting an Uber to my hotel
  10. SAN DIEGO I’M HERE 🥳❤️ Now let’s EAT. Lol

    1. GodBless22


      @Curvage Casey I don’t think you be able to button your jeans up that you brought on the trip might just have to let that belly hang out on the flight back;) how long are you going to be in SD. 

    2. jacksprat


      I envy the SD Sunlight as it first kisses your exposed Belly. 


    3. CurvyCannabisCat


      I wish you could eat at Born and Raised in little Italy, so much yummy food and amazing drinks and amazing atmosphere. Enjoy Sunny San Diego ❤️ 


  11. Literally spending my entire flight planning out every single place I want to eat in San Diego and it’s safe to say I may be rolling onto my plane back home 

    1. jacksprat


      I love how excited You are. You are such a total Joy. 

  12. On my plane now (hi from the sky!) and am truly so freaking uncomfortable. The seatbelt is so tight around my gut. I really wanted to ask for an extender (I don’t NEED one, but it would be way more comfy) but the ladies were all busy with all the COVID precautions. I was almost late for my connecting flight bc I can’t walk as fast as I used to- my thighs were chafing and I was panting sweating with my mask on. And Ofcourse, I had to hit all the good food spots so I can pig out on this flight. I’m a hot mess right now. Big belly is out sitting comfy on my lap with the seatbelt straining around it. Can’t even put the tray down all the way on the back of the seat bc it rests on my belly. I have a little bit of a roll spilling over onto the ladies seat next to me. She looks pissed that she has to sit next to such a pig with a huge bag of food. Oh well 4 hours till sunshine!
  13. On my flight to San Diego! Seatbelt still fits but there is quite literally no wiggle room around this gut and it is so uncomfy 😭😫 I have a whole bag of snacks for my flight and I’m in a cute little crop top with my whole big belly out to play. Hoping to snag a video or two 😏

    1. Tastic1


      Can you put it under you belly? That might make it more comfortable

    2. ablejack


      It's hilarious that as a culture we draw the line at breasts. "Listen Up Women, You mustn't walk around with yer boobs out. It's simply too sexual and we can't handle it." Yet Dr. Casey is free to parade about with her Belly exposed like it's a massive Parade Float. Casey's sensually developed Belly is Sexy af. Way more exciting than any girl walking around with her tits out. I can just imagine mothers physically shielding their pre-teen boys gaze away as Doc Casey gleefully bounces down the sidewalk showing off her proudest achievement. Pretty sure Moms know instinctively that Casey's Belly is a secondary sexual characteristic far beyond a set of titties. They fear that their boy simply seeing that magnificent Belly will trigger some primordial caveman hormones in the boy and he will never be the same. Casey creates beasts of us all. She is a walking talking recruitment for real admirers of the ultimate female form. 

    3. Maverick500


      Be careful on your flight sexy fat princess ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    4. Curvage Casey

      Curvage Casey

      Thank you guys so much! Flight went so smoothly, hoping for the same on the return!

    5. Tastic1


      @Curvage Casey the return flight will go smoothly, you will just be fatter :) 

  14. UPDATES ❤️ I AM DONE WITH SCHOOL!!!!!! Holy fucking tits. I cannot even form words regarding this one yet. More to come on this. I am still in shock that I survived this week alone. I am about to head to the airport NOW! I cannot wait to get to sunshine in San Diego and to see Luscious! I have to admit, I am terrified to fly. I always have been. It is one of my biggest fears and I hate doing it alone I know I posted this several times, but I post so much I cannot find it anymore - PLZ comment in here what clips you'd like from me and Luscious (if I remember correctly @pgtip00 you had commented some amazing ideas on a status a few weeks ago?). Also, I will be doing some solo filming as well. I have access to a pool and gym! And even some public stufff and I am praying I can get some airport video. If you are waiting on a surprise from me for Becoming a Pig 2 - it will come to you later today once I'm settled at my hotel. I am leaving the offer up until I get the surprises out, so feel free to take advantage of that if you haven't already! Kinda mindblown how fast you guys blew up todays clip Getting You Off. You guys are the best and I love you Okay - heading to airport now. LOVE YOU GUYS ❤️ don't forget to comment what content you want while I'm in San Diego!
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