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  3. 25 minutes till my hottest clip ever made drops. Who's ready?
  4. Hey there! We are aware of the glitch. It happens from time to time. It will hopefully be resolved soon! Thank you so much for letting us know! ☺️
  5. Who’s ready? 🎥😏



    1. MarshallT


      Oh there's no doubt! Dick and I are totally ready, Girl! ;)

    2. Neverspent2007
    3. jacksprat


      / Well I WAS ready, until I saw and came to this very photo set. But just the idea has me feeling tingly and excited all the same. So much proud fine and fertile fat.... in motion! 

  6. I've gotten off to this 3 times since midnight. It's so fucking hot 🥵😫
  7. You guys already know that my eating habits are... insatiable.. excessive.. .outrageous. The list could go on 😅 But while I was on vacation, it truly was taken to a whole new level. A level of gluttony I did not know I was capable of. I am planning on sharing my food diary and takeout bill total with you guys for the week. It was a little hard to put together and my OCD certainly got the best of me because it had to be perfect. But tomorrow it will finally come to your viewpoint. I have spent probably 4 hours getting it right so I hope it's perfect for you guys hahaha. Some totals are just so hard to find and figure out. BUT - anyway. My point here is this - I knew that was I did last week was beyonddddd an extreme and i was kinda prepared to come home and have to go back to my normal level of gluttony.. for no reason other than the chaos of my daily life. But tonight... I did not do that. I maintained the same level of extremism with my eating as I did last week. I think my body adapted bc then it just NEEDED that amount of food. Mainly, that amount of fullness... and ofcourse the pleasure that follows. I'm currently covered in melted ice cream, wg shake, and pizza grease. Propped up and arched back while getting off to tomorrow's upload. My couch is drenched between my thighs and there's food wrappers everywhere. I love every aspect of this lifestyle. My body continues to amaze me with what it's capable of. More food. More fat. Never stopping. I can't.
  8. This video is literally the sexiest naughtiest dirtiest piece of content I’ve ever created and I cannot wait for you to see it 😋
  9. Had to buy new red panties to go with this set since I super outgrew the ones that matched since October hehehe 


    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Neverspent2007


      My dear Casey you’ve gotten so big!

    3. jacksprat


      That's the pretty face I wanna see while my hip bones are being ground down to a fine gravel. 
      / and that HEALTHY Crown of Hair! - Nutrients galore. 

    4. jackal27


      They look amazing on you 😍🔥

    5. Joset4562


      The way you’re growing those new ones won’t last for long either! 😍

    6. David8tor


      Looks like you are about to burst out of those! Hmm I wonder where the red panties are? 😄

    7. FatterforMe
  10. Happy Monday my loves 🥰 Apologies for being quiet yesterday & today - I was so exhausted yesterday and then today was my first day back at work and I had to catch up on a lot of stuff. I’m about a week behind on DMs... to the point where it’s almost scary to look at LOL. But I will be working on replies over the next few days. Getting my scrubs on this morning was... a struggle 😅 Before vacation they fit perfectly, not too big not too tight. But this morning they were certainly too tight. Usually the belly is an issue and it was indeed, but I also noticed them straining BIG TIME across my ass. Unfortunately I do not have my interns this week, but our cleaning lady in the office has absolutely no filter and said to me “looks like someone has to size up after vacation, you must’ve been eating good!” And of course my pussy melted. I got out early today and am going grocery shopping since there’s no food in my house. with that being said, I wanted to make a little announcement ☺️ I’ve teased that I had something big planned for when I came back from vacation. Today is April 12 and my birthday is just under a month away at May 6th. Before May 6th I have set a goal to gain 10lbs. THEN, following that, I will be doing a month long gain challenge to see if I can gain 20lbs in a month. This will be documented and part of this next phase of content. You can expect to see a lot more stuffing/chugging/feeding videos once I upload the vacation content to kinda document this next phase of VERY active gaining. Like, I’m always gaining. But we are going to be far more intentional with it. Which honestly comes with a lot of thought for me on my end to plan it all because my capacity and metabolism are both so high now. For now, I have some of the hottest clips I’ve ever filmed to upload from my vacation. Almost 7 years of making clips now and I’ve never felt prouder than I do of these next few. So basically get those dicks ready. Just wanted to offer a little update. I’m so damn thankful for you guys 🖤 let’s grow!
  11. Can you dm me? I had bought a clip but cannot dm you my proof 

  12. Vacation gains did me good



    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. MarshallT


      Yah they did! ;) love it!

    3. jacksprat


      Yes Dear! You look to be very well plumped. A little break for pure self-care had been very beneficial for you. Just getting plenty of rest and relaxing. No distractions, only empowering affirmation, proper pampering, unbridled adoration and your determined focus on your nutritional requirements. You have filled out so nicely, really padding your strengths and passions. 

    4. sexyfeeder


      i cant wait for the vids to come out i am so excited

    5. Neverspent2007


      Look at that belly hang! It’s beautiful!

    6. jackal27


      Vacation all I ever wanted! 😍🔥

    7. Curvage Casey

      Curvage Casey

      Work felt a heck of a lot fatter today than it did pre-vacation hehe

  13. 💥 FLASH BOGO SALE 💥 Buy 1 video, get 1 video FREE.

    Screenshot your purchase and send me a DM with whatever clip you'd like to get for free! Link to clipstore HERE.

    I hate BOGOs and rarely do them, so now's your chance! 12 hours only. Offer ends 12:00PM EST on 4/12. 

    1. MarshallT


      When you've pretty much bought ALL of them 🤣 

    2. Comander


      Just bought a clip but I cannot message my proofs since I have no rep 

    3. You look cute

      You look cute

      Same here, just bought a clip but i cannot message. Anyway other way to DM about the deal?

    4. jacksprat


      Sorry about the issues, fellow admirers. Be assured Casey will respond to you both about this. She is meticulous and very concerned with satisfaction. 

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