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  1. Wanna watch me rub lotion on my belly? It felt soo nice hehe 😋😋😋
  2. Have you seen my latest clip? Here's a spoiler; my belly button is very deep 😉


  3. This bra used to fit me perfectly last year! My titties have certainly grown with me! You can see how the cups are digging into my belly! It's soooo tight!! 😅😂🐷💖🍈🍈
  4. After shower lotion time 😍🐷😘


  5. Just posted a new video! Hope you like it, I know I had fun making it 😘😘😘🐷


  6. Cutiepie Rachel ate alot of pizza after getting out of the shower, now she wants to rub lotion all over her fat belly. She plays and teases you with her deep belly button, and talks about how fat she's getting!


  7. 🐷 PART 1 AND 2 ON SALE NOW FOR 3.99 🐷



  8. Just uploaded Fast Food Feast PART 2!! PART 1 AND 2 ON SALE NOW FOR 3.99!! On sale for only a short while!! spacer.png


  9. Part 2 of my fast food feast is out now!!!



  10. Just uploaded part 2 of my fast food feast! 😍 I have something new and interesting planned for my next couple videos 😏😏😏🐷💖



    1. Krounos Demetrios

      Krounos Demetrios

      Your bulging curves are su breathtakingly sexy. Fantastic!

  11. Rachel hasn't had lunch yet and she's super hungry! She was craving fast food so she got some Wendy's, and all that food makes her very gassy, in more ways than one! Watch as she stuffs her fat belly full with burgers, wraps, and more! She gets so full she has to take off her extra tight dress!


  12. Part 2 coming out tomorrow!!     😄😄😄😄🐷



  13. My belly's so round hehe 😋


    1. TheGMK


      Amazing! Keep up the good work!

    2. Brapskie



    3. cees


      1. your belly is also covered with some cute stretch marks!

      2. your thighs are also very big!

      keep it on beautiful cutie! ❤️

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