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  1. Very soft, but because of all the food it gets firm if you push too much
  2. Where did all this lard come from?



    1. Thicktiger


      Well, from your stomach as you accidentally out some more in then before. Does not matter, your body out it in the right places. 😍

    2. flake113


      I like it and want to see more... MORE!

  3. OK actually... Looks like I'm not the fattest one in the dorm lol. When me and my roommate started to change clothes to go to college we were both in our bras and panties at some point and I've noticed that she has a little ** belly forming. It was just slightly hanging above the panties. I was so surprised that she noticed me staring and she tried to laugh it off "Haha it's hard to control yourself when someone in your room is eating 24/7" and pointed at my belly. I became so shy and horny in an instant and didn't even know what to say, so I just asked about her weight. She said she weighs 156 lbs and that's just a few more than me!!! I was so jealous. She is a fair bit taller but I can't allow anyone in the dorm to be fatter than me! Nonetheless we started to talk about our weight a little and I even offered her to touch my belly (we are quite close to each other). She wasn't gentle at all lol and gave it a few slaps but at least I was able to rub her stomach a bit too. It was not big, but very smooth and soft. So right now I'm in some sort of a one-sided competition with her to not allow her to weigh more than me. So my short-term goal is 180 lbs That's how I looked in my first days in the dorm and how I look now
  4. There is this thing that I find really fucking hot... Is that I'm the fattest girl in the dorm. When I arrived in Moscow a year ago, I was one of the skinniest. I've put on more weight than all of my dorm mates COMBINED in a year. They could see how I gradually became more soft and round, how much belly has started to poke out of the clothes... They probably suspect me as the culprit for the mysterious dissaperence of food from the fridge. But they didn't tell me a single word... yet.
  5. Simply 30 lbs difference... I wonder what another 30 will look like 😍
  6. To be honest none of my shirts cover my belly anymore...




  7. I hope you missed me :)





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