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  1. Damn... everything’s starting to get tight on me!! Busting out of my ripped jeans?🤔😵 tell me how chubby I’m getting and where you notice all my fat going.... it’s so hot when people notice how much of a piggy I’ve been behind closed doors 🤤🐷

    new video coming tomorrow, should I try on these pants as well in the video? 



    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Erichendo23


      Curvy you always amaze me 😍❤️

    3. CurvesAhead


      Even the seat belt seems tight... soon enough that piggy wont fit in her car seat 🐷

    4. Jordan


      Yes a button pop video would be cool

  2. Just uploaded my newest video!!! Currently pending approval😘 


  3. CurvyBaby stuffs her face yet again with KFC! She lets her belly hang free as she shoves the greasy food down her throat. She plays with her belly and talks about how delicious the meal is she’s devouring. She eats until her belly is at its limit and it shows 😏


  4. These were also SO fun to film! Would love to hear more video requests from you guys! 🤩 



    I’m posting a new eating/stuffing video tonight 😇 ... stay tuned 🐷


  5. My favourite video of the month🤩 


  6. Check out my new pop and mentos bloat available now🤩😍 


  7. CurvyBaby does a well requested pop and mentos bloat! Watch her belly bloat up as she attempts to hold her burps in to make her belly even more big and bloated as she chugs down 1 leader of ginger ale and a package of mentos!! Is her attempt to saving burps till the end successful ?? Can her belly take all the fizzy bloating the pop and mentos cause her? 😏


  8. Also just finished filming a very requested pop & mentos belly bloat video 😍 here’s some aftermath pictures ... can’t wait for you to see this! It will be up tomorrow 😘🐷 




  9. Just uploaded a new weight gain vlog and finally reveal my current weight and talk about the changes I’ve been experiencing with my gain. Who doesn’t love hearing about how girls are getting fat? (Nobody on here 🙊) Although I’ve gained 3 pounds since I’ve posted that video, so do the math 🐷 this is currently pending approval so keep an eye out!!! 💋


  10. CurvyBaby vlogs on her way to work and talks about how she woke up bloated, how her clothes are getting tighter, she reveals her current weight and talks about all the changes she’s experiencing with her body as she continues to gain!


  11. Who checked out my newest pic clip? 20 pics 😘😘😏 


  12. 20 photos of CurvyBaby stuffed to her LIMIT! Today CurvyBaby ate a whole Boston Pizza platter to herself, and LOTS of snacking and fizzy drinks! Her belly is distended to the max and not there’s not a single pair of pants she can find that can contain her gut right now! Her gut is screaming to be let free!


  13. Mid night snacks 😘🐽






    1. Don jon

      Don jon

      keep eating your body is blossoming

    2. M_ustang1


      you are the SNACC 😍

  14. New role play video!!! Available now 😘 


  15. Version 1.0.0

    CurvyBaby role plays as an oblivious fat girl that can’t accept the fact that she’s getting fat. She blames the dryer and anything else she possibly can to deny the fact that it’s her growing, not her clothes shrinking. She struggles into some denim pants and crop tops 😘 Enjoy🐽!!!!


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