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  • Giga-Pudding! I eat until I feel sick

    I've always wanted to make a giant pudding and I finally get the chance! As you can see from the box, the mix is for eight people but I'm going to eat it all by myself! The next day my giant pudding is finally ready! I start to eat it, with a giant smile on my face. I love puddings and spoon desserts, the texture literally drives me crazy! I stuff myself with chocolate pudding, spoon after spoon, my mouth is full of delicious cream and I feel like in paradise.  After eating just over half of it, however, I start to feel swollen, I continue to eat a little more but then I have to stop: I have reached the limit of my stomach! My belly is swollen and it seems like it's about to burst.. I try to eat more pudding but I start to feel nauseous. I'm so full of pudding that I feel sick! Look at my belly, how swollen and tense it is. I struggle to breathe because the swollen abdomen compresses my sternum. It's the first time I've felt sick during a video.. I think I have to practice more to make my stomach bigger and more elastic, so that I can welcome more and more food! (for 2/3 minutes I had to add a background music because my neighbours were noisy..)

    Luna Hellborn
    Luna Hellborn
    Video Clips - Stuffing/Eating

    Striped and Daisy Dress Set

    Today you’ll see me show off my cute dresses as my lard begs to pour out!

    Photos - Curvy BBW

    Bikini Chug, Burps N Play

    I show off my fatness and how my belly now hangs when dancing and applying fake tan.. I chug pop and let out some deep burps.. I jiggle n play with my belly n belly button

    Goddess shar
    Goddess shar
    Video - Clips 6


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