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  • Stunning Clips of Curvy Women
    Thousands of clips featuring the worlds best curvy models, all in once place.

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  • Taco night

    tacos are my first love

    Video Clips - Stuffing/Eating

    Dee tries to work out

    I try to work out starting off with jumping jacks which has my chub jiggling all over. I attempt sit ups, do squats, struggling with the weight I have put on. I comment on how I want more weight for a bigger butt and bigger thighs. Enjoy!

    Video Clips - Thick Curvy

    CurvyBaby’s Bath Shots (pic set)

    20 pictures of CurvyBaby relaxing in the bath with a full belly from her Big Mac Meal! This is the aftermath of her belly after her meal. You can see that her belly is bulging and bloated and floating in the water. If you watched the Big Mac video, you’ll love this set!     Xoxo  

    Photos - Curvy Modeling


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