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  1. bigdee

    Tight Tops ✌🏻

    Just me, wearing minimal clothing 😉
  2. Size comparison too the door way, BIGDEE struts her stuff


  3. complication of an earthquake fantasy! Watch out for the chair break in the clip 😝 I’d love feedback guys 😍😍


  4. Me and my girl stuff are fat faces with desert! Delicious 🐷🐷


  5. Come listen to BIGDEE talk about her fat and oil her big belly


  6. Come have a hearty breakfast with me, before another content filming day 🤣


  7. Trying to get up the stairs to my apartment ahah


  8. Watch me squash my fat body into my big fat, that I still barely fit in 🤪


  9. It’s been a hard week for me. But I’m having a content filming day today so watch this space. Any requests please DM me 

    1. Roccopiccone


      You should try to do a squashing video on a twin bed to see how much it creaks under all the weight, it would be very nice

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