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  1. A snippet of my latest video… I love watching my body jiggle 🥰



    1. RareFan96


      Yesss bellybutton play 🤤

    2. MonkeyGod


      Hey I can't send you a message because I don't have enough 'reputation' yet but I would love to maybe get a cash app or something? Maybe you can message me and we could figure that out? ;) 

    3. MonkeyGod


      Oh and please react or like these comments so I can get some more 'reputation' LoL 

  2. Burgers, burps and belly play... My new video is 10 mins long and its my first eating video.. hope you all enjoy 🥰




  3. Burgers and fries are Savannah’s favorite! Watch her stuff her face and chug a coke in this 10 minute long video plus some belly play and jiggling at the end 😉 Video includes burps, belly play and some thigh jiggling ‼️


  4. This video is so hot.. you don't want to miss it 



  5. Sav, could ya do a stuffing video longer than five minutes long? I'm sure your viewers would be complient to it, seeing as your face is a plus with the extra chunk to it and your hips enticing. Just a thought, but I'd rather watch you making fatter cash for a better viewing 😌

    1. SavannahMontana


      There’s something on the way 😘🥰❤️

  6. SavannahMontana


    All the hottest and latest photos of Savannah
  7. ‼️This has been my best reviewed video, trust me when I say you don't want to miss it.. theres a weigh in at the end ‼️


    1. LushLauren


      Omg I love animal print! You look so good! 

    2. SavannahMontana


      Thank you gorgeous!!! ❤️

  8. I've been such a dirty girl... don't you want to help me get clean 😉


  9. Spend 3 minutes in the shower with Savannah. Watch as she rubs her hands all over her soft fat rolls and curves. She’s get so soapy and lathered up. Don’t you wish you could join her?


  10. Hey everyone! My name is Savannah and I’m so happy to be here on Curvage. I joined the site July 2021 and felt it was time I properly introduced myself! I’m 25 years old and from Los Angeles, Ca. When I’m not filming content for all you amazing people I enjoy cooking, music, scary movies and art… and obviously eating 😉 I absolutely love being fat and have been this way my whole life. It’s been in the last few years that I’ve really started to love and embrace my curves and fat. I feel so sexy when i see all my rolls and stretch marks in the mirror. My body is squishy and soft and just a dream to sleep next to. I’ve been on the site for such a short time and I have already felt so welcomed. I appreciate everyone’s likes and messages and can’t wait to connect with more of you 😘
  11. 🍊 Orange you glad to see me? Should I drop a sexy shower vid or a stuffing vid tomorrow? 


    1. CCT0ny


      I sure am glad to see you! You look absolutely stunning! I say drop a shower vid tomorrow!

    2. GluttonousDemigodass


      Aye I say a shower vid but I can say that both would be amazing🤗

    3. stun_gun_headbutt


      Both but I'm leaning towards stuffing

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